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  1. Micron Pens for eyes

    Hey! Just me again. I'm just full of questions aren't I? Has anyone/does anyone use micron pens to paint eyes? What have your results been? What is the best size?
  2. Depora Azinrae, Dark Elf - 60054

    Nice I will try that! I actually just got the stone wash yesterday
  3. Micron Pens for eyes

    I will try that! I have 2 nice #2's from Rosemary and Co. I was just over on your Female Ranger WIP page asking how you achieved such wonderful eyes.
  4. DSM7474 Female Ranger

    I am sorry if this has been asked but how do you paint such small beautiful eyes in arid a** Colorado? My paint dries way too fast on the tip of my brush. She is turning out beautiful by the way!
  5. Micron Pens for eyes

    I just live in such an arid region that the paint just dries on the tip f my brush too quickly. Even if I use drying retarder. I think I can probably find one at HobbyLobby for cheap so I will try it out.
  6. Paint brushes

    Hey I was wondering is anyone has some suggestions for some cheap decently long lasting "work horse" brushes? I have some nice Rosemary and Co. That I use for the finer details but I try to never use them any more than that. So I guess I am looking for a see set that will allow me to lay some base coats and maybe get into some detail/highlights. I grab a cheap set almost every time I go into Hobby Lobby so I have lots of brushes but they loose their tip or get the fish hook thing going. Anyone have any success with any "cheaper" brands that they can suggest?
  7. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well I have to thank you guys because I was stressing a bit over having about $190 of things still to add. Plus maybe about $20 in bases.
  8. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    PM closes July 31st.
  9. Resin dragon on chest

    I love the blue! Excellent work!
  10. 03500, Mason Thornwarden, Ranger

    Very cool! You really achieved a nice base. I am currently painting the metal version and will post the pictures when I am finished.
  11. Depora Azinrae, Dark Elf - 60054

    Love that white hair! This is something that I have struggled with achieving a good look but you nailed it!
  12. So cool! I love your display pieces! Also the over growth is really cool and is a good juxtaposition of life and death.
  13. Really great idea and execution!
  14. 77565 Kyphrixis, Copper Dragon

    Awesome! I love the verdigris, you really achieved a nice effect with it.
  15. Murgmo - Reaper Miniature

    Very nice!
  16. Ral Partha AD&D Marid

    Love the colors on this one! Great work!
  17. 77068 Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard

    Looks awesome! I never pay attention to traditional color schemes.
  18. Kyphrixis Bones 77565 Glittery Celestial

    Welcome! This is really cool! Yes, share more! Not only will you get great advice from some great painters but we might be able to steal some of your ideas and techniques so we can all get better. (I should post more of my work as well) If you've looked around this forum at all you know that everyone is very kind but also offer great C&C. Did you use the Liquitex Iridescent medium for that?
  19. Airbrush noob questions

    I got one of the cheap sets for less than $100 for Christmas. The compressor is great but the gun broke on me last week. The gun was very cheap and after learning about airbrushing (well watching a few hours of videos on YouTube) I decided that I really didn't like how the brush was designed. It didn't last long but it was good to learn with. Last night I bought a new Harder & Steenbeck airbrush that has a completely different nozzle design from the cheap airbrush or even the Iwatas. The nozzle on them can be very fragile and break easily but I think if you learn the proper cleaning technique you should be OK. Don't know if any of this helps or if it was just the ravings of a madman.
  20. How to organize my paints

    My paints are in caddies that are similar to the ones that the Reaper paints come in and broken up by color. I keep my paint caddies and a lot of my basing stuff in a large plastic chest that I have to slide over to my paint desk when I want to paint. The rest of my basing stuff is in a set of drawers that I snagged from my daughter. I wish I had a better setup but with 4 kids real estate at the house is at a maximum. Also my desk is an old roll top writing desk, which looks cool, but there are lots of little shelves and cubbies (none of which would fit paints well) that just make adding paint shelves impractical. Plus my wife puts a lot of her sewing and crochet stuff on the desk. Oh and the desk has some sentimental value to my wife other wise I would get rid of it and find something better.
  21. Hey everyone just had to let everyone know how big of a moron I am. I made an order to Reaper last week and after I added some items I went to the checkout to see what my total. It said $40.55 so I thought cool I get free shipping and an extra mini! Well turns out I need to look at thing closer. The $40.55 included a $1 handling fee so my real total was $39.55. So no treasure hunting hobbit mini for me
  22. Paint brushes

    I love to use my #2 Rosemary I just worry about messing it up. I did get 2 of them though, each from a different line so maybe I should just go for it! I did see those Virtuoso set and maybe I'll get that. If nothing else the case looks pretty nice.
  23. Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    Uh-oh! I really hope this is affordable! I doubt it will be especially since it will be right before the PM close for Bones but I really like the way these look. Their miniatures actually seem pretty affordable so there is hope! Although shipping costs could become an issue.