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  1. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Just added my second mini What yall think? I used a series 7 #2 and it worked wonderfully. But im afraid the #0 is done; it keeps spreading out and not holding its point. Anyways in this one i didn't use a varnish and also did some highlighting. I still need to measure how thin my paints are and how to properly go about basecoating. But i think it's an improvement to the kobolds. Thanks again everyone for thr advice.
  2. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    I really love that last one. Haven't heard that before, but I'm definitely going to keep that with me in this hobby as well as in life. Thank you!!
  3. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Would shading/shadowing be the same as using specific washes on specific areas? While highlighting is "manual" work in that you need to combine white with basecoat colors to make them lighter (if there are no available paint of lighter color). Would these be correct assumption?
  4. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Thanks for the advice. I have a set of artist loft 10 brush set from michael's and awaiting a 0 and 2 series 7 brushes. Once I get new minis, I'll try again with the craft brushes, but thinning paint more and less loaded brush. Then try the same with the series 7 brushes. Lol thank you for the advice and compliment. I've had it since I was in grade school actually. It's from a Busta Rhymes song titled Woo Hah! Wow talk about a good day! I just received my series 7 from amazon. the #2 came in excellent condition, but the #0 already had a hair that bent and the tip is not pointy (looked used). So I had it RMA'd; I got my full refund and didn't have to return the brush I know there is a slight difference in hair/reservoir length in the regular series 7 vs the miniature; but which one is generally better?
  5. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Thank you, this clears is up a lot. Quick question. In the kobolds, I only have 1 kind of blue and red paint. Would I be able to mix some white and black/brown paint (along with thinning appropriately) to make shadows and highlighting, without having to buy a set of lighter and darker paints?
  6. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    I've been watching Sorastro (and yes I agree his stuff is amazing!!) and miniwargamer. I'll check out the other 2 as well, thank you! I can't wait for my order to ship (ordered 10 reaper bones). Just like you, I was searching for a hobby that is very relaxing; though sometimes I'm scared I'll get in the habit of overthinking painting and then having it stress me out
  7. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Thank you everyone. I'll continue practicing, waiting on a few more bones minis and also a series 7 brush (to see if it makes a difference for me). Glad to be on the forums, everyone is extremely helpful and awesome!
  8. whoohaaah

    New painter, Kobold and Deladrin

    Thank you for the quick response. Yeah the bases are extremely messy. I'm waiting on bases to glue them on, but wanted to "master" the basics of painting the actual minis first. I purchased basic brushes and i think the 0 and 1 which i am using are already splaying. Just waiting on a better brushes. What do you mean by "which you can do as a general direct from above highlighting"? Mods, please move to "Work in Progress"
  9. Hello, I'm a brand new to the hobby and a loving how (surprisingly) relaxing it is. I've never been an artistic person, but i got into it because i liked the idea of creating my "custom" tabletop minis. These two are first I've ever done. I think it went ok for a first try, but definitely lacking and needing A LOT of work; it looks really messy. I would love some constructive criticism. Thank you. Also just a few questions: 1. How long do you usually wait for initial base coats to dry before doing a second/third coat? 2. I'm a little confused on how/when to apply shadows, highlights, glazes, etc. Reaper Bones Kobolds (first ever). Reaper Bones Deladrin (second)