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  1. I'm excited for those elves they are planning. I really like their frostgrave soldiers, bc you can put a variety of soldiers/mercenarys/thugs on the battlefield for relatively little money, and I hope this will be the same with the dwarves and elves.
  2. Live

    Yes, a lot of those are "ugly prett". They are supposed to be ugly creatures, but well sculpted. That's what I'd like to see with the girls as well, ofc they have to be some degree of "ugly", not some sexy half-orc chicks, but still well made.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's already somewhere in the thread, but I would really like to see more female enemies/monsters, especially of the more primitive creatures. Like: - Female Orcs - More female giants (not just the pretty ones, a female Hill giant would be great) - Female Hobgoblins - Female Goblins - A female Ettin - Female Lycanthropes All preferably made to be able to tie in with the male counterparts, but also enough different sculpts to be able to have an all female tribe (like 4-5 female Orcs, not just 1 female Orc shaman to support the guys).
  4. Live

    I like some of the ideas, like the giant Rhino. And to me it's okay that not all tribal women are covering their boobs. But somehow, those faces just aren't doing it for me, not bc they're meant to be ugly, they just seem unfinished (maybe they are?)
  5. So, help me understand this project please: In the pdf there are these monster races, with multiple new stat for new enemys each? So when I run a encounter with, lets say, goblins, I can have more different goblin options than just the ones in the book, and for different CRs as well?

    Those are great news! Let's just hope the U.K. won't have completly fuged up relationships with the rest of Europe until KS 4 ships.
  7. Hey jziran, thanks for answering. I was just very surprised to hear how quickly those minis sold out in some places. I really appreciate more affordable minis being on the market, given that I am a relatively new DM and really new in this miniature painting hobby. And I hope this success will assure we get to see more unpainted miniatures from you guys in the future. One thing that puzzles me though (not just with the new Wizkids line or directed at any single person) is how PC and NPC miniatures seem to sell that much better than monsters. Yes, we did buy our PC minis first as well, but by now none of the players (besides the druid who loves new animals) had any need for more minis since starting the campaign, and, if they don't die, they won't need any more minis for a year or so to come. As the DM, I started out with a few, versatile minis as well (and used paper/plastic stand ins for the rest), but I'm now starting to buy more monsters each month. So in the end, I will have bought way more minis than all my players combined, and most of them will be creatures. And bc I buy multiple ones, I will try to find the ones I need as bones or now Wizkids first, since it makes a huge difference to me, while it isn't such a big deal for the players to spend the money for a metal mini they really like once. Idk, PC minis seem to sell well, or else they wouldn't be released in such numbers for every new line, so our groups buying patterns seem to be different from the norm.
  8. Yeah, pre-orders for additional minis started really early, I also already found the female druid and a male elf caster. I'm a bit sad they prioritize player characters so heavily over monsters. And really, more bugbears? o.O We already have bugbears from them ^^ But maybe they're just surprised by the success and are now scrambling to get more out there, even if it means using old sculpts from the prepainted lines. Edit: also, is it just me or does the human male druid look very weird proportionwise in one of his sculpts? almost like a dwarf.
  9. I grew up ca 1 h away from the Blackforest, and I've been baking for all the family events since my teens. So if you still need help with that cake, let me know ^^
  10. 1) Roc (giant bird) 2) Witch/Hag, inspired by European fairytales like Hansel and Gretel 3) Younger male spellcasters, including druids 4) Elderly female spellcasters, to go with all the Gandalf types we got so far (not every female magician will constantly cast 'eternal youth' on herself while studying for 300 years)
  11. In the update or comment he even said he noticed the date as well. Would be a pretty elaborate April Fool's joke, given that there are sculpts etc to see.
  12. Well, I do like most of them, and I don't really have that many PC miniatures right now (just those we need for our current campaign). Plus it's ending on the day I have to turn in my current project, so it's basically screaming 'reward yourself' at me. But I get how people with a larger collection might not want all of those, since they're pretty basic fantasy classes most of you probably have a ton of.
  13. There is no Walmart where I'm from and therefor no Applebarrel paint either ^^ The drybrushing was the important bit of information I think, since it kinda looks like some sort of more complicated painting technique was applied.
  14. Yes, very suiting for adventurers in their prime. The lady with the harp in the title picture is an already existing DS miniature, I assume?
  15. Uhhh pretty stuff. I like how their male druid and mage don't look like they're 300 years old. Still being new to this kickstarter thing, they're talking about stretch goals, but there are none announced yet. How did this previously work with Dark Sword? Also, June seems so soon, but than again, we already see sculpts. Do you guys think that's realistic at all?