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  1. I love that fur!
  2. Welcome and great start! If the skeleton really isn't in your kit, I would reach out to Reaper. I haven't ever had to have anything replaced, but my understanding is their customer service is top notch.
  3. Wow, very cool mini and I love the start you've got. Are the hand/sword supposed to be at that angle or did it bend? It just seems like an unnatural position for the wrist.
  4. I wouldn't want to be standing in his way!
  5. Funded

    The impression I got earlier is that if I checkout now for what I can afford, then add another order later, the system will do its best to charge me the best shipping rate it can on the order as a whole. Is that right?
  6. live

    Lots of us from Baltimore! I can't really justify these right at the moment, but the undead Spartans are really cool.
  7. I've been really happy with a homemade wet pallet. It's just a takeout container lid, some wet paper towels and a piece of parchment paper as mentioned above.
  8. Looks very solid. I've actually found I like a brown wash on gray stone. Most boulders you see in real life have a mix of grays and browns in them, plus they collect dirt over time.
  9. Funded

    Wow, had no idea about the bard figure. Even more glad I'm getting the fan favorites now, that's cool.
  10. Funded

    I kind of like MOOnique.
  11. Funded

    My dino phase has lasted a solid 30 years, so there's hope.
  12. Funded

    Oh yeah, I never gave my list. I'm in for: Core Both Paint Sets All Giant Add-ons Rocky the Red 3x Blacktooth (1 for me and 1 for each kiddo) 3x Thunderfoot (1 for me and 1 for each kiddo) Dreadmere Lost Valley Fan Favorites Dragon Turtle Rulers of Hell Skeletal Monsters Zombie Dragon +$50 more potential. I know a lot of people were somewhat disappointed by how this ended, but as a first-time Bones backer, I got more than my money's worth. Before the whole thing launched I assumed I would spend about $200. I ended up pledging $250 and I'm budgeting to add another $200-250 by July. I wouldn't have been able to afford much more awesomeness anyway. This KS is going to give me: My first dragon ever (Gauth) My first properly scaled dinos (I have a few old Ral Partha ones, but they are comically inaccurate on the small side. They're like baby dinos.) MOAR Giants! (Yay cool females too!) Baby dwagons! Dipping a toe in terrain (love that portal @TaleSpinner!) Classic monsters I didn't have, like vampires, kobolds and cave baddies Fun dire stuff And way more... That's a huge haul, and speaking only for myself, was very fun and successful.
  13. Funded

    I did some budget math and I have about 50 bucks of wiggle room between now and July that I haven't already earmarked. I'll have to decide whether to get stone core set duplicates or double up on an expansion or what.
  14. Funded

    I am now in for fan faves for sure.
  15. Funded

    Well we dinged, so let's see what happens.