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  1. I'm liking this a lot!
  2. Not a bad idea.
  3. I'm surprised there isn't an elven chess set.
  4. For the time being, let's settle for Human vs Human. (Good vs Evil or both sides neutral in alignment.) Question: Any recommendations for Rooks?
  5. I'm interested in doing a chess set using Reaper Miniatures. Recommendations please.
  6. Does anyone feel the Jessica Blaze, Smuggler miniature would make an adequate Tracer?
  7. Not bad. Thank you.
  8. Yes, they are cool, thanks. That said, I wanted to do something with a similar vibe with certain Reaper miniatures, particularly those from the Chronoscope line. I'll get back to you folks.
  9. There's no doubt that most of the success of Overwatch is due to the colorful superheroic (and occasionally supervillainous) characters. I've had this idea of making an Overwatch style team using Reaper Miniatures. While I already have some idea for the choices (which I might share with you), I was wondering if any of you have any thoughts on the subject.
  10. 1) IMEF Bulldog 2) Rand Daingerfield
  11. Has anyone tried Aves 2-part sculpting putty? I have.
  12. I was wondering if there would be new superhero miniatures in addition to he ones already offered by Reaper.
  13. A female ronin.