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  1. This is soooo awesome! I love the color choices. The orange is my favorite. Congrats on he accomplishment - I hope you can put this somewhere that you can look on it regularly and feel a warm glow of satisfaction.
  2. Wow! Very cool nmm on the knife (which kinda looks like a cat claw to me). I also like the scarf. I'm curious if you followed a real life example or just came up with the striped pattern. Looks like a real scarf but also hard to just invent. Well, hard to copy too I imagine.
  3. These are really nice! The first group reads jade to me and the second are a spectral, magic, almost ghostly looking armor. Great job!
  4. Just caught up on the frostgravy goodness. Impressive hauls and surprisingly little loss of life for what sounded like a dangerous scenario. How much would you credit to experience with the game? Can't wait to hear about the next episode!
  5. It might be a bit late to come up with July goals, but since my remaining June goals were pushed aside when my Dwarven Forge castles arrived, my one goal for the month is to finish painting the pile of dwarvenite. I'm down to the more fiddly decorative bits. Also try to get my photo area set back up so I can start posting pics again.
  6. Recived my Frostgrave Ulterior Motives from the Nickstarter. Strange enough, the package made it to Wilminton, DE last week. Thought it would make its way the last 30 or so miles by Monday but instead over the weekend it went to California according to the tracker. Then came all the way back to Wilmington and arrived this afternoon. Now I understand why I paid so much for shipping. Besides the cards, I went in for the terrain and added to my order one frame of the plastic Gnolls and the metal "young elementalists"
  7. I am reading this question two ways. I'll just answer both. 1) Have I ever taken a miniature that I have painted to completion, stripped it of its original paint job, and then painted it again? No I have not. Although I do have a pretty crummy old paint job that I'm thinking of just turning into a statue. It is not exactly finished and I won't have to strip it. I have also repainted terrain/ dungeon tiles when the first scheme turned out too bright green. 2) Have I painted multiple copies of the same sculpt? Yes. Goblins, skellies, zombies, bugbears, spiders, beetles, and recently bones 3 centipedes.
  8. First character. I called him... Ishmael. Ismael was a 2nd edition cleric of an invented deity of oozes and slimes named Ughoolzo. I guess we were into randomly generated names in the early 90s.
  9. Thanks everyone! The Axeman was one of my mvps of yesterday's Frostgrave game (used him as an infantryman). Took no hits and killed a thief for his treasure and fought off a construct until he could get off the board. He has earned the magic (+1 damage) two-handed weapon I rolled in treasure.
  10. Thanks to Chris Palmer and Knabe and the rest of the folks at Critical Hit for the warm welcome as I got in my first "away" game of Frostgrave. Before this I'd only played with the kids and their school mates. snapped one pic late game from my end of the table. Highlights of the game included controlling Knabe's snow leopard only to have it die fighting the imp he summoned, having my apprentice kill himself by failing to cast heal with 2 hp left, and putting a fog wall between my infantryman who had stolen a treasure from the enchanter and the construct who subsequently came alive and attacked. Ended up with three treasures, seven spells cast, and one defeated statue. Although I lost over half the warband and the apprentice, only the warhounds had lasting impact (one killed, the other badly wounded), though the apprentice had a close call and lost only his staff. Here are the survivors and their treasures:
  11. It's check in time. I managed to paint the rest of the frostgrave warband and put it to good use yesterday. I'll have to put up some pics when my photo set up is back to normal. Also finished the pc minis for the party. The birthday digit helped out with a couple and we ended up with two extra painted (and statted) characters. I also did an oxidation beast (rust monster) since I had to put the fear into the players early. orepping the adventure was a lot more work than I'd bargained for. But I do tend to over-prepare my adventures. Started converting the Father's Day mini last night. Decided I'd do a few of the graveyard expansion terrain pieces before the fences since I may need to put together some catacombs soon. Also decided I need to make a couple "fog walls" for frostgrave. Either will meet the goal of terrain making for the month.
  12. He looks super in his primaries. Those wings smell of dragon. Is he perhaps dragon blooded or some such? Also, this may have come up elsewhere so forgive the naive question, but how do you achieve such luxiurious grasses? Are those all tufts or do you use an applicator thingy? I marvel at your miniature landscape architecting.
  13. I'll go next. I'm InvisibleThumb, Thumb to some, or IT for short. Real world name is Jamie, but that's all you're getting. I have a spouse and two growing children. They and their friends are my gaming group. I play Pathfinder and Frostgrave and lots of board games. I started out gaming in high school with d&d 2nd edition. A group of friends from high school needed a healer for their group. They got a diplomat. Took time off during college. Got back into it in grad school and was turned on to 3rd/3.5 edition and miniatures (preprinted at the time). After finishing the PhD, moved to Texas and became the DM for a great group there for a while. One was quite the painter and I got bitten by the bug but did not have the skills or tools or time really. Then came the children and memory fades for a bit while they were babies and little to no sleep was gotten. Somewhere in there we moved to Delaware and kickstarters and bones and dwarvenite all came together at the perfect time when the kids were getting old enough that I could think about hobbies again. I have been a lurker here for a while and as I got over the initial painting learning curve I finally joined two months ago. I paint for gaming and for fun. Initially I saw miniature painting as serving my gaming interests. Now I see gaming as serving my painting (and terrain making/collecting) interests just as much. In reality they both serve my story-telling and world building interests. Okay that was probably way too long. But it's been a blast getting to know people on here so far and I hope to keep it up.
  14. These look fantastic. You've been very productive since Saturday. I'm especially enamored by the green and growing things on the shrine. Wyrmgear looks very nice. I say go ahead and dirty it up some. It'll add interest to the look as long as you don't overdo it.
  15. Ooh pretty! And reminds me of a saying. "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn."