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  1. Post Office Lack of Caring

    I'm considering taking it higher however this is the first major mess up that has been delivered. Boxes getting beat up I understand and have received them that way before. Merchandise was still in good shape. If it becomes a trend I will take it higher. I received my Kickstarter from RBJ today in a really small box with just paper wrapping inside in perfect condition. I really tempted to ask the shipping department to cover it with Fragile stamps all over the box.
  2. Post Office Lack of Caring

    Well here is an update. I dropped off the box to the post office. The supervisor called me back the next day and asked if I wanted my items back. I told her I wanted them replaced. She responded “oh we will be sending you the $50 to replace the damaged items. However we will be throwing these away. Headquarters just wants the package they were shipped in.” I tell her sure I’ll take them back. She has them delivered back to my house the very next day with an interesting note on the box. The note kinda ticks me off as there is nothing that coulda been done other than shipping in a wood crate or metal box. Thoughts?
  3. Tech advice needed for i5 phone

    I have a iPhone 5 myself and I can confirm that it would be iMessage. When traveling over seas it can be a very good tool. Pictures can sometimes take a good min to send over cell (if available) and with iMessage it went a lot faster close to a WiFi source. My daughters phone is linked with my ID so I can monitor her (when sent to and from iDevices) until she is old enough that I won’t have to worry about her. If if it does bother you, it can be wiped to factory default.
  4. 77609 -Bonesvylian Lou

    I like the color choices. Well done.
  5. Post Office Lack of Caring

    Unruly it very well could be a regional thing. Machines that need maintenance that don’t receive it properly can make mistakes quite often. Thes Hunter near as I can tell they are not. That being said I also collect the blisters also. I know it sounds like a pack rat. I just like keeping them. I have blisters all the way back to when I first started buying minis. It irks me when I buy a mini from retail and they don’t come in the blister.
  6. Post Office Lack of Caring

    I can almost bet that it was damaged by a machine in transit. According to tracking it was in transit twice between Fort Worth and Fort Valley. Bet it got knocked off the machine and something fell on it crushing it. As far as the water I can’t guess to that. It was suppose to be delivered by Thursday but was delivered Friday. Our mail lady has been pretty great so I don’t think she Ventura’d the box. I whole heartedly agree that Reaper does an outstanding job on packing for shipping. I can’t count the number of packages I got from them. If the post post doesn’t pay for the full cost of the package contents I’ll have to pull out one of the less damaged blisters and have them pay for the rest. I just hate having to wait now however long it takes to get the minis I want.
  7. Post Office Lack of Caring

    I received an order I placed with Reaper on Friday. The package looked like Ace Ventura delivered it. Half the box was wet and crushed. The figures were fine however I collect the cards after I remove the minis. The blister cards were ruined. I spent an hour and a half on the phone waiting for some one to answer the phone at the post. They were flabbergasted and told me what I needed to do. I went to the local post and they acted like they didn’t give two craps. Finally got a call back from another post official and they blamed the sender. That really burned me up, first off I told them Reaper doesn’t roll that way. Secondly the post said it was damaged in route so that is the post problem not Reapers. Not sure what is going to happen about it. All the items cost $53 and insurance only covers $50. Hopefully they cover it. Only two of the blisters are ok if I don’t mind the creases on them.
  8. Crowley's Ivar Conversion

    Looks awesome that hammer looks great on him.
  9. Therese and Merisiel

    Did a bit more work on both today.
  10. Therese and Merisiel

    Wasn't sure what other color to add in to bring out more detail. Decided to go with 09015 Jade Green.
  11. Paint Thinning

    My first time with a wet pallet was similar to yours. Like mentioned above get some parchment paper. Also soak your "sponge" till it has a tiny bit of water setting on the top. Then lay your parchment down then you should be good. The first paper I used was good and reusable but didn't transfer moisture to the paints very well.
  12. Therese and Merisiel

    Added a bit more paint over the last couple of days.
  13. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Can't wait to see more.
  14. Therese and Merisiel

    Started a couple new projects.