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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.
  1. I'm looking forward to this. I won't get to come till Friday evening, so I'll miss out on Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday during the day.
  2. Awesome thanks. I'm going to be exploring that webpage a lot looks like.
  3. I have plans for some sort of summoning room for these pieces. I originally had a single piece and came across the rest of these at a local game store. Does anyone know who made them?
  4. I like it. I miss the old Ral Partha stuff. I'm so happy Reaper is still doing it, I wish the other companies were still out there making mini's also. Looking forward to to seeing the counterpart to this figure.
  5. I think I have to agree redhead is bones. Still both look awesome.
  6. Looks awesome.
  7. Funded

    Great meeting everyone I meet last night at Reaper game store. Ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in roughly 6 years out of the blue. Glad he recognized me, a beard is a really good camouflage. See y'all at Reaper Con.
  8. I would love to see the life counters brought back in bones. It would be great to have something really old school. Maybe with a Sophie top plate.
  9. Thanks, I was thinking green, but see it all the time. I looked at my paints and thought.... what would look neat. I do wish the wash stuck in more spots but and still happy with the results.
  10. Finished this awesome guy today. Gave him a coat of matte finish (wish it was more matte and less glossy) for a little extra protection. Gave the veins on the wings a odd color to have them stand out a bit.
  11. More progress, hoping to finish this guy tomorrow. Working on some dry brushing, and will do a wash possibly. I need to make a box to photograph minis in, the different angles change the color a lot.
  12. Amazing job, I wanna play FF7 again.
  13. I like the pink coral for the brain. I am looking forward to the progress.
  14. For the base coat after I used a brush in sealer, I used over half a bottle of folk art paint. The for the rest of the colors so far is various paints from Reaper to GW. Bane that sounds like a blast for you and heck to pay for the players. LOL
  15. Some more done to it.