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  1. great job your highlights really stand out
  2. 01567, Mary the Chibi Mermaid

    nice work, I like the colors you picked and the eyes really stand out
  3. LOTR Ugluk

    nice job
  4. Angie paints the Emerald Nightmare

    very cool, nice work
  5. 77024 Goblins

    nice job
  6. Grenadier C'thulu-esque monster

    looks pretty cool, i like the neutral color
  7. Female Halfling Samurai (Stonehaven Minis)

    nice work, very cool mini
  8. 77100: vanja, fire giant queen

    very cool, your highlighting really stands out
  9. Gandalf Mouse

    great work. i like your color scheme and how clean the painting is
  10. Zombicide:BP NPC's 1 [Picture heavy]

    aẃesome looking lil army. nice job
  11. 77163: Male Storm Giant

    very cool, nice job
  12. Demogorgon - Pacesetter Games

    nice work. the lava base really stand out
  13. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

    great job. i really like the water effect