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  1. Too much wish-wash about those AU and US Bones, the most important ones have already left and we need updates! I think I remember them talking about sending the camera guy from Reaper Live to the warehouse to film a bit in the last Reaper Live. Maybe we'll see additional footage tonight. Can't really imagine them having anything more interesting than talking about fulfillment some more.
  2. The responsible way to handle those theft problems is obviously to order enough Bones that the package is too heavy for the thieves to quickly run away with ...
  3. I'm so happy it's not common in Germany to just leave your post or packages in front of the door for everyone to steal. If you're not home when the delivery guy comes, he will try to give it to a neighbour (with signature) or else to a designated pick up place (traditionally post offices, now also small businesses of all kinds. In East Germany the post lock boxes used to be really popular, and they're making a comeback in all of Germany now as well). I sometimes have half my hallway full with packages for neighbours because I'm home in the mornings.
  4. Way to the UK hub, likely via ship, so a bit of patience is still needed.
  5. Well, the delay Brexit delay isn't secured yet either ... All the EU members have to agree on the delay (yes, all of them) But hey, we all need a bit of extra excitement with our Bones deliveries.
  6. Does anyone remember how long the freight ship took to the UK last time? Is it a question of weeks or days? I just remember Beagle's anguish with his lost package or something ...
  7. I need a party smily for the react interface thing for this very situation
  8. Hm, the tracker has been stuck on Rollingen, LU for quite some time. And it's 3 pm in Texas, according to worldtimebuddy. Let's hope they're restocking for the Australians and our beautiful big box filled with smaller boxes is ready to go
  9. There is a place called Leiden, NL Can't be a very nice place to live ...
  10. Maybe late pledges were sorted into waves?
  11. A good way to kill the waiting time is to just randomly google all the weird little cities from your country you never knew existed
  12. They're up and running again. And it's always very uncomfortable to see typos in cities that come through =/
  13. Yep, I could have known that.
  14. Kickstarter only shows the top 10 countries backers come from. We do have 834 UK backers, 274 Germans, 203 Spanish, 159 French, 126 Netherlandish (?) and 115 Swedish backers in those top 10. That makes 1,711, if I was able to put numbers in my calculator correctly. But there are a lot more European countries. I've seen Finland, Belgium, Italy and Norway pop up in the fulfillment tracker as well. All those countries could have roughly 100 backers as well, or just a few, there is no way of knowing. But I think saying that we have over 2,000 backers from Europe is a safe bet.