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  1. The KS just broke through the 100k goal. A lot of stretch goals have been already added, including 6 holiday themed dungeons and 3 of their already existing dungeons that one gets for a pledge of $1 and up.
  2. I like what WotC is doing with the pre-written stuff right now. I ran Lost Mines of Phandelver as my first adventure ever (both as a DM or a player) and it was great fun. We didn't take the characters from the set though, but I had them choose from a larger list of pre-fabs. The newer campaign modules now tie in very neatly with LMoP, so if you liked your character a lot, you can just keep going. And it's kind of the logical next step for a new DM as well, not quite as much hand-holding as with LMoP, but still less prep required than with a completly self-written campaign. Having more than one starter set would be kind of pointless imho. I don't think many people would play multiple starter sets in a row. Sure, it's always nice to have multiple storys to choose from, but the intro experience should be something quite simple and straight forward in terms of plot and LMoP already does that nicely. I speed painted eight gnolls for my game on Saturday, but we sadly didn't get to them. Two of my players got infected with Zuggtmoy's spores earlier in the campaign (voluntarily taking funny drug spores from myconoids they didn't know. Feel like there is a lesson in there ). For the longest time, they didn't think much of it, doing their saving throws after they woke up, sometimes dancing around weirdly if they failed. And one of them failed a lot. So I progressed his symptoms into general uneasyness and terrible headaches. That player quit our group two months ago to go study abroad and I continued his character as a NPC. The other players did try to diagnose the problem, but purely by mundane means and always came to the conclusion they needed a city and a more skilled healer to deal with the problem. They do have a cleric with 3rd level spells, so they could cast Remove Curse, at this point I would even consider some advantages if they were to cast Lesser Restoration. Anyway, after lots of failed saving throws and no real way to cure the issue or hinder it at least, the character now killed himself by trying to carve the part of his head the fungi grew in out while the other players slept. Shock ensued and after looting and burning the infectious corpse they spoke a short prayer and continued to walk in silence, with some of my players pretty choked up, so I ended the session early. I just feel horrible thinking about the other infecter character, since they have been so clueless on what to do with this situation. Plus the place they are walking towards right now is almost certainly going to be very disastrous for his infection status.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. I didn't base my Reaper Gnolls, since they are too large fo the 25 mm ones they should have according to DnD sizes. I like them a lot, but the variety in the Frostgrave ones tempted me. Wizkids is surprisingly hard to get domestically. My standard online retailer for fantasy miniatures seems always out of stock, I'm not sure if they even restocked since the initial release. Also, is it just the render image, or are WIzkids Gnolls furless?
  4. Hey there, I do own 9 Bones Gnolls, 8 of them are actually painted. Later on in my campaign there will be more Gnolls, and I'm eyeing the Frostgrave ones for both price and variety. If anyone here has both, Bones Gnolls and the ones from the Frostgrave blister, it would be greatly appreciated if they could post a picture/tell me if they are compatible in the same warband. Frostgrave ones seem to be a bit more slender, so they would probably be the grunts of the group, with the Bones ones taking more of a leadership role.
  5. Funded

    I would really like a pledge option with just the monsters.
  6. There is a bit of a story on why the Cleric, and by extension, the Druid are so powerful - but it comes down to folks not wanting to play the healer. Me, I like playing Clerics - it is fun to be the preacher, and gives lots of opportunity for role play. I'm waiting for two years now to play my cleric (elven cleric of sehanine moonbow). She has a backstory and everything, but it turned out noone else wanted to DM. I'm still the only one willing to do the DM'ing, so she's still waiting. Problem is, that I'm not even sure I would be satisfied by running her through a oneshot, I would really like to put her through some character development. But hey, one day ...
  7. We do play in person. My bf is the only who uses his Ipad for looking up spells and general dndbeyond stuff. All the other players have a character sheet, some use the provided spell cards, some bring their own. I've now forced them to all bring binders as well, as my living room was a mess of loose papers. As the DM I use a big binder, a notebook and all my books. I used to bring my laptop when we were still playing at someone elses house to play music, but we don't have speakers to connect to it here. My players are okay with their phones, they sometimes take pictures and send them to friends when I use papercraft or painted a miniature, which flatters me, so they get to keep them. No, seriously, they usually don't use them, unless there is some sort of emergency situaion.
  8. I like books a lot. I have all my 5e books as hardcovers, and they are pretty. But when I lay in bed and want to read up on something (bc for some reason I always start to get burning questions about monsters, class mechanics or magic items when I should be sleeping) I prefer the much lighter Ipad. Even more so with the non-WoTC publications like Tome of Beasts, which is even heavier. And, added bonus, as an European I won't be paying absurd shipping for one book.
