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  1. Worm looks killer. Good idea with the Styrofoam cup.
  2. Thanks Xherm! Makin some progress here. Gonna kick all my WIPs into shape over the next week, as I have some time off. I'm happy with direction this little gal is heading. I have a question for the anyone out there well versed in the Adventure Apparel department; What is the "part" hanging in front of her skirt? As it comes down from the waist it has a scale-mail-like texture that sort of fades into a branch-like structure/design. It has quite a bit of dimension to it, so I don't think it's just a design. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around painting it without having an idea of what it is. I also need to find another adjustment on my camera. For some reason my photos all seem so "digitized". Even when I only crop and resize (which I try to stick to). Auto adjust doesn't seem to make a difference as to the digey look of them. Whatever, I'll figure that out unless there's a photo savvy wizard with a spell for me out there. Back to Shaern here. Got the hair done, the skirt done less the "thingey". Psychin' myself up to the task of nmm. Make it or break it on this fig. Happy so far. Workin on the base as well, bad pic though, sorry.
  3. With my other minis in various states ranging from "kinda diggin this" to "are you kidding me?!! (not in a good way) it seemed to me like a good time to start another. Actually. my other minis are all about to be wrapped up and the base that was to be for Kristiana is now going to this lovely lady. I suppose you could say the base is driving this project. That's funny because I don't have a pic of it to share on this posting. Back to Shaern here, this is a great sculpt, very crisp details. My collection thus far is primarily barbarians, and she will fit in nicely. She's also good for me now as I want to practice on my skin and nmm. This where I start tonight. I want to keep her eyes pretty much in the shade but still need to blend the tones more. The "stringy" bits of her attire perplexed me for a while as to coloring. Is it chain metal? Is it leather? If leather, dark or light? I decided to go this direction and sleep on it. I think it will work. Enough texture to create interest, subtle enough to show off the nmm (gulp, guess I better do it right). Really looking forward to that blade! -Thanks for lookin. Joe
  4. Well, I'm close to done here. Mostly I'm fed up with her, LOL. I don't want to bash the fig, after all, I've only just begun so what do I know? The casting is just not making things very easy for a beginner such as me. I've seen her in metal (Pathfinder maybe?) and I have to say I've been jealous. This Bones version has horrible swords and a noseless flat face that makes her look feline. I had some grand basing plans. That base will have to find another fig. However, I will take this one a little further, I don't want to get into the habit of leaving a project incomplete due to frustrations. I learned what I picked her up for so it's not time wasted (I keep telling myself). There are things I am pretty happy with, and I understand NMM more than I did. I still need to do more work on her blades, I really haven't given them proper attention, just threw on some paint here and there. I still need give her "headpiece" some attention as well, but I think I'll leave the front part as hair. It just doesn't show as a crown-like part as it does in other pics I've seen. Thanks for lookin'. -Joe
  5. Cleaned her up a bit. Getting happier with her with every session. That's good for keeping up paint morale. Gotta go to work, but here's what transpired this morning: Thank's for stoppin in. - Joe
  6. Quick update, not much to see here really. Just pluggin away at the NMM. Haven't quite got it yet, -but getting it... some. Edit: I think my phone may take better pics than my camera. Hmm, a bit disconcerting. Here's the phone pic;
  7. Not a lot of progress, but I did decide on pants. I thought that stripes would sell them as pants. I laid down some quick light stripes to see how it looks. I'm happy with it. Now I need to clean them a bit.
  8. Here we have a blind bag Marvel 500 figure, series 8 Red Guardian. Why? Mostly just because. Impulse purchase, never seen them before, curiosity driven I suppose. Sure, but why paint it? As it turns out this fig has been a great exercise (thus far) in blending that I am in most need of. Also I have been enjoying the process of basing. Something that I am finding every bit as enjoyable as the figure painting. At this point I based and initial shaded/highlighted the blue with an airbrush. I used some liquid masking, won't do that again. Tough to remove. Luckily the blue paint withstood the shower and gentle toothbrush scrub that I had to resort to. The lower face area has gotten a little attention. The blues have been getting highlight brush blends. The red and white are still in the basecoat stages. More to come.
  9. Nice that we can all talk here, I notice that the OP hasn't joined back in though. I just picked up a "blind bag" Marvel 500. Hadn't seen them before. Got a Captain America. Just about the classic pose (shield is held a little lower), variant paint job that I'm unfamiliar with (Red Guardian). No matter, I'm going to repaint him anyway. Not too bad quality wise, no mold lines anyway.
  10. Just about done with this guy. I need to fix and paint the balls at the end of the his horns (that sounds wrong). A few spots will need dabs of dullcoat, and I don't know if I can tolerate the lip left from my resin pour. Yea, next time the dam/lip will be"finished height" and the pour will "bubble" at the top, rookie move. I may still add some more foliage, I don't wanna get too carried away with it though.
  11. coming along nicely! I think the trim at the top of the dress is the perfect touch.
  12. You know, I've been wondering the same thing. Back in the 80's I used their airbrush paints, and they were really nice. Very transparent and vibrant. LOL, I just noticed your location. Maybe we have been looking at the very same package! Hope we get some input,
  13. I decided that my (admittedly small) collection of figs was starting to need a feminine element. I grabbed this gal from my stash and started another project to help distract me from my other projects. I also chose her because I am trying to learn my NMM and she's got a fair amount of armor. So far I have only done a few Barbarian males, so I am trying hard to be considerably "softer" with her skin tones. Her face is the also the only skin on this fig so I am trying to give it a lot of attention as I know it will be where the eye goes first (no pun intended). Hmmm, this is a phone camera photo and the skin color is a bit washed out. Oh well, this will serve as a good enough "starting point" post.
  14. Nice paint palette. The red in the base color really makes the green stand out well for a "muted" color.
  15. Very well done. The purple/green combo plays off each other very well.