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  1. Happy birthday!!! -E.E.
  2. Yes, I drink beer. My favourite changes depending on the time of year. At the moment (cold, early spring weather) I like amber ales and lagers; they have a slightly spicy, warming flavour that tastes great! :) A local brew, for example: Barking Squirrel Lager. -E.E.
  3. A couple Reaper packages came today! Including... Two shiny samples!!! Also, a demon lord ... And an "Invisible Stalker" mini for April Fool's Now I don't care about all the rain!
  4. Another demon lord for the index: I'd like to give special thanks to @Gadgetman! for his advice on my Gnoll Warrior post. I used a lot of his suggestions to improve this mini, especially highlighting the jaws and matted fur. Uploaded via mobile phone, so hopefully the pictures aren't too big. Enjoy! -E.E.
  5. Happy birthday, Dilvish! Enjoy! -E.E.
  6. @Aryanun, my sympathies to you and your family.
  7. Huzzah for science!!! I LOVE the little silver reflection on the tips of the scales! Very mystical. Too bad that the camera picks it up better than in-person-eyeballs... But science wouldn't be science without a little problem solving! -E.E.
  8. Happy birthday! :) -E.E.
  9. I was actually just thinking about that... Hopefully you'll find a local solution! :)
  10. @OneBoot There's a birch tree on my front yard. I'd happily donate as many seeds as you want, though I don't know if they would stay fresh on a cross- continental journey via Canada Post and USPS... Let me know!
  11. ...That sounds terrifying....
  12. @Gadgetman!, thanks for the tips!! :)
  13. So many choices! The songs that have spent weeks in my head on repeat are legion. Currently, I've had a hard time listening to anything but Alanis Morissette (anything from Jagged Little Pill is an instant earworm). Your welcome in advance:
  14. ... And now it's stuck in my head... Thanks... Bahahaha!!
  15. Here are some gnasty gnolls for your enjoyment! Tried to do some work on groups with an army/matching uniform look... ... And some highlighting on raised areas (the gnoll's left knee). The lighting isn't super great in these pictures (sorry!) but I promise you all they DO have spooky red eyes, as per the usual evil hunters. Next post will likely be a return some bigger minis (I just can't quit my demon lords!). Until then, take care of yourselves! -E.E.