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  1. 77056 Orc Sniper with Sabre Tooth Tiger head

    I love it!
  2. Mage Knight repaint Temple Blademaster

    Very cool!
  3. Iron Maiden Speed Paint

    I like it!
  4. 77506 Kobold

    So tiny! Great work!
  5. Mummy Captain

    Great color selection! Nice work!
  6. Giant Cobra

    Love the subtle more naturalistic colors!
  7. Mage Knight repaint Crystal Bladesman

    Awesome! I love the sword!
  8. Man that lunch hour really helps knock out some minis! Looks great!
  9. Very cool! Love the color selection!
  10. 3d printed tiles

  11. Borka Kegslayer (PrivPress 71021) for Chaosscorpion

    I really like those Trollbloods! You painted them up great! I need to get me a couple of those.
  12. Random Rainbow Dragon No 2: Stormwing

    Nice work!