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  1. Methods for Eyes

    Well done, looks good
  2. First Miniature - Ice Devil (Bones)

    I second what he said Looking forward to seeing more of your work
  3. Bones 3 Ogres (77454 / 77455 / 77456)

    Great job, very clean painting
  4. D&D Icewind Dale Yeti

    Nice job
  5. 03277: Hyena Pack (2)

    Great job, the spots and muzzle really add to it
  6. Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    nice job
  7. An experiment in Wappel-style painting

    nice job
  8. 77596 Sandy the Mummy Bones

    great job, i really like the eyes
  9. Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

    great job
  10. Dar Dimplefoot

    very cool, nice job
  11. Tomb of Annihilation Stone Juggernaut

    very cool nice jōb
  12. 77209 Arran Rabin, mostly monochrome

    great job
  13. Kev!'s 77631: Vorvorlaka (InMiPaMo day 4)

    very cool, nice job
  14. Paint agitators

    Thats what I use, duuno bout size but its a hematite bead
  15. great job, very clean painting and perfect for the Halloween holiday
  16. 77059 Orc Berserker

    great job, your distressed leather looks awesome
  17. 02963: Adventuring Accessories II

    great work, your washes and highlighting really bring out the detail in the scene
  18. 77306: Translucent Slimes and Tamiya Clears

    great work. i wonder if the Reaper clears work as well. I never painted a translucent yet
  19. 03828 Crusader Champion

    great job
  20. Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    great work, i really like your color scheme
  21. 01609: Lysette, Elf Wizard

    nice job