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  1. Funded

    Did I just see dwarves? Dwarves? Dark dwarves they may be, but they are dwarves. You have my axe.
  2. Funded

    I want Dwarfs - with or without breasts. They can have udders for all I care. Just give me dwarfs.
  3. Funded

    Re: Concerns about snakey monster with breasticular attachments. I have it on good authority that that is not a female Nagendra, but a male one with moobs. Sorceress is a stage name used for his plate juggling act. They spelled it wrong. It is actually 'Saucer-S - Snake Juggler Extraordinaire' ...or maybe I had too much coffee.
  4. Funded

    No terrain pieces yet. The Mystic Circle and Graveyard expansion were my favourites of Bones III. The giants also have fantastic detail. I am still stuck on my $1 pledge as I was on Bones III. I am sure Reaper has its reasons for doing the reveals like this, but I personally I would rather see everything up front. I would probably be more willing to pledge big money earlier if I knew what I was contributing to.

    I foresee bones fidget spinners.
  6. Complete all zones,

    Mine arrived yesterday in Shizuoka.
  7. Complete all zones,

    Finally opened the box. Everything is there and no missing parts so far. I also got a Chinese expert to confirm the minis were made in China. Confirmed.
  8. Complete all zones,

    I am in possession of my Bones in Japan. I haven't opened the box yet. Thanks to the people at Reaper and Aetherworks for your hard work. For the next Bones I think you should rethink the way you do international orders, or at least send out a questionnaire to gauge people's opinions. Overall I am quite happy with the way things went. My stern dwarven resolve means that waiting is not a problem, but the last stage to Australia was something I didn't appreciate. For me in Japan it is like sending all your US orders to Brazil first. Aetherworks did a great job and they were very responsive to Facebook messages, but maybe it is something to consider for Bones 4. Now to dive into that box of Bones and find me dwarf kin.
  9. Complete all zones,

    My package has passed through customs and the airport post office and is now in the safe hands of the Japanese post office. It should he here tomorrow or the day after.
  10. Complete all zones,

    For those in Japan, the tracking number from Aetherworks now registers on the Japan Post tracking. https://trackings.post.japanpost.jp/services/srv/search/input
  11. Complete all zones,

    They said Aus Post, but it looks like the service doesn't have tracking.
  12. Complete all zones,

    I just got my tracking number from Aetherworks for shipping to Japan.
  13. Complete all zones,

    Thanks for the update on Kickstarter about non-Au parcels. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/comments
  14. Complete all zones,

    Anyone in the Asia/Oceania region outside of Australia get a shipping notice?
  15. Complete all zones,

    Oh god! Auspost...