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  1. Hey everyone I think I have only posted in the Show Off thread once since I started painting and that was my very first attempt. Which is here for reference: But that was about 7 months ago so I think I'm ready to show my improvement. I finished this guy about a month ago but just getting around to painting him. All C&C is welcome (please be brutally honest, I feel it really helped me on my first attempt). This was also my first attempt at NMM so let me know what you think. I love the Wrath of Kings sculpts and I have a long term goal of painting at least one of every figure in each pose. Well here he is (sorry about the lightning):
  2. Hey guys I am thinking about making a wash using craft paints for a project I have going. I am painting a bunch of rocks and would like to not use one of my Citadel washes as they are pretty expensive. Any ideas for a formula? I am trying to avoid purchasing any matte medium or anything like that. I have some glaze medium, flow improver, and drying retarder but would like to use these sparingly. Do think that maybe a combination of water and maybe some dish soap might work? It does not have to be perfect as this is for rocks and the rocks will also have some snow cover.
  3. Thanks guys! I have Reaper flow improver and Vallejo glaze medium so I think I will try those with some water. I have seen people use rinse aid and Pledge floor finish. Now I imagine the rinse aid may cause the same problem as soap but has anyone tried the floor finish?
  4. Thanks @Reaperbryan
  5. Thanks! Although I am trying to make a larger amount and the cheap craft paints are quite thick. Think this will work?
  6. Live

    Great point! I use my wet palette a lot! But for somethings I still use my dry palette which is a porcelain tile
  7. Ok there is a lot to read through here so I am just going to drop my 2 cents and hope I don't repeat anyone. I doubt this was the problem as you said the problem happened right away but you want to be careful to not get any paint up into the ferrule. That is the metal ring that attaches the bristles to the handle. If you get paint up in there it can cause the bristles to splay. If you do have this problem pink soap should be able to clean a majority of that out of there. I purchased 4 Rosemary and Co. brushes about 2 months ago and I love them!! Straight out of the package I was a little underwhelmed but after using them and cleaning them and conditioning them they have come to keep an amazing point. I bought Series 33 size 0,1, and 2 and a series 22 size 2. They are great and the brushes themselves are pretty cheap. Although the shipping almost doubled my cost so if you have a friend that also wants some brushes I recommend you order together to save a few buck (or you can keep an eye on the exchange rate and try to take advantage of a weak pound). I very highly recommend these brushes! That being said I know there are a lot of great painters who just cycle through the cheap WalMart brushes. You might just want to try sticking with those while you do some more research and get a feel for your own style. I always have a pack or two of these cheap brushes. You'll find that even with a nice set of brushes it is easy to still accumulate a bunch more paint brushes, they all have a use at some point.
  8. Well thanks for the encouragement! I have a bunch of stuff that I need to post in the Show Off thread to get some C&C, I have definitely improved since starting in February but I have a long ways to go! If you happen to check them out please provide any C&C you have! I have seen those Happy Seppuku stamps before but I was unsure about them. They look like they work well though. I know it's probably a pain but it would be nice to see you make some more YouTube videos.
  9. This is looking great so far! Those colors really go well together!
  10. It would be online. I just wasn't sure if the swag bag was sold through the Reaper webstore or off the ReaperCon site.
  11. But if I buy a ReaperCon swag bag will that qualify for the free mini? Thought I read somewhere that they run around $40.
  12. It's nice to see her finished! She looks amazing! I think you made the right call on going back and redoing the shield. Both looked great but I think this just makes it stand out better. But that leather is absolutely beautiful !!
  13. I really like the idea of a zombie pirate and I think you nailed the paint job. Gets me excited for the ghost pirates in Bones 4!
  14. Welcome! You have come to the right place! Many great painters and many friendly people! I really like these a lot. The stone work is excellent!
  15. Absolutely amazing! You are truly a hero to me! I know I can't achieve your level but I hope to one get as close as possible! I look forward to seeing your next miniature. Oh, one question. Is the base made just using some Green Stuff and carving it to look like wood planks?
  16. Very nice! I really like the war white that you have painted. I have been practicing a bit with warm and cool whites with only minor improvement.
  17. Live

    Yeah being in Colorado I quickly found that a wet palette is almost a must! I got my Masterson's Sta-Wet Palette and like 50 sheet of the palette paper for $10 on eBay ($8 of that was for shipping...ridiculous). You can find them for cheap and they work great!
  18. Funded

    I thought the exact same!
  19. Love this sculpt and love the paint job! Like @Pochi said there are many different color washes that work great and add depth when used on similar colors and won't muddy up your colors.
  20. I like these a lot! Job well done!
  21. Meanwhile in Russia... Nice work!! It's pretty intimidating but I suggest just buying a couple figures to practice on with nice flat surfaces like a shield. You'll never find out how good you are at it or be able to improve if you don't first try.
  22. Awesome! How long have you been painting?
  23. One again your work leaves me stunned! Amazing work!!
  24. You are a busy painter! But each is better than the last! Very nice work!
  25. Very nice!