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  1. You win, GF! Mine was the bear. The (soon to be) ten year old loves polar bears and snow leopards. I was the less creative one just thinking what would be useful for a Frostgrave warband (hence the one inch base).
  2. Very nice! Love the bases, and the fact this was so quick for such a good effect. I compute approx 75 seconds per rat. Now that's some nice productivity. If i could finish a mini every 75 seconds it might only be a month before I'm in danger of running out of things to paint.
  3. Khanjira had a cameo on the elder digit's birthday invitation picture. kind of puts things in perspective huh?
  4. Eldest digit is turning 10 in two weeks. There will be a pathfinder party and I get to be the dungeon master. I also get to prepare minis for the party. While most will make characters a couple days before (end of next week), Indy the eldest wanted to make one this weekend. Went with a female half-Orc ranger wielding a double axe. Sounds fun, right? Well, I don't seem to have a lot of double axe wielding minis. Actually have a prepainted one, but it is an Orc and he's definitely male, so that was out. I figure I can convert an appropriate figure that's wielding a pole arm without too much trouble. But it would have to have the right positioning for the weapon. Came across Vernicia and Indy says, that's her. It turns out I have this figure from years ago. Pulled it out of the box of shame, primed black. Here it looks after dusting it off pre cutting. cut the standby end off and made a point out of what was left of the shaft. Also found a couple of prepainted orkz to remove axe heads from. They are big and ridiculous so they'll be perfect! drilled out the shaft end of the plastic axe heads a little to give them a chance to hold onto the sharpened shaft and applied super glue. Also glued to a base at this point. Then hit the whole thing with a heavy drybrush of white primer. And did a quick paint all in one night. Left it on the table and we will see what the reaction is in the morning. I think she turned out pretty good. What do you think?
  5. Delayed

    Other than this one, I've had excellent luck with kickstarter campaigns. It just figures that this one I bought into while on a work trip to Las Vegas. I stayed away from everything else risky. Still, it will make for a nice "surprise" when it does finally arrive. I don't remember what all I'd pledged for.
  6. Pre-launch

    I have tried these out a bit and here is my feeling. I have only used them for larger bones figures and terrain though I may have a squog on my shelf of shame that has been "primed" with the moss green. They have great coverage right out of the bottle but they are pretty thick and I worry about using them for smaller minis because of the potential loss of detail. I've added a tiny bit of water, but very very little without the hydrophobic quality of bones making it pool and not stick. One other thing I've noticed is that after it dries, the pieces I've painted with this paint have a rubbery feel to them. Not tacky exactly. It feels like the paint is good and strong and flexible, but a lot less sharp. Okay back on topic. Hoping bones 4 has more terrain/scenic elements, conversion bits, and paint!
  7. Just in case, I took some "finished" pictures with the base in case I mess things up after this or just can't get it to stay on the base. I would actually be happy with it and if this was a 5 day challenge I would be relieved to have made it (okay pictures are about an hour late for a 5 day challenge but whatever.) Will I continue to work on it the next two days? I don't think I can stop myself and I'll probably go down to the wire. So at least I'll have a stopping point recorded before then. here it is after 5 days and 1 hour (and one size 10/0 brush): More pics after the spoiler. let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see. And thanks everyone for following along!
  8. Here is a quick before and after of the arm plates. Did the same to legs but forgot to take before pics. It is subtle, but the holly berry gives them some depth. Also put a little witchcraft purple on the tail.
  9. Thanks Guindyloo and Rahz! Sadly the gaps are too big to use the varnish trick - though I like that idea and hope to use it on another model. I think I will fill the gaps with gs after the challenge ends. I don't need the extra pressure and don't want to really mess things up because I am hurrying. To be honest, this is the first model I've painted unassembled and had to deal with assembly and gap filling while there is paint that I don't want to mess up. Other big models I've done I have assembled first or right after primer. I am very glad I painted before putting it together, but maybe I should have tried this out before doing it as a 7 day challenge. Then again, the challenge is getting me to try out and learn new things that I might not have done anyway. this morning I found Khanji laying down, so I went ahead and glued the last leg on. I also did a bit of lining and shading on the legs with walnut brown. Mid day I will have some time to highlight those arm and leg armor plates. I'll try to get a day 5 picture that looks a little better than last night's photos. I am already thinking about my next project after this one. I may need to do a few character minis for Indy's birthday party in two weeks.
