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  1. This looks amazing! Great job on the cloak too, I absolutely love the freehand pattern.
  2. I love it! Something I definitely wouldn't want to encounter in the forest.
  3. I'm back and ready to answer questions... Inspiration... I enjoy reading and painting but when I really need to sit back dig deep and find inspiration and motivation I first look outside at nature... Then I look at all the other hobbyists who find great joy and expression through art. Their skill, their passion, it drives me and inspires me to look past the hardships of life and enjoy the simplier things. Some call it vain, pointless, and maybe they are right in the grand scheme of things.. but looking at the joy it brings people to do something, to create something, even if "in the grand scheme of things" it is "pointless" just makes it that much more valuable to me. Specific examples for the weekend.. All those wonderful revealed Bones IV goals.. The videos Dr Faust put on youtube "Painting Ad Mech Belisarius". FalKKone released his cover of "Force your way" from final fantasy 8. And other forum dwellers (and more importantly the ones dwelling in KS comments) have been feeding me advice thats been motivating and inspiring me.
  4. I have received.. practically all the animal familiars this past week. It includes a bear... and a koala... and I thiiiiink I spotted a penguin in the mix.. Oh and I was pleasantly surprised to see a raccoon because for some reason I didn't realize there was a raccoon when I ordered it.
  5. Fingers crossed that september is a mini I'll want dupes of... cause... I;m getting dupes of it whether I like it or not.... xD I love this one here in August. (not... love him so much I want 3 dupes of him.. but hes a really really nice sculpt and looks great.. looking forward to painting him, he bumped the waiting list and is on my desk now)
  6. Thanks, I am building a lightbox to improve the photographs, and will eventually find out where my camera went so I can use that instead of phone (or build the lightbox to use my webcam... pretty pretty resolution) I will improve on my wolf painting skills ;) I know there's at least SOME here who really really like seeing them.
  7. Outstanding, them legs though ;) great work.
  8. The Dreadmere expansion is closely becoming more exciting then the core. A shame Chronoscope is being left to the dogs, I personally love the Chronoscope line and was quietly wishing for more. But Dreadmere? My goodness, they haven't skipped a beat on it. Heck that gulper alone might convince my co-worker to just pledge himself.
  9. Behold I am back! And with painted goodies to boot. I painted up a wolf.. not much else to say really... I will say this was one of my favorite animal projects to date. he is the first mini I actually put in a gaming base (1inch slotted) And the first base I decorated (Blizzard like conditions) Things that I will say, some of the colors were a bit challenging for me and caused some delay. To further that I painted the eyes 3 different times for preference. Oh, and about the eyes. When I first painted them I aimed to be as realistic as I could, I simply didn't have a paint color that looked right. I then decided to be crazy and paint his eyes with metallic gold with pupils. but the effect looked weird with the pupils; however I LOVE the effect. So I painted his eyes completely gold. From an angle the gold looks like the yellow a wolves eyes are supposed to be (or fairly close to it, as it lacks the green tint) But if you look right at him and the light hits it his eyes reflect the light and they glow and eerie yellow. They simply pop and give the illusion of a wolf at night. Lets show him off shall we? Pardon the blur on some or most the images, I am still working to set up my camera.. feel free to critique as you will. I'll only get better by being shown the brutal truth.. the snow effect on the wolf was a bit tricky, anyone have a better way of doing it? Does it look bad as it is? Either way here it is said and done and going to be shelved to display my first attempt at effects and basing. Hope you enjoy. P.S. as for the lack of hunter? I haven't painted her yet and might not, I am sadly not a huge fan of the sculpt (where the pieces join for her bow is going to be a pain beyond my current skill to join) and I bought the set specifically for the wolf so.... this wolf is awesome!

    .... There gonna be an early bird special? Any news on the exact time this is dropping so I can ensure myself a slot on said early bird special? I missed the party of bones 3 I won't be missing 4. I thought I might just go casual or even potentially have someone talk me out of it, but then I saw dragon turtle and my wallet burst into tears.
  11. You thought I was gone but behold, it is I, Slush! Sorry for the sudden absence. I'll try logging on tomorrow since I think even the ol' one is in bed now.
  12. I worked as a shop scrub for a trucking company my dad worked at. It was, in hindsight a good experience. what did I learn? I learned that leaving that job was a bad idea. Story time! I was raised a hard worker, it's just what I do, work fast, work hard, just get it done and be done with it. The position they offered me had pay quite a bit higher then minimum wage (at least good enough for a 16yr old) They offered me as many hours as I wanted to do my tasks. I did simple things, tend the landscape, do the annual washing of the office walls, tend the restroom, and once a week every semi needed washing, once a week the whole shop floor needed swept. All of that is easy work no issues. So the tasks didn't take long. After that they gave me free reign to the stocked company fridge and sat me in the breakroom with a newspaper or whatever I wanted. where I would sit and let time waste away waiting for another menial task to be done. And let me tell you I was aching for more. I knew I needed the hours, but I hated the sit around and doing nothing while being paid. I felt guilty doing so, like a waste of time and resources. So I abandoned the job for another. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I quit my first job because there wasn't enough work for my grubby little hands. Talk about a kick in the behind now that I am older and I understand the joys of doing the job fast and sitting on the clock. If only I had just brought my hobby stuff to work and entertained them with my silly conversation and activities and get paid for it.
  13. The states East of you feel your pain but thank you for your service in tanking the hail so the storm was all tired and weak as it passed by me.
  14. If a frog travels 1000 miles down the road at 15 hops per second, and an antelope watches him pass from a distance of 30m then does the cupcake stand still sell breadsticks on the dark side of the moon?
  15. And yet all the silly quizzes make me out as Slytherin.. i didn't even know what that means