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  1. Live

    A goblin zeppelin !!!!
  2. Live

    I'm glad my idea is having positive feedback :P i'll add it to the suggestion sheet soon if you want to go vote for it :)
  3. Live

    Then we definitely need more huge spiders
  4. Live

    OMG THIS !!!! <3 <3 <3 then more sculpt with different poses are needed XD
  5. Live

    I wanted to give more exposure to this by posting it here than in the comments, and i know im late... but a spider-woman monster/thing would be soooo cooool to paint !!
  6. Very nice !
  7. I find that they are hard to keep stable, so i think i'll have to find a 1" base somewhere maybe :/
  8. Thank you both :) i like the red beard and the green clock of the dwarf ! I'm sure the player will love it :)
  9. So I received my first bones, and finally painted 2 of them haha Here is 14460 Pathfinder Grunt, a friend playing a dwarf barbarian/rogue. i know it's strange but he rolled dices for his character haha Quite satified with the overall look ! I had to make a small change on the pouch on his front belt, i thought it was just a big broccoli belt buckle and originally painted it in metallic. Oops. Next is Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter 03444 I'm not really fond of it :/ It started good with the face but then my metallic paint of gold was so bad for the armor... i used citadel which in my past experience were good but this one was too translucid and I had to put several layers of it to actually show the pigment in a uniform way... now I only have to find a way to base is properly :O if you ahve any tips haha Sorry for the crappy pictures.. i have a crappy phone :/ I must find a friend with a good camera xD
  10. Live

    Reference from Phil in Disney's Hercules movie :P
  11. Live

    Two words : Pumpkin cart pig
  12. Live

    I added an idea in the spreadsheet for a kraken with bursting tentacles as stand alone minis to complement. wouldn't it be nice? :D
  13. Live

    Am i the only one who read "Moor Troll" as "MOAR TROLL!!!" ?
  14. Live

    too slow to my tastes D: don't forget to share the link to the KS page on social media!
  15. Live

    Not fond of the high rollers but those wraith.. daaaamn...