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    family, religion, pen/paper rpgs, miniatures, reading, hunting, fishing, shooting, etc., etc., warned by wife "no more hobbies"

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  1. Pillpeddler

    Dwarf watchtower

    Scotty's stuff is awesome, as is the DMG, Black Magic Craft, Wyloch's site... Good stuff, so little time
  2. Yeah... unfortunately all of my Sir Forscales are at my buddy's house where we play. The cardstock is approximately 5/8" high x 2" wide. If I get a chance I'll try to post an image with a mini in it.
  3. Built these for my DnD campaign. Now I need to figure out a difficulty rating.
  4. Pillpeddler

    77086 Townsfolk: Strumpet

    Great mini. I think that the graying ruffles are very thematic, a courtesan might have a superior dry cleaning service but I doubt a strumpet would. Good paintin'
  5. Pillpeddler

    Dark Science Fiction Cake Topper

    Nice, a rolling pin on her hand would be appropriate but thematically inaccurate. Very cool topper
  6. Pillpeddler

    77102: Ebonwrath, Dragon - Black, Lava Theme, OSL

    So cool, wouldn't have thought to base a black dragon like that. Good paintin'
  7. Thanks Malefactus, I had alot of fun painting them, hopefully the players in my campaign will have as much fun with them as I did. SisterMaryNapalm the story is currently unfolding but only the dice know how it will end. ; ). Cool name btw
  8. Thanks Chaoswolf, I painted 9 lycanthropes but haven't photographed the others. Maybe after tonight's game.
  9. Pillpeddler

    Spring Exchange - Galladon or "Man I hate cursive!"

    That is one of the coolest things that I have seen on this site Pochi. Thanks for a chuckle when I needed one.
  10. Pillpeddler

    Honey Badger Speedpaints

    Very nice, striking fear into the hearts of venomous creatures everywhere. Good paintin'
  11. Pillpeddler

    50025, 50030, 77444, 77445, and 89002...

    And now you just need to give them some hand grenades. Only to balance out the mage's fireball of course. In the the spirit of fairness...
  12. Pillpeddler

    77185 Large Earth Elemental (Magma version)

    That's cool... er... hot! Nice magma effects. Good paintin'
  13. Pillpeddler

    Not Reaper- MY PCs! Finellen and Torgga pic heavy.

    Cool minis Goo paintin'
  14. Pillpeddler

    CMON Expo Instructors Speed Painting

    Yep, I didn't know how much a variety of very talented interpretations of the same subject could be so helpful until I looked at those. They are all amazing for speed paints and they are all different and individual. Very cool seeing them grouped together.
  15. Thanks for the kind words, those are painted, washed and dry brushed. It was the first time in 6 months that I had been able to paint.