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  1. Don't know why I'm so nervous to put this out there. Really it's just for fun and no big deal, but I'd like to enter myself into a goblin challenge starting tomorrow, May 24. Time Tbd. Khanjira is currently still in the box. Tonight I will dry fit, clean, and attempt to fix warping. Tomorrow afternoon I will begin the challenge. Just to be sure: I have a couple packs of round size 10/0, 5/0, and 3/0. Any of those would be allowed, correct? They are within the 10 mm long, but not sure where to measure the 1 mm wide. At the ferrule, just the bristles at the ferrule end or the tip? okay, now to clean the paint area and I'd some colors.
  2. Ah, the heckling begins! I will soon learn the depths of my bottle of brown liner, and may need to scramble if I come up short. I was thinking I'd mix primers to start with a grey coat for the base anyway. Plus this is bones. I don't really need to prime, do I? With the digits tucked in for the night, I descend into my lair to create a monster...
  3. Hey I recognize that mini! Nice work on the Hoofed horned one. Hope he gets to hunt soon.
  4. Quick boring update. Mold lines have been trimmed. No blood so far, so that's good news. No paint has been applied yet, that's the bad news. Gotta go pick up the digits. Will continue after their bedtime tonight when I find out if I have enough brown liner.
  5. Official start time: 2:00 pm eastern, Wednesday, May 24th.
  6. Great cloak and fur! Looks good. Plus a cool base. One tip I have is that I like to paint over the black base before flying down flock/snow. Like green for grass, brown mud, gray stone, or white snow. Then it doesn't take as much flock to cover it and the black doesn't show through. It is an extra step but I like the results (when I'm not speed painting.)
  7. Glad you liked it and it's helpin get another figure ready for action. I sometimes find simpler paint jobs more inspiring than really fancy ones since I can see more easily how I could replicate it. Of course I would like to improve to the point where I can do that with fancier paint jobs too.
  8. Yet another speed paint, this one pretty much human sized. I'm thinking of using this one in a Frostgrave warband. It's not exactly human, but I think that works in the setting (there are beast crafters after all). If I do decide to use it in a warband I think I'll have to base it on something standard.
  9. Nice of you to say, Taskmaster. There's a lot I'd do with a little more time, but I am happy with it for what it is. I think it's a good exercise and recommend trying a quickie from time to time. Helps get you to realize what you can do with simpler techniques and color choice which can come in handy even when you are taking your time.
  10. Sat down for two hours today to make the time until bones 3 shipment notification go by. Thought I'd try a speed paint of something largish. Wasn't sure if this should have gone in the WIP thread. Not putting it in show off though since it is far from what I would consider done. Still, a fun test of my speed. 2:39 pm about to rip open the bag. 2:51 pm mold lines trimmed, washed, glued to a base. 3:13 pm. Brown linered. Poured too much so a big puppy got some liner too. Had to wait for drying anyway. 3:47 pm. Green hair, off white weapon and other accessories. Eyes. 4:08 pm. Skin. Lots of skin. 4:28 pm. Blue and purple/red cloth and accessories. What, only 10 minutes left? 4:41 copper details. Little leather. Okay, technically a couple minutes over. Would have liked to go for another 20-30 min but I had to run out. mission accomplished? Well, there base could use some attention. And the face. Really all of the skin could use a highlight. And the hair. But I think I'll keep it as is for now to show what I am capable of in two hours. Maybe try this again in a while (there is the male still to do) and see if I get any faster.
  11. Very pretty. What a sweet gift! Love the tips of the wings and the blue dress.
  12. It's getting warmer. Really nice job with this! I'd want to see some yellow/orange in the osl mix to be convinced that light is coming from the fireball. But if there are other significant light sources as there seem to be on this, you can keep the osl spread tight. Not much further than what you've done with the white, but more on the hand/arm right next to the fire. I think the color in the osl will also help sell the look of the fireball.
  13. Looks great! I love the stick and true patches turned out wonderful. Hmm criticism... Maybe I'd be tempted to highlight the skin on the feet and hands just a bit more. But it really looks good as is. (I'd also be tempted to throw something else on the base - but that's another rabbit hole)
  14. What the devil? I mean, nice start on this meanie! I like the purple cloak. I'm guessing that's a favorite color of yours? are you going to do something with the eye holes or other parts of the face to make the mask more obviously apart from the face? It looks like there's a mustache coming out from behind it. Is that what it is?
  15. Nice face and great greens! I find white to be nearly impossible to get the effect I want. I tend to do white accents instead of larger areas. That said, you can start with your light gray and push the highlights to where it has the same effect as white.
  16. Very nice so far! Will be interested to see how you paint up the water. Cheering you on!
  17. Thanks OneBoot, I have two of these three packs. Just in case I may stop in at Michael's tomorrow and grab a couple more. Thanks for the encouragement, Serenity and Guindyloo too. I'm feeling less nervous having dry fit the pieces and washed them. Yes there will be mold lines a plenty to trim and gettin both legs glued and on the base at the same time looks like it will require a couple extra arms, but it could be worse. so I couldn't leave the sacrificial troll unfinished so I speed painted it to tabletop quality and I think I like how he colors ended up. The purple of the tongue may appear in other areas, and I think there's a chance I may even change my mind about the blue. We will see once Khanjira starts to speak to me as I trim mold lines tomorrow. pics of the troll behind the spoiler.
