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  1. They're not super-unique, though I haven't seen as many layered dice before and I usually quite like them. Personally I prefer dice with pretty color combinations over super-unique ones with drawings and symbols on each side, so to each their own I suppose.
  2. Nunae

    D&D books?

    Of my players, who started playing DnD with me and 5e, only one owns her own pyhsical PHB. For over one year this worked out fine - me with all my books behind the screen, and them with spell cards and one PHB to pass around if needed. With dndbeyond releasing my bf started using it pretty much right away, he was using his tablet at the table anyway and he likes shiny web applications and mobile apps. He also bought quite a bit of content there (again - a lot of spells and monsters are already free, because they're from the free rules), and we decided to all pitch in for the 55$ a year sharing subscription, so all our accounts can access all the books he bought. So now all the players have all the content to read through or look stuff up with the shiny filter options. So for groups not already heavily invested in 5e books dndbeyond can be a really cheap alternative, buying books' content for 20-30$ and sharing it between each other. With all that being said, I do share the love for real books some people have, and I like to lay down with my DnD books and just read through them.
  3. That's likely, but the announcement was still handled very, very poorly. Just wait a few days and announce it somewhere BUT the kickstarter project. Telling us about a secret project, thanking everyone for the great funding success and even showing a picture does ofc set up the expectation that he is some sort of gift/stretch goal, or at least available through the pledge manager. And then you read that it's a Gen-Con exclusive underneath. If they had announced him through the CR stream or on the respective twitter pages, I wouldn't have cared that much, I'm used to cool Con-exclusive stuff I have no way of getting.
  4. Well, offering a Gen-Con exclusive isn't anything scandalous, but the way it was announced with the headline "Thank you + Vax'ildan" made everyone think they were going to get an extra figure for getting to 1 million USD. And then they have the gut to write about "No one missing out" by using their pre-order to collect at Gen-Con site. Makes me scratch my head on who made the decision to put that in the kickstarter.
  5. I like that Argent is a bit heavier than other dragons. Adds to his majesty and age imho. And, according to the concept of dragons growing all their life, he must be very, very old.
  6. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    The Wizkids unpainted lines seem to have been popular sellers pretty much everywhere. Which makes it so frustrating that they are so hard to get. And that some stores have pre-order options (or order at-all options) up, even with dates, and never see the wares (and have no idea on when they will get it). And even if they see the stuff, you have to basically go to your computer and order as soon as they get it, or else it will be out again. It's kinda weird that you have to hunt those miniatures, which are marketed as affordable intro-to-painting products, down like super rare collectibles.
  7. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I hope this time the Beholders and Umber Hulks make it all the way to my German online retailer, where I preordered them in Nov last year. They never even got stock from the first print run.
  8. CR is perfectly suited to listen to as well, I almost catched up at one point, because I listened to it while doing household chores, painting minis, and the more mind-numbing parts of my projects.
  9. Darn, "it's just plastic, I'm sure they won't look that great" was my last barrier against this.
  10. I'm really interested to see how this spider serum works out. I was thinking about getting it myself, but I'm not sure if it's really that easy and pretty the Greenstuffworld video made it look like. And have fun with those Color Shift colors! I have set two and used the purple-green color for my drow, it's really fun.
  11. I also don't think the breasts are unaturally big or obscene or whatever. It looks proportionate to the rest of the figure, and on the left giant it looks as if they sag down a bit and rest on her belt, avoiding the weird "baloon" shape one associates with breast implants. One might be disappointed in the changes from the concept art, or that the poses are less imposing But big breasts themselves do not equal cheesecake. And those giantesses, as far as I'm able to judge from the pictures given, are pretty close to my proportions. It's a far cry from the perfectly round larger-than-her-head breasts one might see in other miniatures. I have to agree though that fabric or leather wouldn't snug to her sternum like that. Should be more of a tent shape. The Frost Giant queen standing besides her has more realistic clothing in that regard.
  12. We're in for nine sets, four for a friend of ours and newest addition to the DND group, two for another friend of mine and fellow dice enthusiast and three for our own household. I think the layered mermaid are my favorite. It's great some of my friends are in as well, as we will get to see quite a selection. Was even thinking about not backing at all before that because of decision paralysis.
  13. Nunae

