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  1. That looks like a pretty big success on trying out new techniques, eh?
  2. I, uh . . . I bought a couple more minis to paint. It's gonna be fun, I can feel it in my . . . Bones.
  3. Nice, that wash came out great. That's such a great result for a quick job.
  4. Plain, New-England-Style bun, Mustard (and diced white onion), Beef or pork, either way.
  5. This afternoon's experimenting. I had originally intended to try and create a red-colored metallic by mixing or glazing, but had already laid a red basecoat and the technique I wanted to try started with a metallic basecoat, so I decided to just experiment with some other techniques I'd watched. I really admire some of the space marine/robot jobs folks do, but don't have any minis of that sort and thought some of what I'd seen would apply well to Ragnaros's really segmented-looking armor. I had a lot of fun with this guy, I might end up stripping him, or just buying a few more.
  6. I've been using a Ball jelly jar. Nice heft, nice size for my large hands, though using a holder this large sometimes makes getting an angle under smaller minis a little difficult.
  7. This little fella came out alright I think. My first successful attempt at painting human eyes at this scale.
  8. So far, I feel like it's helping a LOT actually, although miniature painting is frustrating in different ways than comic coloring. For example, 'zoom'-ing in' and 'undo'-ing is much harder on my table than on Photoshop. :-D
  9. Hey all, MelmothWanders here. I am 30-something, living in central Massachusetts with my cat and my fiance, and I work in training and development (going back for my Master of Education this fall). I've played tabletop RPGs irregularly since I was about 10, but never got into minis, especially whereas the games I've played have all been theater-of-the-mind style. I've been getting increasingly into board games though, and decided that I wanted to learn to paint minis after purchasing Mansions of Madness. In order to practice, I started buying Bones miniatures a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it (except the faces, not the faces). I have never painted much outside of a few art classes over the years, but I have worked semi-professionally as a comic book colorist at points in the past, so the color theory and lighting aspects came really naturally to me. Currently involved in a Hunter: The Reckoning campaign, and playing lots of Pandemic Legacy. Looking to purchase Shadows of Brimstone and Descent 2e in the future as I want doz miniz, and they seem up my alley. Gloomhaven 2nd printing backed on Kickstarter and due in a month and a half, woot. I am also working on my first novel, although I've been horribly off track since a death in the family last winter, and I love to read as well. Along with these hobbies, I play quite a bit of video games (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Diablo 3, Overwatch, etc).
  10. I got the metal version to represent my gnome illusionist, such a nice little figure, and the features are so fine, glad you'll be getting the figure you deserve FLF.
  11. Very cool. How long did this process take? Seems like a good, solid method for pumping out a lot of game pieces. ::hmmmmm::
  12. Excellent point Doug, I know even less about object photography than I do about painting.
  13. My Reaper Learn to Paint kit just finally arrived after one set getting lost in the mail and the other taking its time. Last night I decided to end a stressful day by painting. Very pleased with how Anirion came out, would still like to refine my photo taking. The light tent I threw together is helping, but the natural highlights and shadows are still obscuring some detail. I think part of my problem is that I need to reconfigure the backdrop so that I can place the mini deeper into the tent.