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  1. Started off the night with a fairly green, partially base coated dragon. Finished the night with fully base coated and more red dragon. other than hang red down the back and a mix of white and olive green for the underbelly, there was a lot of washing with a red/black mixture all over the bright green. The bright green will return, but I need to be patient and apply it carefully. Maybe I'll work on the wings next and put off the scales a little longer.
  2. Stuck my thumb in the box of unpainted bones and pulled out a Kyphryxis. must unbag bag and dry fit, trim mold lines and scrub, but first, the random colors... 15, ah what could that mean? I'll look later. Let's roll another. seven! Good. Nicely spaced numbers. Will look it up in a minute. For the third roll... Well darn gotta wait for the full minute so the time shown is different... Finally! oof! One! Critical miss. Well, it's probably a boring color at the top of the table. Let's see what this means: 15: mint green 7: olive green 1: fire red huh. Whadaya know. Time to go see what I've got for colors... (To be continued)
  3. Glued all but the base and one wing. superglue seems sufficient for this one. I won't be green stuffing, I'm pretty happy with the fit. now, I don't remember how the stars system works for this challenge. I intend to only use my three colors with black and white, but I am using colored liners as well to prime. I do plan to mix my colors too, just keeping the pure color prevalence ratios in order of the roll. Here I've applied green liner to the wings, red liner to the body, and a mix of the two to the base. Now for base coating. The general plan is to do the wings in olive green with maybe some red veining or on the tips. Scales will be bright alien goo green with a reddish undertone? Maybe? Base will be all kinds of brown/grey from mixing. Should be fun.
  4. These look so cool! Not so friendly fungi from their expressions. I like your spots of static grass/flocking on them too. Nice work!
  5. Sweet, the quest-giver approves my substitution. This dragon might be a bit hard to look at with the neon green color along with red. I need to decide on a scheme. It is two months early for a holly jolly dragon, and watermelon is more of a summer thing. I'm going to look to nature for inspiration. Found a few pics online of bright green geckos with red stripes and spots. (Unfortunately they didn't have wings). Yay, a cheering section. Wait, did I leave the fridge open?! Oh, and the obligatory progress report: mold lines trimmed, dry fitted. After the photo, she got scrubbed and is sitting out drying. Now to decide what color liner will work best. Maybe some experimenting is in order...
  6. Weelll, I've got two of the three colors on the shelf. My closest to Mint Green however is my good ol buddy Alien Goo. So I've gotta ask myself, are you crazy enough to paint a dragon with primary color Alien Goo? alternatively, I can throw mint green in the cart when I make my order for the month. I may do so regardless, now that I've seen this gap in my paint collection. Maybe add moth green to it as well since I have had my eye on it. decisions, decisions. . .
  7. Have you ever put a cat in a box with a vial of poison?
  8. Nice battle reports! I'm just getting caught up reading them, so good timing Knabe! And nice haul too! All of the accessories look so cool and using (and killing) Mr. Bones is a nice bonus. Can't wait to see how the next one turns out.
  9. Managed to get some paint on another wolf, this one quite big and bad. It was a quick job though I tried to get more variations of brown and grey than are showing in the photo. This is the bones 3 werewolf. While I was not originally sold on the pose, I have to admit it is very suggestive. I can just see this being part of a diorama (Red would be hiding around the corner while the wolf's head emerges through the cottage window) since it will be joining the forested side of the display, I pulled out my only two premade trees for a quick action shot. whatcha got in yer basket?
  10. I am trying to break out of my lurker mode and post more. I have many excuses for my silence the last few months, one of which is my lack of a good photo set up. So I decided to just take crummy phone photos with the scant natural light angling in the windows across the room. I actually like the results. Especially since you can't see a lot of my poor painting as well. approaching the the hill from the pumpkin patch... Some surprises pop out if the ground. door is open but no one is home. . . Maybe check the other side of the fence BOO
  11. That looks fantastic! Mind sharing which metallics you used? They really work for this model.
  12. It's looking nice! I love this random paint idea and how it lets me see all kinds of combos I doubt I'd see otherwise. Wintogreen flavor seems to suit deathsleet well enough. (feels resistance to random dragon challenge slipping). I am sure others have warned you that those ankles won't likely hold so pinning the tail on the donk- i mean base - may be in order.
