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  1. Dragon's Don't Share - 77381 (Photo heavy!!)

    Amazing! it's so wonderful how much thought you have put into this. All the details and plants....and incredible paint jobs on top... simply stunning!
  2. 01598: Herschel, Pack Reindeer

    Wonderful paint job and what a sweet gift! I actually bought this as a gift to myself just a few days ago. You paint job seems very smooth and flawless, I'm sure she was very happy :D
  3. Bones Shipwreck Revenant

    This is probably my favourite mini from bones 3, he truly is a beauty especially with such a wonderful paint job! He's quite intimidating to me. There is so much going on! You did a great job at capturing all the details.
  4. Female Half Pirate Half Snake. Bonita. by Glitterwolf

    This is him! Let me know when/if you did!!! I'd love to see that :D
  5. 77636: Death Shroud

    That's uhhhhh horrifying and gruesome in the best ways! I love the conversion :D i have never painted guts...I wonder if a shiny topcoat would add to the effect of slimy grossness hmmm...this is very inspiring!
  6. Female Half Pirate Half Snake. Bonita. by Glitterwolf

    Very true! I actually own a western hognose named Bacon. I'm thinking of getting some yuan-ti or similar and painting them up in his colours (he's an albino).
  7. Oathsworn Owlbear Chick for Twitter Exchange

    Everything is better in purple
  8. Female Half Pirate Half Snake. Bonita. by Glitterwolf

    I had to take a closer look too haha. What an unusual mini! I love the pattern on her tail! Wow! You clearly have a lot of experience painting reptiles ;) Amazing job :)
  9. Mrs. Bones - 77484

    Purple! She turned out great! I think I will make the robe of mine purple too, seeing how great it turned out on yours! She's a real cutie pie :D
  10. Zombicide: Black Plague; Persephone; Black Currant

    Those are some very nice and clean paint jobs! To me it seems like you have very good brush control and a great eye for detail! The only suggestion I would have is to look into washes/liners maybe for the amour. A thin wash with a darker colour can easily add a lot of dimension and create some contrast. I personally really like that technique but I know others prefer layering :)
  11. 77013: Minotaur

    I really like the blue details you put in, that a great contrast to the skin! Also the eyes have a really nice pop to them! Well done :)
  12. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Amazing! I have to admit I have a similar problem. I love detail work but getting through prep work and base coating can be really boring. I always felt intimidated to only do on part at a time. This is very inspiring!
  13. How Not to Hobby

    On this note, I'd like to remind everyone to get their tetanus shots! My only injury ever resulting in stitches was in kindergarten, when I fell off my chair. Onto the corner of a table. With my chin. I got three stitches and a santa beard looking bandage around my face. It's surprising how much blood can come out of a 5 year old. I made one of the daycare ladies throw up (the one that forced you to stay until you ate all your veggies). Needles to say my last year in kindergarten I was quite the hero.