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  1. I love the effect on the face, You can almost smell the decay through the screen.
  2. So i've been messing around with the Blood for the Blood God paint by citadel and i figured, hey.. you know who likes blood? Zombies! Let me know what you think! Cheers, Christopher
  3. Very much got a Skeletor thing going. very cool!
  4. Hey Guys, Just thought i'd upload my latest Bones paint. This one didn't take me that long at all, almost being just a two tone grey. a little dry brushed for the fur and a tone of blood. A little unhappy with how the dry brushing came out on the back. I'd have to say that dry brushing is my weakest skill, but i'm still getting better. It looks okay on the legs, I still think i'm using too much paint, but i'm sure i'll get there. Anways, Take a look/see and tell me what you think! Cheers, Christopher George
  5. Hey there, Have just recently got into Bones (December last year) and i've noticed that you regularly release new metal miniatures, seemingly every month or so, But I haven't seen any new Bones miniatures released like that. Do you guys release new Bones periodically? or is it just via the Kickstarter? I'm just asking because i'm looking at my wanted list and it's getting a mite small. Regards, Chris
  6. Nice! I love the texturing on the loin cloth!
  7. hah.. nothing like dashboard cookies... But yeah. we're in autumn right now, but I just didn't want to get back to the car and all the swords have bent in on themselves.. Thought i should check. Thanks for your input! Cheers, Chris
  8. Okaay, I'd better run down and grab them then.
  9. Hi forum, is it safe to leave my miniatures in a car during a hot day? For the record i'm in Australia and it can get pretty damned hot here. Is this a factor? or am I overthinking this? Cheers, Chris
  10. Wow, love the effect on the cloak..
  11. I've always looked at Sir ForScales stance as if he is limping into the final fray of the battle. There is something almost limpy about his stance. I've been saving this one for a while, but I saw a post a few days back with someone that had strong corrosion and rust effects on the the miniature, Deckard (i think) which looked awesome. and i thought. Hey!? I know i'm only beginning but i wonder if i could do similar and it turns out, i'm not as good. Buut.. It's still pretty effective. In my humble opinion. If you've ever seen the 80's movie Excalibur, I was trying to get the effect of the Grail Knights Armour that was just so totally rusted and abused that it barely looked like metal anymore. I wasn't overly happy until i started adding the blood effects seeping through the cracks in the Armour. And so.. without further adieu I give you SirPleaseJustKillmeForScale. Please excuse my photography, apparently my phone is a potato. Cheers, Christopher
  12. Hey Guys, Just checking back in with a shot from our gaming session last night. Captain RedBeard is ready for battle!
  13. Hey Guys, I'd like to see more of the Dark Heaven Legends or Pathfinder range converted across to Bones, Like The Red Raven - Xanthir Vang - Hakon, Iconic Skald - Winter Witch - Ulf Gormundr - Just some examples from the Pathfinder Range. I think one of the real strengths of the range that there are already enough miniatures to cover pretty much everyone's character archetypes and adding more can only improve that. Finding a miniature that really suits someone's crazy character idea is really satisfying. (or as i've recently discovered the ability to modify and convert Bones is really one of their strengths.) I play a home brew system and i've made one of my players insanely happy by adding a red beard to a barbarian. I guess the main reason i want more main characters though is that there is usually a lot more unique character designs among the hero miniatures than there are with the monster ones. Cheers, Chris Plus who am I kidding I just love painting the lil' guys.
  14. Eek! I had no idea it was set so large, I had been doing some design work for another project and i guess i just forgot to check! Uploaded a more reasonable size. Thanks for the catch!