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  1. Autumn Eve

    Most of the metal and the bird is done. Also starting on the base.
  2. Autumn Eve

    Took a bit of inspiration from the character Majorita from Disgaea 5. Here's an early pic and one as of last night. She is no where near done.
  3. Reaper and Tru Color (I need some serious help)

    I think you might have just gotten me out of using these.
  4. Reaper and Tru Color (I need some serious help)

    Thanks for the info! Keep it coming folks.
  5. Eve's Dress

    As of last night.
  6. So, as most of you may know, I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and recently I volunteered myself to help out at a local convention/competition. Rivercon in Shreveport, LA if you were wondering. By help out I mean I offered to provide the paint, bones, and supplies to run a Reaper paint and take table during the show. Well I'm a bit lost because the group president and has asked me to add some Tru Color (who are one of sponsors and provided a fairly large sample) paints to the table as well as do a demo. While the demo is fine, I have honestly never heard of Tru Color before this and since the company site has it listed as a solvent based paint I'm not sure about the out come if we use it. So if you fine folks could fill me in on the finer points the paint and how it reacts to Bones figures that would be a big help. Big question: is this an enamel paint?
  7. Eve's Dress

    I actually added the yellow by accident with P3 Brass Balls. And yeah, finally figured out the Majorita color scheme.
  8. Eve's Dress

    Working on my All Hollows Eve and have a few questions on colors for her dress. The first option would be using Majorita from Disgaea 5 as a reference (outer in the orange brown and inner in the purple) but I have no idea which paints to go with. Unfortunately that's all I got besides wanting to keep it all a warm autumn feel. Any suggestions? Alternative scheme recommendations welcome.
  9. [SPLIT] Dallas roads are bizarre and make no sense

    I can't argue with that, though I think those movies had better quality roads than we do. I work for DOTD and every time we replace (i.e. grind it down to the dirt, cut lime/soil cement, and put on two layers of asphalt) it usually takes about 6 months to a year for the road to return to it's original crappy state or be much worse. To drive in Louisiana one must not love their vehicle. What makes it even funnier is that the three states we border all have beautiful, perfect roads and one can always tell where the state line is even without a sign.
  10. Basing All Hallows Eve

    Slight hilling with her standing under the Halloween Tree and a few jack-o-lanterns spread about around her.
  11. Basing All Hallows Eve

    How should I go about dealing with her molded base? I know it's not very big but it has a cobblestone texture that I don't want. Should I try hiding it as part of the display base or attempt to cut it off? Any input would be helpful here.
  12. Two Brothers Paint

    Recently convinced my brother my brother to finally pick up a brush so we spent the afternoon working on this figure. It's his first but he's definitely leaps ahead of where I started. Sorry for the bad pics, I grabbed them as I was heading out the door and didn't have my light box.
  13. Val Fails at Painting KDM

    Couple quick pics of the White Lion from Kingdom Death. Took longer than it should to finish but it's done now and ready to chow down on some survivors.
  14. Val Fails at Painting KDM

    He ain't perfect, but he definitely turned out better than the last survivor. The green did fade a bit in the pics.
  15. Val Fails at Painting KDM

    Yeah, I realized that a little ways in and it was too late by that point so I had to roll with it. Definitely gonna go thinner on the next ones.