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  1. Live

    Well, it might not be the best video to send to your female friends to show them "look, there are miniature women, too!" as some guy in the KS comments apparently did. But than again, the word "pin up" in the first sentence could probably tip you off towards that. Or the title "Hot and Dangerous".
  2. Live

    Personally I understood the video as a parody to realtiy dating shows. My TV knowledge isn't that up to date, but I feel like I remember similar clips for the quick appraisal of the contestants of such shows.
  3. Seems like our packages have traveled together so far then. I had no idea ISC had anything to do with customs though. It left Chicago at the 24th though, so if that was the US part of customs, it should have left the country by now.
  4. I think I'll be going for blightfang for my first dragon. While I like Narthrax' pose, I'm not that in love with his face. Plus blightfang is very well suited for my favorite dragon color, green. I see a lot of bones 3 dragons moving in with me in the future, though
  5. Well, my minis have to cross the big pond (is that a nickname for the Atlantic Ocean in the English language as well?) and with customs and all that it can take a few weeks. So if they were to ship in late July, it could become a problem.
  6. Hm, I guess we will know more in a few days. I just hope mine will be here before late August, since I could use quite a few of them then. But without mayor hold ups from the import offices this should work out fine if they are indeed already shipping.
  7. What? Wouldn't they put out an update? ^^ I guess we will know more once your package arrives. Has anyone else gotten a notice?
  8. I didn't really have that problem, no. But my sorcerer mini I painted wasn't primed at the inner part of the cloak, and that was absolutely unpaintable. I do use Vallejo Brush on Primer with my other minis as well, and I do use Vallejo colors over it. Maybe they just get along better?
  9. fulfilling

    If an international package can't be delivered, will it be returned to your international partners (the UK one for European orders), or to Reaper in the US?
  10. Pre-launch

    Hey Marc, one thing to keep in mind: while kickstarter stuff comes at an incredible discount, you also have to wait for it, at least a year, more like two with the last one. That's why I wouldn't try to get my basics there, unless you can hold off on actually starting to paint for that long. As a rather new painter myself I'm really looking forward to this KS as well - but I won't be dumping all my hobby money on it, instead I'll buy some minis to immidiately paint up from time to time.
  11. Pre-launch

    Maybe now that US fullfilment is over, we well learn something new about Bones IV at one of the conventions? Or is that something that historically hasn't happend with Reaper, since they have their own con?
  12. Has someone spotted the June releases yet?
  13. Looking at a lot of unboxing videos it's really clear to me that the relatively dark grey some minis came in is just waaaay better to capture on camera. Would be interesting to know if some Bones will continue to be cast in white, while other lines get the grey, or if the ones shipped out in grey where relatively late in line to be produced, and from this point onward all newly made Bones will be darker. Also, here's to hoping Goremaw will somehow end up at the front of the release queue/line. I already have colors picked for him. He could have a nice home here. Eating lots of PCs. I need him.