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  1. Well, I guess an update is needed as this is the last day in April. The cleric is still not finished. The whole month he's sat there on my painting desk with little attention. Well, I did scrape off the mold lines on his body but that's it. Laurana is basically the same except she has basecoated and shaded clothes. The highlights haven't been started and they don't look like they'll even get started until after we move in late May as I have to pack the painting room away for the movers. So many models and sprues of plastic... At least we'll have central A/C again so I won't pour sweat all over the models when painting. I did hack away at the solo game and it's starting to become something more than a set of amorphous ideas lost in the firmament of the aether. I mean... no, that's what I mean. Anyway, I switched from the fantasy game to a Post-Apocaplyptic one that's been kicking a can for a while out in the backyard of my brain. I think I could start playing it by June if I keep up with the work but everything is dependent upon our move. So, to summarize: I haven't completed anything on the list for this month (or last month) and I've just added more for next month already. At least I'm making some goals. At least that makes me feel alright !
  2. Excellent job! I like that he's purple as I don't see many purple aliens. He also looks like a dinosaur and they're always fun ! The base is very cool, too. I need to order some of their bases. I'm no expert in photography, as my pictures can attest, but I like elements from both sets of pictures. In the first few, you can tell the black metal muzzle of the gun is some sort of alien steel whereas it looks a bit muddy in the last two pictures. The last couple of pictures cut down on some shine that may not need to be there, especially on the base. What does that mean? If I were you, I'd do whatever you did for the third and fourth pictures, focus him in more, and add some more soft light to brighten the gun-toting dinosaur alien. Anyway, great job!
  3. They're my favourite army from any system I've played. (The Beastmen legion I have would like to argue.) When I used to play, these were the guys I always brought out. Yeah, I've got a few 40k armies - and I'll be nice and not list them - but, from a background angle, no one could beat these marines. There's a joke that says your army chooses you but I believe there's some truth in that. The story is depressing so I won't share that and I'll shut up about it all now. I wanted to post to thank you for the positive reply, @Xherman1964. It made my evening. Anyway, I guess I'll just make a WiP and let everyone ride the rollercoaster of painting them with me .
  4. @Xherman1964 - I really like the pink snake! It looks like it's come to life from stone. I'm going to have to find that in your WiPs as I've been a bit lax in keeping up with the updates. The beastman bust makes me scream inside. If you only knew how much I love the beasts... I'm currently working on a squad of Iron Hands Space Marines so I won't be posting pictures as they're all painted black. I don't mean that they're just undercoated and waiting for paint. Their main colour is black with the addition of a lot of metallics and white casings for their weapons - these guys are just now ready for metallics. I've changed how I paint them, though. You see, I used to paint them a midtone grey and then apply successive black washes until they turned black but this took quite a long time to do and the results weren't spectacular. Now I'm just edge highlighting the armour with a dark grey. It seems to be working out alright.
  5. This is very impressive! Consider me a fan !
  6. Actually, I was comparing minute trace chemicals to minute trace chemicals/radiation which, if given in large enough doses, mean you are quick to leave this mortal coil. Anyway, you continue to use your method for cleaning brushes/painting and I'll use mine as we both seem to be happy with them. This is a hobby, not the Dangerous Game - in which we hunt unarmed people through the woods with whatever weaponry we prefer. I hope your MRI results turn out the way you want them to
  7. I used to be bad about licking the brush, though never with Citadel washes on it as they taste terrible. I think I've improved quite a bit since switching to a wet palette as the paint flows better off the brush now. I do what @Bathory does: twist and drag the brush to squeeze out most of the paint on the palette. After I've been painting for a small amount of time, I'll wet the brush with saliva and twist it back to a point on the wet part of my lower lip. After rinsing the paint out in the paint cup, I'll dry off most of the water on an old washrag and then twist the bristles into a point with my mouth, letting the saliva coat the hair and protect it from drying out. As for the paint being poisonous, I feel that's like when someone says chewing gum doesn't digest in the stomach for 7 years. Well, first of all, it does but don't get me started on the chewing gum example. Anyway, the idea of accumulated poison assumes that the body doesn't break down the harmful, minute amounts of chemicals found in the paint and then expel them later when creating waste. If this were the case, people who've had more than one MRI session would be walking radioactive flesh bags. I don't know. A little bit of paint poison isn't going to stop me from licking the brush.