  13. Thanks PM. I had out the glue gun and thought, why not? Unfortunately it may not hold up as well as if I'd used something else like CA glue or water effects. Still, gave it a gloss coat of sealer, so I'm making some effort. That's absolutely right. I'm doing this for fun. That means sometimes I rush a bit as I notice my attention wandering to another project. Or maybe I slap together something with what I have at hand instead of waiting until I have all the tools and materials I should have. Of course that can be frustrating, and may take some fun out of a project, but I'll learn not to do it that way next time. so on that note, I took a quick pic of some trees I slapped together for the other side of the crypt. These were made by painting and gluing flock and static grass to pretty much random stuff. Foam, toothpicks, and cones of cut up grass mats. It's really just supposed to be background for the rest of the display on the shelf. I want to work on some lycanthropic critters, maybe something creepy-crawly. So a foresty background was called for. (the models in front of the trees are a small tower of dwarvenite I painted over the summer with the rest of my castles and a witch I've used as a frostgrave wizard with her cauldron) Okay no more stalling. Here's the photo with phone camera flash and all. I don't think I'll take any more pics with that flash.
  14. Very kind of you to say. The grave digger has a very dark palette except for the lantern light. I think I did this one after ordering the reaper triad with red shadow, violet shadow, and black green. So those three played a major role in setting up the contrast for the osl. Thanks! The pumpkins were painted acorns from the neighborhood. I did a little variety, and a couple variations made it onto this patch. The vines are made from moss harvested from my yard. I have lots of shade in the back and while the grass suffers, the moss thrives!
  15. Thanks! But hey, don't I get bonus points for painting a wolf? (Or negative points on account of it being corpsifiied?) Yeah, tentacled things have a way of crawling over the other miniatures in the box waiting for paint. I had fun mixing colors to make it less drab.
  16. Looks really good! Just makes me want to grab a toothbrush On second thought, my toothbrush and I will keep clear of those teeth.
  17. Thanks Pingo and Malefactus! I will try to post more regularly. Here now are three more models to add to my display. I'll need to find room for them. Photos are not as forgiving this time. Really, I'm painting at what I consider tabletop level for me. So no more than a couple sessions for the group. wait, how'd that last one sneak in there? Well it is still part of a seasonal display and the kids and I enjoyed pulling these out and building them for the umpteenth time.
  18. Brilliant idea for a necromancer war hound. Just don't confuse it with a zombie! Makes me want to go get mine painted up too. Mind sharing what color you used for the red/pink fleshy areas? I still need to try out my new bottle of entrail pink and this might be a good first candidate.
  19. These all look great! Are you going to display them all together for the season now? I am also working my way through the same expansion and have not gotten to the golem, spirits, or melon heads (pumpkin is a melon is it not?). I like that you have a spirit that has a color other than black or grey. I am not sure if I'll go for blue too or more of an eerie green on mine. The pumpkin bunch look to be the most colorful of his expansion. I am curious what their story is. Is one of them carrying a tombstone on its back? Talk about taking grave robbery too far! Or are they just the opposite? Generously delivering your headstone to you and offering to dig the hole while you wait?
  20. Finished these three from my first wip post so I'm milking them for another post here in show off. I'd love to hear your thoughts. First as a group: cow: Side a (frontish?) B-side Pig goat close up of goat face b-side group shot Thanks for looking! WIP can be found here:
  21. This is soooo awesome! I love the color choices. The orange is my favorite. Congrats on he accomplishment - I hope you can put this somewhere that you can look on it regularly and feel a warm glow of satisfaction.
  22. Wow! Very cool nmm on the knife (which kinda looks like a cat claw to me). I also like the scarf. I'm curious if you followed a real life example or just came up with the striped pattern. Looks like a real scarf but also hard to just invent. Well, hard to copy too I imagine.
  23. These are really nice! The first group reads jade to me and the second are a spectral, magic, almost ghostly looking armor. Great job!
  24. Just caught up on the frostgravy goodness. Impressive hauls and surprisingly little loss of life for what sounded like a dangerous scenario. How much would you credit to experience with the game? Can't wait to hear about the next episode!
  25. It might be a bit late to come up with July goals, but since my remaining June goals were pushed aside when my Dwarven Forge castles arrived, my one goal for the month is to finish painting the pile of dwarvenite. I'm down to the more fiddly decorative bits. Also try to get my photo area set back up so I can start posting pics again.