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  1. Ocean base

    Well seems like this project is coming along faster than originally thought. Although I might be starting because I'm really not liking the way its going. Here is the base with the clay painted. I used a mix of MSP Twilight Blue and VGA Ultramarine Blue. Looking back I should have made this much darker! Here are my waves drying on some tin foil. I added some snow flock to the one on the right in hopes that when the water effects dries clear that the flock will have a foamy appearance. I then mixed the easy cast as the directions directed. I tried to add some Athonian Camo Shade to the mix but it mad the mix look dirty so instead I added some VGA Goblin Green. However I didn't fully mix it as I wanted to still see through the layer to the bottom. Here is where we are now after pouring the resin. I'm not real thrilled with how the green came out but I am going to add another thin layer of resin and also waves which hopefully will fix some of the green. This was my first time with the easy cast and I made it a lot harder than it had to be. On a side note, I wanted to paint the siren's "glaive" (thanks to @Glitterwolf and @Cyradis for identifying) to look rusty and I tried a new technique. I'm not quite done with the rust but so far I think its coming along nicely.
  2. Brain Weasels

    Now that is an abomination! Terrific work!
  3. Grenadier Mage Thief from today and yesteryear

    Very cool! You've come along ways! Can't wait to see more!
  4. Ocean base

    @londwch and @Limey72 can you see the now?
  5. Ocean base

    I picked out the bark that I will use for my rocks and attached them. I hoping if I decide to use the other frame that I can get these out because I really like their shape. Then I went ahead and painted up the rocks. I know that they came out a little bright but that was planned as I am going to add some washes as well as some Citadel texture paints to them. It was also at this point that I realized that I should have painted the clay base first! Oh well, its a learning project. Also a quick pic of the figure I'll be attaching. She's not done yet though.
  6. Ocean base

    Ok so I'm afraid that the frame might be a little shallow for what I want to do so I went and bought another frame from Wal-Mart. I'm gonna try it with what I already have started but if it is to shallow I'm going to start over with the new one. Updates coming soon.
  7. Kev!'s 14616: Blood Glutton (InMiPaMo day 17)

    Fantastic! This one really stands out from the others you have painted! (I mean that in good way) Great work!
  8. Avukavli Snake Demon

    She looks good! Maybe look into using some washes that will help you to define some of your shadows. Also check YouTube. There are many great tutorials that will help you understand highlighting better. But don't be discouraged as highlighting is not easy and will take time to learn.
  9. Mab Grindylow

    Looking good! I would just work on thinning your paint and applying several smooth coats. Keep up the good work!
  10. 77326: Lemure “A” Foedus

    Those colors are fantastic! Outstanding work once again!
  11. First Miniatures

    Honestly they look fantastic! You have great brush control! The OSL looks great!
  12. Ocean base

    So its a quick update as this was a quick step but not sure if it was a worthwhile step. I laid a thin layer of DAS air drying clay on the glass of the frame. I did a small practice base the other day and it seemed like using the clay helped to give the variety and not just lay flat. However I am planning to do 2 pours of resin so it may limit that effect. I have a back up plan should that happen. The 2 pins in the middle are how I plan to attach the rock she will be standing on. Oh and I forgot one of my materials. Its Woodland Scenics Water Effects which I plan to use to make crashing waves.
  13. Ocean base

    Ok I am going to attempt an ocean base for the siren I am painting from Wrath of Kings. I am also attempting to do a WIP (duh) and to keep it updated through out the project. I have never done any kind of water base so this will be a "learn as I go" project. I don't plan on this being to big of project so it maybe a short WIP but we'll see. First the materials: I will be building my base using a frame that I picked up from the dollar store that was originally silver but I primed and painted it black. I have also sealed all the cracks using hot glue. I'll be using clear resin for the water. And no that bag of white stuff isn't one of my party "supplies", its actually snow flock. Anyways, off to get to work on this thing.
  14. Dwarven Speedpaints

    You're speed painting looks on point to me! Terrific paint job!
  15. Nice choice! I would not have thought to go that way. Mine favorite from Aliens is the baddest chick in the galaxy, Vasquez! She is so tough in that movie! Too bad she didn't make it out but she kicked some a** before she went out!