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  1. I was curious as to how everyone found Reaper and this community on the forum? I was looking for a set of paint and came across Reaper on ebay. When i goggled Reaper to find the set again a whole list of minis came up. I was drawn by some of the sculptures and I seen some metal minis. Here I thought Reaper only made the bones or minis out of bone material. I had seen the name in the past but always seen it related to bones. Thats when I found these forums and how well designed and easy to navigate it was. I dont usually joīn social forums cause it was never really my thing to partcipate. I always seen the hobby as a private endeavor until now. I look forward to learning and sharing on here as this is a pretty cool community.
  2. well back to pushin some paint , bending the brush and marveling some minis ;)
  3. I added myself on the Colorado part of the map. Thats pretty neat
  4. i find my best results to be with vallagho or reapers msp at a 50/50 mixture of glaze and primer. It gives a very silky sheen, but still holding consistency and flows well. I was using aerosol cans for years but i cant get them up here.
  5. interestiñg. i wondered if anyone ever used that product on minis when i watched a w&n video not long ago. yes the spray gives a much more even coat if done correctly and you also have the benefit of zenethil highlighting when you use that approach. I noticed this to be more of a painted on withbrush primer problem
  6. Everyone has their own style thats why I love these forums and seeing everyones ideas yes i agree thats the key but i have seen people lose detail trying to use a watered down primer which seeps into small detail, cause they were applying it thinly with out using a substrate with a binder
  7. Ill add glaze medium to my primer to give it that silky look, but i try not to dilute mine with any water based solution as I noticed it breaks the consistency of the pigment.
  8. I was glancing thru the pics here and seen some peoples primers jobs looks rather lumpy or inconsistent. I noticed it alot and it make me wonder how many people use water in their primer? No in an air brush, but painted on. It believe its necessary to add a medium or additive to your primer as water doesnt have the binders to promote an even coverage and will break down the acrylic matrix. What do you guys think on this?
  9. Thanks Jack, says no image available..and what size is it?
  10. I wanted to put a Reaper sticker on my paint box. You guys make company stickers?I was hoping I was going to get something like that with my order
  11. My hobby goal for this month was 10 minis. im at 6 so far. Besides my big project, that i dont want to put time on. It will get finished when it gets done
  12. paperclip. ya i agree , that or the goop that collects on tip. Bût those are pretty minimal
  13. This never happens to me. I keep close track of my possessions and I know exactly where everything is. It may be anal but I get worried when I misplace the smallest thīg and will look forever till i find it. The stuff I dont need i give away to the local freebox. Im at 8500 ft altitude and 60miles from nearest city so making an purchase of any sort is a bit harder than if things were readily available. Oh ya forgot to add if you guys ever find yô have doubles and dont need em My is .. lol
  14. nice work, i līke the colors of the wings
  15. this was copied from a post in 2012. As it turns out, every so often Ron gets a figure across his desk that he thinks will look better in resin than in metal. "But," you say, "You guys don't have a resin line!" As it turns out, now we do. Introducing RAX: Limited Edition Resin Miniatures. To kick this line off, we have Anvall Thricedamned for you. An evil warlord marauding the northern wastes of Adon with his barbarian band, his name is whispered to children in the dark and strikes fear into the defenders of villages. So I thought he was kicking off a line but I see Anvall Thricedamned was one time resin and is destined to strike fear into the hearts of villagers all by himself . It doesnt look like any more of the grudge are available Darsc