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  1. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Other editions might have brought in new players, but at least according to WotC, the game has as many players as it had in the 80ties, so it's on a really high point right now. Xanathar's guide to Everything which was released in the end of November is apparently the fastest selling DnD book ever. And idk, as you read about people rejecting the idea of miniatures, I feel like I read a lot about people asking how to get into that sweet miniature thing. Sure, not everyone who asks might get knee-deep into buying hundreds and painting a few of those, but a few just might buy at least their character or their BBEG beholder. Reading this or that is always kind of anecdotal evidence, but what might be factors is if the streams people get attracted to DnD with use miniatures or not. Critical Role for example does, and is hugely succesful and influential with it. And last but not least, Bones seem to be selling quite nicely (if it was only the KS backers getting them, there wouldn't be much of a profit for Reaper). It's really no surprise that someone jumps onto that wagon of low cost intro-level fantasy miniatures.
  2. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I disagree with you on that. 5e has brought loads of new people into DnD. And while not everyone might be interested in painting miniatures, a certain percentage certainly is. And having some official DnD miniatures standing around might be a logical starting point. No research, no explaining grandma where exactly she needs to buy the christmas presents, it says DnD/pathfinder on the box, those are the ones.
  3. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    There is quite a lengthy thread about this already Personal opinion: I like them. Quality is quite different from miniature to miniature, and in some of them the detail from the render image gets lost in the actual product. The details get accentuated by the primer and the grey-ish color, while the pure white Bones often swallow the detail and surprise my after I start to paint them. It's a smart move to have that primer on there though, since they look way better in the box than white Bones. I still like Bones better simply for all the different model choices they have. I don't want to build an Orc army with just 2 Orcs. Plus I feel more confident I know what quality I'm gonna get with Reaper Bones. I do enjoy the option to get licensed DnD miniatures that look like they're stright out of the Monster Manual though, and some Wizkids I like better than their Reaper counterpart (the Giant Spider mainly).
  4. I feel you. I have preordered pretty much everything I want from this Wizkids wave (I learned from my mistakes), but the shop itself has no idea when they'll get the stuff. With my luck it will be here at Christmas, when I'm 500 km away visiting the parents.
  5. Prehistoric Park Video Game

    Ok, this is a MASSIVE project. Especially for only 11 team member to pull off. They all seem quite young (not shaming them, I'm young too), and only one guy claims to have experience in the field, but isn't telling us from which game projects. Other team members seem to be in more of a learning phase right now. They have some nice concept art, but the in game footage looks pretty much like what I would expect, a project from (talented) students. They're also planning ALL the features a game like this could possibly have and an elf ton of art assets for all the creatures. The funding goal seems low considering they have 11 people working on it (pretty much fulltime if they want to make their time goal) and all those software licenses and hardware to work on are really expensive. I wish them the best of luck, but this project seems too big to deliver.
  6. Personally I get a little antsy when I know it's update day, because I'm excited for the previews. And then my phone dings to tell my I've got mail and I look if it's the update and get even more excited for a little bit, but then it isn't. I know, it doesn't speed things along, but it's nice to see updated models. The various fungi do look good. They will be fun to paint with all that texture. But Darkreach was already the part of this KS I was most looking forward to getting my hands on. Is there a list of all those painting DVDs from most beginnerfriendly to most advanced or on what exactly they are covering? Maybe I'll end up with one after all.
  7. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    The cleaning required and the casting quality has been quite a mixed bag for me (as it has for many others). The spider I had was pretty great, the sorcerer I painted had only half a mouth and so much mold line stuff between his fingers his hands looked like duck paddles. I would definetly prefer to look at the miniatures in person before buying them, but our FLGS are more into Magic Cards and Warhammer.
  8. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Aren't they supposed to be large though? At least in 5e. I'm happy that miniature is large, the Reaper Eyebeast was too small for me, it serves as a Spectator now. As with the troll they seem to go very close to the art and specifications of 5e (and presumably the current Pathfinder rules as well), and I'm okay with that. There are tons of miniature companies out there that maybe can't do certain creatures because of licensing and go down are more unique or creative route, so I like that the ones with the license give me stuff directly from the MM.
  9. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    And just today the pictures of wave 5 were published on phd. They are supposed to release in May. I like the Slaad and the Thri-Kreen and one can never have too many Owlbears. That ballista also looks pretty solid. With the elementals I still prefer the Reaper ones, but they look alright. Not sure about some of that furniture, a lot of those pieces seem tiny. Anything smaller than a barrel will most certainly either get lost or just never be placed on the map with my group. But hearing that some FLGS are positive they'll get their stuff next week (or even got theirs) makes me hopeful that my retailer also gets their wizkids restock and new stuff before christmas.
  10. I'm not sure about the basing, I think my dad is gonna put them on one of his submarines. So the feet will sadly be free and visible. Thanks for your suggestions, a friend of mine will bring a pair of small side cutters with her tomorrow, maybe they will be the right size and I'll get that dog paint ready.
  11. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Thank you for those pics! Wow, I can't wait for my beholder to turn up here, that one's bigger and better looking than I expected. And I like that there is a version without the spelleffects, I didn't dig them in the renders.
  12. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Ah okay, that's a name I've read before xD Thought it might be some sort of retailer I never heard about.
  13. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    No idea what darsc is, but good to know they are available somewhere. And yes, I mean the beholder and umber hulk. How has your experience with the restocking of local stores and retailers been? I ordered the spider from the very first release when they hit the stores, lost it sadly and haven't seen it domestically since.
  14. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Does anyone already have the November releases? (wave 4 I think) I asked the store I order my minis at about them (they never give an exact release date with this line, a lot of minis get sold out almost immidiately and get almost never restocked) and they said they simply don't know when stuff will be coming in. The next wave is also announced, it will include more small furniture sets like a wizard's study, haven't found pictures of those unfortunaly though.
  15. Right now I'm preparing to paint 1:72 figures from Andrea miniatures, and the set I chose has a little dog with them. The human figures had a bit of thin metal under their feet (as is usual from what I can tell), so I was able to clip them off with nail scissors, but the dog got casted right on the thick metal sprue thing. As one could guess from the scale, this dog is tiny (like the size of my thumb nail). I'm hopeful for suggestions to get working on him.