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  1. Horned helmet duo

    Reaper tanned flesh actually. Early 2018 I bit the bullet and changed the majority of my paints from citadel to reaper. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!
  2. Horned helmet duo

    I had some left over paint in my wet pallet from my last project, so I decided to not waste it. I like the axe-guy’s blending more than sword n board dude. Lessons learned! Go easy on the highlights. Had I been braver I would have attempted tattoos, but alas I am still working up the courage. As always C&C welcome, and hopefully you enjoy them.
  3. DSM8014, Fox Male Rogue

    Incredible! As usual your posts don’t disappoint.
  4. 03137 Nor’Okk

    Thank you Lars, It was a blast to paint. I’m sure you’ll find it to be the same. Have fun!
  5. 03040 Hobgoblins

    Thanks. I’m glad that you like it.
  6. Armored Goblins

    This is the whole set. Geourgous scuplts! I decided to go for grey skin. Why? Why not?! I also tried to make the armor dingy and unkept. I think it looks quite goblinish indeed. Apologies for lumping them all into a single post, but submitting 4 individual posts wasn’t going to happen. C&C welcome as always, I hope you like them.
  7. 03137 Nor’Okk

    I love this sculpt, such a blast to paint! Incredible detail and personality poured into this one. I tip my hat to John Manor, beautiful job. C&C welcome as always. I hope you like it!
  8. 03040 Hobgoblins

    I love me some Hobgoblins! I’ve always liked the “blue or red nose(s)” description that Hobgoblins have, or had anyways. It makes them incredibly unique within goblinkind. I think they turned out pretty good even with the bright honkers! C&C welcome as always, I hope you like them!
  9. 03477, Brain Horror

    I want to touch it! It’s Absolutely beautiful, very well done.
  10. Fingerpainted Owlbear 77156

    I can’t do eyes that well with a brush let alone my booger-hooks(s)! It turned out splendidly, bravo
  11. DSM Sea Turtle Pirate

    That looks great! I love the map. Would you be able to post a pic of the shell?
  12. Behir

    Gail force nine I believe. I’m not certain, the box was thrown out over the holidays. regardless it was one of those limited edition releases. Thank you CorallineAlgae! Very kind of you. It was an absolute pleasure to paint.
  13. Behir

    Hey everyone, This is my first complete 2018 model! (Also my first resin model) Miss MKCS spotted it at our lfgs and surprised me over Christmas with it. It was a blast to paint! I’m having issues waiting for Reaper to release their version of the Behir now! I hope you like it! C&C are always welcome.
  14. Minis we would like to see

    -The same heros both mounted and on foot. All classes. -Expanding the lines of both bugbears and hobgoblins. -More heros wielding two handed mauls or flails. Especially half Orcs. -Young wizards/mages. -More mimics (doors, furniture, chairs, beds, etc) BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING! -Classic Orcs. Oink-oink, wink-wink, nudge-nudge :)
  15. Pigfaced Orc w/ Sword

    Great job! I’m looking forward to seeing more.