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  1. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Sylverthorn!

    Happy birthday!!
  2. EldritchEladrin

    Getting To Know You July

    The last thing I baked was a strawberry-rhubarb pie. The last baked thing I ate was probably a cinnamon roll.
  3. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Rat13 !

    Happy (belated) birthday!
  4. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Izzylobo !

    Happy birthday!!!
  5. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Cyradis

    Happy birthday! Have a most excellent Tuesday, and spend some time doing something you enjoy.
  6. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday NightyKnight !

    Happy birthday!
  7. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!

    Happy Independence Day to my American friends! :)
  8. EldritchEladrin

    Bones Sea Lion

    Great work! the blending on the tail is especially effective.
  9. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Tom T

    Happy birthday!!
  10. EldritchEladrin

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Side note: Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadian forumites! :) Hope you're all staying cool and hydrated!
  11. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Spencerjohn

    Happy birthday!!
  12. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Ludo

    Happy birthday!!
  13. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday Corporea

    Happy birthday! -E.E.
  14. EldritchEladrin

    Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Reaper order arrived today, featuring a wendigo mini (03673) and a sample bottle of slightly off-white paint (which I may use for the snowy ground on its base).
  15. EldritchEladrin

    Happy Birthday hungerfan!

    Happy birthday!! -E.E.