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  1. nice job
  2. nice job
  3. nice start
  4. I use a flannel cloth to clean mine and kind of spin the brush as i drag it to keep the point
  5. Welcome to the hobby, Marc. I have never used Reaper brushes. It's best to get a good sable round 0 I'm not sure of pricing of other brands but I been using dick blick and they have a lifetime warranty for the same price of other brands.Youll wants a fairly decent with a good point. some cheaper brands point don't last. Hope my opinion helps
  6. nice job, the wet effect really adds to it
  7. nice job , i like how you made the scales stand out.
  8. looks good, I like the blue, tan color scheme
  9. nice job, another one done :)
  10. nice job, i like the tattoo effect
  11. Picked up this resin model pretty cheap. Took awhile to get here but worth the wait. This one will be started soon as I finish my dragon. I'll do a WIP on these forums when I start.
  12. looks good, nice job