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    family, religion, pen/paper rpgs, miniatures, reading, hunting, fishing, shooting, etc., etc., warned by wife "no more hobbies"

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  1. Pillpeddler

    02708 Janara Half-orc Female

    Great skin tones and detail work. I'll be needing to look up that WIP. Good paintin'
  2. Pillpeddler

    Origins Speed Painting Entries

    I so wanted to get to Origins, I've never been and I hear it's a blast.
  3. Pillpeddler

    Whisperer Below (Custom mini)

    The GM says to the PC "you feel the floor heave beneath your feet, after the sunrise round you can roll for initiative" ... heh Gotta make one of those Good paintin'
  4. Pillpeddler

    Help with pinning

    With pinning take your time and go slow, it's just another skill easily learned. And practice, of course. I use epoxy for metal minis and super glue for bonesium. I have had metal minis be dropped and warp or mangle but I have never had a pinned joint break loose. Yet... Bones minis were designed for my gaming friends, practically gorilla proof. Watch a few videos, read a few threads. It's very doable.
  5. Pillpeddler

    Dwarf brewer, bones 3

    It's a particularly good batch. You can tell by his dwarves smile. ; )
  6. Pillpeddler

    Kev!'s Bruegelburg - In the Tavern #1 - BRU-4

    Libations in the right hand, antidote in the left. Good paintin'
  7. Pillpeddler

    06174 Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler

    Great mini. Great paint job. Good paintin'
  8. Pillpeddler

    Verthandi, grassland queen

    That is an awesome paint job. Good paintin'
  9. Pillpeddler

    Magma Thagrosh

    That is a great paint job, as per your normal. Good paintin'
  10. Pillpeddler

    Gudridr the Golden by RBG

    Very nice, I particularly like the green in the crystal center. Good paintin'
  11. Pillpeddler

    80071: Hillbilly

    That thar feller orta be a mite more neighborly an' pass the corn squeezins. He must be on his way to church because his toes and bibs are clean. Good paintin'
  12. Pillpeddler

    NSFW Elmore Demoness by Cyr

    I'm definitely getting old, my first thought was "wow, those wings look awesome". The whole model is beautifully done. Good paintin'
  13. Pillpeddler

    Dwarf watchtower

    Scotty's stuff is awesome, as is the DMG, Black Magic Craft, Wyloch's site... Good stuff, so little time
  14. Yeah... unfortunately all of my Sir Forscales are at my buddy's house where we play. The cardstock is approximately 5/8" high x 2" wide. If I get a chance I'll try to post an image with a mini in it.
  15. Built these for my DnD campaign. Now I need to figure out a difficulty rating.