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  1. So... basically load up because we might see the zombie apocalypse spawn from an apartment 2 blocks north of you?
  2. I took upon myself the silly task of making a video game by myself with little to no experience in any of the required fields of the task. Bear in mind the project itself was stupid simple, im crazy but not that crazy. How did it go? Its in the half finished project pile.. the programming wasn't horrible to learn, the art is art, what stopped me was music. I can do a lot of things but composing music is beyond me, but. I'm about 30hrs in on being self taught music theory, how to play various instruments, and picking apart my fave tunes so maybe some day... some day...
  3. you strike me more as a wolf then a penguin, did i misunderstand something?
  4. Those spiders are your own personal porch bouncers, protecting your porch house from all sorts of pests at the low low cost of the flesh of pests. They are true heroes to your backyard porch clubhouse...
  5. Like... a herd of cows? Edit: i am udderly disappointed in myself
  6. I could choose many but instead I'll keep it simple, 1. Get on steam, 2. find "to the moon" 3. Play that game, shouldn't take but a few hours 4. Thank me later
  7. No no I'm pro-swordcane, because no one knows what you're really packing,. It could have a broad edge, perhaps rapier, or my personal choice, not a blade at all but a flail to throw all your guards off
  8. Positively barbaric. I love it, great work beautiful paint job.
  9. Less fannypack more like gun belts or the sort.. though funny story while they were still a thing i did have a fanny pack, i do not miss it. Yeah but i carry items that are not money or valuable that works better on belt.. or i remember when phone clips were large secure leather pouches instead of flimsy plastic
  10. ....but if i like wolves? So soft so soft
  11. I want my buckskin pants to be back in style. Oh and belt pouches, idk who thought removing items from the belt was a good fashionable idea but they need to stop
  12. Like all my hobbies, i spend 99% of every day dreaming of my projects.. Then i sit at my desk, spend forever and a day setting up. Examine my mini for like half an hour imagining the colors i want, paint like 1 layer, then get distracted looking up some crazy idea i had while painting. Actual painting time? Maybe 5 mins to an hour.. yes i know i have a problem...

    I apologize if this is a silly question but, is it too late to jump on the bones III bandwagon? If so i guess I'll have to wait for the next one..
  14. Redwall was about the little mouse chosen one, i loved the redwall series with my only complaint being how often his stories followed a specific predictable formula. Aside from that redwall and a few others in the series had some real gems... Ps. Never forget Basil Stag Hare.. possibly one of the most memorable characters I've ever encountered.. a true role model
  15. I think a lot of avid readers started "adult" literature at a younger age. I think "teen" literature is mostly used to help late bloomers get into reading. I remember when harry potter was all the craze and i simply had a hard time getting into it since i was already halfway through wheel of time. It was like "i don't get why I'm supposed to be invested in this chosen one over this other chosen one who's having a bigger adventure" liked the movies though lol