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  1. Ocean base

    Ok I am going to attempt an ocean base for the siren I am painting from Wrath of Kings. I am also attempting to do a WIP (duh) and to keep it updated through out the project. I have never done any kind of water base so this will be a "learn as I go" project. I don't plan on this being to big of project so it maybe a short WIP but we'll see. First the materials: I will be building my base using a frame that I picked up from the dollar store that was originally silver but I primed and painted it black. I have also sealed all the cracks using hot glue. I'll be using clear resin for the water. And no that bag of white stuff isn't one of my party "supplies", its actually snow flock. Anyways, off to get to work on this thing.
  2. Dwarven Speedpaints

    You're speed painting looks on point to me! Terrific paint job!
  3. Nice choice! I would not have thought to go that way. Mine favorite from Aliens is the baddest chick in the galaxy, Vasquez! She is so tough in that movie! Too bad she didn't make it out but she kicked some a** before she went out!
  4. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    All the Bones and paint!!! I would not have left there with more than $1 to my name!
  5. Keeping Watch on Barber's Sun

    They look cool!
  6. Fire giant jailor

    He's really looking great! That chain is amazing! I also really like the gold on the gauntlets!
  7. Barrow Warden Lord #03653

    The skin color is awesome and the purple looks great!
  8. Kev!'s 77639: Graveyard Altar (InMiPaMo day 16)

    Very cool! Nice stone work!
  9. Who is your favorite character from Aliens?
  10. Bones Furniture Speedpaints

    The wood grain looks great!
  11. 80034 Weapons Locker

    I agree with the Wolf! The rust and weathering looks great!
  12. Infamy Collectibles Kickstarter, large minis for painters and collectors

    I want those so bad! I also really like The Plucker! Think I am holding off for the Atlantis Miniatures KS that's coming up.
  13. Cadirith, colossal spider

    Nice! I have never seen anyone add the hairs! Terrific idea!
  14. Ask The Glitterwolf Anything at your own risk AMA.

    Oooh a little Portuguese Death metal! I love Sepultura! I also love Motorhead! In fact my love for Motorhead is the reason I bought Zombicide Green Horde because there is a Lemmy sculpt (well that and the Freddie Mercury and Queen Bavmorda) One more question, in your country (not sure where you from) is it quicker to work or by bus?
  15. Silervane's Minivember

    Love those runner zombies! I missed out on Black Plague but I got in on Green Horde and can't wait for it to get here! Although it sounds like it ahead of schedule (At least the core set is)!
  16. Silvervane Paints Zombicide Abominations

    They are really looking good!
  17. Yay! I love these threads! Its a terrific idea! @buglips*the*goblin how many lids do you go through? I think its a cool idea and haven't seen anyone use those before.
  18. Sir Conlan 77200

    Nice! I was just thinking about posting the pics of the one I painted! I love this sculpt and he is one of my favorites too!
  19. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    The core set looks so cool! But also looks pretty expensive!
  20. Kingdom of Death: Rawhide Armor survivors

    Very cool! That's really cool that they have sculpts for each character development (sorry not a gamer so I don't know the lingo).

    Agreed! Love the base and the paint job is terrific!
  22. Kev!'s 77536: Female Wraith (InMiPaMo day 15)

    Nice! You have been busy busy busy!
  23. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Dang! I was hoping to save the $20... Oh well guess I'll put it on my list.