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  1. You thought I was gone but behold, it is I, Slush! Sorry for the sudden absence. I'll try logging on tomorrow since I think even the ol' one is in bed now.
  2. I worked as a shop scrub for a trucking company my dad worked at. It was, in hindsight a good experience. what did I learn? I learned that leaving that job was a bad idea. Story time! I was raised a hard worker, it's just what I do, work fast, work hard, just get it done and be done with it. The position they offered me had pay quite a bit higher then minimum wage (at least good enough for a 16yr old) They offered me as many hours as I wanted to do my tasks. I did simple things, tend the landscape, do the annual washing of the office walls, tend the restroom, and once a week every semi needed washing, once a week the whole shop floor needed swept. All of that is easy work no issues. So the tasks didn't take long. After that they gave me free reign to the stocked company fridge and sat me in the breakroom with a newspaper or whatever I wanted. where I would sit and let time waste away waiting for another menial task to be done. And let me tell you I was aching for more. I knew I needed the hours, but I hated the sit around and doing nothing while being paid. I felt guilty doing so, like a waste of time and resources. So I abandoned the job for another. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I quit my first job because there wasn't enough work for my grubby little hands. Talk about a kick in the behind now that I am older and I understand the joys of doing the job fast and sitting on the clock. If only I had just brought my hobby stuff to work and entertained them with my silly conversation and activities and get paid for it.
  3. The states East of you feel your pain but thank you for your service in tanking the hail so the storm was all tired and weak as it passed by me.
  4. If a frog travels 1000 miles down the road at 15 hops per second, and an antelope watches him pass from a distance of 30m then does the cupcake stand still sell breadsticks on the dark side of the moon?
  5. And yet all the silly quizzes make me out as Slytherin.. i didn't even know what that means
  6. I agree but then again with wod or any white wolf material i find its best to ignore their more Canon notes.. i don't think they'd exist without people modifying their rules. The morality/humanity rules are the best example. A lot of their stuff feels less serious and more like suggestions and ideas
  7. Thanks @OneBoot that advice might help me these coming weeks on if i should wip a project i hope to throw in. Except i don't think I'll be at reapercon this year...
  8. No they were just tired of the cats tyranny over man and attempted to overthrow them. Which as we see today they have failed and domestic cats rule from the comfort of their litter boxes. Basically worshipped over all the lands and internets
  9. Missed the first 3 ;-; no storage ideas if i got them, and yeah boii bones 4 will make my wallet bleed... also idk if its a matter of having enough or just wanting to paint all the minis.. not like i use them for anything besides decoration
  10. Now all it needs is a killer desktop wallpaper and replacing that kickstart with some good ol fashion coffee and you'll be good to go.. looks nice and great deal on the office furniture!
  11. I do it too, I actually do it so often I even learned a few tricks. Such as, if you are planning on buying something in near future you can load the cart up and watch as some of the prices fluctuate the weeks/days prior to buying, which can be a game unto itself (if not a headache if you later learn something was on sale and you missed it cause responsible budgeting is hard) Or my other personal fave, "the price is right" shipping cost edition.. How much stuff can I load into my cart without making shipping go up, (for sites not offering free shipping) There is usually a sweet spot and finding it can save a lot of hassle with repeat spending. example: If I am ordering metal for jewelry from my prime supplier I know that the package can weigh no less then 13 pounds for it to be worth the hassle. So I need between 13 and 16 pounds of metal each order at a minimum. Or more recently with online brush shopping I found that the best deal is to buy at least 2 of the main brushes in case I broccoli a brush and not have to pay shipping to get the replacement (because I already bought its replacement and its right there) More expensive? yes, but it'll be my first time with a really good brush and there is a 75% chance it wont last for years like I am hoping. having 2 means I don;t need to let shipping costs scare me into being gentle with the first good brush, I can learn and destroy the first and baby the second. (be careful though... i think these companies know I do this and intentionally make these sweet spots in shipping just to beat my wallet harder... and its working.. is there a white mage in the house?)
  12. Woodchuck fur is a good brush for foundation, but dont ask how i know this
  13. Optics and sitting strait back, possibly with something to support arms for stability... except Im learning that the optics are one of those "once you do it you can never not do it" items
  14. Can only go as fast as standards dictate, has nothing to do with individuals being slackers... at least that's been my experience. O.o;; maybe I've been under a rock but I've only heard jokes about construction workers.
  15. For the simple green comment, it works without damaging them, and even some more powerful things like a strong degreaser (which is what i switched to) doesn't seem to damage bones either (And i am very prone to the soak and forget, actually had one soak in an open container so long the degreaser evaporated on me.. not fun but the mini is fine) Just be sure to rinse off whatever you used before painting again