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  1. Live

    Is there a suggested age range for the comics? I have a 2- and 5-year-old. They look super cute, but I wouldn't want to turn the page and suddenly find adult themes I'd have to explain for example.
  2. No kidding, I came across this video on YouTube last night but had no idea it was you guys. I'll watch it tonight!
  3. Sweet, this just might coincide with a time when the gobbos are visiting the grandgoblins...
  4. I have had one for a little while, but he's been at the end of the list so to speak. I have some minis I'm working on for PCs in our campaign, plus I'm doing an exchange. If Kagunk gets trimmed, cleaned and primed this month he should consider himself lucky.
  5. Gross and awesome!
  6. Sorry to hear that your pre-release wasn't that great. I'm not going to be able to make it out to one this time around, but I'm hoping to try Ixalan when it comes out.
  7. Sweet, I voted for #4 via PM also, so it sounds like most of us are in agreement already. Similar lead question for my group...I have some Aztec figures from Wargames Foundry that I think contain lead. I needed some specific ones for an Aztec-themed D&D campaign, but I don't need all of the ones that came in the packages. If there's interest in my group I'll pop a few in the box, sequestered appropriately. If not, I won't bother this time around.
  8. For a mini like this do you guys recommend painting first and then attaching the shield, or assembling first?
  9. Liked in his honor, not because I like the situation. My sister is here visiting with her beagle Jensen. I'll hug him extra tight this weekend. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the work you're doing.
  10. Nice contrast with the red eyes too.
  11. I love the leather work. Really nice!
  12. Three cheers for Chaoswolf! Hip hip...
  13. I love the things you never could've guessed they'll say.
  14. Depends on how many wizard friends he has I guess.