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  1. Awesome stuff! I'm really glad people like you get the new gen of painters to the brush!
  2. Wowza! Those look amazing! The sword of the second one is done so well. I can't really tell if it's nmm or not...but the contrast of the blade looks fantastic! A great add on for your army!
  3. Fantastic first minis! I wish I could say mine turned out that well ^^ I think with inks, washes and layering you will find that many people combine them. It's fun to play with different techniques. It also very much depends on the surface. I hope you will find lots of joy in this hobby and lots of inspiration here!
  4. Thank you for the compliments! The mini is really cute. It has all these tiny little details. Could also be used as a snake that is protecting treasure :D
  5. Looks amazing! The contrast between belly and top scales looks fantastic
  6. Hey all! Just finished this little guy. Really fun to paint and I quite like the way it turned out! I really love the line!
  7. Amazing job! I can almost hear her say "hmmph!". I think she came out beautiful!
  8. Vallejo has a skin tones set aswell. It doesn't work like the triads but the shades cover pretty much any common skin tone. Things that helped me a lot when I was new: - A nice detail brush (the smaller, the better) - adding lots of different colours on a model. I think monochromatic painting is one of the hardest to do. Lots of details with lots of colour keep the eye busy and distract from little mistakes. - Inks and Washes (I use army painter soft, strong and dark tone) for shading. - understanding that mixing white or black into colours does not create a shadow or highlight shade necessarily. It took me quite a while to figure out what to mix with to not get a muddy disaster. A colour wheel helps to decide :) - basing! Even if it's a simple base, it gives the mini an a lot more "finished" look. If you get creative with it, it again distracts from mistakes and just adds a cool touch. I think everyone has already left a lot more great suggestions and I'm not the best painter out of the bunch but I hope it helps a little!
  9. O_O that's some serious lightning speed *knocks on wood* I better get on painting then! I used to only paint reaper minis but now that I branched out more within the UK I am really happy to say I'm super positively surprised by the creativity and customer service of Mini lines here. Exciting!
  10. I have quite a few aswell that I need to paint. I'm excited for the new ones. Kickstarter should start fulfilling in December I believe :)
  11. How do you do those hands. And textures! What is this witchcraft! Your hand sculpts are a lot more detailed than of quite a few minis that I own. My recently arrived bones 3 Sophie sadly has a bit of blob hand going on...I wish I was good enough at sculpting to replace it. Also love the dotted mushroom cap!
  12. Just wow. This is such a beautiful paint job. I have no clue how you managed to get all this done in so little time, adding such incredible detail. Congratulations! You truly mastered this challenge!
  13. Wow these have so much tiny and intricate detail. It looks amazing but like a real pain to paint. You did an amazing job!the bases are very cool too :D
  14. I must say I was super excited because that Kickstarter was so quick...I think I must have been one of the lucky ones though that got their stuff sent the next day. I will probably decide after I finished the other ones. I don't really want to get hung up on a model again. It has happened to me before and eventually caused me to lay the brush aside for a long time thinking I'll never get decent enough. Now I know that I just have to keep practicing. I just sometimes get a little discouraged when I see the amazing things people on here can do sometimes.