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    family, religion, pen/paper rpgs, miniatures, reading, hunting, fishing, shooting, etc., etc., warned by wife "no more hobbies"

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  1. Flesh Golems? - Lemures

    Np Those 2 were my warm up minis when I was painting will on vacation. Looking at them almost makes me avoid donuts. Almost
  2. 01612 Mylk & Cookies

    Very well done Good paintin
  3. Finished Nativity #1

    Beautiful. The reason for the season. Good paintin
  4. Flesh Golems? - Lemures

    I believe those are Lemures Good paintin
  5. Repainted Mage Knight Tree Spirit

    I process my repurposed Mage Knights almost exactly like Chaoswolf. I have a pair of spring loaded tweezers for the dunkin' step. I wash the mini with dish soap and warm water afterwards. You have to be very careful with acetone... it can be hazardous, it is always flammable.
  6. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    Nice Very spooky
  7. King Axehelm of Kragmarr

    Sheesh.... You paint minis faster than I can look at them! Good paintin
  8. 03584: dar dimplefoot, halfling thief

    Looks good. How's about a frontal view so we can see the face? Base wise - toss the plastic base, glue him to a penny or a 1/2" fender washer and build up level to his feet with acrylic modeling paste, wood putty, epoxy putty, etc. Then you won't have to worry about detaching him from his current base. Good paintin
  9. Pulverizer Automaton

    Good job. Now go stompy stompy!
  10. arctic explorer

    Not a problem. A new set of eyes always helps.
  11. 01588: Ungorth, Cthon Summoner

    Very nice. The bottom of the robes look like rotting swamp wood. Good paintin
  12. Colors for painting snow

    I'm artistically illiterate, I thought scumblings were younger, wimpier versions of scum. : ) The true meaning was, however, more enlightening.
  13. arctic explorer

    Mod the rifle to a crossbow
  14. Friar Stone

    Very well done... Have keg, will travel!