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  1. Really liking the colors on the giant!!!
  2. Nice work. Love the base!!!
  3. Out comes the credit card.
  4. Just purchased the Mousling set myself. You have inspired me to get to work on it.
  5. Great colors and nice basing.
  6. I like that Wererat!! With a little modification I could fit him into my Skaven Blood Bowl team.
  7. Liking the scales on that reptile!!!
  8. Great job. Love the colors you picked especially in the hair.
  9. Just finished figure number 2 in my Cowboys and Gunslingers set. I'm not very good at painting black but I'm working on it. I highlighted slightly with shadowed stone gray but it's hard to tell from the pics. I need to set up a photo box. Gonna work on that this weekend. thanks for looking. Always look forward to your comments and critiques.
  10. Nice work!!!
  11. What a great job on the Corpse Cart. I wanted to do one of those awhile ago but never did. You have inspired me to track one down.
  12. Those eyes!!!!!! Excellent work!!
  13. Good looking horde!!!!
  14. Love the fire minis. That burnt look at the tips is phoenomanal!!!!!!
  15. My Cowboys and Gunslingers boxed set arrived. I started by painting up Hank Callahan. A lot of fun to paint something different. I have downloaded the rule set and once I finish painting the rest of the set, a few friends and I will give it a go. comments and critiques are always welcome.