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  1. Oh Dear Lord, That exit wound looks amazing! You're either really good at guessing what would happen if you stabbed a tree sized spear through someone or you've had a very interesting life. Kudos!
  2. Hi Guys! Another quick update! I've just finished adding hair onto Deva. I love this sculpt, the only thing that i didn't like was that she was bald. I wanted more of a Valkyrie descending from heaven look for the model as i'm going to need it for an upcoming campaign. So, out comes the greenstuff. I'd previously experimented with adding beards to models and i figured that hair couldn't be much different could it? Turns out it's really different. Hair flows in different ways to beards, particularly if you're wanting long flowing locks of the stuff. Still, i'm very happy with how it came out even if it took me most of an afternoon just to do add strands into the hair locks. As far as colouring goes, nothing to controversial, while dress, silver armour. I added alot of blue highlights to the base of the dress, trying to go for an ethereal summoning vibe.The wings caused me a little grief as i was going for more of a pigeon white colour, until i realised that was really understated, so I added a touch of gold and silver and that really brought out the highlights. I thought the effect was so good, i gave it another coat. In hindsight the second coat of silver may have been a mistake, but still. Live and learn. Anyway guys, As always comments/critiques are appreciated, but please be gentle i've only just picked up painting again and i'm still trying to learn the ropes :) Have fun, Christopher George
  3. looking at the photo it seems to be leaning forward more than i remember, surprised it doesn't keep tipping forward. I've got a Unicorn with a drinking problem that can't seem to stand up straight no matter how many times I dunk him in hot water.
  4. As much as i'd like to take credit for that, that's the way it arrived, It's possible it had been warped a little by the packaging. I agree with you though, it looks like he's about to smash that rock against the poor schmuck below him.
  5. Hey again guys! Back at it with an experiment with The Mourn Mountain Snow by Citadel. Just purchased it this evening for this Mini. I tried to match the colouring as closely as i can to the example given on the mini (basically using it as a colour guide. Think i came in a little too dark though, but overall i'm pretty happy with the result. I'm probably going to go over the facial features again to bring out the teeth and scream, but all in all. Not bad for an evening. Let me know what you ya'll think! Cheers, Christopher George
  6. Awesome!
  7. I love the effect on the face, You can almost smell the decay through the screen.
  8. So i've been messing around with the Blood for the Blood God paint by citadel and i figured, hey.. you know who likes blood? Zombies! Let me know what you think! Cheers, Christopher
  9. Very much got a Skeletor thing going. very cool!
  10. Hey Guys, Just thought i'd upload my latest Bones paint. This one didn't take me that long at all, almost being just a two tone grey. a little dry brushed for the fur and a tone of blood. A little unhappy with how the dry brushing came out on the back. I'd have to say that dry brushing is my weakest skill, but i'm still getting better. It looks okay on the legs, I still think i'm using too much paint, but i'm sure i'll get there. Anways, Take a look/see and tell me what you think! Cheers, Christopher George
  11. Hey there, Have just recently got into Bones (December last year) and i've noticed that you regularly release new metal miniatures, seemingly every month or so, But I haven't seen any new Bones miniatures released like that. Do you guys release new Bones periodically? or is it just via the Kickstarter? I'm just asking because i'm looking at my wanted list and it's getting a mite small. Regards, Chris
  12. Nice! I love the texturing on the loin cloth!
  13. hah.. nothing like dashboard cookies... But yeah. we're in autumn right now, but I just didn't want to get back to the car and all the swords have bent in on themselves.. Thought i should check. Thanks for your input! Cheers, Chris
  14. Okaay, I'd better run down and grab them then.
  15. Hi forum, is it safe to leave my miniatures in a car during a hot day? For the record i'm in Australia and it can get pretty damned hot here. Is this a factor? or am I overthinking this? Cheers, Chris