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  1. Tons of great points have already been made in this thread, but I just wanted to pull this quote out. (Emphasis mine.) The part I bolded is categorically untrue. There is no human being on the planet that is utterly devoid of artistic ability. We are wired to look for patterns, appreciate beauty, and represent ideas abstractly. It may be true that you have no knowledge of art theory at the moment, but that's a temporary condition. Several studies have shown that a willingness to acknowledge that you have the capacity for growth (in other words, that you can change your skill level at something via learning and practice) is all that's required for pretty impressive gains. Were you born knowing how to ride a bike? Make a tasty sandwich? Read? Comfort a friend? Change a tire? Nobody questions whether a person can learn to do those things, and yet we sometimes put things like math and art in a separate bucket and assume you have to have some innate ability in order to be a part of those "clubs" so to speak. The key is that you can't compare your first steps to what someone else is doing after years of practice. (And really, you needn't compare yourself to others at all except as a means to gain inspiration or motivation.) If you're skeptical, check out the story of Austin's butterfly on YouTube. Edit: Even if you aren't skeptical, it's worth watching.
  2. That's really phenomenal work.
  3. I've mentioned here and there on here that I take part in an Aztec-themed D&D game. The DM is an archaeologist who specializes in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, so the campaign has a really fun mixture of Aztec lore and standard D&D fare. My character is an Oath of the Ancients paladin, which we've flavored as an Aztec Jaguar Warrior who worships Xochipilli. Anyway, long story short, Aztec warriors often used a macuahuitl or maquahuitl in battle - a wooden baton edged with obsidian blades that acted a lot like a long sword. Some accounts even said they could decapitate a horse. When I found this cute jaguar hat (OK, OK, leopard, close enough...) on Amazon for a measly $4 shipped, I decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a cheap low-key cosplay for laughs. Below are the work in progress pics of me hacking up and painting a dollar store foam saber with some cheap craft store acrylics to make a macuahuitl to go with my "jaguar pelt". Standard issue dollar store toy sword. Obsidian blades roughly marked out with a sharpie. Spaces between the blades cut away with a box cutter. I decided to go over the whole thing with a coat of white glue to fill in some of the pores and smooth some of the particularly rough areas where the foam got chewed up by the box cutter. In a perfect world I'd have given myself more time to work on this and used a foam cutter, but I didn't have the luxury of the former and I don't own the latter. Mostly there on a base coat of light brown with the help of a certain five-year-old daughter. It would end up taking about 3 coats. Obsidian blades done with gloss black. The handle still needs another coat or two, and I planned to wrap it in rough cotton yarn, but I couldn't find it. It's around here somewhere... I should be able to finish it up tomorrow morning before our D&D session.
  4. I'll be following this with interest. Once I carve out a little painting time I've got the metal version of the cave troll in the On Deck Box. I have Lardgulp too, which I think is a really cool mini, but I'm waiting a little longer to paint him. (Them?)
  5. Best wishes! Totally understandable.
  6. Awesome! My wife is a breast cancer survivor.
  7. Awesome, congrats on placing in the contest!
  8. Legend of Zelda

    Very cool, I've always had a soft spot for The Legend of Zelda.
  9. It still gave me good ideas! The Aztecs arrived yesterday as well. Unfortunately the company goofed the order a bit, so I have to work that out with them so that I get the right models. (And I've gotta finish this paper first anyway. Dang grad school...)
  10. Very cool, I have some Aztec warriors I need to paint up as soon as they arrive, so I'm about to watch your Native American skin one.
  11. Just joined the site not too long ago and I'm almost finished with my first wip. Right now, I can't really keep up with the challenge. (Full time job, grad school, and kids.) Is it cool to jump in in June and just see how far I get? I doubt I'll hit 52 for the year, but I should at least knock out May/June/July/August. I'm a teacher, so I'm off for the summer.
  12. Sculpting is done! I'm not going to totally cover it in snow, so the rock needs to be painted to match, then I'll put snow in spots. I was afraid an all-snow base would be too one-note.
  13. I hope to be able to ruin models as well as you do some day! I agree with the wings being a blank canvas right now. There's room for some detailing. I'd watch some YouTube paints of dragons and see if anything speaks to you.
  14. What were they before you started? Plain orange plastic?
  15. Definitely going to put this on the list for the future when I work through some of my backlog. Your rendition of the wolf is incredible.