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  1. This is incredible! I love everything about this. You rolled the dice on something different and it came up a natural 20!
  2. I finally finished this gang of porkers! It's been 3 years since I finished the first hog. I fell in love with these piglets, it's nearly the complete series. I'm missing three I believe. The standard bearer was my first (pitiful) attempt at freehanding. It turned out a little GW-ish, but what are you going to do... Most of the models were fantastic. A couple had some casting issues. Mangled mouths were disappointing, but I think I fudged them back to life half decently. It feels good to finally have them finished. Once I recover financially from Bones IV (Thanks Reaper!!) I'll have a hard look at both the hobgoblins and kobolds that Otherworld offers. I hope you like the ol' school look!
  3. Your standard for 'table top' is higher than mine! Don't sell yourself short, this looks wicked!
  4. The cloth looks really good! Me likey
  5. I wonder how much future retail level information there is for Reaper in providing the duplicate portions in the core set? I would think it would show that one set of models is more/less popular than others? Perhaps not. I wish the expansion sets had the same feature. I loved a small handful from each one, but for me there wasn't $50 worth of value in any one of them to justify the pledge. Even if they were broken into $10-$20 chunks I could have seen myself pledging a lot more. I tend to worry less about cost when I'm getting (close to exactly) what I want. I can't be the only person?
  6. Anybody here at the countdown party? If so what's the vibe? I can only assume watching the total pledges jumping hundreds of dollars isn't exactly what was hoped for. (Dont get me wrong, this KS has been wonderful, but it seems to be ending a bit softly)
  7. I laughed out loud and woke up my dog. He wasn't nearly as amused as I was.
  8. Totally agree. The credit card wiggled, but it's still safely in place.
  9. 'Shock and awe' From the edge of my seat.... to slouched back pouting... I was hoping for something to make my credit card jump straight outta my wallet.
  10. I can't wait to see what's next in the fan fav's! The anticipation is KILLING me. It's shaping up to be the best expansion IMO.
  11. The Dino's are really cool. I'm on the fence currently. Only because I've been waiting for some nasty ol' dragons to be added to the stretch goals! i need dragons to make me blow the budget and my wallet scream for mercy.
  12. Turned out beautifully! We're our own worst critics sometimes. I hear your pain about GW white. My FLGS only carries GW, and due to my location I'm lucky they carry anything.
  13. Welcome! Nice work, keep em' coming for us!
  14. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Everything was pretty much drybrushed. The main reason for doing this: My Daughters have been showing some real interest in starting to paint. They're 9,8,& 4, so stretching painting sessions into days isn't realistic. I needed to formulate a painting-battle plan where they could be rewarded with a decently pigmented model as quickly and un-technical as possible. I'll test out this theory next weekend