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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.

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  1. 50235: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady (in the eyes of a 7 year old)

    That is awesome looking. She has great skill.
  2. RBJ Gundaric

    Finished Gundaric up, not gonna worry about a bunch of highlights. Just trying to knock some minis out, and practice some techniques while at it.
  3. Fire Giant

    I mounted my fire giant body guard on a base. Now i gotta prime him. Debating on airbrushing him or regular painting.
  4. Learn to Paint

    They are looking really nice, and welcome to the forums.
  5. Avatar of War Dwarf Thunderlord

    Thanks everyone. I’m really happy with his pipe since I was aiming for aged meerschaum.
  6. The Future of Metal

    THB I probably have the same amount of bones that I do metal. That’s mostly to build up my collection as I like collecting minis. I don’t think Metal has any worries unless the price of the metal skyrockets. Hopefully it doesn’t as I recall the old price of reaper’s miniatures. That said I love metal as I like the weight of them. The ease of straightening out a bent weapon. I love bones too for the price, it’s hrd to beat. I know there are other companies putting out (plastic) minis, however I love the Reaper minis.
  7. Great Small Container For Basing

    Awesome there are a lot of great choices everyone is posting. I did use the Betty Crocker containers so I could stack them. I dont use the glass as I’m afraid I’ll drop it (I’ve drop a few of my minis). How ever very mention of the screw on lids (plastic and glass containers alike) gives me an idea. While wood ops working I saw glass jars with the lids secured to the shelves so the jars could hang. This is could be applied to basing material.
  8. The Future of Metal

    You other bothers can’t deny.
  9. Avatar of War Dwarf Thunderlord

    Here is my WIP if the Dwarf Thunderlord. I’m happy with the results and Hoping to finish my next mini soon.
  10. Great Small Container For Basing

    Sorry I didn’t have a pic when I posted it. Hope this helps some folks looking for a great way to carry their basing material when traveling.
  11. While at Reaper Con I got some basing material from FrontLine that came in a great small container. I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and came across some that are really similar. They aren’t big so they won’t hold a lot, however they are great for keeping just a little at my desk with the bigger containers put away. They are called sure fresh in a 10 pack.
  12. Basing All Hallows Eve

    If you have a jeweler saw you can start at the base of her dress and cut down at an angle all the way around. Then just straight across the bottom or shape the bottom to give it more depth before mounting it.
  13. 01588: Ungorth, Cthon Summoner

    This is one very nice paint job and basing choice.
  14. 77008 Garrick the Bold

    I like the color choices, and the basing of this guy.
  15. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I hope to make it to RCon this year. It was a great experience meeting everyone I met and running into an old friend. Late October is fine with me, as I’m hoping to make the Dublin OH pipe show in August.