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  1. I made mine from a plastic pencil box and a sponge mop sponge. I use parchement paper over some paper towels. I cut thw sponge so that its just below the top edge of the pencil box. The only problem I have is I tend to drown it whoch leads to soupy paint. But at least it doesn't dry out! : )
  2. The camaraderie on this forum is amazing. Everyone is normally very helpful, I have yet to see a spiteful or mean comment. There are spirited discussions but everyone tends to agree to disagree and leave it at that. One thing I'll say about your work... post more of it lol Good paintin
  3. Good paintin
  4. You just gave me a heavy case of painter envy... thanks. Great work, blends look amazing. Good paintin
  5. Your work, as always, is as creative as it is colorful. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your worlds. Although they do remind me of something that has escaped a Timothy Leary experiment, they most definitely have "colorful" personalities lol Great stuff Good paintin
  6. Yep... one look at the mighty PC's and your hydra had an oopsy. Good paintin
  7. Those are all very nice. I agree with the above statements, especially the point made about your excellent work being appreciated. Good paintin
  8. I think I like the tentacles better than the teeth. It would be cool to add teeth to the gullet too. As an aside, there are some really nice tan plastic models in the background, do you recall what line or game they are from? Good paintin
  9. Very cool. Awesome speed paint, I would need boots of speed and a pack of Red Bull ... and that would really just let me make bigger messes faster lol. Great job
  10. And they're both looking at the same place... now that is tough early on. Great job! Mine still look like Marty Feldman if I'm not careful.
  11. Good to see you painting again. I ran into some of your work, along with many others, while perusing the older files. I couldn't help but wonder to where all of you talented contributors to this site had disappeared. I know all to well how life interferes with fun but its still a bit sad. Its good to meet you and have you back. Good paintin
  12. Thanks for the info Btw ... started watching your viseos on Ytube... excellent material
  13. Welcome aboard. The people on this forum are amazingly talented and it looks as though you'll fit right in. The camaraderie and knowledge exchange here is top notch too. Wonderful people to hang put with.
  14. Your work, as always, is amazing. Good paintin