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  1. Just finished this up. Army Painter matte black primer with a Necron Compound dry brush for the armor. Nulin Oil wash. The other paints are Reaper HD with Citadel washes. Comments and Critiques are always welcome.
  2. Just saw him perform at 98 Rockfest. Can't believe he's now gone.
  3. Alien Covenant. Loved it!!!!!
  4. Your 2 hour paint job looks way better than my 2 day paint job. Nice work!!!
  5. Nice work. I have one of these yet to be started. You have given me the inspiration to break him out of his blister pack and get to work.
  6. I am liking the purple you chose!!!!
  7. Beautiful work on both the mini and the base!!!!!
  8. Just finished up Garrick the Bold. Painted with Army Painter matte black undercoat, dry brushed Necron Compund then finished off with Reaper HD paints. Basing done with the Army Painter basing kit. Pay no attention to my paint fingers. comments and critiques always welcome.
  9. I think you did a helluva good job on it. I like the color scheme you chose.
  10. Nice work!!! I like the cloak. The purple highlights work well with the black.
  11. I decided to do a speed paint on this Barrow Warden. Primered with Army Painter matte black. Used Reaper HD paints with Citadel washes. The base was done with Citadel texture paint. Comments and and critiques are always welcome.
  12. Great colors!!!!! Love the blue to purple on the outer skin.
  13. Your speed painting looks way better than my slow painting. Nice work!!! Love that gobbo with the sword....lol.
  14. Dark and evil, just the way I like it!! Great work!!!
  15. Great looking paint job on that mini.
  16. Can't wait to see the end result on this!!!
  17. The putrid yellow skin looks great on these!!!!
  18. As a Blood Bowl player I was very excited to see more teams being introduced. A goblin team is now available for preorder. There are also new "made to order" teams available such as Lizardmen and Undead. Death zone Season 2 is also available for preorder. I dont know know the rules about linking so I won't do it. I'm pretty sure you all know how to find this info. Any other Blood Bowl players??
  19. Ok so I think I get it. I need to put "not" in front of certain things. not-Gwar type figs not-Samurai Shodown not-Street Fighter not-Metal Slug figures/vehicles Would like to paint a not-Link from the Zelda series. Yeah, I'm a video game junkie.
  20. A Sarlaac!!!!
  21. I use Army Painter color primers a lot. I'll come up with a base coat first. While it's sitting there drying I'll start thinking of other colors to compliment it. Sometimes it takes me awhile. I have a fire dragon right now primered in Chaotic Red. It's been that way for a few days. I'll also google pics to get color ideas and I look a lot at the inspiration gallery on the reaper main site.
  22. Liking that troll. Add another must buy to the list.
  23. Live

    I want those minis badly but don't know if I want to pledge that much.
  24. Is it cat friendly??? Great work!!!
  25. The glossy finish looks great on the brain part. Well done!!!!