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  1. Try Kilz or Kilz2, I bought some plastic coins at Dollar General to use as round bases. Paint peeled, primer peeled, hot glue peeled, superglue peeled... but Kilz is shellac based (I think, on phone at work hehe) and stuck like boogers on a baby blanket. Haven't turned the baboons loose on them yet for the ultimate test. Fairly cheap for a quart and worth a try.
  2. Smooth. Very smooth.
  3. Nasty... in a very cool way. Good paintin'.
  4. Nice
  5. Good job. Gotta add a handful of shrooms to my to-do stew lol
  6. Great job. Be critical of yourself. By that I mean that you will want to look at other peoples work and compare it to your own. If they are doing something you like, figure out how they are doing it (or ask, everyone on here will be super helpful) and copy that styling. Most importantly have fun and grow at your own pace. I look at some of the art here, even by some novice painters, and almost cuss because its so much better than what i do. But I learn and experiment and progress. Paint the way you like. Helpful hint- when you use any color the first time, dunk the tip of the white lid in that color. It will be easier to find in your box'o' bottles.
  7. Very nice. A shame its no longer available.
  8. I had some issues with GS sticking to bonesium after it had hardened. Super glue to the rescue, the GS had formed a perfect negative impression of the bones beneath it so the CA glue was in its best environment and the bond between the two pieces was excellent. This was one instance only so my mini prep was the most likely culprit.
  9. Great job
  10. Amazing change. I thought at first you had swapped heads with another mini.
  11. Tell your DM that that idea is going to be used by one idea swiping hillbilly ; )
  12. Zoinks! Run Scoob! Awesome minis
  13. Very nice. Heavy metal at its best
  14. Nice... both the mini and the mayhem
  15. Lol... nostalgia is awesome When you are old enough to have it and young enough to still reme.... what were we talking about?