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  1. stunties

    Dave Barfield

    Does anyone know who Dave Barfield is ? Is he a Reaper sculptor ?
  2. stunties

    Reaper Bones 77213

    The 77213 figure was also offered as part of Kickstarter 2, in the core set, numbered as 92618 ..... ? There he is shown with the hammer in the correct position as in the metal version 03717..... yet I still received the upside down hammer version ? So a correct Bones version does exist with a correctly aligned hammer ? Has anyone received one ?
  3. stunties

    Reaper Bones 77213

    The illustration for this dwarf depicts a figure with both arms raised, the right arm holding what appears to be a scroll. Yet the only one I have seen, has a lowered right arm holding what appears to be an upside down hammer ? Is the illustrated (2 raised arms) version available ?