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  1. Thanks, I was thinking green, but see it all the time. I looked at my paints and thought.... what would look neat. I do wish the wash stuck in more spots but and still happy with the results.
  2. Finished this awesome guy today. Gave him a coat of matte finish (wish it was more matte and less glossy) for a little extra protection. Gave the veins on the wings a odd color to have them stand out a bit.
  3. More progress, hoping to finish this guy tomorrow. Working on some dry brushing, and will do a wash possibly. I need to make a box to photograph minis in, the different angles change the color a lot.
  4. Amazing job, I wanna play FF7 again.
  5. I like the pink coral for the brain. I am looking forward to the progress.
  6. For the base coat after I used a brush in sealer, I used over half a bottle of folk art paint. The for the rest of the colors so far is various paints from Reaper to GW. Bane that sounds like a blast for you and heck to pay for the players. LOL
  7. Some more done to it.
  8. That looks amazing.
  9. Here what I have so far on my Cthulhu. I'm not attempting the challenge. Just enjoying the day as I slowly paint him.
  10. Amazing work, love the colors!
  11. Looks great.
  12. Fulfilling

    Thanks for the info, wish I had known about this when it was going on. Hoping on joining in on the next one.
  13. Fulfilling

    So are we still able to order the kick starter? Until I came back to the hobby I never heard of it. And the page showing it ended in 2015 throws me for a loop. I'm trying another kick starter but interest in the bones one.
  14. Wonderful looking mini. Amazing sculpt and paint job.
  15. You could use a couple pieces of card stock or even a styrene sheet for the lid. It would give you the thickness you may be looking for.