    Complaints Department

    Don't put it all on yourself. It's really disrespectful of your players to interupt you like that. If they have criticism of your DMing, they should talk to you about it like adults, not do stuff like that. Might also be that you have different expectations of the game, and your players see it as a primarily social thing with DnD as a backdrop, while DnD is the main event for you. I had a similar problem where my more combat-focused and extroverted players would chat with each other during RP sequences, especially if they were focused on specific characters. It wasn't with ill intent, but it was still interuptive and disrespectful to both me and the player who was trying to have their "moment". Talked about it, solved it mostly, now I just sometimes have to remind them in session.
  14. Nunae

    Best Version of DnD?

    I'm right now in a bit of a preparation marathon. My players have finally reached an exit from the Underdark, and are now free to do as they wish before being nudged back into dealing with the Demon Lords. Quite a few have expressed interest in going to their characters' homes, to either research the Demon problem, to find help or to simply show their loved ones they are still alive. And while I have a rather good time fleshing out the cities they are from, writing NPCs, potential social conflicts between them and the likes coming up with combat opportunities really doesn't come natural to me at all. I do finish some areas of my game (I'm well aware that they might not go everywhere and do everything), and then I constantly have to go back because there is next to no combat involved. Sure, they could start murdering the friendly NPCs, but as far as I know my players they won't. Right now I have some corpses which were donated to the University of Silverymoon for research purposes just randomly animating (due to Orcus being nearby on the material plane), a fact which the wizard in charge of the Necromancy faculty tries to hide. She is not at fault, but rightfully assumes that noone would believe her. Might try to do something Graz'zt related in Silverymoon, but that can turn awkward quickly. Sundabar, where our fighter is from, is easier. The city is already pretty orced up in the 5e timeline, they were slowly rebuilding but do now suffer again from orc and drow raids, due to them being forced from their homes by the demons. Sundabar also seems to have an underground lake and magma source, so I have weird two-headed watermonsters and Kuo Toa come up from down there, which could again make for an interesting dungeon. Those are the two closest to where the party popped up from the ground, and the wizard and fighter have expressed the most interest in going home. Any other ideas for actual fighting are appreciated, I want to show the players that the demon incursion isn't just an isolated Underdark problem, but has real consequences for the places and people they love as well, without just throwing demons themselves at them everywhere they go. If anyone has good ideas what else could happen in the Silver Marches (there are white dragons and werewolves as well, aren't there?) or how Graz'zt's corupption could be felt other than a sudden increase in extreme adult parties feel welcome to reply. Doesn't have to fit with any sort of Driz'zt book or other FR bibles, but I am using the maps and rough descriptions of the Sword Coast, so I'm kinda bound to the terrain and people living there.
  15. I do agree with you as far as the actual miniature scene is concerned, but not when it comes to digital sculpting with no intentions to bring it to the real world (movies, video games, digital art). I think a lot has to do with digital sculpting for our particular hobby is relatively new and artists need to adapt. Sculpting digitally is quite different, and while there might be short cuts that you don't have in reality (and neat things like saving a back up before you try something out that might go terribly wrong), it takes time to master. People who have been painting or drawing on paper for years also don't learn Photoshop over night. Artists from a digital background might have more experience with the software, but need to figure out how to pose their figures for printing and mold making and how much detail will translate at what scale. All that while the printers themselves are constantly evolving. I'm pretty sure in a few years we will see miniatures sculpted digitally that look just as good as those sculpted in reality. Good example for me are some of the unpainted Wizkids miniatures: they look super detailed in render images, with tons of little bags and pouches on their belts, but the final product doesn't read those well at all. And while that of course doesn't apply to the Reaper sculpts I have seen, digital programs help you to get to something close to decent without really knowing what you're doing by using examples already in the program/ready to download and reposing them/putting stencils and stamps on. While working with all the tools is of course valid, one does need time, experience and training to produce something really good. Digital sculpting might give you the illusion that you did something already kickstarting, because a beginner's result from starting out with an already anatomically correct human does look better than a beginner's work starting out with a bunch of wires.