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  1. Do you guys record and make these classes available on dvd or anything?
  2. looks pretty cool , nice job
  3. very cool free hand designs. nice job
  4. great job, I really like your color choices
  5. very cool, nice work
  6. i like it, great job
  7. nice job
  8. nice job
  9. Thanks Xherman1964 :)
  10. I wanted to post my newest WIP. Here is the start of Dragoth the Defiler. The throne comes in three pieces. So I used Green Stuff to bind it together and fill the cracks on the throne. By making very thin strings and pushing into place with different objects I was able to conceal all the cracks. Im going to let this stuff dry and Ill prime it tomorrow.
  11. So I took some sheet cork and laid it on a lino block my friend had given me. I then covered with mod podge and sand from my local area and built up the base. I then covered it in some modeling soil and grass. I plan on adding a treasure chest at the base of the stairs soon. I plan on using one of the Reaper chests I had seen. That will be later on down the line.
  12. looks good nice job
  13. nice job
  14. great job, it looks really cool
  15. nice job. i like the tri color scheme
  16. looks nice, good job
  17. nice job
  18. looks pretty cool
  19. nice job
  20. Nice job, are you building a dungeon scene?
  21. nice job
  22. cool looking mini , nice job
  23. nice job
  24. nice job