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  1. Nunae

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    I'm quite happy with the prototype bird. I have quite a few smaller birds who are fitting for wizard familiars, but not so much for druids wildshaping as "Giant" birds of prey.
  2. Nunae

    Critit Animal Companions Miniatures

    Oh no, they have found me weak spot. Bf is a druid, and there are some creatures in there we have no representation for, so I guess our fate is sealed ...
  3. Thanks for that! I was procrastinating putting one together myself, now I'm snacking yours. Showed it to my bf as well, because he usually likes spreadsheets. His reaction: "wait, those are HUNDREDS of rows!" Well, yeah, I wasn't joking when I said I would be getting a box worthy of being a cat castle full of minis.
  4. Nunae

    Westfalia - The Dark Eye RPG Miniatures

    As a German person I never personally warmed to DSA, but the people I know (and game with) who played it before really liked the fluff and just feeling at home with it. But they are also the kinds of players who loooove to go through a library worth of fluff books and really get to know it. Btt: Nice artwork and figures, I like that they aren't dressed super-fancy, and that there are two younger male mages in the mix.
  5. I gave some skeletons to my friends who are learning to paint (or training for my assembly-line of painting come spring 2019, they think I'm joking about that ) They quite liked skeletons, because there are no eyes on them, and they all have an irrational fear of paiting eyes, even after getting the technique explained. I'd neatly tally up my order like a lot of other people have, but it's so much and I'm not sure I wanna know what I spend. I kept in budget for each month, so that's all that counts.
  6. I still have the link to the kickstarter comment, but it doesn't work anymore with the new kickstarter comment layout. Or was it copy&pasted in here as well? In that case I'll go on a hunt
  7. Nope, the one to the comment with which bases are needed for which expansions. Put that under "great, one less thing to worry about", went on vacation and today it doesn't work anymore.
  8. I still need to add bases, but the handy link someone posted in the beginning of August (and I saved) doesn't work anymore bc comment redesign -.-
  9. Nunae

    Best Version of DnD?

    Personally I wouldn't pick out an adventure or campaign for someone else to run, or run something because someone else picked and bought it for me. It's a lot of time investment to run one of those campaigns, and to me it was necessary to feel some kind of connection to the content. When I read the description and then the reviews for OotA I instantly had some ideas on how to make that concept of 'lost in the underdark' and 'demon invasion' work, that's why I bought it. And last but not least, the campaign idea has to appeal to the players as well. It's probably easiest for him to read some descriptions of the available content and decide what fits best (and even if he really wants to run a whole campaign like that, or if he and his group are more into dungeon crawling, shorter arcs, super funny murder hobo'ing, ...).
  10. Nunae

    Best Version of DnD?

    The opinion on the pre-written adventures is, that the newer ones have improved a lot in terms of presentation and accessibility. I haven't run Hoard of the Dragon Queen, only OotA and I have read the Ravenloft campaign and Storm King's Thunder. While I love OotA it has some very poorly written chapters, that require a lot of extra prep to make sense of. From what I read, the Elemental Evil campaign and Hoard of the Dragon Queen have even more troubles in that regard, them being the 1st and 2nd campaign for 5th edition. Storm King's Thunder seems very nice, and there is even a pre-written way to lead the players there from LMoP. Ravenloft is nice, but it's a Horror campaign so it might not be the right fit for every player. Tomb of Annihilation has that pescy no-rezz thing, but a lot of dinos going on, which is nice. In the end, if he feels really strongly about the dragon theme, I would go for HotDQ. The nice thing with pre-written campaigns is that there are tons of ressources online to help with problems and gaps in the material itself, or enhance it. If he isn't that strongly married to the dragon idea, I would consider one of the newer ones.
  11. Nunae

    Best Version of DnD?

    I queued that one in with Out of the Abyss. The party got kidnapped by Drow elite warriors in the end and their stuff got ofc confiscated. Some people wanted to switch characters after LMoP, so their old characters just didn't awake from their poison induced slumber.
  12. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Oh, I just saw there is supposed to be a Wizkids Wave 7, with Pathfinder Doppelgangers and quite a few animals. Also, some more rare player races like Tabaxi and Goliaths. I do like the dragons, but it's hard for me to picture their size. The white one looks great, the green one would need some facial trimming of that horn, and the red one is okay, but I'm not sure if I'd buy him over a Reaper dragon of similar size. Also, I saw the ship advertised, but only painted, and available for $250 usd, so that's out of my price range (though probably worth it if you're running a pirate or sea-heavy campaign).
  13. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    If the dragon already had a sore tooth, biting down on that big shield is gonna make her screach in pain, curling up into the egg position.
  14. Nunae

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    There is a Reaper Europe Beta site? A super secret one or open Beta?
  15. Is there a chance anyone has already made a list figuring out what bases to get with the core/the expansions? If so it would be great if that person could share it, otherwise I'm gonna try my hand.