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  1. Prospected stuff from the metal trade.
  2. Ok thanks I’ll ask when they open up today about the hot foot mini. Everything else has been cool. Not getting what I had ordered crapped on my adventure. Glad I am already in TX and didn’t have to drive from home GA. @OneBootThanks for the offer, I’d feel bad if I took your wolf.
  3. I would like to know if this is everything minus the vip paints, dragon bust, draw string bag and two resin minis that is suppose to be with the vip bag. Looking at another picture looks like I may not have gotten the front line games sample. Someone was kind enough to give me a bag, and Bryan told me I would still be able to get the bust and paints but no resin minis. I pulled everything out when I finally came back to the hotel. I didn’t get to come in until today and didn’t get the vip bag I had ordered, so was trying to get a comparison.
  4. I can’t wait til this evening and I can come down there.
  5. Been trying to learn on working with green stuff and milliput.
  6. Wishing I could head down today.
  7. That’s what I was thinking. I didn’t want it looking like a fir tree. Lol oh the lame joke I like the short strokes also. I may leave areas bare to look like bark was ripped off and others with bark peeling back. Im going to try a spot with long lines and short strokes blended in with them.
  8. Did a little more work on the legs. Also trying to figure out what style of bark looks better short strokes or long lines.
  9. Completed Khanjira, I’m happy with the drips coming out of his mouth.
  10. The skull reaper con shirt I ordered arrived today so they have a decent turnaround. Wonder if I ordered this years shirt, if it would arrive by the day I leave. With what Grayfax says about the week before they ship I may wait.
  11. Got this one online. Taking some getting use to with looking through the lens. For $10 it isn’t that bad and didn’t break the bank.
  12. There is a return to Dreadmere 2017 tshirt on zazzle now. Looks great it has a Sophie mermaid on it. Wish I would have waited on placing my order (placed it last night hoping I get the shirt in time).
  13. That shield is beyond epic.
  14. Thanks! Quite a bit of it was craft to get it all covered, along with game color, and Reaper paints. The drool is trimmed plastic with mod podge brush with Citidel wash and everything was brush sealed with matte varnish cept the teeth and drool, they were done with gloss sealer.
  15. I started this guy a couple months back. Now I’m going to finish him, I wanted to add a few highlights to him.
  16. Looks awesome can't wait to see the progress.
  17. I have a question about the bones class. I have heard that it's best to attend the morning class as the parts bin is almost empty. Will it be refilled for the one Saturday class by chance?
  18. That is epic looking.
  19. Nice I like the running wizard.
  20. I'm looking forward to this. I won't get to come till Friday evening, so I'll miss out on Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday during the day.
  21. I have plans for some sort of summoning room for these pieces. I originally had a single piece and came across the rest of these at a local game store. Does anyone know who made them?
  22. Awesome thanks. I'm going to be exploring that webpage a lot looks like.
  23. I like it. I miss the old Ral Partha stuff. I'm so happy Reaper is still doing it, I wish the other companies were still out there making mini's also. Looking forward to to seeing the counterpart to this figure.
  24. I think I have to agree redhead is bones. Still both look awesome.