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  1. 77202 Warg

    Great now i need a mini of a werewolf wearing grandma's clothes..
  2. War Dog 77422

    Wargs not being real creatures, and wanting a wolf like apprearance, yes going for wolf pictures certainly helps !! And don't worry about the eyes, it is, for me, one of the most things to do right now. (Lets not talk about freehand and OSL)
  3. War Dog 77422

    You want advice so here are mines : Take your time ! From my point of view it seems you paint quite fast, which is not a bad thing, but as you are learning you should take the time to apply your paint and learn to work with your brushes. I am a beginner too and still learning everyday :) I see you are doing a lot of animals, one thing I do is go look at pictures of what I want to paint on google. You can see the pattern of the fur and the gradient in color. For exemple, the warg I did yesterday and that you posted too : Screaming skull (light beige) on everything. A coat of Balor brown on everything i didn't want the beige. Stormvermin fur (gray) on the darkest part of the fur. A wash of brown for the recesses. Then a drybrush with abaddon black over the gray. My warg isn't perfect but I think it came out nicely for a tabletop quality :) Everytime I do a new mini I try to improve, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Use each new mini to try something new. Animal? Your drybrushing of wetblending. Adventurer with a cape? Freehand ! (Getting on that my self... i was getting frustrated) Lots of skins? Skintones !
  4. 77202 Warg

    I should apply a wash on his teeth :/ As I did for the bear rider, I looked at some photos of real wolves, it really helps !
  5. 77202 Warg

    Here is my take at the Warg ! I will use him for Strahd in his wolf form
  6. Zombicide: Green Horde

    Not much into sci-fi, but was looking for mor mobs and NPC for my games of DnD, and to paint of course ! Those exclusives would have been nice.. The base game in comparison looks so bland
  7. Zombicide: Green Horde

    Do you think the game would be Worth it at retail? I had to skip it for the kickstarter and missing all these exclusive is a bummer...
  8. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    My FLGS finally had a restock. Got 2 umberhulk and a silver dragon (for a friend). No beholder :(
  9. What do you guys think of this VS DF ?
  10. CP_New Skin Kickstarter is live!

    Pretty D:
  11. Village Attacks from Grimlord Games

    Looks like they are postponing the delivery to june
  12. 77129: Rat Swarm and 77016: Rats

    I ordered some this week! Well done :)
  13. Orcland Raiders

    Good job on them ! I like the contrast with the flashy yellow paint !
  14. Anyone know this guy?

    This is obviously Hammy McHammerface from the Badass Miniatures line.
  15. 14136: Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider

    I looked at grizzlys pictures for reference ! Thank you :)