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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.

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  1. Jeepnewbie

    Chess Set Figs

    Nice, would love to do a set like this.
  2. Jeepnewbie

    Finished up some minis

    Finally finished Maeral. Also did up two forms for my Druid character.
  3. Jeepnewbie

    Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    The k cup holder had a built in lazy Susan on it. I’m looking forward to seeing another one built.
  4. Jeepnewbie

    77081 Burning Sphere

    The base is one of the small reaper bases. The LED has one wire from it going through a hole I cut in the base, then bent into a U shape. This allows it to act like a spring when touching the negative contact. The battery has three drops of super glue (tiny drops to allow easy breakaway) holding it in place. The second wire is sitting in a notch I cut down the side of the base and bent at a 90 degree angle. I put some glue in the notch to hold it in place, and cut it to be level with the bottom of the battery. The on/off is just a small piece of plastic to break the connection when not in use.
  5. Jeepnewbie

    77081 Burning Sphere

    Threw this together for today’s game of dnd.
  6. Jeepnewbie

    Building A Paint/Computer Desk

    Finished the area up other than a few things I’d like to add in. Spice racks for loose items on the empty spaces. Plastic drawers the will fit the shelves better. I got got super lucky on the lights. About 30 of the original price, had to make a power cable for them. Final shelves before staining. The lights First mini assembly at the desk.
  7. Jeepnewbie

    Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    Local shipping supply, UPS, or FedEx may have something.
  8. Jeepnewbie

    Building A Paint/Computer Desk

    I've got a cast iron top Craftsman. I'm planning on making a outboard table for it when I get eniugh to build a shop. Here is another pic of the back of the doors. You can see the line from where I laid it on a strip of wood while drying. Since it won't be seen unless the door is wide open I'm not worried.
  9. Jeepnewbie

    Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    Here are pics of the widths of the items. The cardboard tube came from my civilian job. I don’t remember what was shipped in it.
  10. Jeepnewbie

    Building A Paint/Computer Desk

    It's inlaid from the back I set my homemade router table to just cut a slight lip on each piece. I don't have a biscuit cutter so they are all glued together, and I used a strap system to hold them in place. I cam cam across some daylight LED lights at homedepot I may get. They are not cheap.
  11. Jeepnewbie

    Building A Paint/Computer Desk

    Made some doors and stained the desk.
  12. Jeepnewbie

    Building A Paint/Computer Desk

    Here ya go. Lazy Susan Did the drawers on the right side tonight. May do the doors tomorrow, and gotta finish the top.
  13. Jeepnewbie

    Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    182 in the pvc and can set a few more on top. I used a chop saw to cut pieces to length. If you attempt this were safety glasses, and let the saw stop before rising. Unlike how wood acts my first cut caught the blade as I was rising it up and blew up. A piece hit me hard in the hand and for a split second I thought it got lodged there. I then moved everything over to my band saw and trimmed each side flat. Then cut 15degree off each side of one end. You do want to leave a bit of material on the flat sides for support. I then hot glued everything in place on the stand.
  14. Jeepnewbie

    Building A Paint/Computer Desk

    Crowley that isn’t all of my pipes. I collect, restore, and make pipes. I do plan on adding lights to it. Not sure which type yet. Necro it is a home built lazy Susan paint rack currently able to hold 182 paints. I’m debating on putting a draw or shelf above it or leaving as is for expansion.