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  1. SheWhoPaints

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    I love the new "Living Statues" add-on! They look very large though - are they a full 2" at the base, or could they be used on 1" dungeon paper with a little room for PC minis to fit around it in the next squares? Also, when I was in the Pledge Manager, I noticed an error that you might need to fix - at the very top, before selecting award you state "Rewards from this project are estimated to ship to backers beginning in February of 2018" (emphasis mine). I assume this should be 2019.
  2. SheWhoPaints

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    In an earlier post, someone was able to identify #13 as well:
  3. SheWhoPaints

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    Yes, in the Kickstarter comments ReaperBryan has explained that this is because they removed the pledges that didn't involve shipping ($1, pdfs only).
  4. SheWhoPaints

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    Mine arrived! Got it delivered to work, and have been pestering the person who accepts the mail since last week about "is it here yet"... then I got back from a big meeting today to find it on my desk!! Can't wait to get home and open it!
  5. SheWhoPaints

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    I've been watching the tracker since the UK partner began shipping - today has been the most shipped in a day, by far! I think last week they only did shipments on two days, of around 40 each day. I hadn't been sure the tracker was really functioning, but today it changed to Wave 2, so I guess it is tracking the (slow, slow) progress. I'm so looking forward to my first bones kickstarter! I haven't finished the practice items that I borrowed from a friend's bones 2 order though, so while I can't wait for my order, it isn't in any way delaying my painting plans!!
  6. SheWhoPaints

    Reaper Bones 3: US Zone Complete

    Are you in Wave 1? I'm anxiously awaiting Wave 2, and not convinced yet that the tracker is providing live updates! Fingers crossed it's in the post this week, and in my hands next week!!
  7. I agree with the suggestion of some casualties, in particular "downed adventurers" that can be swapped in for PCs. They would be great if they came in both genders and in a variety of adventurer types (mage, fighter, rogue) Also, I would be interested in a pack of plinths, which could be used for making modified constructs, or for hiding combatants among statues. I really like the base of the "memorial statuary" in the graveyard expansion in Bones 3. It, or a slightly smaller version of it, would be perfect for many dungeons/crypts/temples/etc where statues come to life! Really looking forward to the arrival of Bone 3 (my first Bones kickstarter!) and to seeing what Bones 4 has in store!