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  1. Glamberry

    Legends of Signum

    That one is already available in their store i think and not part of the kickstarter
  2. Glamberry

    Legends of Signum

    I stuck around too, mostly because the game and minis are already finished to a large portion and because they did a good job communicating during the freeze over Facebook. I'm glad the extended the time since I may have backed another project or too in the meantime xD
  3. Glamberry


    I saw the update which is actually why it gained my attention. I really liked the honesty and that it seems they listen to their backers. I'm not too interested in the game box since it's a 2 player and I already have enough of those so I wish individual minis would be an option (not just the stretch goals).
  4. Glamberry


    Sad that this hasn't gained more traction. I really wish I could afford to back this month but I already spent a little too much. I was hoping to join in the pledge manager phase...
  5. Glamberry

    Skull Tales: Full Sail!

    It looks really great but I'm a little cautious...the price for the amount of stuff seems too good to be true.
  6. Glamberry

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    July gives a little time to save up :)
  7. Glamberry

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I backed for three sets. The price seems really decent and I don't have any gremlin/kobold hero minis yet so these seem great! I have seen a ton of goblin and orc Kickstarters lately but none of them fit my taste, so I'll grab these while I can.
  8. Glamberry

    Relic Knights 2nd Edition

    So supposedly the 2-Player edition is being manufactured. Any thoughts? I know it's been a while on this one.
  9. Glamberry

    Confrontation: Classic

    I'm not pulling my pledge for LoS quite yet but the whole thing isn't a good sign. I had to choose between LoS and Confrontation and LoS simply offered a better mid price range pledge (I pledged 135$, early bird core box). That's a financial commitment that I can make, 299$ was just a bit too high, even though the sculpts looked great and it included a lot. I could imagine a lot of people felt similar.
  10. I really wish I could have pledged for it as well...but I'm already really thankful that I was able to pick up my pledge at Salute! If I can, I will back every future project. Oathsworn really restored my faith in Kickstarter after projects i had backed that were poorly managed or I still haven't seen rewards for.
  11. Glamberry

    CAH's Elven Mage... for a friend.

    Great colour palette! I love how vibrant he is!
  12. Glamberry

    Kyphrixis Bones 77565 Glittery Celestial

    Welcome to the boards! Fantastic first entry! I'm sure we all hope to see more soon! :D
  13. Glamberry

    Torg, Orc Stalker 14602

    Looks fantastic! Especially the eyes turned out really great and those tiny metal studs on the armour!
  14. Glamberry

    HassleFree Mythic Helen

    I love this Mini! She was one of the reasons I backed too :) Your colour choices are really great, she reminds me a bit of Xena the warrior princess! The only improvement I would suggest is maybe a decal or freehand on the shield, it look a little empty. I think the flesh tones are great!
  15. Glamberry

    Bears Head Miniatures - Undead Rhino

    Little update on this :) Far from being done but that's what I got to in the first paint session.