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  1. valhallanguitar

    Grenadier Barbarian

    Loved this mini so had to paint it up. Grenadier barbarian, not sure of the model because I clipped the metal base off.
  2. valhallanguitar

    Blue Wizard

    Love this mini. You have inspired me to paint mine!
  3. valhallanguitar

    Games Work shop Stone Trolls

    Love these old trolls. Was pumped to paint them
  4. valhallanguitar

    Valhallans Reaper bones -- 3-26-17

    Thanks for the welcome! Ill post individual models from here on out on this thread. I shouldn't say speed painting but I am trying to finish 1-2 models a night give or take depending on size. Ill throw tonight's progress up on a new post.
  5. valhallanguitar

    Valhallans Reaper bones -- 3-26-17

    GF 9 Purple Worm Bones Eye tyrant / Beholder Bones halfling and not sure the make on the figter, its metal Hydra working on a few more models tonight. Should have some more pics tomorrow.
  6. valhallanguitar

    FitzBones: Tim the Enchanter

    Great Mini and paintjob!
  7. valhallanguitar

    Ambushed by "oooh Shiney"

    I need these.
  8. valhallanguitar

    Valhallans Reaper bones -- 3-26-17

    Just found out about Reaper Bones minis and have been very much enjoying their prices. I just started a D&D campaign with some friends so Im trying to speed paint a ton of minis. Ill post pics as I go. Owlbear Zombies Unicorn Friar Mimic
  9. valhallanguitar

    GF9 Purple Worm

    Picked one of these up figured Id show my work in progress pics.