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    Warlord - the state of play

    I am new to Warlord (but certainly not to RPGs or Tabletop Wargames). Like many I have walked away from Games Workshop since they destroyed Warhammer Fantasy and try as I might I just can't bring myself not to despise Age of Sigmar which is a pathetic attempt to emulate the success of World of Warcraft. Off-shoot adaptation games such as Kings of War, The IXth Age or Frostgrave just don't seem to cut it for me and I'm not interested in Warmachine or Hordes. And so in my meanderings I have stumbled upon Warlord which I find most intriguing, with just the right sort of balance between D&D RPG and tabletop wargame. In doing my homework I have read both good and poor reviews of the game. Some have exhorted Warlord with many sterling qualities, qualities which have tickled my fancy. However, some of these reports seem to be quite old. Other, more recent, reports have explained that the popularity of Warlord is incredibly limited and that many people struggle to find a game and go elsewhere. Joining these forums I notice the age of many of the recent posts and they have me a little worried. So I wanted to get it from the horse's mouth. How popular is Warlord these days? Living in a capital city is it easy enough to find a game? Thank you for your honest advice.