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  1. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Amazing! I have to admit I have a similar problem. I love detail work but getting through prep work and base coating can be really boring. I always felt intimidated to only do on part at a time. This is very inspiring!
  2. How Not to Hobby

    On this note, I'd like to remind everyone to get their tetanus shots! My only injury ever resulting in stitches was in kindergarten, when I fell off my chair. Onto the corner of a table. With my chin. I got three stitches and a santa beard looking bandage around my face. It's surprising how much blood can come out of a 5 year old. I made one of the daycare ladies throw up (the one that forced you to stay until you ate all your veggies). Needles to say my last year in kindergarten I was quite the hero.
  3. Some HF minis

    How beautiful! I still have some myself I need to paint up. Is it just me or are the HF minis a lot more delicate irl than they photograph? I was expecting more "chunky" models but when I got them I was very surprised but I love them! You did a wonderful job on them! I find them quite challenging!
  4. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    So excited for this! Ofc I backed straight away! I would love to see a Kitsune, Oni or a Faun! Personally I'm more of a collector/painter than a player. So I am drawn to unusual (even if for most players not practical) races. There are plenty of standard race minis in almost all classes (though I think monks are often falling short). Maybe something aquatic? Like a siren bard? I already backed for all minis and I'm sure I will enjoy whatever you come up with!
  5. Fire's First Minis! (DSM7614, DSM1183, DSM7322)

    I have to say these are some of the best my-first-ever-minis I have seen! Did you prime the minis? Paint tends to rub off without primer. Depending on the colour of the primer, you can manipulate the tones of colours (white makes them "pop" while black can mute). Dry rushing is great for very textured surfaces like stone or wood but it's not my favourite technique. Reaper has some learn how to paint kits that I have seen a lot here on the forum and everyone that used them seemed to enjoy them. Maybe that would be worth a look :)
  6. Samurai

    That looks wonderful! Both diorama and paint jobs are perfectly executed!
  7. Burrows and Badgers - Otter Mercenary

    Thank you! Thank you for the tips! I used a drawing as reference but next time I will try to find a miniature with lots of them. It seems I did it the wrong way around haha. YES! More otters please :D Thank you guys! That's a huge compliment to me! :D
  8. Frostgrave - Thaumaturge and Apprentice

    Wonderful! I must say your face painting skill is next level. They look full of expression!
  9. Hey all! Finally finished this mini. This might be my favourite from the line so far (heavily biased because I love otters). I actually used a picture as reference that I have taken from an otter myself at the zoo! Please excuse the phone picture quality. Still some learning to do with gems and I really want to try nmm but I chicken out every time :p oh well I actually really like his shiny armour!
  10. Oathsworn Fur and Feathers

    I got my all in pledge today! Wonderful minis and amazingly packaged. This was such a pleasant Kickstarter AND it fulfilled 2 months early. Very happy customer here :)
  11. Anghela, Dwarf Mage

    Wow! What a beauty! I think you did just the right thing with the highlights! Though she doesn't have all that much detail on her clothing, you managed to make her look amazing. I think with less highlights she may have looked a little more "boring". Fantastic painting :)
  12. 77588 Elephant Warrior

    I really should finish mine xD i only have tiny bits to do but other minis drew my attention. Seeing how well yours turned out makes me once again realize how amazing he is and that he deserves to be finished properly!
  13. Paint and Take show off

    Awesome stuff! I'm really glad people like you get the new gen of painters to the brush!
  14. 02498 Snakemen by Glitterwolf

    Wowza! Those look amazing! The sword of the second one is done so well. I can't really tell if it's nmm or not...but the contrast of the blade looks fantastic! A great add on for your army!
  15. Just started - Learn to Paint Core skills, kinda

    Fantastic first minis! I wish I could say mine turned out that well ^^ I think with inks, washes and layering you will find that many people combine them. It's fun to play with different techniques. It also very much depends on the surface. I hope you will find lots of joy in this hobby and lots of inspiration here!