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  1. Tjrez

    Wood Elf Goddess from Dark Sword Miniatures

    nice job :)
  2. Tjrez

    A Bunch of Painted Stuff

    very cool, the photos are very clear . nice job
  3. Tjrez

    Wizkids Rusty Dragon Inn bar set

    nice job
  4. Tjrez

    Mordheim Undead Gang, including many from Reaper

    nice work :)
  5. Tjrez

    Fitz's Demon Idol OSL

    very cool :)
  6. Tjrez

    02476: Lorna the Huntress

    nice job, the sword looks cool along withthe plaid
  7. Tjrez

    Great Cthulhu

    looks pretty cool, nice job
  8. Tjrez

    Ral Partha AD&D Catoblepas

    very cool ,the highlighting really makes it look fierce :)
  9. outstanding :) You can tell you took alot of time on these. Your shading and highlighting looks great. The bases were a fantastic touch. Nice job
  10. Tjrez

    Zulu Warriors as Mahud

    nice job, the face paint really makes them stand out
  11. Tjrez

    03500: Mason Thornwarden, Ranger

    nice job, i like the subtle colors
  12. Tjrez

    77379: Dracolisk

    nice job , i really like the color scheme
  13. Tjrez

    Whisperer Below (Custom mini)

    nice job,The eye looks really creepy.
  14. Tjrez

    Bones Sea Lion

    nice job
  15. Tjrez

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    great work, the highlighting really makes it stand out
  16. Tjrez

    Yet More Mushrooms, insane numbers of pics

    very cool, you have a whole army of those lil guys painted :)
  17. Tjrez

    77514: Iron Golem

    nice job , the added rust looks pretty cool
  18. Tjrez

    Disciple of the Flower Witch

    great work, i really like you color scheme on this peice
  19. Tjrez

    Wild west oz

    very cool, the dress really makes it stand out. nice job
  20. Tjrez

    Verthandi, grassland queen

    great work, your flesh tone is awesome along with your highlighting and shadowing. You can tell you spent alot of time on this peice. The blending looks great also. I just noticed the freckles :) very cool keep up the good work
  21. Tjrez

    Mouseling Beekeper - 77290

    very cool. i like the cape detailing
  22. Tjrez

    Ral Partha Robin Hood

    nice job, the eyes really stand out
  23. Tjrez

    Wizkids - Elfe Female Paladin

    very cool, i really like the shield and display