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    I enjoy motorcycles, video gaming, outdoors, guns, coaching, painting, drawing, pipe crafting, warhammer, DnD, Magic the Gathering, wood working, and Reaper minis.
  1. Ocean base

    The green gives a look of plant life under the water (To me anyways). I’m liking the looks of this.
  2. Miniature Holder

    The cork was left to be removable. I wasn’t quite satisfied with it and had to run to Lowe’s for more pvc pipe for the paint rack. I stopped by a michaels and picked up some wood bits threw them on my metal lathe for some adjustments and bam! I’m happy with it. Now to finish the rack so I can paint. Also noticed the the Rathcore V3 is going to be released the 29th.
  3. I saw the Rathcore holder at the Bones 4 release party and thought it was the coolest thing ever on holding minis. I couldn’t buy one but decided I’ll make one when I got home from Texas. I got back on the 8th and whipped this out yesterday. hopefully I can get a Rathcore holder soon. This is to top heavy and will fall over easily.
  4. I ordered a set of RAFM 7 die set. Would post pics but still waiting for them to come in.
  5. Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    90 to 100 from my guesstimate. I’m probably going to remove the top so I can build it higher and hopefully hold all my paints.
  6. Using a metal Kurig holder I ripped the pockets out after cutting a bit with my Dremel. I then cut a piece of cardboard tube to fit the inside and by the backstop. I’m in the process of cutting PVC to hold the paints in the backs are shaved about 15 degrees to fit 10 vs 9. Not sure what I’ll attach them with. Hot glue is easy and cheap.
  7. Jigsaw Paint Shaker

    That is awesome! Wish I had seen this sooner.
  8. Squish's Minivember

    Awesome work, it’s a blast watching this.
  9. Avatars Of War Dwarf Thunderlord

    Not quite sure, was in the transition from folk art paint with some GW and game colors primarily to reaper paints since my trip to TX. The local stores around me don't have much of a selection. I think the base May of been a Folk art true blue, Apple Barrel cobalt blue, Reaper Arthurlan blue 61113, or GW enchanted blue. The highlights are a mix of Dragon Blue, Ice Blue, and maggot white (I believe). I'm gonna need to start logging my mixes on paint jobs. This is the first one I've been painting. The sculpts are awesome, I scored 4 of the at a game store in TX at 50% off normal price. I have the female dark elf caster and the ankles are a bit too thin, unless it's just for display then she is awesome. The sculpt on her is great too.
  10. Paint agitators

    Split shot fishing lead here also. It’s cheap and easy to find.
  11. This guy was in the bones bit bin. Wanted to try something out on converting him. Not sure on the shield but I think it is from 77064. The sword is plasticard, wire, and an old Ral Partha bit out of my bits cutoffs.
  12. Avatars Of War Dwarf Thunderlord

    Did some more work on him. Gotta finish up highlights on beard and hair, powder horn, and ground.
  13. RAFM Queen of the Damned

    Thanks everyone, I’m hoping to improve more on the techniques I learned last month. Any tips would be great. Moongloom she isn’t available anymore, I couldn’t even find her. Glitterwolf is the one who found the model number 3888, along with Brother Jim who said they couldn’t find her on the web store. Necromamcer she has fangs, so I’d say she could be a Vampire Necromancer. The little story I gave her is they are her past victims souls that can’t be seen until she draws you into her trap, and then it’s too late. I got got lucky when I bought a used lot of minis some years ago. I’m really happy with the way she turned out and also would like another of her sculpt. Maybe she’ll be brought back one day. Just checked out fleabay and someone has one in France.
  14. Kitty

    She is awesome, the folds on the pants is amazing. Are there really creases in the legs or did you paint those in?