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  1. OK, the bases are starting to arrive which is pretty exciting! The first thing I'm noticing is the difference in resin color from company to company (which, I assume, has to do with different resin mixtures etc) Here are the 8 companies I've ordered from - are there any other companies known for resin bases I should order from? If not, we'll stick to the 8 companies listed below: Dark Art Miniatures Elrik's Hobbies Micro Art Studio Secret Weapon Miniatures Tabletop Art Miniatures Scibor Monstrous Miniatures WarGamma Daemonscape
  2. Quick update - I added 3 more to the above list. I now have 8 different sets of 25 mm resin bases, coming from 8 different companies. I think this should be a good sample to compare! The only company I really wanted to order a set from, but didn't was Fenris - they offer surprisingly few straight (vertical) sided bases, which is what I've ordered from all the other companies (I play tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, so I want all my bases to be the same style and fit the standard 1" grid increments used in those games). Fenris pretty much only sells chamfer (GW style) or DS (warmachine, etc style) bases unfortunately ....
  3. OK, so I think I'm going to give Loctite Super Glue a try. The question now is, Loctite Gel or the Loctite Professional recommended here. What is the idea behind the Gel? Anyone have any thoughts on why the Loctite Gel or the Loctite Professional is a better one to go with? Again, I mainly see myseld using it to glue my Bones minis to bases
  4. Kind of trivial in the grand scheme of things, I know, but ... anyone have any recommendations of the best kind and/or brand of superglue ? I will only be using it on Bones figures and bases (resin bases from Secret Weapon, etc and standard plain bases enhanced with gravel, etc.) I've heard some folks swear by Loctite Gel Control superglue for miniature work, so I'm leaning toward picking some of that up ...
  5. Hey everyone, I know I have a couple threads I started recently asking for opinions of various companies making resin bases. Well, I decided to find out for myself :) I went a bit nuts and ordered a 25 mm set of bases each from a bunch of different companies (some that were recommended here, and others that got good reviews on YouTube etc.) Once they all arrive (which might take a little while, since some of these were ordered directly from the company, which in some cases are in Europe) I'll post pictures and offer my opinions, review and comparison on them all. For now, here's what I have coming so far. I have my eye on bases from a couple other companies as well (Daemonscape, WarGamma, DragonForge, and Kromlech / Bits of War) I'll probably order them in the next week or so. If / when I do, I'll add them here ... Resin Bases Ordered (all are 25 mm round bases) Dark Art Miniatures - Tomb Elrik's Hobbies - Cobblestone Road Micro Art Studio - Ancient Secret Weapon Miniatures - Ruined Temple Tabletop Art Miniatures - Stone Floor Scibor Monstrous Miniatures - Celtic Ruins WarGamma - Tortured Lands Daemonscape - Skull and Alien infestation
  6. Hey everyone I asked recently in another thread about the resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures and it sounds like folks that have used them give them a big thumbs up I'm curious about some of the other companies out there that make similar resin bases - I've seen some good reviews of Dark Art Miniatures, and Elrik's Hobbies,. Anyone have experience with bases from either of these outfits? Are there any other places that make cool cast resin bases? Thanks!
  7. Interesting - what's a Box of Goodwill??? For that matter, someone mentioned a Christmas stocking earlier, what's that? Seems like I'm missing out! :)
  8. I can see what you mean about some folks grumbling that a free metal mini is worth more than a free Bones mini (although it's kind of lame to grumble about a free gift :) Interestingly enough, I actually DID add a note on my last order saying I didn't do metal, could I get a free Bones mini instead, and if not, they didn't need to send the metal mini to me as it would go to waste. Guess what? I got the metal mini anyway :) @ Cyradis: not sure why you think I was complaining. I clearly wasn't. I was asking a question and then following it up with a suggestion, nothing more. Saying " I find this a silly thing to complain about" seemed kind of unfairly harsh ...
  9. Hey, I like free stuff as much as the next cat! :) Understood about the metal mini being a brand new sculpt. That doesn't mean if they offered a free Bones mini, it would also have to be new, does it ? Couldn't Reaper just pick a cool recent Bones mini and say this is the free Bones mini option for the month if you pick it instead of the metal?
  10. I think it's awesome that Reaper gives a new free mini each month when you buy $40 or more worth of stuff. The only think that bums me out is that they always seem to be a metal minis. I don't do metal (and I'm just not interested in trying them out) I only do Bones, so the free metal mini is kind of wasted on me. With the popularity of the Bones line and the massive Bones Kickstarters, I imagine there are many other "Bones only" folks who also can't use the free mini figure (I realize we can give it away, or sell it or just throw it out but ...) My question is - is there a reason Reaper doesn't offer a Bones and metal option each month? Let the person ordering pick either the metal or Bones mini each month. It's just such a shame when I get that free metal mini with my order and I throw it away :( Thanks!
  11. That's great to hear! I've checked out a number of YouTube reviews and these seem to get nothing but praise. I think I'm going to get some! ced1106 - those look great!!! Did you use some of the Secret Weapon Realistic Water on some of them?
  12. Hey everyone I've been looking at Secret Weapon Bases. Has anyone used these? How did they work out? Do they paint up well? Is the resin easy to work with? drill through for pinning etc? Thanks!
  13. Marc

    Bones and Vallejo primer

    Thanks everyone - I should have specified I definitely meant Vallejo brush on primer. I've been doing some research and it seems like there are a couple different kinds of Vallejo brush on primer. Can anyone point me toward a specific Vallejo brush on primer that works well? Thanks again!!!
  14. Hey everyone! I've been away from the forums for a while, but lately I've had a renewed desire to jump back in! I've picked up a few Bones minis (I will have a ton more coming with the new Kickstarter), a bunch of Reaper paints, some Citidel shades, some decent brushes, a tone of nice bases, and 3 different kinds/sizes of Gale Force 9 basing grit - I'm ready to start painting! Here's the question ... I've been watching a bunch of YouTube demos on prepping and painting Bones. I know there are many opinions of priming (to do it or not, what kind to use, etc). I'm leaning toward priming my Bones with the grey Vallejo primer. I'm interested in hearing from folks who have used Vallejo primer on their Bones and how it went. Thanks!!!