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  1. thats a pretty good pic. My pics are way worse. nice job on the paintin.
  2. nice job
  3. I washed him earth brown to make all the recesses stand out and to darken the deeper points. Im now going to add 2 glazes of new gold and on my third glaze ill use the same 2 brush blending technique for his armor coat. The colors i used on the succubus was blood red, new gold, polished bone, midnight blue, p3 khardic flesh, p3 ryn flesh, p3 midland flesh, earth brown, black , vallejo off white, leather brown and antique gold. I have been busy all day on my dragon. Time to work on this guy.
  4. lol, i just emptied my cart with a dif vendor . Ill just work on few more Reaper projects first I guess ;)
  5. Thanks for the tip, ill try em on up coming resin projects
  6. im looking forward to painting this one. Great paint job.
  7. nice job. theres several things i like about this, very well done. What did you use for the base?
  8. I would suggest a round file to fix the leg, looks like a great set of minis.Looking forward to see these
  9. nice job, i like the bases. The eye slug looks pretty cool to
  10. I imagine some of yô guys have so many bones right now it looks like a graveyard :)
  11. nice job, I always loved those rat sculpts. I really like how you used the different colors on the rats, they really stand out like that
  12. nice job. I thīnk Hdclearman may be onto something there. Maybe just a wash would tone it down a bit.
  13. nice job, i like the shield
  14. he looks giant :) will be looking forward to seeing how this turns out. looks good so far.