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  1. ChristopherGeorge

    Ancient Male Mage from Dark Sword Miniatures

  2. ChristopherGeorge

    23 additional September figures

    Your painting and your photography is flawless. :)
  3. ChristopherGeorge

    Cabor Miniatures - Fantasy Miniatures

    Now there's a sentence that shouldn't be taken out of context.
  4. ChristopherGeorge

    The Werendor Watch

    Wow.. you're not even being subtle about ripping off Pratchett. That said. I agree your sculpts are good looking.
  5. ChristopherGeorge

    Female Archer from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Great Job, But I must admit when I read female Archer, I was thinking of Archer from the cartoon. I'm not sure.
  6. ChristopherGeorge

    Various WIPS

    Work in Progress?? Daaaaham.. they look finished!
  7. ChristopherGeorge

    77185 Large Earth Elemental (Magma version)

    Dear Lord that looks awesome! well done!
  8. ChristopherGeorge

    Grey Bones

    Whats with the Grey Coloured bones? Ie the Sacrificial Alter? and Obelisk? Is there some reason that these are a different colour?
  9. ChristopherGeorge

    77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian

    I love the way you've got the snow on his back and creeping up on the base of his cloak. Awesome work.
  10. ChristopherGeorge

    Jedi Babies (I made ornaments!)

    These look awesome! Very well done!
  11. ChristopherGeorge

    77292: Giant Wererat

    wouldn't want to run into this thing in a darkened alley..
  12. ChristopherGeorge

    14188: Ssudai, Nagendra Mage

    Reminds me of the Master from Kung Fu Panda Inner Peace, Inner Peace.. Itchy Nose....
  13. ChristopherGeorge

    LOTR Ugluk

    I guess meat really is back on the menu! Looks awesome!
  14. ChristopherGeorge

    77219: Grundor Hoardtaker

    Got a whole He-Man thing going. very cool :)
  15. ChristopherGeorge

    IMEF Troopers

    They look awesome. I would have voted for them.