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  1. Oh man.... when the KS3 stuff hits the shelves its gonna cost me a bundle. Logos, those are some really well done minis. I can't wait to get a couple of the tanked up versions. And 2 or 3 each of the others. You can never have too many ogres ready for when mid level pc's start feeling safe!
  2. That's some awesome painting, great job... And you'll probably get a "no nudity" warning from a mod... But the whole setting is very well done. Can they be individually removed from the large basing?
  3. Lmao... I am officially old. I just realized that this is a mini of a semi-clothed drow... So, yes, that is some fine paint you laid down for the skin tones. Stupid little phone screen, stupid old eyes....
  4. Not a problem... I consider it paying forward... I try to swipe every idea and technique that I can!
  5. Great job, love the reds on the cloak. Its all excellent work but you made the dark reds pop.
  6. Excellent work
  7. I think your work is very good. Enjoy the journey... Good paintin !
  8. I can no longer parle vous Francais, way too many years since high school French class but your excellent pictures told the story well enough for an old hillbilly to follow along. I really like DM Scotty's work and thought about using a sweeper hose or something similar... great work. Someone's player character should have to make a save to see if they need clean underpants when that hits the table!
  9. Wow... everyone has already made statements about the particulars, so.... Wow.
  10. I insert pieces of wire, the "pin", into the eye sockets and paint the interior of the socket and the pin a dark color. I often use a dark gray. After I have finished with my washes I come back and paint the very tip of the pin. I hope to do a WIP on this because I really like the floating point of light effect it gives. I don't recall seeing anyone do this but since there is nothing new under the Sun, I truly doubt that its an original idea lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the response.
  11. Thanks Doc, next I get to tackle the Dracolich that is in the set. I use the minis for rpg's and there is a bunch in that set.
  12. That's where I practised the layering and blending. It looks good but it took me a while to get to a satisfactory level. Thanks for looking
  13. Thanks Tjrez, I am still very much in the learning and experimenting stage and this was a selective practice run. Thanks Xherman, I hope that it causes a goodly amount of consternation when it pops up pn the gaming table. It is for tabletop but was a trial run on a few different techniques.
  14. Looks like Khanjira is eyeballing some sushi... Great job on a huge model
  15. Very, very cool