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    Suitable user name for the quote!

    Oh yeah that would be sweet! I too am debating between Ice & Fire and Bones 4.

    Got a quick question as this would be my first time backing a Bones KS. To get the add-ons do I first have to buy the core set?
  4. Live

    I was super excited for this but not much diversity for me for that price tag. Like I said I'll check Bones 4 and then I'll decide.
  5. Live

    Man I am super excited for this but with a price tag of $120-$150 it might be a bit pricey for me. Plus I have Green Horde and Rising Sun coming, maybe that's enough CMON. We'll see though. If this doesn't get my money maybe I'll get in on Bone 4 as I missed the first 3.
  6. Live

    Does anyone know if there are any previews of the miniatures? I think there might be some on the Book of Faces but I don't have an account so I can't see them.
  7. I don't know if anyone has said this but I would like it if the app had a way of have a way of showing equivalents of paint color across all the different brands. That way if I'm buying a paint and I look to see if I have it already it will also show if I already have a color very close to that one.
  8. Live

    Gotta say it's pretty smart of them to drop this KS right as Winter arrives! (Season 7 of GoT) Get everyone while they are excited for the show. How good is CMON at hitting their delivery dates? Are they usually pretty on time?
  9. Live

    When does this start?! Has it started? This would be my first true KS, having gone through my FLGS to get the KS for Green Horde and Rising Sun. Which is nice though because I do not have to pay for these until they release which gives me money to spend on this and save for those. I didn't think this was happening until like October. (I may have made that up in my head)
  10. Where is Total Escape? I am coming from Fort Collins.
  11. She's hideous!! Great work!
  12. Beautiful! I am always amazed by your basing! I have asked before but please do a WIP when doing one of your bases so that we can follow along!
  13. Hey guys I am interested in maybe coming to one of these. Unfortunately I can't make it this month as my daughter has some ballet stuff going on. This sounds like a lot of fun! I am new to painting and my friends are uninterested so it would be nice to meet some people in the area who have the same hobby and interest and maybe pick up some new tips and techniques. Do I need to do anything to register or can I just stop by and do some painting?
  14. So are the higher end Reaper brushes good? What about compared to Rose and Co? I bought a couple of the cheaper ones and they lost their point pretty quick.
  15. This! For red I usually base coat in red and then I use a purple or burgundy to glaze in the shadows. At first I didn't like glazing but now I really enjoy it and think it is easier to get a subtle gradient from shadow to highlight.