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  1. Some norse mythology theme pack would be awesome !
  2. Live

    Being part of a retailer pledge with other people, it seems we can't add more to our pledge than what we selected during the campaign. My wallet is happier that way, but my heart really wanted some more dices and the add-on with the paladin ! At least I'll have the werewolf :)
  3. Live

    My eyes and hands are screaming to get those.. but my wallet is screaming not to..
  4. Live

    If one day i'm going to phoenix i'll make sure to bring it so you can try it out :P
  5. Live

    I'll probably only add 1 more dice set and the add-on with the paladin
  6. Live

    That finish was so exciting ! This is worth every penny and can't wait to actually play the game ! Those last minutes were a time of constant balancing between : we will not reach it.. and ... OMG WE MIGHT REACH IT
  7. Live

    18.5k to go and 82 minutes !! come on people let's get that troll !!
  8. Live

    Rising is a 3 players minimum. But more importantly think about how many times you will play it with your friends. Is a game like rising sun where it seems like a games is 3 hrs long most of the time a kind of game your group is willing to open often? For me yes Rising Sun has great minis and a nice gameplay, but VA is as much a good game but on another style of play. My money went on VA even if it didn't have as much KSE the concept, the art, the minis, the gameplay won me over.
  9. Live

    Baba yaga is near ;)
  10. Live

    2 figures, the grimlord has both a town hero and a monster version
  11. Fulfilling

    I heard there is a chance some core set for Bones 3 will be available for purchase on the reaper website when all pledges will be shipped. Is it true? D:
  12. Live

    Yeah.. that's why i hope it will be available in retail (lack of funds for now) not that much in the heroes on the expansion but the monsters are nice and love the new mechanics with summoning!
  13. Live

    I'll just get the core with the werewolf expansion on this one. So many add-ons. I hope these will be available in retail in Canada later !
  14. Pre-launch

    Gosh being new to the Kickstarter thing... seeing how fun it is to see the stretch goal reached and the hype for new stuff (on village attacks now) I just CAN'T WAIT for bones 4...
  15. Fulfilling

    Wish I could have get on this one :/