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  1. Right then. My Test of Honour game and expansions came by UPS yesterday while I was at the doctor. Apparently, if you ordered the Complete Bundle you got free Express Shipping which they neglected to mention. The package shipped out on the 20th and I got it the 22nd - from the UK ! Anyway, I've been on a samurai kick this week and it looks like it will continue into the foreseen future. I was a bit naughty yesterday and bought some GURPS supplements. By "some", I mean around nine. They're digital PDF downloads but I like to think they smell like real books . I also put in my monthly Reaper order. I may have gone a little overboard this month. You see, Mrs Meh put me on a model budget this week so, in accordance with the stricture, I celebrated by ordering a lot of models. The order is as follows: 03803: Laril Silverhand, Female Elven Blacksmith 03811: S'Kara, Female Skoli Warrior 03427: Halbarand, Cleric 03805: Christina, Female Cleric 60064: Nature Warden 02811: Dain Deepaxe 02849: Loryn Stormblade, Elf 60144: Ulf Gormandr 60151: Ardoc Brotherhood 03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin 03764: Merrowyn Lightstar, Female Elf Paladin 03690: Dwarf Bodyguard 14023: Sigurd, Mercenaries Sergeant 60054: Depora Azinrae, Dark Elf 03647: Drago Voss, Assassin 03361: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen 03796: Devona, Female Mage 60002: Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard 60059: Harrower 60172: Hosilla 14590: Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress 14624: Dhalea Duormidhaz, Dark Elf Wizard 03259: Ithamar, Pale Reaver 14405: Dwarf Miner 14508: Vernone, Ivy Crown Captain 03148: Jerach, Undead Hunter Your order has received 4x Tara the Silent After all that, I forgot to order some paint...
  2. He looks excellente already! The robes look appalling already - which is to say they look great! Some of the old WFB models still look amazing today and others didn't age so well. This is one that has really kept its appeal. As for the skin, pallid is the way to go. We're talking Nurgle here so green tones would make sense although I'd like to see the skin with some bluish tones to show the death side of the dark god of life and death in all its glory. I'm sure whatever you pick will look good so I'm not worried.
  3. This isn't my best but it's up there... maybe. It was taken a year or so ago but, since I'm still happy about the conversion work, I still show it off. It's also one of my better pictures (which should say a lot about my photography skills). Everyone's already seen him but here he is again. (I tried to use the "Copy Image Address" feature but it didn't work. The drag and drop way of adding pictures is really neat, though !)
  4. Wounded Warrior Project to help out fellow veterans - always. I'd also heavily give to any organizations that support Right to Life laws, peace officers (state and local police, game wardens, etc), firefighters, and teachers. It's sad that we need to support the last three mentioned as we wouldn't be here without them.
  5. A fleshy Ork?! I love it! Great job!
  6. @DixonGrfx - Thanks for your thoughts on which classes could benefit me! I'll definitely check them out when it comes time to schedule proper. I like the sound of "Leveling Up" because, you know, I need to cash in my good roleplaying points somewhere ! @TaleSpinner - I was actually eyeing both of those classes! I'll try to swing both but we'll see how everything fills up and if my stamina will last. I don't think sitting down that long will tire me out too much. HNTS is on my mental list already so adding the Armature class shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Yeah, I did a little digging in the bits box before I decided to saw a model in half and here we are. I'm glad it turned out alright in the end. First off, thank you for the critique! I've been meaning to get a light box for better lighting when pictures are taken but Mrs Meh seems to forget about holidays and gift giving... We may be heathens but we're usually generous heathens. Anyway, I'll look up some tips on what to do until I can acquire a box. As for the darkness, I see where you're coming from. I'm wary of increasing highlights and contrast because I'd rather not have my models look like Games Workshop style models. As everyone says, the model looks different in person. To show what he really looks like, I'll need to fix the lighting and mess with my camera settings. I'll definitely try to remedy the lighting until the light box can be ordered. Maybe after that he won't look so muddy. Well, I mean, he is pretty muddy but I know what you're talking about. Thanks again !
  8. Excellent looking army! My Tyranid force got waylaid but they'll be worked on one day. Unless I have to super-downsize for our eventual move... Oh well, plans come and go. It's not like I can play anymore anyway ! The skin and carapace colours really make the little buggers pop, don't they? That bone colour you've achieved is truly great, as are the Scything Talons brown-orange colouration. They feel cold and callous even over cyberspace.
  9. Looks like my physique but less hairy and better proportioned (not to mention less tubby) ! Great work! Those pants are an excellent feature.
