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  1. I know it's update week but all I really want updated on is whether or not they can confirm if the last container will leave port before the CNY.  If they have nothing else to update that would be fine by me as I want a little left to the imagination about the minis for when I actually open the box so I don't need anymore pictures.  I think I have seen too much already.

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  2. 20 hours ago, Auberon said:

    I'll listen to their pitch since I like their other paints, but I have no need for a line of artists colors under their brand.  Those look like titanium white, carbon black, burnt sienna...


    46 minutes ago, ironman1231 said:

    I'm interested in what they're bringing to the table that makes this different than acrylic paint tubes you can get from any art supply. Using these paints based on the video is basically telling me I'm going to have to do a bunch of work to use them, as I'm only painting smaller stuff like Reaper Bones minis. 


    Very true!  I don't need to be doing a bunch of making my own colors or anything like that.  I take advantage of the many colors available to me from all different paint lines with light mixing so I can focus on painting and maybe very basic color theory.  I don't want to need an art degree to use these.  



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  3. 58 minutes ago, ThatGuy said:

    Hi I am the Brendan guy on those comments.  


    If I used scam in messages, I guess I mispoke.  I was quite triggered by the KS when I stumbled on it.  I should of said he is taking advantage of people.  What got me was all the comments were from people looking to get into the hobby, one I really love and love encouraging people to get into.  This guy is paying less then 4$ a set from a chinese supplier.  He is gonna make a killing off this assuming he delivers.  If it was a half way decent project I would of moved on. But its not, he is pretending a set of nylon brushes are this great start into mini painting.  A size 3, 4, 5, and 6 brush?? 


    Alot of you are to nice.  This guy isnt not dumb, he is taking advantage of people looking to get into this hobby.  If he did it off KS fine, but KS is for funding new idea and helping bring things to fruition.  This is not that.  He payed for a sample production of his ghost brushes, will collect money, will send some to china to have brushes that are always made the same way and shipped all over dipped in white paint and the word "ghost" pressed into them.  Imagine the people investing in these brushes and then paints, minis, who knows what else only to have them curl a few hours in.   


    Anyways, just made this to air my position.  I am sure it didnt come across but I wanted to help/warn new painters.  Happy Painting.


    Edit: Final thought, what makes me the most mad is how he repeatedly says he "designed" and my "design" if you are looking for deception find those post and words in his project.  He designed nothing.  I am to lazy to go back through Ali Baba but several suppliers offer the exact same design.

    Welcome!  You should stick around if you like talking about the hobby.  There are lots of miniature junkies around here and we're always up for talking painting or gaming!


    Its funny there was someone in the comment section of the KS saying they didnt want to post here because there is a screening process.  That wasn't true when I signed up but wasn't sure if something change but I guess by seeing your post that it wasn't true. 


    I really appreciate you sticking up for the hobby and trying to inform new painters so that they aren't duped out of their money. 


    I thought the last points you made on the KS were excellent!  I garauntee he did not try out different brushes to find the best.  He found one that would put his name on it and that he could by in bulk. 

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  4. 20 hours ago, Guindyloo said:

    As far as I can tell in my scanning of the project page, he's not making any outlandish claims about how these brushes are going to perform and he's not guaranteeing anything like they're going to automatically make you a better painter or last 6 months longer than your typical synthetics. He's just claiming that they look good, he's going to personally quality check them before they go out and he's selling them for less than big miniature companies are selling their branded brushes for. When people receive them and they behave exactly like all of their other synthetics do, you'll have some people convincing themselves that they're better and some people who'll admit that they're not really different but they like the look of them and the price point. Then you'll have some people angry and all he has to do is say, well, you didn't use proper brush care or you were too rough on them or I didn't promise that they would perform any better and his project page will back him up because he didn't make those promises.



    He may have over stretched himself there with 1200+ backer and 2 sets per backer with 8 brushes per set that is checking over 19,000 brushes!  I doubt the QC will be that great if he is checking probably 20,000 brushes by the end of this and trying to meet a deadline.


    From the Kickstarter:

    This project has almost no risk because I am willing to fully fund the manufacturer to get these brushes made. This is what has allowed me to keep the goal much lower than total cost of the project.  


    If I saw this on a project I was about to back this would be a huge red flag!  There is always a risk when investing your money in an "idea" (I think you know why I put idea in quotations).  Plus him being able to cover the cost of manufacturing might give a good indication on how much these brushes really cost.  

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  5. I think they should maybe just stick with some resin campaigns on KS for awhile.  Could help them build a fan base so that future board game projects may bring in more money.  

    I'll tell you they are walking a thin line right now as many backers backed for the minis so If they mess those up they could be in a world of hurt in future campaigns. 

