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  1. Not sure how to link it, but Izzy has a picture of the Spirit Beast concept art (from the Dreadmere expansion) on her facebook, but in that picture the creature is summoned or something by a female mage with a bowl. That female mage hasn't made it to the campaign so far, right? Or am I going blind?
  2. honestly, he's a bit pretty for a shadowrun troll. but he's got the right build, and the right horns Ain't gonna be pretty when I'm done painting it!
  3. I give it a "FINALLY!" and a general thumbs up. Now I can put all those 'werewolves should have 6 tits' arguments to rest with a mini. The answer is yes. Deal. I'm pretty sure the wererat matriarch also has 6 boobs. I like the 3rd part of Dreadmere as well, some ladies to round out my bandit/peasant mob forces and Tosca can start witching around with Mother Smolluk. Now I just need a 3rd one and a cauldron ^.^
  4. I'm kinda hopeful I might get my bf to paint until 2019. So far he is really supportive towards me getting minis and will look at them with me/critique them. But he wants to play Warhammer again (he did so when he was tiny) and I already said I wouldn't paint his army, or at least not on my own. And we're going to play DnD as part of his birthday party, and most of the players have expressed interest to paint their own mini prior to that. So maybe, just maybe, he will be corrupted and I won't be painting 200 minis on my own in two years.
  5. Holy elftree, at the last full hour clock in the spreadsheet had us at $1,318,286.03 The colors and/or Baba Yaga's hut seem to be really flying off the shelves.
  6. Uh, those colors are pretty. And Baba Yaga looks great. This is not going to end well for me and my wallet.
  7. I'm really curious to see how much bigger this core set will grow. It already feels like a really good deal.
  8. Maybe it's also just some people who try to lock down the current wave/PM access but aren't yet willing to commit more money.
  9. I like her a lot. Kinda how I imagine hags, even though they look really different in the current monster manual. Now just get a cauldron and 2 sisters for her, and we could have a nice little fairytale witch coven little me always wanted to be a part of.
  10. Seeing them in their little blister packs at a game store they already don't look as appealing as they do on the KS page or painted up in the store. I totally understand the spontaneous buyer not wanting to get a weird arrangement of body parts with only the loosest idea of what they might look like all build up. Are the minis directly from the KS usually also glued together?
  11. Or you just take draft horses with stompier legs and lots of hair in the critical areas.
  12. But Falkor is adorable and huggable how can you not love him? I got to ride him once. That was the one non-traumatizing experience at the Bavaria Filmstudios. And he kinda looks part Asian Dragon to me, due to his body shape.
  13. Thank you all for your replies, that's more than I had hoped for. @Glitterwolf : after the water is used to take away the color in a somewhat controlled fashion, I can seal the part normally and I won't have to be afraid of it chipping even more on it's own, right? Other than that, this seems to be a very useful product, especially considering I have a ghoul army with bloody faces to paint later on. I could see this working well with getting random blood smears over a face or something. @Guindyloo : most "normie" brands are even harder to find for me, since I don't live in the states. And I'm kinda hesistant to try products I think could work similarly from our craft stores. I will go look at that tutorial tomorrow. @junex : this is a gorgeous shield. I still don't feel super comfortable in my free hand ability, and I'm hesitant to do too much of it on PC models, given how long the player has to stick with that one.
  14. And apparently a live stream event?
  15. Thanks for your answer. Seems like I asked just before they posted it. I'm kinda happy and sad at the same time that they haven't released the things I really want from Bones 3 yet.