  10. @Reaperbryan - That sounds like a plan. I posted one picture in the Show Off area but I'll post more and see if anyone has anything to say about them. People seemed to like him enough even though it was a poor picture. After writing that wall of text, I think I'll do a sculpting class for giggles. It couldn't hurt !
  11. I don't know how to say this without sounding egotistical but I'll try: everyone can use help but I don't know where I need it. I don't even know what level I'm at, to be honest. Help is always greatly appreciated but if I enroll in a beginner's class by accident then I feel I'd be wasting everyone's time. Maybe someone could help place me or tell me the classes I should look into for the convention if I list stuff I do when it's modeling time. Building / Converting - I think I'm alright here, actually. Metal, Plastic, Resin - I'll hack up anything and put it back together. The razor saw is my friend. Do I do it well? Well enough for my own tastes. The most ambitious conversion project completed (almost) was creating a new model from two others and changing the pose to be what I had envisioned. That was a lot of studying. Anatomy and Physiology classes from college helped tremendously although it's been a while since I graduated. It also helped to have the exact pose as a picture on my phone as I melded her together. We are now going to observe a moment of silence for the paperclip that gave its life for the myriad of pins in her body... Basically, the model I converted was in pieces before I pinned and glued her together - feet, legs, pelvis, torso with shoulders and upper arms, lower arms and hands, weapons, head, and hair. It was a pain sometimes but her body is structurally sound and awaiting sculpting for details and the like. Sculpting - This is the area I think I could benefit from a teacher the most as I've never taken a true art or sculpting class. Given enough time, I can sculpt whatever needs to be sculpted, barring an actual model. The above example needs a lot of sculpting work (gap-filling, muscle toning, detail work, etc) but nothing that is out of reach. (This reminds me: I should probably shorten her neck again, too. Or hide it with a collar and dramatic hair...) Sculpting a model from green stuff doesn't sound that appealing for some strange reason but I guess I should give it a go sometime. Painting - This is another area where I feel comfortable. I don't like NMM or TMM, although I give credit where it's due. Those techniques don't do anything for me aesthetically. Other than feeling wobbly in the skin department (which is a familiarity thing as I usually paint armour), everything turns out alright usually. There's always Simple Green... My freehanding could use some work but that's another familiarity thing. Basing - I don't care about basing in the least. I use model train ballast for detail, paint it, add flocking when needed, and then continue on from there. That isn't to say I don't appreciate good basing. I do. My models are usually knee deep in mud or footslogging across a wasteland and that doesn't require a whole lot to accomplish. Well, there it is. If someone could point me in a suitable direction, I'd very much appreciate it. Also, apologies for the wall o' text!
  12. I would also say Settlers of Catan. The only problem there is that it's going to get people interested in Euro-games and then they'll go to another store to sate their newly-awakened appetite. Then, before they know it, they're online buying from Miniature Market and have 500+ points that they don't know what are about. The insanity never stops... Anyway, Settlers of Catan is a resource managing game with meeples - you know, wooden blocks that look like a person or a road or whatever. It's for 3+ players. Really quite a fun game. I would suggest Carcassonne as that's my GAME*, son! I mean: I quite enjoy it. It's a tile-based game that lets you build fields, cities, and roads that you score in different ways (usually on completion). Could it be the most famous meeple game of all time? Perhaps. The average game takes 45 min - 1 hour to complete and is a fun time for all. Of course, these two games are Euro-lite games so I don't know if they fit the comic theme. The comic book / Local Game Store** has them both in stock at all times as both are popular and easy sells***. Hope that helps some. * Well, that and GURPS. ** It's an hour-plus drive away from me now so I don't know how local that is really. Me being disabled doesn't help any, either. *** Can you say "cash cows"?
  13. Getting back into the swing of things after the fiasco that was Winter. Mrs Meh's birthday is in late April and my sister's birthday is in late May so I'll have to get them something. Maybe a model? No, that's what I want... Getting my huge bundle of Test of Honour from Warlord Games in the post so that I can begin work building and painting samurai and ashigaru for skirmish battles. They will all call me Meh-sensei. Kiai ! (It shipped out today!) I'm also looking forward to seeing my "Solo Game To-Do List" dwindling down some more over the coming months. For the longest time it was just an amorphous blob of ideas but now there is some shape to it.
  14. He looks suitably excited about something. Could it be Mezo-American gold, perhaps? Great job with the whole model - base and all!
  15. I have bookmarked this to read later. I don't need anything to interrupt my GURPS Fantasy kick right now ! It's so close to solo-play-ready that I'm salivating.