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  1. Turned out beautifully! We're our own worst critics sometimes. I hear your pain about GW white. My FLGS only carries GW, and due to my location I'm lucky they carry anything.
  2. Welcome! Nice work, keep em' coming for us!
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Everything was pretty much drybrushed. The main reason for doing this: My Daughters have been showing some real interest in starting to paint. They're 9,8,& 4, so stretching painting sessions into days isn't realistic. I needed to formulate a painting-battle plan where they could be rewarded with a decently pigmented model as quickly and un-technical as possible. I'll test out this theory next weekend
  4. Hey everyone, I took a stab at speed painting. Well for me anyways. I allowed myself two and a half hours to complete these four Goblins (not including prep and priming). These are not my usual 'quality' but I wanted to see what I could do under a tight timeline. 2 hours 48 minutes... I had to include a second picture of the two handed sword fella. It surprised me, I totally missed what was hanging off his belt until I was painting. I hope you like them!
  5. I wish mine turned out that nice... The color transitions are wicked, great job!
  6. The mimics are awesome! The spittle is fantastic. Well done.
  7. Oh, this is going to be awesome! Really looking forward to seeing further progress. Great work so far!
  8. This oozes awesomeness, well done!
  9. Yup! Totally agree. why save it for someone else to enjoy?! And let's be honest, "collectables" that are worth scads of cash are only collectable because collectibility wasn't a thing when they were made. Just my opinion obviously. If you're really hung-up over tearing open the box (which probably has holes in it anyways) get your mitts on the darksword re-release. I bet you'll get more "oooohs and ahhhhhs" over the painted re-release than the NIB Partha.
  10. You nailed "soft and squishy" I really like this, great job!
  11. Tjrez; This one was particularly bothersome. Ral Partha usually had solid dragons. This was the first one I've come across from Partha that has large holes. I really wouldn't recommend painting this model BEFORE gluing and pinning! I pinned and glued the 2 body sections first, front legs, rear legs & base, then the wings, and finally the tail. I left the head off until I was completely done painting. I pinned this one, the same as all my large metal models, by using cut up pieces of small hex keys (allan keys) and gooping them with JB Weld Quick. Removing excess with toothpicks and q-tips. A LOT of q-tips. -The back legs were tricky! The body has nothing to pin the legs onto, just a massive hole. I measured it out and ended up using a 1/4" bolt. I glued the bolt head into one leg and left it to dry. After it was dry I fished it through the body and threaded on a nut, then sandwiched a 5/16 flat washer between another nut. Then goop liberally with JB weld again. -The wings... Again nothing to pin to. I used 1 1/2" - 2 1/4" long bits of hex key to pin these. About 1/2" into the wings themselves, and the rest spanning through the hole, and well into the body through. I wasn't satisfied until the total weight of the wings could be supported with the pins alone. The hole for the wings was filled with JB weld once I was ready to install the second wing. -The seams were all green stuff. Using a toothpick I tried to make some of the patterns match. The tail seam was from poor JB weld cleanup. I had to make them a little thicker than the rest. I thought I wouldn't notice once it was finished, I was wrong. Anyway, I'm sure you're regretting asking by now with me rambling on. Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
  12. Picking the color for the Dragon was part of the reason it sat on the shelf for so long. 2e ruined my perception of a golden dragon... I was half temped to try matching the colors painted on the back of the box, but wheres the fun in that?! I almost pulled the trigger on blue, but I'm glad I picked red!
  13. Hey everyone. I painted this about 3 or 4 months ago, and just finished the basing, so I though I'd share. Missus MKCS bought this for me a few years ago. It had been sitting sealed in the box for quite some time, just staring at me, taunting me. Originally I thought I'd leave it alone as a collector item, but I grew tired looking at the box... Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it. Excuse my booger-hooks in the last picture. I was trying to get a picture of it's belly.
  14. And with this I'll call it a night. Still a bit to do here and there, but from an arms length it looks deadly. I'm second guessing the pants. I changed it from a brown to blue, but the blue is blending into the cape's gray a bit. The potion bottle needs work too. Suggestions?
  15. I might have gone a little too much... a couple touch ups are in order, but overall it's shaping up nicely