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  1. fulfilling

    Since the UK hub is pulling orders from stock they have I could imagine make up for orders that had problems and couldn't be shipped by Aetherworks...maybe?
  2. fulfilling

    Would still be nice to get that as explanation...
  3. fulfilling

    Just saw that too. Maybe they mass pull and then apply labeles? I have no clue.
  4. fulfilling

    We have a delivery promise. Order today, sent out by tomorrow. If we miss that deadline, no matter the circumstances, the customer gets a discount. You will always get a reply within 24 hours. And we all know they check this thread regularly. So this silence speaks a lot. Noone here has been rude or disrespectful. The fact that it's the shipping that's causing all this grieve is very bitter. 30% of the amount I paid was shipping. I do think if the tracker was simply broken they'd just say "hi guys, tracker is broken but don't worry we are still shipping" but I would really like to stand corrected on that... :/ Pressing my thuuuuhhh, I mean paws for you that it's all correct and in order.
  5. fulfilling

    I'm on wave 7, no notice. No comments from reaper either. Makes me think it's not just the tracker being broken. I think they are now trying to just ignore the problem and hope it'll be fixed soon enough, so they don't have to address it.
  6. fulfilling

    This is rediculous...
  7. fulfilling

    I'm sure he meant US time. I get that they prefer a single point of communication for consistency and not getting sued and all. But it leaves us hanging communication wise when Bryan isn't around. And after that it's "from what I understand after talking to our staff in the UK". I think it would be better if RHQ Zombie Co directly informed us about the shipping updates or delays. After all they know best what's going on over there. Noone has picked up their parcel directly from the hub, right? If it was possible, I'd actually consider driving up from Kent to Nottingham.
  8. fulfilling

    Is it possible to get some info from Reaper on the tracker? It's slightly worrying that it hasn't moved in about 24 hours.
  9. fulfilling

    No minis for us this weekend I guess....again. Sigh. I can't wait for this to be finally over. My colleague is getting a puppy on Monday and I already asked if I can tag along.
  10. fulfilling

    Seems like the tracker stopped moving around 12 today...
  11. fulfilling

    I thought they only applied labels but ladystorms comment earlier makes it a little unclear to me.
  12. fulfilling

    The highest I have seen was 10...good question.
  13. fulfilling

    I must have missed that one, thanks for pointing it out. Wait and see, I guess what's going to happen.
  14. fulfilling

    I still don't agree with a lot of the stuff that happened but live and learn. I hope they take the critiques into account for future backers. Losing enthusiasm for a Kickstarter that for me personally was more about being part of a big project rather than cheap minis (20% of the amount I paid was just shipping) is disheartening. Maybe they will permanently distribute over RHQ Zombie Co Europe wide which would be a big win (though with brexit coming up I doubt there will be any definite on that). Europe zone is supposed to be in wave order, AU isn't. There might be slightly hiccups with the new personnel in the uk.
  15. fulfilling

    Let's hope for no more bumps and potholes!