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  1. The town is always sinking... gotta love dungeon delving without having to leave the comforts of civilization behind.
  2. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have bought 2 sets of the Dreadmere Bones packs.
  3. Honestly ReaperWolf, I don't think the anticipation could get any higher for a Dreadmere setting book what with the new Dreadmere Bones sets coming out. How about a quick summary of the Knights of the Maggotcrown. I'm curious as to what they want since I've been dropped into that faction for the con... that and I wanna go full on Day of the Dead with the faction figure.
  4. How much for a copy?
  5. This is why I was wondering about a print book or some sort of file.
  6. Distilled down, I'd say the deep lore, characters, and locations. Still kinda broad, I know, but what can you do. Especially since I'm still pretty new to Dreadmere as a whole.
  7. Um, all of it? Been trying to do a New Orleans/deep south style swamp location for years and it has always fallen flat.
  8. Nice, loving the metalwork.
  9. Fun note, I was actually going for "alligator" on the back. It just failed and turned out a fun green.
  10. Finished up my Marsh Troll that I totally didn't leave sitting on my shelf half painted for two years because I was procrastinating and painting everything else. That random severed head definitely surprised me.
  11. Did we ever get a setting guide for use of Dreadmere in our home RPGs? I remember reading somewhere one was in the works but I never saw if it was finished or cancelled.
  12. What about Corvus Belli/Infinity? Got a bunch of left over weapons sprues.
  13. I'm in. That sounds better than my crap handwriting.
  14. The Goonies. I have never once seen it and not thought back to the first time sitting at my grandmother's house with my two older cousins as they convinced me to watch it. I've never regretted a movie recommendation from them and I doubt I ever will. The only other time I get hit hard is when they show a military funeral. Most of my family has served and I've been hit with one too many of them with no notice in the past few years and it always brings a tear to my eye.
  15. Nothing really. I'm planning to have the most of the whole gambit ordered by July with a double of the Dreadmere stuff. Partly because I like the idea of a giant killer catfish.