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  1. Siphon Feed Airbrush Mod

    Well after researching a lot I found that there is no way of modifying the bowl cheaply. My idea of milliput would have probably ended in disaster if I did go that route. Maybe there is a way to fit a brass rod in and glue it in place, but that may affect the draw of the paint. However a Paasche 1/4 oz bowl will fit (I tested one out) so I think a Badger one will to. The needle does bounce a lot in the back due to the tension screw not being very well mated with the threads. So a bit of Teflon tape solved that. I'll post pictures later. Well thats all the modding I did. Edited to add this. Here are the pictures as promised. I also did do one more mod. I polished the needle with 2000 grit sandpaper. I didn’t notice anything much different, as I still had “dry tip” with paint not as watered down. First pic is the Teflon tape added for the bounce of the end of the needle. Second of course is the needle. The one thing I don’t like about the brush is the trigger as it doesn’t stay in place with the needle removed and can spin to the side. If not careful could damage the needle upon inserting.
  2. I picked up a Badger Patriot 105 while at reaper con and have been playing with it. I decided I also want a siphon feed to practice with also and didn't want to spend much. So I picked up a HF Central Pneumatic siphon feed deluxe today and been testing it out also. As many reviews have already stated with the HF mOdell the metal bowl is a bit lacking since the hole doesn't go to the bottom of the bowl. It also isn't as smooth as other bowls. Here is my question. Has anyone tried to modify the bottom of the bowl? Used something to fill it up closer to the hole or even used a different brand bowl entirely? I plan on keeping the brush and using it as I like the way it handles. I was able to add 3 drops of Reaper paint with a lot of water just goofing around and it laid a very nice light coat of paint down with very little tip dry. Any tips would be great. As I'm just really stepping into the world of airbrush.
  3. RBJ Gundaric

    Finished Gundaric up, not gonna worry about a bunch of highlights. Just trying to knock some minis out, and practice some techniques while at it.
  4. Dreadmere Begins...

    Looking amazing, and can't wait to see how they turn out.
  5. 3d printed tiles

    Very nice, how long does each take to print?
  6. B for scale

    I hope it's not a replacement for the bryangles, as it is as a nice of a reference when trying to figure out the size. When the giant it looks tiny and with the mouslings it looks big.
  7. 77360 Mr Bones and Mr Stone

    Hoping to finish these two up Wednesday. I want to try the lighting on Mr Bones
  8. Eye practice

    I really like the one on the 4th row 5th one down.
  9. 03477, Brain Horror

    Really cool, I love it!
  10. Fire Giant

    I mounted my fire giant body guard on a base. Now i gotta prime him. Debating on airbrushing him or regular painting.
  11. 50235: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady (in the eyes of a 7 year old)

    That is awesome looking. She has great skill.
  12. Learn to Paint

    They are looking really nice, and welcome to the forums.
  13. Avatar of War Dwarf Thunderlord

    Thanks everyone. I’m really happy with his pipe since I was aiming for aged meerschaum.
  14. Avatar of War Dwarf Thunderlord

    Here is my WIP if the Dwarf Thunderlord. I’m happy with the results and Hoping to finish my next mini soon.
  15. The Future of Metal

    THB I probably have the same amount of bones that I do metal. That’s mostly to build up my collection as I like collecting minis. I don’t think Metal has any worries unless the price of the metal skyrockets. Hopefully it doesn’t as I recall the old price of reaper’s miniatures. That said I love metal as I like the weight of them. The ease of straightening out a bent weapon. I love bones too for the price, it’s hrd to beat. I know there are other companies putting out (plastic) minis, however I love the Reaper minis.
  16. While at Reaper Con I got some basing material from FrontLine that came in a great small container. I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and came across some that are really similar. They aren’t big so they won’t hold a lot, however they are great for keeping just a little at my desk with the bigger containers put away. They are called sure fresh in a 10 pack.
  17. Great Small Container For Basing

    Awesome there are a lot of great choices everyone is posting. I did use the Betty Crocker containers so I could stack them. I dont use the glass as I’m afraid I’ll drop it (I’ve drop a few of my minis). How ever very mention of the screw on lids (plastic and glass containers alike) gives me an idea. While wood ops working I saw glass jars with the lids secured to the shelves so the jars could hang. This is could be applied to basing material.
  18. The Future of Metal

    You other bothers can’t deny.
  19. Great Small Container For Basing

    Sorry I didn’t have a pic when I posted it. Hope this helps some folks looking for a great way to carry their basing material when traveling.
  20. Basing All Hallows Eve

    If you have a jeweler saw you can start at the base of her dress and cut down at an angle all the way around. Then just straight across the bottom or shape the bottom to give it more depth before mounting it.
  21. 01588: Ungorth, Cthon Summoner

    This is one very nice paint job and basing choice.
  22. 77008 Garrick the Bold

    I like the color choices, and the basing of this guy.
  23. Fire Giant Bodyguard

    While at ReaperCon I stumbled across the Fire Giant Bodyguard in the metal trades bin. Same as this guy, however I can not find a number for the pewter version. Was there a limited run on this model?
  24. Dolphins 03726

    Finish one of the Dolphins for my wife.
  25. Con Crud 01614

    Just finished this guy today. A real fun guy to paint.