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  1. Pre-launch

    Yeah you might want to throw some money at the KS but I would save the money and just get yourself started in the hobby. LTPK seem really popular and are highly recommended. I have never bought one but think they are probably a good investment because of all the praise they get around here. The Bay of e is a great place to really get some bang for your buck. For instance I bought Dragons Don't Share 2 for $30 and a set of 50 Reaper paints for $60. Retail it would be closer to $200. Make sure you are getting a deal though, set a limit and stick to it. If you are going to pay retail anyways might as well give your money directly to Reaper and get free shipping and the free monthly mini. Also right now I have seen some of the earlier Bones selling for good prices since everyone is focused on the Bones III stuff that is up there now.
  2. Anyone know if I can find a "conversion" chart of Reaper MSP and Citadel paint colors?
  3. Had the same problem with mine. I just use a rag and a pair of needle nose pliers to bend mine back. It will kind of making a popping sound and feel like it's going to break but it won't.
  4. Hey guys and gals I am working on DDS2 and have everything finished painted except for the big guy. I still need to finish the wings and touch up the scales a little. I'm not really sure about how to paint his fleshy parts (non scaly). Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you guys think. Any other commitments or critiques also appreciated! I'm kind of leaning towards a yellow brown color. Maybe like a spicy mustard? Should I stick with purple?
  5. Fulfilling

    That was exactly what I was talking about. I wasn't sure what he was. I'm not real up to date on D&D beasts (I looked it up though so I am learning). I don't play or know much about gaming I just like to paint. Thanks!
  6. Fulfilling

    @hungerfan Wouldn't mind seeing that big grizzly and maybe some of the Eastern Gods. Oh and the Chinese dragon looking one.
  7. Fulfilling

    Thanks a lot! I couldn't ask for more...mmm...Actually I wouldn't mind seeing Solar. Oh and I appreciated the video to!
  8. Man I wish (hope) that some of the Bones 3 figures would be available in June. I would definitely order at least $40 to get the free anniversary mini too!
  9. Pre-launch

    NO!! Bad bad doggy!!! Sit... lay down... no more barking! You'll have to excuse him. You can start the KS right away!
  10. Fulfilling

    If its not too much trouble could someone post a picture of the Dagon? Or post a link if someone already has?
  11. Pre-launch

    When it come to making money you don't always get to rest!! Going right back into another KS is just more money on the books. I could be wrong but it seems like just the KS, or at least the first half of the KS would be a quiet time (relatively), mostly just sitting back and watch the money pour in. I really hope this kicks off soon! All that being said, if they do need sometime to regroup after Bones 3 fulfillment I hope they take it!
  12. Fulfilling

    Thank you!! Have fun with those!! Please let me know once you have it posted somewhere!
  13. Fulfilling

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please!
  14. Fulfilling

    Yeah Yeah I've heard it all! You guys just don't want to make unboxing videos. You just want to torture me!!
  15. Pre-launch

    I wish we could get a set date for this already!! I mean they can't have that much do to, would it be so hard for them to focus on this right now?!