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  1. Happy birthday! -E.E.
  2. Had to stop and count the squirrels to make sure there were indeed 18 purple squirrels. You will all be pleased to know that this thread is legit.
  3. Update: Had a hotdog for lunch today with sliced pickles. It was really good! What we can learn from this: You can put pretty much anything on a hotdog, and it will taste great, because hotdogs are great.
  4. Plain buns (white bread), beef dog with mustard and onions. Re weekend quest: I will consider different fixings... Maybe...
  5. I worked from home at my old job. My desk did have assorted decorations, which was no problem as long as they weren't in my webcam's line of sight.
  6. Thanks, Tjrez! Oh, yes! My party of adventurers is surely doomed! Cheers! And good luck on your mini! Make sure you post your work on the forum so we can see your take on it! -E.E.
  7. Best summer food has got to be street meat. Summer weather is food truck weather.
  8. Looking fantastic! Keep up the great work!
  9. Introducing the newest demon lord in my miniatures collection... The Minotaur Demon Lord, aka Baphomet, aka "the Horned King", aka "the Prince of Beasts." This miniature was quite a bit bigger than the metal demon lord minis I've painted previously. A bit of a challenge, but I'm pleased with the result! If anyone is interested in the play-by-play of me painting this miniature, feel free to check out the work in progress thread on the forum. Cheers! -E.E.
  10. And here is the finished product! Thanks everyone for your advice and encouragement! More pictures to be seen on the Show Off thread. -E.E.
  11. Finished up the glaive! Glued everything together and finished the washes... Pretty much finished! Might do a bit of touching up and highlighting before posting it in the Show Off thread. -E.E.
  12. Music is important for sure. Some albums just sound like summer. Also, the heat and humidity of the city mixed with rooftop patio beers with friends.
  13. I think you're right! The metal plate really ties the armour together, and adding just a bit more bone with the horns is a nice touch! Last update for tonight! Basecoat is nearly finished... Next step is finishing the glaive arm... Thinking adding some sort of leathery/meaty detail to the area just above the grip (it kind of looks like some sort of flesh and bone business stretched over the blade). After I finish the glaive, I'll be doing some touch-ups, then starting my washes. Woot woot! G'night! -E.E.
  14. Thanks all for your interest! Basecoat is coming along on the main body portion of the mini... The main body colour is a 2:1 mix; Harvest Brown: Blonde Hair (MSP). For the metal plates, I'm making use of a bottle of bronze-y "sample" paint from Reaper, and the amulets, as well as other assorted razzle dazzle are MSP dragon gold. Also started basecoating the loin cloth piece... Used "fresh blood" for the cloth. Haven't decided on a colour for the skull yet. Metallic? Bone coloured? Thoughts from the audience appreciated!! Thanks again! I'll be in touch :) -E.E.
  15. I'm loving the body coral colour/texture; It really makes the other colours pop! Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.