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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.

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  1. Jeepnewbie

    60186 Staunton Vhane

    Left home in a hurry for a family emergency. Grandfather having heart trouble so I’m hanging out with him helping out. I didn’t bring any minis or paint so I found a local game store and picked up a few. I went to hobby lobby and michaels for some brushes and paint. The paint was extremely cheap but hey if it doesn’t work out I can do something else. Space for travel is super limited (motorcycle) so I don’t want much to carry. I brushed on some foundation white from model color. Since I don’t have any skin tone I had to experiment making it. I am happy with the results. I’m not quite sold on the color for the armor yet.
  2. Jeepnewbie

    Kuden Sand Sifter

    I like where this is going.
  3. Jeepnewbie

    77183 Frost Wyrm

    It’s the bones version. If it was metal I’m not sure how I would mount it to a holding base.
  4. Jeepnewbie

    77183 Frost Wyrm

    Started this guy a while back and working on finishing him now.
  5. Jeepnewbie

    03015: Maeral Female Elf

    Did a little more last night. Boaz I'll create another thread for the big guy later today.
  6. Jeepnewbie

    03015: Maeral Female Elf

    Been trying to do so much. Get back into woodworking/pipe making, both kids have baseball, son has scouts, and I've been wanting to paint some more. So here is a figure I started a while back. I didn't take any before pics but I started to repaint the old areas I had painted.
  7. Jeepnewbie

    Therese and Merisiel

    Thanks I wanted to go for a unique look.
  8. Jeepnewbie

    Therese and Merisiel

    Didn't think about it when I finished these I just posted them my WIP.
  9. Jeepnewbie

    Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    Thanks. As as far as an update to the rack it is holding up very nicely. It is quite heavy with all the paint on. I ended up not painting the rack. Instead I’m going to hopefully soon build a desk with it set up inside the desk. With my paint shaker mounted next to it.
  10. Jeepnewbie

    Therese and Merisiel

    Took a bit of a break to get back into woodworking. Finished these two up tonight.
  11. Jeepnewbie

    Fat Wyvern (RCon 2017 conversion)

    I really like this guy, great conversion piece.
  12. Jeepnewbie

    Base Chart

    Does any one have a pic of the reaper bases chart of them side by side for size comparison? I had one but can't find it now. Thanks Found it! wonder if there is an updated dated version with the new bases.
  13. Jeepnewbie

    Post Office Lack of Caring

    I'm considering taking it higher however this is the first major mess up that has been delivered. Boxes getting beat up I understand and have received them that way before. Merchandise was still in good shape. If it becomes a trend I will take it higher. I received my Kickstarter from RBJ today in a really small box with just paper wrapping inside in perfect condition. I really tempted to ask the shipping department to cover it with Fragile stamps all over the box.
  14. Jeepnewbie

    Post Office Lack of Caring

    Well here is an update. I dropped off the box to the post office. The supervisor called me back the next day and asked if I wanted my items back. I told her I wanted them replaced. She responded “oh we will be sending you the $50 to replace the damaged items. However we will be throwing these away. Headquarters just wants the package they were shipped in.” I tell her sure I’ll take them back. She has them delivered back to my house the very next day with an interesting note on the box. The note kinda ticks me off as there is nothing that coulda been done other than shipping in a wood crate or metal box. Thoughts?
  15. Jeepnewbie

    Tech advice needed for i5 phone

    I have a iPhone 5 myself and I can confirm that it would be iMessage. When traveling over seas it can be a very good tool. Pictures can sometimes take a good min to send over cell (if available) and with iMessage it went a lot faster close to a WiFi source. My daughters phone is linked with my ID so I can monitor her (when sent to and from iDevices) until she is old enough that I won’t have to worry about her. If if it does bother you, it can be wiped to factory default.