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    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Welcome! I just wanted to trow my 2 cents in, although it looks like you've got plenty of advise from some great painters on this forum. I am new to painting as well, I think I've been at it for a couple months now and I really enjoy it! I agree with you that it is very relaxing. I am a classic worrier and over thinker and have never really found a hobby that "clears my head" until I started painting minis. Anyways I don't think I can give you tips that previous comments haven't touched on but I wanted to tell you of a couple of YouTube channels that have really helped me advance quite a bit in just a short time. Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic- A lot of his videos teach about layering and highlighting. TheApatheticFish- Shows how to paint up simple yet very nice tabletop as well as some different techniques for shading and highlighting. Sorastro's Painting- (By far my favorite!) He breaks down each paint job in 4-5 easy steps. He shows a lot about using washes and then building back up the color to add depth and detail as well as shading and highlighting. (I highly recommend watching his videos have helped me sooo much) There are tons more as well but these ones I found to give me a better understanding of how and what to do to really bring life to your paint job. Sometimes watching these can be a little intimidating since they are so good but just pay attention to some of their techniques and after a couple practice runs you will be on your way. Also, bravo! I haven't tried painting anything as small as a Kobold so jumping on that right away is impressive. Lastly, if you are getting a series 7 then I really recommend checking out the threads mentioned above about how to care for your brushes and get a good brush cleaner/conditioner. And as someone else mentioned my 1st couple of minis I was using teeny tiny brushes but found now that I mostly stick to the #2 or #1 as long as you keep them taken care of then the point of the brush should be fine enough to paint most small details. Lastly lastly, the people on this forum are extremely nice and helpful so you have come to a great place! Oh, and maybe consider looking into a wet pallet (there are lots of posts on here about them). Make your own though, don't spend the $20 for a ready made one.
  2. NecroMancer

    High Altitude Painting

    Hey knarthex, Do we have to pay any customs fees or anything like that for international orders?
  3. NecroMancer

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Everytime @Reaperbryan comments on this thread I think that he is announcing that the shipping process has begun.
  4. NecroMancer

    High Altitude Painting

    I'm up here in Fort Collins and I have found the the drying retarder has worked perfectly! I accidentally bought it from the game store but it turned out to be one of those Bob Ross "happy accidents".
  5. NecroMancer

    Spring Exchange - O-Sayumi (Picture heavy)

    geapihpieueueueueueueueurpibbbbbhdfh Sorry!! I had to pick my jaw up off of the keyboard!! Amazing!! Evilhalfling hit the jackpot when he got you as an exchange partner!
  6. One of the top painters on here!! Amazing! I love the scar and the base is unbelievable!
  7. NecroMancer

    CMON Rising Sun

    You think there is a chance that the late pledge will still be open when the Bones IV KS starts? That way I can see what Bones has compared to this.
  8. NecroMancer

    Filling gaps

    Hey guy just your local Necromancer needing help again! I am going to be starting work on the Minotaur Demon Lord soon and I need some advise on filling gaps. I dry fit the whole thing together and noticed several gaps. The problem is that if I glue it and fill the gaps it makes some the areas extremely hard to reach to paint. Do you guys have any tips? Should I paint, then glue, then fill gaps?
  9. NecroMancer

    Dragon Wings

    Any tips for painting dragon wings? I'll be painting Bones and with a brush. Any help or links to videos appreciated.
  10. NecroMancer

    Minis help

    Hey everyone, I was wandering if any of you know of any good resin or hard plastic fantasy minis to paint. I know about Bones and the new Wizkids line but am looking for something a little more. I am just looking for something that shows more detail and doesn't get muddled like Bones can sometimes be. Ideally these would be affordable although I do realize that most lines are going to be more expensive. I don't game, I only paint. I am looking for something like Avatars of War or Dark Sword. Anyone know of more lines like these? Not really looking for metal minis, I have never painted a metal mini but don't really have a desire to. Thanks in advance!
  11. NecroMancer

    CMON Rising Sun

    Guys come on you're killing me!! I'm trying to NOT get both but I my sensible side is losing the argument! I thought you guys might keep me from spending on both!!
  12. NecroMancer

    CMON Rising Sun

    What do I do?! I am so torn between this and the upcoming Bones IV. I mean I can still back late and pay the same to get this set?! Seems like such a good deal! But I really like Bones! Either way it will be my 1st KS and I don't know which one to do! Help!!! Advise!!!
  13. I want to see more war animals with rider. A hawk with a rider? Another dragon with a rider? Maybe sabretooth tigers? A snake?
  14. NecroMancer

    Minis help

    Not really I guess. I just don't like the way they look, I guess I have only seen them online which is not the best way to judge how something actually looks. Guess I could try them though.
  15. NecroMancer

    77157 Griffon

    Amazing wings!!
  16. Just a couple quick questions. First, how do you guys feel about the P3 paint? Seems like it is decently priced on ebay, so I was wandering if its worth the money at all? Second, whats the difference between dry brushing and over brushing? Is there a difference?
  17. NecroMancer

    Wet Pallet Mold Issue

    This is a little off topic but don't want to start a new thread so please forgive me. When using a wet palette I still need to thin the paints, correct? The wet palette is only to keep the paints moist and does not thin the paints on its own?
  18. NecroMancer

    Blue Wizard

    I love wizards and have been thinking about painting this guy. I love his robes! Beautiful!
  19. NecroMancer

    03662: Griffon x2!

    Those eyes though!!
  20. NecroMancer

    My first year of painting

    They look awesome! I really like the Storm looking female wizard! Also that giant mini of the white cat in the back is AMAZING! How did you paint the fur like that?
  21. NecroMancer

    Bones - fixing mistakes

    I think you should keep him as is. I just recently started painting and my first mini was not so good. But even after just a few minis I can see that I have already improved a lot and that first mini serves as a reminder of how I have improved (it truly is a good motivator). Also the nice thing about Bones is that they are cheap! If you don't like this one and pictured something better, than just go buy the same one for a couple of bucks and try it again. On my first Show Off post of my first mini, someone suggested to go back and paint that first mini like once a year and that can really help you see how far you've come. Lastly, I don't know how good those instructions are for the paint sets, but even if they are great check out YouTube. There are so so so many videos that can help you learn techniques and get the idea of how things should look.
  22. NecroMancer

    Wet Pallet Mold Issue

    I'm glad this was posted I use a dry palette and was thinking about (pretty much decided) to start using a wet palette. These tips should help a lot. Although I'll probably start with paper towel, parchment paper, and one of those plastic sandwich boxes.
  23. NecroMancer

    10034, Norton the Mousling Beer Lover

    Great paint job on that mousling!
  24. NecroMancer

    FitzBones: Tim the Enchanter

    I just painted this guy as well! I thought it was a lot of fun! Great job!
  25. NecroMancer

    Question about P3 and techniques

    Maybe I'll try them. It's only like $15 for 6 pots.