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  1. So, has anyone tried to remove the Frostgrave plastic bodies from the integrated bases? Is it possible without a saw? I'm also really hoping we will get the ghost lady with the flute, seems close and it's the one I've liked the most from the very beginning.
  2. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    They aren't released yet here, but thanks for the warning, I preordered now, too. Missed the last wave, and the owlbear is still out of stock. For some odd reason I can't preorder the cage with chains though, and I would really like to have multiple of those. A lot of the other dungeon furniture is too niche or too tiny to actually use, but we had multiple instances of cages on the map already.
  3. Nunae

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    How tall are their 35 mm compared to modern gaming miniatures like DSM or Reaper Bones? Totally not thinking about backing for those ...
  4. Nunae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I did preorder the Gargantuan Dragons as well now. Even the green one, who will be painted as blue bc of the horn (I need a big blue dragon soonish). Are the dragons out yet in the US? I read October somewhere for them.
  5. @Gadgetman!So I understand what you are saying fully! Here are two reasons Y was left off. 1) Koplow already makes a D6 with all the Vowel plus Y on it. 2) This was meant to be compliment die to the D21 Consonant Die I made with this project ... so between the 2 dice you have the full alphabet. He is from Norway, so I guess he's missing some other Vowels (stuff like Ø, or ö, ä, ü for the German Alphabet).
  6. I love the raptors. Sadly, those smaller creatures that are supposed to attack in packs are sometimes hard to find multiple individuals for, and buying the same raptor 5 times wouldn't be the same. So I appreciate them a lot. I also really like the Stone Giants. They also made the cut for the "huge" category, right? And my eyes are having trouble seeing detail in the Jade Fire Clan's faces, but I think I see little tusks. I'm right now painting a lot of Bones orcs (and knowing my speed they will probably be done around the time Bones 4 arrives), so I'm hoping they mesh well with those. I love them too, at least as far as I can see detail.
  7. I'm okay with waiting for friday. Posting it sooner might shorten this wait, but then we have to wait like 17 days for the next update, and I'm not sure I can handle that.
  8. Nunae

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    I got my order reasonably quick, with the Ghoulie bag, the Vampiress and the Kobolds as freebies. I like the site, just sad that so much stuff isn't available there. Hopefully the new color sets will be added.
  9. Nunae

    The rest of Bones 3 release schedule?

    Super hyped for Goremaw and T'raukzul. Hopefully the weapon sprues will be released soonish as well, so many ideas for those.
  10. Nunae

    Newb Question about DnD..

    Yep, giants are all supposed to be huge this edition, so 3 inch base. Did you buy a current blind box or something from an older edition? I'm not sure when, but apparently, giants didn't always all go onto a 3 inch base. The newer Reaper ones are huge, as far as I know, and some even got remade to be huge, but someone more knowledgeable with the Reaper catalogue would have to answer which ones fit the bill.
  11. Nunae

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I like it when a miniature or group of miniatures gets finished and used for play. My players or other players in other games I bring my miniatures to don't really know anything about the hobby, but they are always fascinated by the little figures. Sometimes they take pictures or interupt the game because they all have to take a closer look and won't let the miniature stand on the battle map. It's also really nice to talk to my father about minis and have him look at stuff I painted whenever he is here. He doesn't get most of my hobbys, hasn't since I was a teenager (I'm too much of a nerd), but he paints Revell submarines and miniatures is something we can connect over.
  12. I did ask, the orders will be merged and I'll be getting a whole lot of plastic at the end of this year, to get my sweatshop group of paiting friends ready for Bones 4. I quite like the mage specters that will be released as strecht goals, most I like even better than the "alive" version of that figure. There are a lot of ghosts out there, but many of them are more generic. I really hope we'll get the Sonancer (with the flute), she looks so sad somehow.
  13. Nunae

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I don't have a workplace, I have a dining room table (which we rarely dine on, unless we have guests), which is used as the D&D playtable and the miniature workplace. Can't really take a picture right now, since it's just a table, for painting we will throw down a multiple socket thing, plug in as many desk lamps as there are people, throw down newspaper to cover the table and that's it. When not busy painting, colors and such are stored in the sideboard in the same room. Sucks to have to clean up and put everything away everytime, but if I had a designated workplace I would probably NEVER clean it, so ...
  14. Nunae

    Pathfinder Version 2

    As part of this dedicated audience, I haven't found a reason so far to look into PF2. The character creation itself sounds so labor intensive that I feel no need to burden my group with it. My main group meets twice a month, the group I play in even less, and besides that I sometimes DM for oneshots with people who don't RPG at all (friend get-togethers, family functions, ...). So I'm definetly on the market for "easy" rules that allow players to jump right into the action, at least at low level. Also, with our limited playtime and often huge gaps in between, I like rules that aren't easily forgotten or are so complicated that you need to check your books whenever they come up. Not saying that PF1 is like that, but it was a big reason for us to not pursue DSA even though we're German. Also, there are no real "traps" in 5e, sure, some stuff is stronger than other stuff, but we've yet to meet a truely useless character. PF2 doesn't seem to improve anything that would make me choose it instead of 5e, and if we ever feel like we want to play something else, we would probably choose something really, really different. PF2 will probably release more character options in the long run, but we haven't really felt the lack of them in 5e so far. If the ones released with the PHB and Xanathar's aren't enough, there is still the DMsguild or reflavoring/homebrewing and we were able to cover all character concepts people came up with so far. WotC really has their marketing figured out with this edition imho, all the streamers and famous people playing the edition have helped getting new players into the RPG hobby, and it will be difficult to overcome that attraction and get us to play something different, if the other game offered isn't "better" but just the same or even worse.
  15. I'm not that into anthro miniatures, but my experience with other Oathsworn projects was really enjoyable. Fulfilled early. That bat is great. Definetly different from a lot of the anthro stuff, and the pose is genius.