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  1. As always, so impressed by the work you do. Everything about that piece is spot on. BTW are those flasks of blood on her belt?
  2. Disciple of the Flower Witch

    I read this and took a second look... the bottom of the dress is freakin' hands. Creepy is right.
  3. Disciple of the Flower Witch

    Very well done. Good paintin
  4. Why Does SuperGlue Hate Me?

    SuperGlue isn't made to be a good gap filler and it will not adhere to oils. I use smooth paper clips and typically file the cutting bur off the ends and drill a hole such that it is a tight fit. For larger gaps on metal minis... epoxy is my bestest friend. Again clean well. BTW... what we're you using for pins? And how deep were they placed?
  5. Lidless Eye Hobbies: Bones 3 Ogre Tribe

    Great work
  6. Sphinx - 77576

    My only criticism is that you paint about 2 or 3 exponential levels above what I paint... beautiful job.
  7. Progressing as a painter

    Looking good! You might dry brush the club to bring out the carving and seal with a matte varnish to kill the shine, if you want it that way. What has helped me the most (and I consider myself low to mediocre tabletop at best) was looking at some of the amazing artists on this site and unabashedly plagiarizing. Figure out how others are doing what you like and paint, paint, paint. Good paintin
  8. Eyebeast - 77043

    That's awesome, not as cute as my pet but awesome. Good paintin
  9. Kev!'s Wrath of Ashardalon - Rage Drake

    Great job. I was looking at the otyugh and saw it lurking in the background and thought "man, I wish I could get a better look at that critter". And there it was... Good paintin, again
  10. Kev!'s Wrath of Ashardalon - Otyugh

    That is such a cool mini and very well painted. Good paintin
  11. Kev!'s Eyebeast Conversion

    Awesome fig- bash, how well did the melding process turn out? ie - pics from the rear plz!
  12. Reaper Bones Female Oni 77486

    That is excellent work. I can't spit any detail that was missed. The jewel on the scabbard(?) hanging from her belt is amazing. Good paintin
  13. 02539 Silver Dragon

    Very cool and very red... Good paintin
  14. Cinder - Brown and Yellow

    That is draconic awesomeness. Good paintin
  15. Pathfinder goblin

    The Pathfinder take on goblins is awesome. Lovely little psychotic pyromaniac you have there. Good paintin