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  1. Live

    The lava tray or something like that
  2. Live

    I shared with a friend how much i wanted to pledge, he thinks i'm crazy ^^' oops Good thing i'm not pledging for the full DoD
  3. Live

    but.. but... the burrows... D: sacrifices one way or the other have to be made
  4. Live

    Here is what i'm going for now as a newbie! Zaltar Floor pack Wall pack Corner pack Door pack 212$ 133 pieces 1.59$/piece 346 It gives you a nice coverage and many pieces to use as you wish plus the stretch goals from the Level 1 pledge with some LED and magnetic walls for fluffs. Throw in a bridge in the PM if you want and you are in business for fun encounters ! So 282 CAD :D (damn you exchange rates!)
  5. Live

    Credit to Vegomatic on the DF forum for making this spreadsheet and I quote : "I threw a relatively simple spreadsheet together over the last couple of days... it calculates piece counts and rough coverage (very rough) by the number of encounter rooms and add-ons you choose. It is here on google sheets: edit: updated link ... sp=sharing It does not currently support Dungeon Levels but you can manually pick each encounter that is included in them. So the total $$ does not include the savings of a dungeon level... but at this early stage of the game its all about coverage and piece counts... Hopefully I will get the Dungeon Levels added in this weekend. If you want to compare two configurations do one in the painted column and one in the gray column and then you can compare the number of pieces. It is a work in progress. Give me feedback... report any errors..." Well there goes my yesterday evening trying to make the exact same thing xD
  6. Live

    with a budget of 300 CAD those would be it for me (zaltar + add-on). Maybe throw a bridge in if i have more income during the PM. But that would close the door for the burrows :/
  7. Live

    For now, just a quick calculation : floor pack : 30 u : 22$ -> 0.73$/u wall pack : 16 u : 29$ -> 1.81$/u corner : 16 u : 43$ -> 2.69$/u single door (i dont count the option for the door choices) : 12 u : 36$ -> 3$/u Level 1 pledge you get : 11 wall = 19.91$ 4 corner = 10.76$ the equivalent of 8.5 2x2 tiles = 6.21$ 6 door (i counted the double door as 2xsingle door don't hit me) = 18$ Total : Floor + wall + corner + single door = 130$ for 74 units -> 1.76$/u with around 174 or .75$/ Zaltar (with SG, without inserts) = 82$ for 38 units -> 2.16$/u with around 76 sq-in or 1.08$/ So for now the Zaltar game room is more about the magnetic wall + LED and accessories and unique SG you can't have in the add-on. for now. I'll do a more precise calculation with excel and fixed values for each pieces in terms of!
  8. Live

    I'll do an excel sheet comparing what you get (with square inches coverage) if you go for the lvl 2 or 3 pledge vs add-ons. You can get mane basic stuff for relatively cheaper with add-ons than the encounters, but you won't get the SG that way. Should i consider the pieces with walls as 2 or 3 as they have 2x ½ at the wall base? :P
  9. Live

    I hope the encounter wont be too expensive :/
  10. Live

    @Bane Of Humanity we will get our burrows ! :P soon enough
  11. Live

    Currently going for the level 1 + starter (maybe 2) + bridge (because fluff) In the PM i'll see for the the burrows as they really caught my eyes from what we see now (depends on the price)
  12. Live

    First time buyers on a budget here too ! I think we are probably on the same amount of fund we want to put into this kickstarter, we can probably talk a bit about what course of action would be the best in our case in PM if you want :)
  13. Live

    Oh... my... god... I think i just had a wonderful idea... Maybe i can ship it all to my oncle and aunt condo in Florida... then ask them to bring it back in Montreal ! OHHH so much money saved D: so I can spend on MOAR TILES?!
  14. Live

    Please Odin let me win the lottery this week so I can get all of those wonderful tiles...