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  1. It is a secret technique that I was taught by a legendary master painter. If I told you, I'd have to kill you :x
  2. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the kind words :)
  3. Hi all! I learned how to paint minis in February of last year and I've been told I apparently have a knack for it. All I know is I really enjoy doing it, so I do it whenever I can :) Here are a few of my favorite pieces I've done so far. 77078: Astrid, Female Bard 02831: Olivia, Halfling 03547: Juliette, Wizard 02518: Deenah, Female Barb 77131: Finaela,Female Pirate 77045: Orc Hunter (Spear) + 77015: Bugbear Warrior + 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) 02462: Isabella (cloak modified to look more like bear skin) + Raven familiar from 77176: Familiars 89018: Sajan, Iconic Monk 60146: Kassata Lewynn 77314: Golan, Hill Giant + 77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss + 03547: Juliette, Wizard