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  1. A kingdom of terror and blood ruled by vampires... A sprawling empire of ghouls... What horrors await you deep in the underworld? The 5th Edition EMPIRE OF THE GHOULS is the next major Kickstarter campaign from Kobold Press! Be sure to sign up to get alerts! https://koboldpress.com/kickstarters/
  2. Marc

    Ghouls #03716

    Yeah, they look great! Are those Reaper minis?
  3. I'd say, in D&D terms, it'd probably be a maul
  4. Nice! Was that a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference?
  5. Do we know what wave we are on?
  6. I vote to wait for Bones 4. There are going to be a TON of new Bones minis to go in the boxes! I also don't know if the "I'm OK with either" posts are really helping Chaoswolf make a decision... I'd ask the folks saying they are OK either way to post again and actually weigh in with a preference, unless of course they honestly don't have one - I doubt many people are literally right down the middle, 50/50 on the fence. I'd suggest if you're thinking something like "I'm fine either way, but if I had to choose, I'd probably say let's wait" or whatever, then post that. I'm guessing that will help make the decision more than just saying "I'm fine either way"
  7. We're getting kind of off topic and rehashing something that happened a couple years ago, aren't we? Probably best to just get back to the actual topic - this new giant mini and if the 'mystery project' is confirmed to be Bones 5
  8. @Darsc Zacal - is the part about Bones 5 true? That's the 'secret project'?
  9. I currently only have Bones minis and I'm not interested in metal. However, I hear a lot about resin minis and I'm thinking about maybe branching into resin to compliant my Bones. I have a TON of resin bases, so I have at least a little experience with resin. My question is basically what are the differences between Bones / PVC and resin minis? Pros and Cons of each, etc. Thanks!
  10. Excited to do another round! :) Regarding the 3D printed figures question - I personally would rather not include them. I wouldn't mind if a couple ended up in a box I received I guess, but I'd be pretty disappointed if there was a ton of 3D stuff. I'm only interested in Bones minis and resin bases though, so I'd be equally disappointed if there was a ton of metal and not many Bones.
  11. I'm in!! Where you live - Harrisburg, PA If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) - Not this time around If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) - Not this time around
  12. Marc

    Wash Surface Tension Question

    Can I ask why you'd go to the trouble? (that's an honest question, not picking on you!) A good quality wash from Reaper or Citadel (which is formulated to work perfectly on minis) only costs a couple dollars. I just don't think I'd go to the effort of a home made wash to save a few bucks.
  13. Kind of frustrated to see this got moved to the very same forum I mentioned I had already posted in ...
  14. I posted this in the Bones forum, but never got any responses, so I'm posting here instead in hopes someone from Reaper will pop in and comment ... So far, the two new Bones Black previews we've seen have both been Large creatures with no weapons or items in hand (sword, spear, staff, etc.) What I am REALLY interested to see is if smaller (human size) Bones Black figures will still have the overly thick weapons (the aforementioned sword, spear, staff, etc.) common on current Bones. These huge weapons / items have always bugged me - they are probably my biggest complaint about Bones in fact. My understanding is that are so large / extra thick because Bones material is bendy when it's thin, so they make things that should be thin ... way thicker than they should be to help combat this. Given that Bones Black is so much more rigid - can we dare hope for swords, spears, staffs, and the like that are more realistic in size and thickness?