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  1. Very vibrant, good luck in the competition!
  2. Thanks Carl, my D&D buddy is very happy and can't wait to use it in game.
  3. Very nice paint job
  4. Nothing complex, i just dry brushed layers to get the effect I was looking for. Went slow, touched up any areas that needed more attention as I progressed. Finished with pure white. If I didn't like the result I would have stripped it off and started over. Its all about learning as you go. And I have alot to learn ; ) Ps... I thought Walmarts were even on the moon now lol
  5. Applebarrel paints from Walmart for that one.
  6. Thanks for looking, I had a dry brush-a-thon. Mint green+a little white > added some blue > finished with a touch of pure white. I used more of the blue green mixture around the bottom half. I tried to go easy on the dry brushing to preserve the translucent nature of the mini. Hard to tell with the phone pics though. It took about 20 or 30 minutes to do. Oh... then I hit it with gloss varnish. I can get you the exact colors later if you wish.... In the salt mines atm
  7. Very cool... but it gives me an overwhelming urge to put on heavy boots and stomp. That means its really cool.
  8. Omigosh... All of your work that I've seen has amazed me, this piece is stunning. It also makes me want to take down every picture I've posted and howl in frustration. Great work
  9. Gpod job. The fairy dragon wings are excellent, I don't envy you painting those teeny tiny wing patterns. Very cool.
  10. Its several shades lighter in real world lighting. I really need to swipe my wifes good camera for an evening.
  11. Yeah, its translucent blue Bonesium. Poor photography skills and worse lighting do not show it well. The starfish is well guarded by the Displayer. I'm gonna go with Confiscation and Display being a true form of appreciation of my Art. ....and the colors matched lol
  12. Thanks VolksFest, it took a few layers. At the time I was happy when the paint went where I wanted it to go lol
  13. This is for a D&D buddy, hard to find a half dragon monk. With a staff. Red dragon of course. He had a sword in his hand, I replaced that with a piece of 14 ga. copper wire for a staff. This was my latest work and a speed paint (kinda). C&C welcome as it is recent.
  14. An early work, at the time I was like "this is awesome". Now I see so many things I could redo ... nope, gonna leave it as is
  15. Me: hey honey, look at the mini I painted, he's evil and chaotic and Wife: ooh, I love the colors in that one Me: and evil and Wife: put it on the table with my beach stuff Me: and ... but... Wife: no not there, down by the starfish... yep, matches perfect Me: : (