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  1. Most spray primers would react with the Bones plastic, brush on primers wouldn't. The brown liner as primer thing is more something the community has adapted because it works well, Bones are officially supposed to not need primer at all (but they repel water, so that's tricky if you want to thin the color for your basecoat). I'm priming all my Bones with a non-Reaper brush on primer and I have never seen those cracks. When do the cracks appear btw? Directly when you apply the paint, or later on while it is drying?
  2. My Bones update rhythm had me jump up in excitement this morning. But then I remembered the convention thing and that there would be no update. Why do those Americans keep meeting all the time? What are they planning?
  3. I agree with you on liking Newt. Especially for a male main character it's refreshing to not have the usual Mr. Confident Manly Man, but someone more nurturing and soft. But apparently the main character was one of the reasons the first movie wasn't as well received. I hope they stick to their guns and don't revamp him too much or push him aside too far.
  4. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I'd wager it likely has more to do with the release of Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition... Pshhh, I want to beliiieeeve. And isn't Mordekainen's Tome of Foes supposed to be more about plane shifting?
  5. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Looks like the Planescape: Torment main character to me. They're just keeping with the pattern of having 2 human-sized miniatures in one box. Although the two different axe poses don't make that much sense to me, I like your idea of having a spellcaster or rogue better.
  6. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    The Inclusion of the Nameless One kinda feels like another hint that we might be seeing a Planescape official campaign or setting book for 5e.
  7. Pathfinder Version 2

    Player's handbook, page 123: We handle this by having the player come up with a backstory first. Then we look at the background options and see if anything fits. A lot of times, it really does. Our wizard did visit a magic university from very young (-> cloistered scholar), our fighter is a retired soldier (-> soldier), etc. Okay, those were also the two examples with players really going with the archetype in their background choices The monthly game I get to actually play in has a player with a custom background, since nothing offered in the books really fit her character's backstory. I do like the whole Traits/Ideals/Bonds/Flaws thing and that it is featured so prominently on the character sheet. I think it really helps you focus your character from "my paladin is kind of a good guy" to "my paladin's highest ideal is ..." Again, we don't really use those charts, but they help me explain the differences between the four to my friends. None of us is a native English speaker, so the nuance between Ideal and Bond is sometimes hard to pin down. My bard's T/I/B/F don't have that much to do with her entertainer background (she is a classicaly trained elven poet), but with the fact that she is an elf who lived on elven island without any outside races or influences so far. Even though she is super interested in other humanoids to fill her new novel, she looks upon them and their cultures like anthropoligsts who first met native Americans/Africans. I never felt like I had to give her the quirky/extra extroverted characteristics given as examples in the entertainer background.
  8. Pathfinder Version 2

    I don't play Pathfinder, I'm very happy with 5e. But I'm interested in where this might go. Personally I don't feel like PF1 is the right system for me, because there are too many books and player options (from what I hear some perform a lot better than others) and too much math involved in playing. But I already have a game system I know and feel comfortable with. I do hope that they don't make PF2 for me and the other newbz that got started with 5e. A lot of us already have what we want. Hopefully it will be a better PF for the PF1 community. From what I hear and read, a lot of PF players seem to quite enjoy parts of it I personally dislike, like having an all-you-can-eat player options buffet, so that being identified as too bloaty would suck for them.
  9. I was so looking forward to this week. I turned in my project last friday and this could have been the week of uninterupted miniature-painting and campaign prep. But no, just on time I aged roughly 60 years and now have the worst back pain ever. Like not-getting-out-of-the-tub bad.
  10. Hello, it's been a while. Have some picspam.

    I wasn't around six years ago, so I can't really welcome you back, but those miniatures look great. I really like that Beholder, especially it's gums. Where is that dark purple/black dragon from?
  11. How Did You Learn To Play?

    I'm actually patient zero for my DnD cluster. I also used to read a lot, pretty much from age 6 onwards. Mainly fantasy, but also everything else I got my hands on. My parents raised us on very little TV and next to no video games, even though my brother and I are part of the generation in which video games were already kinda established. It was fine when we were very little, but got kinda ridiculous in our teens (yes mom, we will only spend half an hour in front of the PC per day and we will always play together). Ofc my online time exploded as soon as my mom lost her control over it. I downloaded the first fantasy online game that I found advertised somewhere, because it reminded me of my books. It was a terrible pay2win thing. I continued with WoW which I played for 7 years, pretty much leading my own guild from the start. It helped me a lot and got me a great group of friends, but in all of my years gaming I was always dissatisfied with the amount of actual RP and lore. Why did I, who played a cleric/priest character in every RPG and MMORPG I got my hands on never really got confronted with that character's believes? In some cases it wasn't even known what the religion of that world was. Why did that world react the same to me, no matter if I was an elf, a human, or something freaky with horns? Why were so many of my choices meaningless, or worse, the game gave me no real choices to begin with? I still love video games to this day, but it didn't scratch an itch I was feeling. Fast forward to 2.5 years ago. My bf was watching Critical Role, because he liked geekandsundry or it was on the twitch starting page or whatever. I was bored, so I started to watch with him. And as the character intros rolled I understood that this was what I had been waiting for. I asked my bf if he would like to play. I asked a friend from high school who, by chance, moved to the same city as myself, if he would like to play. Sadly, that was the extend of our local contacts. We asked the friends gf, but she was super dismissive and ridiculed the idea (and made sure to tell her friend men in robes look gay and he had to play something with a lot of STR). We paused or search for almost a year. I took that time to read a lot and buy the first books. Finally, we started to dare each other to ask more people to join our group. My highschool friend asked his uni project partner. I asked his sister who seemed super interested when we pitched DnD to the unwilling gf, but my friend insisted would never play. Both joined. I also asked a girl from the uni course I just had started. We started playing LMoP with none of them having read anything about DnD. I brought them pre-made characters and we had a blast. We played LMoP for roughly a year and are now playing our first real campaign which just had it's first anniversary. We had three more players join, all pretty much bc they overheard my players talking about the game and it was something they always wanted to try out. 2 players left bc of scheduling or moving. The sister of my friend (who he was convinced would never, ever play) has become a good friend of mine, helps me to paint minis and hosts her own all-female game once a month. Thing is, even though I had no elder cousin and was teached by internet ressources and books, I still had to recruit a group. It's the natur of the game. And all the players I found were teached by me, so they had that "older cousin", even though I wasn't really the most qualified person for the job at the time.
  12. Looks interesting. And viking ships seem to be a good idea, given how vikings seem to be the new dwarves.
  13. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I got an e-mail from my retailer that the spiders are back in stock with them. For the first time since wave 1 was released. They also didn't get any of the newer stuff. But it's good to know that they're still getting deliveries from Wizkids.
  14. Rappan Athik 5th ed!

    Part of me would really like to play through this at one point (or try to get as far as possible). The other part of me knows that with my groups dungeon clearing speed we would probably all die of old age before we get to page 100.
  15. Exactly my thoughts when I opened my e-mails this morning to find this update. Between this dude, the giant treeman and the Baba Yaga Hut my group is in for a hell of a haunted forest