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  1. I had to creates some "Squib" for a Star Wars game, so I took a D&D Goblin and a Bones Kobold, gave them some gear, and here they are. Since the kobold had a cobblestone base, I had to come up with something a bit more sc-fi. also, for the kobold, i built him a "scanner" out of all sorts of bits. I painted them the same because they are part of the same ship's crew (I also repainted some other unmodified minis just to match the crew uniform). The Stormtrooper is for scale, but is "stock". Sorry if I strayed off the Starfinder topic. Finally, I needed to arm an Ewok with a blaster...
  2. One more before I sleep. This one is another Technomancer. But it's also a bit of a cheat. This was a D&D fire summoner, and all I did was remove his staff and replace it with a WH40K plasma pistol. I didn't even repaint him. (he could probably pull double-duty as some sort of WH40K Inquisitor type)
  3. Here's a Kasatha I made from a Star Wars Rodian miniature. Again, the weapons are older WH40K. To build up the head, it just packed together a bunch of leftover Bones plastic from the Vesk project, and set it with the thick gap-filling type of superglue. I used jeweler's files to scrape away the area around the eyes to leave a Star Lord type of mask effect. I also did the same to the back of the head to get the "raised collar" effect. Unfortunately, my painting skills do not match my modeling skills, but it looks good enough on the table.
  4. My group started playing Starfinder recently, and with that inspiriation (and official Starfinder minis quite a ways off), I started going through my Reaper minis and Bones, digging through my bits box, and came up with the following... Elf with laser pistol Elf with TWO laser pistols Elf with demonic/alien/bio weapon Technomancer with pistol A scratchbuilt Kasatha And a team of Vesk I've also made a few Starfinder characters from some of the "collectible" plastic D&D and Star Wars miniatures, but I wasn't sure if I should post those here. Most of the added bits are from older WH40K or just miscellaneous discontinued sci-fi miniature lines.