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  1. No, I won't be backing the Kickstarter. I've got way too many models to start buying more, I've got precious little money to spend due to the dog having to go to the vet (she has allergies to everything, apparently), and I don't like the Bones material. That sums it up.
  2. Thanks, everybody! I feel honoured!
  3. Is fluff important to me? Do you know who you're talking to ? It's 100% of most games to me! Other than rulesets that are system agnostic or fluff-lite, there better be some good story behind it or I'm going to see what bits I like and then dismantle the rest. This all stems from the Warhammer games for me. I started out playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles because I got to build and paint goat-like Satyrs. Before I started building and painting, I decided to have a look through the main rulebook and the army book used to play the game. It was amazing. The character of the Beastmen seemed fine-tailored to my personality and every page of both books got reread so many times that most of it was memorized. Yeah, the game was fun, but there was nothing like the fluffy backstory found at the front of both books. Then came Warhammer 40,000 and my mind was blown. That's a space opera like no other. It's so bleak that it spoke to my inner soul. At the time, somewhere around 4th Edition, I learned that there were books written about both games and that the company had its own publishing wing. Whole paychecks went to the hobby after that. See, there is a difference between the fluff of, say, Warhammer 40,000 and the books written about it or utilizing its setting. The books are just stories, not fluffy backstory. An author could, for instance, be contracted to write a book for Black Library - Games Workshop's publishing arm - and not know anything about the setting or factions and totally wreck peoples' perception of the backstory; eg, CS Goto's "books". This is why it's important to remember that backstory for a wargame isn't backstory until it's written in a rulebook or an official supplement. People confuse the two all the time and what is an irrelevancy quickly becomes annoying and irritating to me. For RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, I couldn't care less about the main fluff. The DM sets the fluff and the players are to hold it sacred. Same for my beloved GURPS - the GM has the first and final say.
  4. The little bit I've read about Warmachine leaves me thinking it is in no way Steampunk. I could be glaringly wrong about that, though, because the universe didn't hold my attention for very long. Anyway, I believe magic and fantasy are bigger themes than ingenuity and a "Manifest Destiny" ideal within the Warmachine/Hordes setting(s). I would say some Steampunk is a subset of Science Fiction. That can't be said for all of the genre(s) because there's always an outlier somewhere. How many varieties of Steampunk are there now? Of course, I'm using Steampunk as an umbrella term for the stereotypical Victorian-era romp with mechanical technology based on outdated science. I would say that, yes, most of the subtypes found in the genre count as Science Fiction. That they're based on older thoughts about how the universe works makes no difference.
  5. He is the one to blame for the modern-day idea of the zombie. To think, we wouldn't have all this undead crap without his movies. Godspeed, Sir.
  6. Lighter polymers for small arms. Movement away from the 5.56 NATO to something more substantial - it's a round made to kill coyotes, not humans. Good ole Vietnam War and Colt Firearms contract... Also, more use of satellite imaging. I do have Sci-Fi models. A lot of them, to be exact. Bonus Quest: My guys use cased ammunition so that's a no-go.
  7. My favourite has to be a machete from back when I could work outside. Close second would be a ditch bank blade, or fauchard (I think that's the name). It resembles a bill but it's way more sturdier. Some people have gardens. I had a forest.
  8. Why would I actively try to sabotage my blood sugar? Other than for surgery, I can't think of a reason why anyone would willingly do this.
  9. They're ready-made washes. Inks, in my experience, are very stout. Citadel used to produce inks, too, but they quit when they came out with these washes. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they're paint with a lot of medium added.
  10. Pre-launch

    Woo hoo! Two Hour Wargames love!
  11. I did it but then remembered that I don't know how to screenshot .
  12. I seemed to have acquired some hobby related books the other day that I forgot to mention. Both are from Osprey and are very reasonable on pricing from the iBooks store: Rogue Stars Dragon Rampant To be honest, I haven't read any of either yet so I can't give a review of what's inside them. One of them may get cracked open tonight, though.
  13. I don't know how to use BBCode on this forum but it seems like I don't have to with all the buttons and stuff. That makes me happy.
  14. No idea as I'm not a Trekkie.
  15. They look really nice. The silver really works with the purple. When you said blue guns, I didn't envision this type of blue. Excellent choice !