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  1. Elven Lords, Relaunching

    Hello @NecroMancer. Shipping costs are calculated based on weight in the pledge manager. For one or two miniatures will be around 7 euros via Correos tracked "The shipping fees will be collected after the Kickstarter, each time you ask us to send you a parcel. Shipping will be weight-based. But we can tell you as a rough estimate: One or two characters, tracked could be around: Spain: 4,50€ Europe Union: 6€ USA & Australia: 7€ Remember, these shipping cost are an estimations." Added to the campaign ;)
  2. Elven Lords, Relaunching

    Thank you guys! We are fu nded the project!
  3. Elven Lords, Relaunching

    Ok, now is your turn ;) This is our Elven Lords project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/elven-lords. We appreciate so much if you share everywhere ;) Thank you guys!
  4. Hello guys, we are here again. We will to relaunching our Elven Lords again. This is its presentation. Kickstarter capaign will be running from December 1srt to December 17th. https://lastsword.com/en/elven-lords-relaunching/ As soon we have campaign url, we will publish.
  5. Hi guys. We are really sorry to say that we have canceled our Kickstarter. We weren't getting good result. All our money is invested in that project, so we going to rebuilt it again and launch again in a few weeks. Sorroy about that, and thank for your support!
  6. Tx Suden! If you like send me a private message with ur email and I will check your contribution for you ;)
  7. Tx Kiwky for your comment! Everybody is welcome in our kickstarter ... even a dwarf!
  8. Our Kickstarter is on now! Besides we have published new pictures of our elven archers. You can red the article at: I hope that you like!
  9. Knight right now I am working in tomorrow post about the archers. I can show you that imagen: In three for days I going to do the spearmen images, if you can wait until this day I will appreciate ;) .
  10. Can't wait until monday? xD You are right Knight, we gonna offer the figures in groups of 4. Differents pledges for different amount of figures. I can't tell you more until tomorrow at 18:00CEST, sorry. We couldn't add a sword into the molds. We are looking the way to craft swords in other way, but we are not sure if it will be possibble or not. As soon as we got them, we gonna publish ;) Thank you for your commen Kinght, always welcome!
  11. It is clear enough ;) This is our stand at Freak Wars 2017 show, last week. Could you find somethin special? We are nearly ready!!!!! Here we are again! Our kickstarter is on. All pleges will be up on monday at 18:00 CEST Our article: https://lastsword.com/en/kickstarter-elven-lords/ kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/the-elven-lords?ref=discovery How it look?
  12. I am glad to hear that Knight! Remember that we can mix bits, so we can do spearman with that light amour.
  13. This is a T 3D model, so remember that is not a pose ;) Whatever that you think about our elfs, please let us know!!!
  14. I hope it won't happend with that one!
  15. Thank guys for your comments! We going to launch it as soon as possible. Right now we are working in some master molds. I place the thread here, cause it will be a Kickstarter, but if I should change it, just let me know ;). In this picture you can see spear size better. Long enought to avoid hit against others figures. Thanks guys!