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  1. Wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the 840 awesome Pathfinder New Paths Compendium backers! Thanks to all of you, we TRIPLED the initial funding goal, and added a TON of great stuff to the book, including 3 BRAND-NEW CLASSES and a REVISED, REFINED SAVANT! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/350683997/new-paths-compendium-pathfinder-rpg-expanded-editi/posts/1949410
  2. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I love sahuagin and would love some proper sahuagin figures in Bones 4!!! If not actual sahuagin, can we please get a few more tiik: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones tiik They are a pretty nice stand in. A cool wizard and priest type tiik as well as a few more warrior types would be awesome!!! The Slithe also make great sahuagin but they also are not available in Bones: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Slithe/sku-down/03161 Heck, while we're at it - why can't I have some sharks and weresharks in Bones??? Sounds like a pretty cool add on package - tiik, Slithe, sharks and weresharks!
  3. Agreed. They'll do in a pinch, but the tiik are much closer. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones tiik Maybe there will be a few more of those in Bones 4!
  4. Those Tiiks look pretty nice - they could certainly pass for sahuagin ... The Deep Ones could work as well, but I have zero interest in metal unfortunately. Not sure I understood though, you're saying the Depp Ones ARE available in Bones, but so far only as part of Bones 3 and not individually?
  5. I love sahuagin (aquatic, shark-love creatures from D&D :) Are there any sahuagin available in Bones? If not, anything in Bones that could pass for sahuagin???
  6. More than 800 backers and counting! And, we're almost to the new Warlock archetype goal! There are still 5 hours to go, so there's still time to jump in!!! C'mon Pathfinder fans :) Oh, and for all the Spell-less Ranger fans, check out the art that just came in for the brand new Shadow Stalker archetype for the Spell-less Ranger!!!
  7. Next Goal Achieved! The Savant Class is in the Book! That makes an even dozen new Pathfinder classes!!! Next up, with just over 24 hours to go, is a brand-new Warlock archetype, and then ... a mystery stretch goal :)
  8. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Ah! Wow ... Ahem ... OK, well then ... put me down firmly in the "Please don't put any of those (or at least, not many) in this Kickstarter. Certainly not in the Core Set.
  9. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    OK, I jgotta ask ... What the @#&!%!! is a chibi??? I've literally never encountered that term in my life before today ...
  10. New Paths Compendium Kickstarter in it's Final Days!! Sure, having 11 new classes for your Pathfinder RPG game is a pretty great thing, but as great as 11 new classes is, there's something special about an even dozen. So, as our way of thanking the 650 (and counting!) amazing Pathfinder fans who have backed the revised New Paths Compendium so far, we want to add the Savant class back into the book! That's right, the Kobolds have been working behind the scenes with the awesome Ryan Costello, Jr. (designer of the original Savant class) to bring a newly revised, refined, and easier to play version of the Savant to the book. There's not much time though! Can we hit this extra special stretch goal and add the Savant to the New Paths Compendium? We think so, and we thank you in advance for helping to spread the word. Back the New Paths Compendium TODAY!
  11. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    That's interesting ... I thought people have said the newer grey Bones were a bit more rigid / less bendy
  12. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    So, from what I understand, Reaper as at least to some extent moving to the greyish color, slightly more rigid bones material (in response to the new WizKids minis?). Do we have any sense on if / how many of the Bones in this Kickstarter will be the new materiel / formula?
  13. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    What did the Core Set cost for Bones 3?
  14. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Has it been confirmed that it's lasting less than the 'standard' 30 days though?
  15. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    WOO HOO!!! Super excited to see the date released! Even better, August 1st is not that far away!