  10. Imma change things up tonight and put the pictures first. sorry about the flash. I couldn't move to a better spot for pics since glue is drying. The pink cup is helping hold the tail up while glue dries. Glue has been applied on all areas except the base and the left leg. That one is going to prove especially difficult and I want to make sure all the other glue is dry before wrestling with it. Doesnt show well in the pictures but I went over the skin tonight with the moldy skin again and then washed it with dusky skin, trying to lay in shadows and help the details show. I may have to go darker and then dry brush moldy skin back over it to get it where I want it, but it is okay for now. I also want to highlight the armor plates in the arms and legs some more. I'm thinking holly berry will work as a slightly orange red. Then I get to decide how crazy I wanna go on those back spikes and shoulder plates. I am not real happy with the gaps remaining, but I don't think I'm crazy enough to try to fill them while the challenge is still happening. Someone want to talk me into or out of or at least through the gap filling issue?
  11. Go Inarah go! I will definitely paint along but I will focus on one big one and will continue until Wednesday. Are those cats I see in the first picture or lynxes? I did not realize I needed lynxes but now I think I do.
  12. Spent oh about 40 minutes - after picking up RF (ring finger) from the airport, doing some shopping pre-party, and lunch out - glazing some alien goo on the horns and retouching the blues spikes. Not just on the body but on the arms and tail as well, so that was forward progress. The glue held up better than I'd expected so I'm happy about that. There's just one gap between the back and neck spikes that's a bit bigger than is normally acceptable. I was able to shove some more blue paint into the gap with the trusty size 10/0, but I'll be filling that gap when this is over, if not before. no pics yet. I'm familying until tonight but then it'll be full on skin clinic. Khanjira will feel like the most pampered Kaiju of all when I get done.
  13. Thanks for the plug! Jealous that you're at Paizocon. Enjoy the rumpus! I am supposed to be sleeping now. Shh. Don't tell Khanji.
  14. Thanks Xherman. While the base was quick and stress free, turning back to the main event is rather disheartening. This is my halfway point, time-wise. But now I am at the point where I feel like everything I do is doing at least as much harm as good. Yes paint is rubbing off as I handle things too rough. And I'm getting a little hasty/sloppy with the paint and making more mistakes that need to be cleaned up. And of course as soon as I fix things or reapply rubbed off paint, I stick my fingers in the fresh paint as I grab it again. Amidst this, I got paint on the last pieces without a base coat: the hornticles. I'm not 100% sure about the direction I ended up going with them. The tentacles are very drab in a dusky skin color with a few dots of the moldy skin. While the horns on the other hand are loud and obnoxious. I wanted some alien goo on my Khanjira (that is the paint color, alien goo), and I wasn't sure I liked the idea of putting it on the blue spikes anymore. So I went for it with these horns. I wanted the goo glow to come from he center of the horns so I put some coal black on the raised areas to give that impression. Instead it is looking like a wasp. I think I'll actually dial back the coal black and or find another color to ease up on the contrast. It's just too too. That said, I did not entirely decide this before going ahead with assembly. Ruh roh. So about the gluing. It becomes immediately apparent why so many pieces when you start putting it together and see how many spikes poke out and block he brush from reaching certain areas. I think I'll be fine with this, but it's bound to annoy me soon. I will wait to glue arms and legs until I've done a bit more work on the skin and gone back over everything on the limbs. pictures were taken while I hold things together and wait for glue to dry. remaining tasks: go over skin everywhere except the head. Touch up spikes. Recoat and highlight arm and leg plates touch up spikes decide what to do about big honking shoulder pads and do it. touch up spikes. assemble arms and legs and tail. really touch up spikes good. final dry brushing and last minute crazy inspiration details. then maybe put some cool stuff on the base. I can totally do this. But first I should sleep.
  15. Ma'ally wanna cracker? Squawk! This will be awesome. What will you call it? I can't think of anything that rolls off the tongue like Tiamacrab.