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  1. I washed it with an umber i think to get shade in the many many little holes and waves.... those holes seemed to make bubbles too which added a kind of unwanted texture. But, what do you mean by "soft wash" if you dont mind me asking?
  2. thanks for all the feed back guys! questions though: i'm using vallejo... and almost every tutorial uses citadel... so i was wondering for the "dark wash" umber, sephia (sp?), or black wash?
  3. the charater ( i forgot the character name, is a dark elf yes, but my character was a high elf) i was using what i had on had to sub for ahigh elf wizard. so no dark skin was intended. thanks for the highlight tip... i was using the spiders in that pic in a mat spray experament... hence the shiny one on the left.... dont by walmart craft section mat clear spray folks!
  4. So.... have you ever started something you thought looked cool as hell... then way into it you just go "$&@% balls!!!"? Kinda what i'm feelin for this piece. Its my third and for a d&d campaign. its basically supposed to be a dark elf sorcerrer but since my elf wizard mini I had on hand at the time was ... well defective on arrival. I figured it was close enough and i'd swap him in (hence my attempt at a fire sword to give any indication of the fire heavy wizard i actually am playing). I primed in dark grey which is what i had at the time. (wish i'd waited for black for this color scheme) found out gun metal sucks on grey... first "meh". Wanted the red to be a bit more catchy so mixed it with metallic silver....wasnt using wet palette at begining so the paint frequently dried and subsequent batches werent always same...so now I almost get the feel this guys going glam..... second "Meh". Other player uses an elf but a ranger, I wanted this guy a paler tone but it just seems to close to the hair I'd done.... third "MEH". At this point i dont think I even like the model really. Think I was rushing to make the weekend dead line to have the three minis done with this being the last one.... any thoughts to possibly save this one from the green bath of shame? (at this point I'd rather play one of my spiders)
  5. Seriously great job!! I'm only on my third mini and i think i just figured out a few things (aka techniques to try) looking at these pics zoomed in. Thanks for posting
  6. Wow!! Outstanding! I love asian styling and that kimono is amazing ...how it all flows and blends together with the bases. Love it. diffinately something for me to strive towards achieving.
  7. you know for the tips of the elf bow i wasnt sure about color so i put on grey first to see if thats what i wanted.... it was a small area but the gunmetal did seem to go much better/easier than the dwarfs golddid on primer only. i didnt think much of it at the time but it now make sense. thanks
  8. Hmmmm My wife as alot of different nail files for doing her own manicures ... i'll "borrow" a few and try them... assuming thats what u mean by emery boards.
  9. Ok so I'm 5 months from 40 and never painted a model in my life. But a group of friends and I have recently started a D&D 5e campaign on guys trip and really got into it. However it soon became apparent that stick pins and grid board suck. So i wanted to get some minis for our game.... I was looking at pre paints but those are few and far between or over priced so watched a few Youtube videos... got an itch and firgured why the hell not.... so since i live in bumfuq nowhere i ordered from amazon and ebay the types of figures i needed for our characters a dwarf cleric, elf ranger, and elf mage.... i started with the dwarf, figured it would be easier as my friend likes alliance in WoW and always plays dwarfs but soon learned metal paints are a pain in the rump to me. the elf i did last night and i think i see improvement over the dwarf attempt. though seeing pictures brought out the flaws i hope fix before clear coating either one. i was in such a newbie rush i primed before triming the extra mold lines on the elf but really i seem to be missing the trick even with a new knife blade the lines seem to splinter or split and not come off the model. maybe i need files? seems like there were alot of defects on these plastic minis... my mage is metal and much better and detailed. Please let me know what you think and where i may need to ficus my attention to improve. Oh and any and all tips on mold line/imperfection removal definately appreciated :-)