  9. I like the idea of this. Two pages and the maps we see so far really seem like those dungeons could be wrapped up in one session. Other than a lot of "one-shots" that take more like 3-5 sessions. Seems interesting.
  10. My party also has some sort "that character is waaaayyy stronger than my character!" situation for like half a year. It mostly manifests itself in a joking matter, when people complain that it is "the druid's turn again?!" But it has also lead to some respeccing situations, none really addressing the problem. The problem is that a lot of my players are super careful not to exhaust their ressources. Like casters rather using cantrips or weapons in the first few rounds of combats against an enemy that is clearly scary. Or the barbarian not raging in the very first round of combat by default. Or not using your class abilities at all. First time we ever saw sorcery points being used was when the sorcerer's player wasn't there and his sister played his character. Everyone was in aww. Same goes for the cleric, but in her defense, having channel divinity only once per day kinda makes it feel like you should maybe safe it. Anyway, our druid is kind of the opposite. He summons beasts until his spell slots run out. Then he casts the next smaller spells and turns into a beast himself while concentrating on it. And he took the sentinel feat which allows him one reaction pretty much every turn. I'm not really mad about them underperforming in terms of damage, since they are a big group anyway and this means I don't have to scale up the adventure as much. But I'm sick of the constant jabbing towards the druid when I've told them again and again that they have to use abilities, normal sword swings don't really get that much stronger through leveling up. Rant over. On another note, our sorcerer dude went to England to study (or his gf wants to study there and he tagged along or something). Which opened up a slot, now being filled by the younger brother of our Barbarian's childhood friend or something. Poor dude tried to DM DSA (Das schwarze Auge, German answer to DnD, but from what I understand it always has to happen in a certain setting) for all kinds of friends before, but never got anyone really invested enough to read the rules, so he seems very happy we have a group that survived to 5th level. He also read most of the rules before his first session, despite us saying we first wanted to see if this was a good fit, so I liked him already. He now plays an elderly fighter who used to be a soldier and now protects caravans for money, but the last one he was with got smashed anyway with him as the lone survivor. That's how he got stranded in the Underdark alone until he meat the party. They proceeded to raid a Netherese tomb together, he actually used all his battlemaster maneuvers and in the end, they found a talking sword. That sword is only the second magical item the party has ever found besides healing potions. I thought they would give it to the Barbarian, but somehow he decided to rather use his non-magical axe instead? The war cleric might also had been a good choice, but somehow, maybe out of politeness, the new shiny sword ended up with the new guy. I kinda felt bad about that. But I also didn't want the sword (who talks) to just say who she wants to go with, since that seems like too much involvement on my part. After all, she knows none of them, so voicing preferences on her part would be odd.
  11. I was looking for 20mm bases at the start of the week or something and couldn't find them. So glad they're there now for all those goblins and kobolds! Also glad you didn't see them before either, means I'm not going insane.
  12. I find it a bit confusing to not see a total in the PM until you are over your pledge amount. That's why I checked out twice, I had roughly $75 left after the first go around. Our pledge did cover Core Dreadmere Darkreach Lost Valley Fan Favorites Hill Giants Wraiths Narglauth Fire Giant Huntsman Trolls Tree Roc Thunderfoot Fantasy Scenics Blacktooth with the bf paying for scenery and dino stuff and me paying for the rest. I really need to figure out how many and what kinds of bases I need.
  13. For my bf's birthday one shot, we had the guests paint their own minis. One dude arrived a day later, so I (the DM) painted his miniature. So let me present Severin, the young gnome Necromancer who is supposed to not be evil. Sadly I couldn't finish the base in one evening. The players took their minis with them afterwards, so Severin isn't in my city anymore and the base might never get finished. Picture was also taken by his player.
  14. Those guys I plan on painting. I like that they aren't just standing at attention. And my dad should be able to place them on his Type VII. Judging from this picture, I just need khaki (which I have), some blueish grey for the pants and hats and should be fine. Ah, with this thread already open, are there any notable differences from painting 28 mm scale to painting 1/72? Does the racoon eyes painting strategy still work?
  15. Digital sculpts ofc can have some great detail. AAA Video games or blockbuster movies have their fair share of awesome models after all. Problem is how well the detail gets through the printing and molding process. But I trust Reaper to have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to get the stuff from the screen to our painting tables without losing too much detail.