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  1. great job . i like your highlighting and shading
  2. nice job , what kind of paints ere used?
  3. very cool, nice job
  4. great job. it looks like it would take some time. very cool highlighting
  5. cool looking army. i like the color scheme. nice job
  6. nice job
  7. nice job , the shields make them look very halloween like
  8. nice job
  9. clean paint job on a real cool looking mini, nie job
  10. very cool looking, nice job
  11. great job , i like your highlighting and shadowing. very dramatic
  12. nice job. what kind of paints were used?
  13. very cool. great use of the different colors
  14. nice job
  15. nice job , neat looking sculpt
  16. nice job , cool color schemes
  17. Welcome to the forum Kuche. Nice job on the mini. I like the highlighting on the armor. It really makes it stand out. looking forward to seeing more of your work
  18. nice job. i always love the old sculpts
  19. very nice. I always love the old grenadier minis
  20. nice job
  21. very cool. looks like a big project