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  1. MKCS

    Rock Troll

    Thanks for the visual!
  2. MKCS

    Rock Troll

    I asked my youngest daughter what colours this fearsome Rock Troll should be. “Ummmmm wike dis” as she pointed at her Easter Oreo cookie. Purple and black it is! He now stands guarding the cookie jar, although I don’t think he’s doing a very good job... C&C are always welcome
  3. MKCS

    The Somewhat Modified Mushroom Troll a la Mollog

    What do you feed that imagination? And can I have some?! Absolutley love it!
  4. MKCS


    “Steal” away! make sure to post it when you’re done too. Unless it’s better than mine...
  5. MKCS


    Here is my take on the mighty mudgullet! This was insanely fun to paint, I hope I did it justice. I tried to give it a dirty swampy feel. As always C&C are more than welcome, I hope you like it.
  6. MKCS

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Global warming!?
  7. MKCS

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    It’s not snowing here, it’s just too cold for snow. Keeping warm is today’s objective!
  8. MKCS

    Tyrannosaurs Rex + Shark =

    Update: my friend had the encounter tonight/this morning with sharkosaurus :) It managed to kill off a 9th level Ranger and a 9th level fighter/sorcerer before the remaining party could finish it off. Fairly successful I’d say. No one expects death from below solid ground. I’ve been told that the players weren’t laughing too long once it hit the board! I forgot to include the pic below in my original post. This was Thursday night (1-31-19) when we called the “kit” bashing done. Two toys, one dremel, a pile of hot glue, and a little bit of green stuff. I’m bad for wip pics, usually I don’t have any.
  9. MKCS

    Tyrannosaurs Rex + Shark =

    SHARKOSAURUS!!!! A friend end of mine discovered a comic book / graphic novel called Sharkosaurus. While I haven’t read any of them, the idea is just incredible! He also happens to be running a ToA 5e game. So say hello to the king of feathers for his game. Given my timeline to disassemble, merge, reassemble, AND paint of 48 hours I’m pretty happy how this fella came out! Being a child’s toy, it also “roars” and has flashing lights. I had to include those! Pressing down on the dorsal (spelling??) fin, the maw of this monster lights up. I tried to hide the speaker vent(?) by making it look like a wound. My inspiration for colour choice. This was a pile of fun doing! Especially given the timeline. I’m looking forward to hearing the players reactions when it hits the table! C&C are always welcome.
  10. MKCS

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    It’s looking like a good weekend to paint. As for today, I think it’s stopped snowing. Now if the wind would stop changing directions... (and yes it’s Fahrenheit)
  11. MKCS

    03462: Goblin Warriors

    Great job! Keep ‘em coming!
  12. MKCS

    Umber Hulk

    Thank you. There was a guy on you tube that used glue on eyelashes(?) I can’t say that I have an abundance of those kicking around, but it inspired me enough to work with what I have.
  13. MKCS

    Umber Hulk

    Here is my take on a classic baddy. I was not overly fond of the creature coming out of the package. The lower half of the mandible was lower than the Umber Hulks feet. A bit of hot and cold water fixed that easily enough. One of my daughters ‘donated’ some stuffy fur for the finishing touches. I wish I could have done something differently for the eyes, but overall I am quite pleased. I hope you like it, and as always C&C are welcome!
  14. Here is my take on the Red Dragon. This ended up being quite a bit more challenging than I first anticipated. Good practice for February. I can’t wait to get started! As always C&C are more than welcome!
  15. MKCS


    Here’s my take on this terrific model. Beholders have always been one of my favourite baddies to paint. As always C&C are welcome and appreciated!