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  1. Tjrez

    89014: Seltyiel, Iconic Magus - BONES

    nice job , i like the bird and the effects you made to the cape. looks very worn.
  2. nice work :) i like the spellbook and the effects to the weapon.
  3. Tjrez

    Esthel from Nocturna Models, 32mm

    Looks pretty cool, i like the effects on your leather . nice job :)
  4. Tjrez

    03504: Karahl Farstep, Wizard

    nice job, i like the subtle colors
  5. Tjrez

    Dwarf Butcher, and GoldDigger clan

    pretty cool :)
  6. Tjrez

    The Prophet of The Blight

    nice :)
  7. Tjrez

    14536 Varaug Orc Warlord

    The armor and base really stand out, nice work
  8. Tjrez

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Fantasy Holiday Village 2018

    wow thats alot of work, well done
  9. Tjrez

    Kar Drakir & Dragonman Warrior (Bones)

    very cool. i like your highlighting
  10. Tjrez

    Sessairs Minotaur

    nice job :)
  11. Tjrez

    Tough monks and statues

    nice job :)
  12. Tjrez

    Stone Giant

    great job :) looks very cool, i like the base