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  1. Very nice. Very nice indeed.
  2. Noooo! Missed kickstarter! Agony! Agg-o-nnyy!
  3. That is so freakin cool. Who makes that model? Awesome detailing and color scheme also.
  4. Oh man... that is great
  5. Speed Paint

    Stompy, stompy... very nice quickie
  6. Very nice. Lol ... should be called "hang 10", looks kinda like she's surfing. ; )
  7. As far as I can tell, brush size seems to be proprietary and vary slightly by manufacturer and even various series' from the same manufacturer. Someone on here has a comparison of different manufacturers brushes but I can't remember who and I don't know how to link topics. (Help please!) But it is here somewhere. And you are correct, there is variation but they tend to be similar also in that Brand A size 1 round will be similar to Brand B size 1 round. Be aware that there are also a variety of shapes, ie - rounds, liners, flats, filberts (aka cat tongue), etc. It was overwhelming to me at first, because as I stated above I have less than zero art background. But there are people here that will chime in with amazing insights and knowledge and share it with no reservations. This is a very good group of people to have helping you along the learning curve. Good paintin'
  8. Wise words. Thank you very much
  9. My 0.02... First, let it be known that I am by no means an accomplished painter, miniature or otherwise, and that the last art class I attended was kindergarten and involved crayons. Having established that frame work, I paint because I enjoy it and to have better looking gaming pieces than can be had out of the box. I use a cheap, size 6 round brush for 80% of what I do on a model, a cheaper set of brushes for another 10% (dry brushing, stipling, etc) and a few really nice Raphaels and W&N's for finish work and for trying technics that are, quite frankly, currently beyond my ability. What I'm trying to say is that I use equipment that matches my needs and abilities. As I get better I try to use better technics that call for better paints and brushes, but... I'm almost as good as my craft brushes lol. ymmv
  10. Ditto - sweet OSL
  11. Nice terrain feature... (aka - stuff for bad guys to hide behind : p )
  12. Glad you're feeling better. Nice paint job too.
  13. I really like the realistic look of both the model and the paint job.
  14. Got my Typhoon mixer... happy birthday to me and a big thanks to my beautiful wife. You can tell that its origins were long, long ago in a lab far, far away but looks to be scrubbed up quite nicely. It seems to work flawlessly, although some older paint pots seem to be resistant to it. To be fair those same bottles of paint were absolutely immune to shaking by hand.