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  1. Live

    It's a separate piece, but it looks like the firewood underneath it is part of the cauldron (though I don't know whether they come attached).
  2. Live

    So, should I paint the docks to compliment Dreadmere or the barge in Bones 4? What's that, miniature shoulder angel that makes me buy all the minis? You think I should get two sets of docks and paint one for each? Well, that seems like a good idea, but the last time I listened to you I spent all my money on Bones 4...
  3. Funded

    Hurry up and everyone pledge for 10 core sets! It's too cheap not to. And I want the two-headed troll with the pig. :)
  4. Funded

    Nevermind, he just went to bed too. I guess it's either auto-updater or bust.
  5. Funded

    Reaper Ron seems to be on duty now. I was assuming he would update it. If not, we might have to wait until morning.
  6. Funded

    Alternatively, if they get the sci-fi/pulp out of the way early, it will mean more of the future stretch goals are fantasy, which are the most popular and might be more useful during the mid-Kickstarter doldrums.
  7. Funded

    I assumed that too, but the fire giant is holding on to the dog's chain. I hope they can be detached, as it will make a difference on whether I pledge for it as well.
  8. Funded

    We're only seeing the first screen (the market). There is probably at least one more page of rewards to unlock after they finish the market. We can probably expect new rewards to be unlocking until at least $2 or $3M.
  9. Funded

    I agree that it's still going to be a successful Kickstarter, though maybe not as much as the previous ones. However, that $30,000 funding target doesn't really mean much. I'm sure Reaper's expecting this to get into the millions like the previous Kickstarters and if it didn't clear the $30,000 in the first few minutes, they would have had to seriously examine what had gone wrong.

    This will be the first time I've paid for shipping on anything I've ever bought from Reaper. I blame Ma'al and T'Rock for the new policy. :( I hope the lack of free shipping is offset by more minis in the core set and expansions and lower prices on the add-ons. I was planning on making my entire pledge first thing tomorrow, but now I'm just going to be pledging enough to secure a Wave 1 spot, assuming they still do it that way, until I have a better sense of the value.

    There could also be an Urban Legends version of "Bryan with Hat."

    I'd prefer the former, a dragon melded with a cat like Smaug from the Hobbit cartoon. And a dog dragon (not-luck dragon), too. I don't want it for the Mouselings; I want it as an exotic encounter with the 28mm scale minis, akin to other exotic dragons I've seen suggested, like a dragon with butterfly wings.

    I, too, would love a cat dragon. It's like the Savage Avatars were in Kickstarter 3. I don't know why I need it or what I'll use it for, but I absolutely know that I'd buy it if its offered.

    I can't wait for Bones 4 and am planning on getting one of almost everything. It doesn't matter if I already have one or more of every Bones mini and will never get them all painted. It's called plastic crack for a reason. Regardless of what the Kickstarter delivery date says, I'm setting my own expectation that Bones 4 will ship around June 2019 to the U.S. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised and it will ship sooner. If not, so be it.
  15. Tl;dr: Can I add Reaper Anti-Shine Additive to Les' Magic Wash without causing any problems? If so, how much? Full Question: I like Reaper's Wash Medium, but I go through it pretty fast and was looking for a cheaper alternative. I've mixed up some Les' Magic Wash (roughly 50% Liquitex Matte Medium, 45% distilled water, and 5% Liquitex Flow Aid) to try as a cheaper alternative. It works well, except for one problem: Despite the 50% Matte Medium, it doesn't cut the shine on inks, especially my Vallejo Game Inks. Whenever I use it, the washed area turns glossy. I know that a matte sealer is supposed to cut the shine, and it does to some extent, but I've never been able to successfully restore a glossy area to the extreme matte I'm used to from Reaper paints. I'd say it ends up more like the satin finish of Army Painter paints, and I don't care for it. I use both Krylon UV Resistant Matte and Testor's Dullcote to seal the minis (often a combination of the two) and have the problem with both of them. I've been through several cans of each in the past six months, so it's not a bad can, either. I've read and watched everything I could find about proper Dullcote application, so whether it's my technique or I just have unrealistic expectations, I don't know, but at this point I just want to be able to paint my minis without them ever becoming glossy in the first place, because once they do, I can't bring them back to their original level of matteness. So, my question: If I buy a bottle of Reaper's Anti-Shine Additive, can I add it to the Les' Magic Wash to kill the shine on my inks the way that Reaper's Wash Medium does? Will it cause any problems, such as undermining the surfactant qualities of the Magic Wash? If not, how many drops of Anti-Shine Additive should I add to a dropper bottle of the Magic Wash? Thanks!