  8. Games I want to play? Well, alright ! In no particular order: After the Horsemen by Two Hour Wargames - Post-Apocalyptic game that's the backbone for my own game I'm working on. All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames - Zombie game that has been ported to an actual board game instead of just a ruleset. 5150: Star Army 2nd Tour and Urban Renewal by Two Hour Wargames - Sci-Fi games. The first is about fighting other races in space and the other is about life in an urban setting... in the future! High Moon by Two Hour Wargames - Western-Horror game. NUTS! by Two Hour Wargames - WWII game using THW's excellent system. Legends of Araby by Two Hour Wargames - Game set in THW's fantasy realm situated in an Arabia-esque land. Wow. Now that I look at the list, I'm starting to notice a trend about who's my favourite games producer. Could it be Two Hour Wargames ? Perhaps. THW is a ruleset producer that makes Solo games that can also be played Cooperatively or against each other. They're just the best. Funnily enough, I don't get paid for endorsing them - I just think they're that great. Other wargames would include the following: Kill Team Shadow War: Armageddon Inq 28 Age of Sigmar (on a smaller scale) Bolt Action Test of Honour Boardgames would be: Carcassonne (my all-time favourite game) Agricola Fields of Arle Talisman What would it take to get me to play this weekend? Nothing short of a miracle. I'll let you know if one of those happens .
  9. They look very weathered! You really captured the feel of ruined masonry with these.
  10. Excellent work on... everything? Seriously. I was thinking of doing my dead bat's wings like that, too. Great minds !
  11. Do the badges give us legal enforcement powers ?! I joke as I think I still have mine... Also, good to know when the rough registration is so we can make sure we're fed. A full Meh is a happy Meh!
  12. I won't go into it in detail but the answer to this question would be my religion. My wife understands it but she doesn't get it. The rest of my family has no idea that I'm not of their flock. Well, they know but they don't ask as it would confirm something they don't want to know. Silly, I know, but that's just another drop in the bucket of what I deal with everyday.
  13. I did it. I went against the Man (er, Woman) and placed an order for more models. This should come as no surprise as I'm wholly addicted to acquiring metal, resin, and plastic models at any cost. As an aside, I went to college and obtained a degree in Psychology and used to work with alcoholics and drug addicts before everything went to elf with my health. I don't know whether it's funny or sad that my habit of buying models, paint, and other miscellaneous hobby items could qualify as an addiction - it's at least a compulsive buying problem. It really does sadden me that this will forever be a problem with which I'll have to contend. Nothing seems to stem the hemorrhage of what little money I obtain. I digress. Here's what I ordered from GW. I just needed the Tech-Priest for Shadow War: Armageddon but, as always, it couldn't be the only thing bought. 1x Tech-Priest Enginseer 1x Broodlord 1x Ravener Brood 1x Genestealer Brood 1x Kislev Flesh (Paint) 1x Chaos Black Spray (Paint) I guess I just added more models to my Space Bug force... and more paint from GW when I'm trying to buy Reaper paints
  14. All swords are welcome in The New Age. Let's not be sword-ists, now !
  15. My old Warhammer Fantasy army - Beastmen, no doubt - did better in AoS when I use to play than it did during all those days of WFB. Funny how things work out. I was even winning games during the old days, mind you. The great thing is that I didn't even have to repurpose them, change bases, or wait for some silly notion of "balance". In fact, I've added several armies since AoS came out that I wouldn't have been able to afford if they hadn't ended the old game; $450-$700 is too high a price for adding another army but, when all you need is a leader and some grunts, it becomes more affordable. The Chaos Faction is strong in this house !