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  1. Rainbow Dragon challenge: a Sanwah Production

    Ooh tiger dragon would be awesome! There are white tigers too, with hints of orange...
  2. Nice rolls for colors! Go for it!
  3. InvisibleThumb's quest to Randomly Rainbow a Dragon is complete!

    Done. I'm ready for my next quest!
  4. Kyphrixis alien goo (replaced mint green) olive green fire red 3 stars
  5. Mouse's Mouslings

    Lately I've used a glue gun to fix mine to some old spools. It usually comes off easily enough without problems. Too easily if I take too long to finish a miniature.
  6. Mouse's Mouslings

    Go mouse go! Good start. do you have anything that you stick your mice to while painting? I used to glue mine to the end of a unsharpened pencil to hold while painting. With such a tiny figure I can't imagine holding it in your fingers while trying to reach all the parts.
  7. Mouse's First Mousling - Reapercon 2017 VIP Mousling - Hot Foot

    Cute little devil! I like the looks of the bubbling lava. And those tiny imps! How small are those!? Good job getting at their tiny features! One comment on the fiery foot (auto corrupt wanted that to say furry foot!) - I have seen before and like the look of fire when it is brighter/yellow at the bottom and more red toward the top. I don't remember if it is more "accurate" or that it sells the idea of fire better. In this case the flame is so small I don't know if it would be feasible, but I would recommend trying it out that way and see if you like it better too. oh, and good job getting the darned little thing photographed!
  8. Went ahead and made a show off thread. Same pics. Now to return to my novel writing for the month...
  9. I chose to paint Kyphryxes (still can't spell it). Rolled the colors mint green, olive green, and fire red. Replaced mint green with alien goo. So this was painted only with the following five colors (and red and green liner): Alien Goo Olive Green Fire Red Solid Black Pure White and here are the results: WIP is here. Kinda petered out at the end. and yes, it is pretty bright in person. Hope my next foray into random colors is a little less stimulating.
  10. Here's where it ended up. Eyes dotted, base dry brushed, and those wings shaded a bit more. Ended up sticking to just the five colors. Gonna have to take a break from red and green for a while(until next month anyway)! First the top view of those spots. Broken up by the darker lines, I don't mind the spots as much. Still not exactly the look I was going for, but I'm not inspired to do anything else. Here are he side shots. overall I am happy with how she turned out. Scary enough to counter the Xmas dragon feel.
  11. It's been a couple weeks since I've updated. I was pretty stuck on the wings. Tried a couple different schemes. Ended up sticking with a veined look for the under side and colored patches on top. The spots on top still didn't look right to me until I broke them up with a darker color. Here is where the wings were before tonight. bottoms. Not too far off from what I wanted, just too red. tops- not the effect I was going for but maybe I can fix it? ...more in a bit. Putting the youngest to bed.
  12. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    She's very lovely. I like your color choices a lot and the overall composition. I will offer a critique since it is wanted. Though I see it is your first osl attempt, and it is definitely a nice effect, I find there is too much yellow on the hand and surrounding area. I think it would work if the rest of the mini were darker, but since there seems to be plenty of another light source, I think the lantern glow would make a lot less of an impact. I think a slightly subtler yellow quickly fading into lighter (or redder) versions of the normal color would work here. You know the way a lantern might glow brightly in the dark of night, but the same lantern at day looks a lot dimmer? I do like how you did the broom handle and bag beneath, showing where the shadows would form. At the same time, as a first osl attempt, I applaud the choice to just go for it and make it really stand out. And of course, with magical light, normal rules don't apply.
  13. Made some progress finally so I'll plop some pictures down here. Sorry no pics between the following steps. mixed the red with black and lined/shaded much of the body scales mixed the olive with white and went back over the belly scales then went with straight alien goo one scale at a time to bring the edge up to where I want it. I could try highlighting further with a bit of white, but that will wait til later. I think I'll have to glaze with a mix of alien goo with a tiny bit of red and/or black to smooth things out, but hopefully keep the contrast there still. Not sure tho. I'm open to suggestions. I think I need to decide now what to do with the wings. I've put enough red on her that I don't think I need to add more to the wings, but I still like the idea of veiny wings. I suppose it doesn't have to be straight red. Could mix up a darker color for the veins. Or go another route and mix up a pink color and do more of a mottling pattern. I'll take input on this one too.
  14. Ferrus

    Nice axe! Cool mini, but I can't shake the image that he's a batter trying to check his swing but. . . Steeerike one!
  15. Savonarola - Fire Mage

    Awesome colors! And nice blending too. This is not exactly a critique, but I think it would be pretty cool (hot) if some of the static grass was seared/blackened. The fire looks so good I think I want to see it spread!