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  1. Thanks to everyone who posted videos and pictures this far! Also, you're all way better at dryfitting than I am, I can never convince more than maybe 2 joints to stay together without glue. And I think I remember Reaper Bryan saying the boxed sets will be out first, so Marthrangul and Goremaw should with me soonish. If he has to pay for taxes and such the delivery guy has to collect that when handing over the package, if it's anything like getting international orders here.
  2. @nakos Thanks for the video! Some things are sadly kinda hard to see through the plastic, but it's kinda exciting to see the huge box and all the stuff in there. I think your kid behaved rather calmly in front of that big box of toys ^^ Is it just me or are other people also getting the Fall/Winter picture of the potential release schedules twice? Is there a fourth page with Winter 2017/Spring 2018? And if not, where are Marthrangul and Goremaw? Might just me being too tired to read this list properly. So it's probably best to say good night.
  3. Pre-launch

    I kinda wish they would reveal all the nice new minis in June, but at the same time it'd be easier to pledge for me if there is another month in between. DF is no real threat to my wallet, while I love their stuff, it's just too expensive, especially when you add on the VAT etc. And you need A LOT to make whole Dungeons/castles. So I made the decision to fulfill all my terrain needs with paper craft (which is cheaper and easier to store) and put all my hobby money into actual miniatures.
  4. Your shipping services charge you money for delaying a delivery? o.O That seems ... weird. I always get a notification a day before I get a delivery, and I can choose to delay it for free. This saves them trouble as well, after all, since they don't have to drive here multiple times.
  5. Ui, there are already packages with their owners. That's a lot faster than I'd have suspected. Now I'll just suuuuper patiently wait for the first unboxing video *hint hint*
  6. Hey Baldur, while I am by no means an expert when it comes to miniatures, I'll still try to offer my advise. Mixing a color with black or white will not only make it lighter or darker but also change its saturation (they will be less saturated). This might just barely be visible in some cases, but more extreme in others. What you need exactly might be up to the situation, but if it's your goal to adjust only the brightness of a color, I would mix it whit a lighter/darker color of similar saturation.
  7. That's my luck with time zones, when the counter starts going up, I'm almost home. Someone posted pictures from facebook earlier, what facebook did they come from? The reaper miniatures account I know of didn't have them.
  8. And those who will get nothing want to see pictures, too. It's strangely exciting to see those shipping numbers go up, given that I don't get a shipment. Well, not from Bones 3 that is, but I ordered a few older models from our regional gaming shop, so I'll get to open a box as well.
  9. What I don't quite get is why some big companys still make those little color pots. I've yet to hear from a person that prefers them over dropper bottles (I'm sure there are some people, but they seem to be vastly outnumbered), and they don't offer an advantage that's obvious to me. And even transferring would probably be easier from bottle to pot (Just squeeze it all in there). Dipping your brush directly into the color always seemed ill-advised to me anyway, and I don't know anyone who would do such a thing either. What am I missing here? Is it the tradition? The aesthetics of having a pot that kinda looks like a medieval ink-pot?
  10. There have been two updates since Friday. Apparently some of the miniatures from the core set are already cast and ready to be packed up and the Phoenix is about to be molded. The backer survey is available now as well, where you can fill in your shipping address and choose the add ons you pledged for.
  11. Pre-launch

    I can understand the both of you. My current DnD group will probably not be together anymore in two years (player a is finishing law school this summer, player b is going uproad for a year this fall, player c and d will finish school next year, I myself will also finish next year and I'm pretty sure I won't find work in my field in this city), and who knows if I will be able to find new people to kill entertain as a DM? But I do love painting right now, and I'll probably back at least the core set, I'm just pretty sure I won't be dumping all my hobby budget for the rest of the year on KS and keep a larger portion to actually buy things available right now. After all, Bones III will become available bit by bit and I see a lot in there I want and could use in the near future. Still, I'm super excited to see what's coming up.
  12. And I can't wait for the Beholders (plural?! O.O), Drow and Umber Hulks. Yes, every elf can be painted as a drow, but I need a bit of an army of them anyway.
  13. I know he works there. Okay, then it was a mix up on my part that there would be a wagon and I somehow missed it. And I saw that update, I was just confused that there are so few pictures in the "official" sources, but you can find some by extensively googling (like the druids that are apparently due in June). The first batch had pictures out waaaay before they were released. Anyway, thanks for keeping us up to date here Jziran, really excited about the Beholder and the Umber Hulk.
  14. I'm trying to figure out where you guys get your updates. A wagon? o.O New October releases? I can see neither of those on the Wizkids website or Facebook, and I can preorder things in some shops, but there aren't pics up either.
  15. If you're just painting for your own enjoyment or showing them, and you don't buy that many, metal is probably the best choice. Personally I love bones, not only to build cheap hordes to kill my players with, but also to get larger models to practice painting on. As a novice painter, I wouldn't buy a huge metal model for dozens of euros, but I won't lose sleep over elfing up the paint job on Bones.