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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.
  1. You could use a couple pieces of card stock or even a styrene sheet for the lid. It would give you the thickness you may be looking for.
  2. How do others carry their minis? For my Reaper and other brands I use a 6 tray tackle box. My 40K figures I use a different style case. I however I love the trusty tackle box. I disassembled mine and lined the trays with foam sheets.
  3. I'm not sure how long I've had this guy in the bottom of my tackle box. Here are a few pics of him.
  4. Thanks for the comments, I wish I had a couple more. They are nice and smooth sculpts.
  5. Finished up my old Ral Partha Mimics I purchased years ago. I painted the chest years ago, but been siting on these. The GW Nurgles are in the same boat. I still have a few more of them to paint. I included the first Nurgle I painted years ago for comparison. The mini's are a bit too shiny for my taste so I may brush on some matte varnish since the spray matte showed up shiny.
  6. Very nice, I like the muddy look on the bottom of the cloak.
  7. Seeing this guy painted has me wanting one now. I agree with the purple and gold, love the colors
  8. This is my first completed Bones figure. Since spray primer is too high of a risk on ruining them and washing them didn't help the water bead up on some of my paint brands I opted for a brush on sealer that seams to work great. With this being a brain I wanted it to look gooey. So I just focused on it and did a single coat on the legs. I gave it a gooey look with gloss varnish.
  9. Looks awesome!
  10. Well I have successfully remov d the primer. I didn't soak the World Breaker since I'm unaware of the effects of mean green on it. I started with the tail and sprayed a small spot and scrubbed it clean. There was no deforming so I continued to do it section by section. There are a couple small spots in indents I can not get out but the whole thing is much better now. So mean green and a stiff plastic brush did wonders. Not sure how it would handle on smaller miniatures.
  11. Nakos I used some spray primer also that felt tacky. My fingers didn't stick in it but it didn't feel right. I used it on a small mini and it felt fine so I used it on my world breaker. And it rubs off some and leave a shiny spot where handled. I'm trying to scrub it off. Any one have any tips? I'm using mean green, then scrubbing it off, followed by an immediate washing so I can prevent any damage. I wish bones ones didn't have to have special primers when we want to prime them. Hopefully this guy isn't ruined he cost so much.
  12. Awesome thanks for all the great feedback.
  13. Awesome thanks for the info. I hope reaper keeps on producing the metals cause they are great, and I will like to buy more. However looks like my next purchase is gonna be a lot of bones, including Cthulhu, and a couple of Giants.
  14. Thanks for putting in the correct location. Also thank you for the link, it has a lot of great information. However it doesn't have any of the answers I was looking for directly. For instant if I remove the resin sword and replace with the pewter sword would the weight difference deform an outstretched arm over time? Would I need to drill the whole arm to put a small wire it it for strength? Does the flexibility cause paint to chip easier? I'm going to be purchasing more and may want to convert some of the weapons. Thanks again.
  15. Just getting back into collecting minis after a long break. My buddy talked me into picking up some Bones. So my first purchase was the World Breaker, a pirate, and a werewolf all from the bones line. When I was collecting before I mostly collected metal. I did buy some plastic GW skeletons just to have a bunch on hand. I never really liked the plastic, I liked the weight and feel of the metal. My questions are how well do Bones hold up? With all the flexing does paint fall off easier? Do they start losing form after a while or storage in a warm area like an attic? If I wanted to mod one would the reaper weapon packs weigh too much causing it to lose form? Thank you for any input.