  6. 2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    I'm wondering if he has a combination of materials that is not normally found?  Kind of a pickles and ice cream thing - as in, you can buy pickles, and you can buy ice cream, but buying pickle flavored ice cream is pretty hard to do. 

    TBH, I don't know enough about all the brushes that are readily available, but perhaps he has ordered a combination that is doing something like using improved glue, or a brush handle material that is normally found on more expensive brushes?  That would make his brushes something more than just a simple rebranding, but also not something that would require a ton of R&D


    I just think if that were the case he would have mentioned it on the campaign page.  But he makes no mention of his product being unique other than white bristles which isn't unique.  I guess he could just be a bad salesman though. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

    I'm not listening....  And isn't there going to be a 1.5 KS  sometime this spring?


    1 hour ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:


    What? First thing I've heard about it. I'd better get saving now!


    Yes Limbo 1.5 is supposed to be Vikings and Dragons I believe.  However, it is most definitely delayed until this one delivers (June-August) and depending on how this one turns out it could be delayed for awhile.   

  8. I do really love your step by step (for the most part ::):) walk through.  I have some busts coming in from the Scale75 KS and I really appreciate you taking the time to teach us some tricks and tips.  Skin is so complex and I am nervous to paint them especially the female's skin.  I am worried that if I use too may layers and push paint around too much that the skin wont be smooth.  It has worked okay for my Orc Bust but his skin does not need to be smooth like a female's.  


    I also need to get more comfortable with the in between stages.  Often times if I am not getting results right away I get discouraged so it helps to see that its just part of the process.  I am getting better with this but to see that it can take a long while for results helps a lot.  I always try remember what James Wappel said in a TY video to not give up on the process half way through because you wont know the final results if you give up too early.  You're work here is a great example!  



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  9. I use Vallejo Metal Color and they have several different tones that I think are great.  It's very smooth and covers really well.  I am not good at painting metallics at all so take that with a grain of salt ::D:


    If you go with the alcohol based metallics just know they can be difficult to use and since they are alcohol based you can not thin them with water and dry VERY fast.  That being said the Old Gold is probably the closest you'll get to a color match for a real gold. 

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  10. Sounds like resin is scheduled to deliver on time so there is some good news.


    Unfortunately I am in for a good chunk and I am only interested in the models so hopefully the characters come out unscathed (I thought the troops were the least of all the concepts anyways).  The Veronique figure looks really good though so I am holding out hope!

  11. 1 hour ago, Jat said:

    First off, when I say feathering, I mean the application of blending the harsh paint edge of a wet paint by taking a clean damp brush and smoothing the edge. This is hard to do effectively if the paint has a very quick drying time.  


    This sounds more like Two Brush Blending.  Feathering is using the same brush and color but using tiny little strokes on the hard edge to soften it. 

    Not that this contributes much to this conversation but thought I would point it out. 


    I think @buglips*the*goblin (I think it was him) has a thread started where he went over a bunch of definitions and things that apply to the hobby that can be really helpful to new and experienced painters alike 

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  12. 38 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    Yup, February 1st would be cutting it close as this year's Chinese New Year's looks to start February 5th. It should be fine if the 1st is the day the ship leaves dock, as long as customs is up and running we should be good. I am confident in Reaper, no worries!

    Oh I have faith in Reaper I just worry about the shippers holding up their end. 

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  13. I just hope we get an update on when the container has officially left China so that we know if it left before Chinese New Year because that could push us back into a May delivery.  Chinese New Year is early so it will be close!  Hopefully when they say it's supposed to ship the first of February that they mean February 1st!  (By they I mean whoever is doing the shipping)

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  14. 6 minutes ago, NomadZeke said:

    Are we going to see a 'shipping tracker' like prior years that'll tank our productivity for weeks while we watch for our city?


    I am in Wave 1 and I locked in early and I know once they get going (after working out the kinks) they go fast so I am hoping only a day or two of missed work... Well not missed I'll be here I just won't be productive. 

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  15. Dang!  A little sad that these might not get here till closer to April but I know it was out of Reaper's hands and they were trying super hard to hit that delivery date.  They got pretty close and from what I understand this will probably be the closest they have gotten to on time delivery.  I also get the feeling that they are probably more disappointed than a lot of backers.  


    It is not their fault that I am so impatient!  I am glad that we have more of a solid idea now of when shipping will commence. 


    Thanks Reaper for keeping us up to date!  We almost made it without any delays and I don't think a month delay for a KS is a big deal at all!  


    Edit:  I just hope the backers in the KS comments handle the news ok!

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  16. Yeah they has me super excited showing all the things!  They also said they are still unloading containers and that they are running  out of room to store all the stuff.  Which I took as a good sign that they are getting close to having everything.


    I also thought if they are that close to running out of room they could just start shipping and clear out some room ::D:

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