  18. Ive been measuring my brushes. All are under 10 mm long. But it is hard to get an accurate width measurement. They are clearly less than 2 mm wide, but I cannot see the two mm markings on either side to say they are less than 1 mm. Can we get a brush judge here to look at these? On another note, Khanjira takes its first victim. I sacrificed a bones marsh troll to try out some color combos: I am pretty settled on the blue for the spikes/plates. I want a fringe of bright green or yellow. We will see how that goes. Tried out "ruddy brown" and did not like it. Tried Mahogany Brown and liked that better. Tried Red Shadow and liked it best. Seen on the left hand armored bit. I also decided against the green flesh. This is actually a mix of palomino gold and black green. I think I like moldy skin best. Also on the left hand in the second photo.
  19. I have yet to assemble a complete figure from any of the Frostgrave sprues of plastic parts, so I thought I'd start slow with a head swap. Enter Anval Theicedamned, Evil Warrior. His head is just begging to be chopped off. I figured I'd swap one hooded head for another so I chose what appeared to be an armored hooded head from the cultists sprue and after chipping away at Anval's neck area, applied the super glue and commenced to hold it in place for several minutes. Yes, there is a better way, and it involves drilling and pinning things. Bah, details. It eventually stuck and I decided on a paint scheme. Much metallics of various kinds. Sadly I only have a few. And a non traditional skin color. This guy with no visible face lends itself well to an exotic or alien race. Also, there's some nice detail on that axe. I decided it must be some kind of magic weapon, perhaps of the air, storm, lightning element kind? So I applied an unusual color and effect on the blade. Sparking snow and yes, alien goo. Also tried to give him a lightning tattoo in alien goo on the back. Here is the finished piece. So how convincing is the new head? A view of the axe And tat
  20. Here is my finished "spirit of the forest" diorama. Including a bones bird familiar and metal squirrel familiar from 02756. (The axe was from a Frostgrave plastic sprue - cultists or soldiers?) wip is here Pics Oops - meant to put his in show off. How do I fix it? Mod help?
  21. Congrats! And thanks for the enable, too. I jumped in while the discount was still on. May 22 - I think I'm pretty good at the kind of patience where you have no choice - at the dentist, or waiting for some future event. I think I am less patient when I dont have to be. This includes craft projects where I may move on to step 2 before step 1 is complete. Or call a mini I'm painting "good enough" because I don't feel like finishing it to a higher standard. I would give myself a 12 but then I remember what I'm like in traffic. Outward appearance you might not see it, but I'm honking on the inside.
  22. I looked back and though I did not record it all, I do remember the following steps for the grey wood: base coat of stone grey over brown liner. Very light wash of walnut brown. Glazed on highlights of rainy grey. Dry brush of a mix of rainy grey and moldy skin. There may have been another wash with walnut brown or umber brown (probably a mix) between the last two steps. But it would have been very little.
  23. Thanks so much for the nice comments everyone! There are two different sections of water here: the stream and the koi pond. For the pond it was pretty much just pouring water effect in, letting it sit, pop bubbles, and pour some more. Little bit at a time and using a piece of wire to guide the effects toward the end. I did not want to completely cover the fish, like it was coming to the surface to check things out and the water effect "climbed" the edges and fish a bit, which was fine with me since it looked like a result of the koi's surfacing. The stream effect is mostly from a Happy Sepoku stamp on putty. Their "ground - creek bed" stamp, which I find a little hard to use for human (30 mm) sized figures since the larger size of the textures does not fit easily on an inch base. At any rate, I only used the stamp on half of the base and lined it up so the creek cut across the middle-ish. I shored it up with a few actual stones pressed into the putty, but all of the stones in the middle of the creek are stamped from putty. After painting, I did go over the water in the creek with two coats of gloss varnish. Sorry that that explanation took so long. Yes, I linked to he WIP in the first post. However the beginning is all mushroom folk so you may want to skip most of the first page. It is also long winded. I'll look back and try to dig up those paints for you. I know I must have used Reaper's Stone Grey and Rainy Grey in there, since those are the two grey colors I have. But I'm sure I mixed some others in too.
  24. WIP #1 was animals. WIP #2 will be plants. Until Bones 3 arrives, I only have 2 sets of plant creatures. Spirit of the Forest and Mushrooms (a 3 pack). I decided to warm up with the fun guys. First sliced some mold lines. Not too bad and not being super picky with these. Here they are ready for their bath. After some hot water and a scrub with the old toothbrush, I mounted them each on their own homemade holder. staff on the big one was noticeably less bent after the hot water rinse. then they got a diluted coat of brown liner. next up... Base coats.