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  1. Pre-launch

    Does anyone know if there are any previews of the miniatures? I think there might be some on the Book of Faces but I don't have an account so I can't see them.
  2. I don't know if anyone has said this but I would like it if the app had a way of have a way of showing equivalents of paint color across all the different brands. That way if I'm buying a paint and I look to see if I have it already it will also show if I already have a color very close to that one.
  3. Pre-launch

    Gotta say it's pretty smart of them to drop this KS right as Winter arrives! (Season 7 of GoT) Get everyone while they are excited for the show. How good is CMON at hitting their delivery dates? Are they usually pretty on time?
  4. Pre-launch

    When does this start?! Has it started? This would be my first true KS, having gone through my FLGS to get the KS for Green Horde and Rising Sun. Which is nice though because I do not have to pay for these until they release which gives me money to spend on this and save for those. I didn't think this was happening until like October. (I may have made that up in my head)
  5. Where is Total Escape? I am coming from Fort Collins.
  6. She's hideous!! Great work!
  7. Beautiful! I am always amazed by your basing! I have asked before but please do a WIP when doing one of your bases so that we can follow along!
  8. Hey guys I am interested in maybe coming to one of these. Unfortunately I can't make it this month as my daughter has some ballet stuff going on. This sounds like a lot of fun! I am new to painting and my friends are uninterested so it would be nice to meet some people in the area who have the same hobby and interest and maybe pick up some new tips and techniques. Do I need to do anything to register or can I just stop by and do some painting?
  9. Hey guys, So I am thinking of moving up from the Walmart brushes and actually get myself a quality set of brushes but I need some help. I am trying to decide between Rosemary and Co. and the Historex made by Handover. I really was leaning towards Rosemary and Co. because they are so highly regarded but the price is kind of a factor. I can get a 0,1, and 2 (series 33) with shipping for about $30. I have heard really good things about these brushes but that price seems a bit high especially when compared to the HIstorex. The Historex I can get 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 for about $28. I have heard these brushes are pretty descent but require little more care, they also have longer bristles which I like. So I am going to spend about the same amount but I like the idea of getting the extra brushes from Historex. However, I worry that I won't use all the extra brushes ( I mainly use 0,1, & 2 anyways) and that the quality might be lacking with the Historex. What do you guys think? Have any of you used the Historex? How do you feel about Rosemary and Co.? Do I really need all the extra size brushes?
  10. So are the higher end Reaper brushes good? What about compared to Rose and Co? I bought a couple of the cheaper ones and they lost their point pretty quick.
  11. This! For red I usually base coat in red and then I use a purple or burgundy to glaze in the shadows. At first I didn't like glazing but now I really enjoy it and think it is easier to get a subtle gradient from shadow to highlight.
  12. Hey Cyradis I see your in Colorado, are you in Fort Collins? You need any new brushes? We could split shipping?
  13. I wish I had a painting buddy nearby! Actually my painting buddies are the people on this site. I am pretty new to painting and all my friends give me crap for it and I can't talk them into trying it out. Oh well I guess if they will last me a while it would be worth it. I'll just have to not buy any minis for a few weeks... that won't be a problem as I already have them piling up and I have only been painting since early March. I have never used a Filbert but they are pretty cheap so I guess it wouldn't hurt to throw a couple in there. What size would you recommend?
  14. No I didn't. I am not really sure what it is, I don't order much from overseas. Do you know how to do that? I was thinking about the Series 33 but also saw Series 22 do you know anything about those?
  15. Pre-launch

    In life in general, no it doesn't make a whole lot of sense...but in these forum it totally makes sense!! So much so it is a way of life for most!
  16. I was wandering if anyone knows of any books that basically only fantasy art prints? I am pretty new to painting and I am looking for a book full of prints to help give me inspiration for colors, themes (for basing), and just a book to enjoy. Does anyone have any ideas?
  17. I don't know too much about it but I think that you'll want to use some drying retarders. This video has a good demonstration.
  18. I already ordered a couple older Spectrums (9 & 16) from Barnes & Noble. I had an old gift card my in-laws gave me a couple of years ago so it only cost a couple bucks out of pocket. Once I check them out I'll let you guys know. Thanks for all the tips
  19. Honestly the most useful app I have used. Especially the scanning feature! Part of the reason I ended up with so many was that I didn't realize that Ivory was changed to Yellowed Bone (or vise versa), so I ordered Ivory but already had the Yellowed Bone but on the app it is listed as Yellowed Bone/Ivory! That's so cool you did that! It will ease a lot of confusion. It will help when I go to buy a new paint, I can just scan the bar code and see if I already have it. Or add it to the wish list. Honestly can't say enough great things!! Anyone who doesn't have it... GET IT!
  20. Amazing app!! Scanned nearly all my paints in last night. I found I have quite a few doubles... I have 4x Yellowed Bone ...oops! Hopefully this app will prevent that!
  21. What color is that green? Nice job!!
  22. I like the color combination of the brown and blue! Nice work!
  23. Awesome paint job all the way around! I really like the wrappings on her arms, what colors did you use? I have had a couple of figures with wrappings like that and I just can't get it to look right. Also how do you like the Mierce Miniatures? Easy to paint? Good clean details? I have been considering picking some up online but can't tell the quality.
  24. Live

    I'm in for $1 too. It's actually my first KS, if it even counts since I'm still up in the air. My problem is figuring out if I have the funds to buy this. Hoping the PM stays open for awhile so I can save up a little bit. Also might do what I did with Rising Sun and just get the KS through my FLGS. That way I have a year(+) to save and I was a really late backer so I think I might get it faster if I go through my local game store.
  25. Hey guys and gals I am working on DDS2 and have everything finished painted except for the big guy. I still need to finish the wings and touch up the scales a little. I'm not really sure about how to paint his fleshy parts (non scaly). Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you guys think. Any other commitments or critiques also appreciated! I'm kind of leaning towards a yellow brown color. Maybe like a spicy mustard? Should I stick with purple?