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  1. WIP 77557 KS3 Mystic Circle

    Thanks. In person it looks good, but in the photos it looks a little bland.
  2. WIP 77557 KS3 Mystic Circle

    Added in some moss but it sort of looks like ivy I think. I don't think it's enough so I have some more drying today and I'm not sure if I should dry brush it a lighter green, red, orange, brown, or leave it as is.
  3. WIP 77557 KS3 Mystic Circle

    I painted up the runes and attempted to make them appear to glow. I think the blue and purple came out rather well. The yellow and pink not so much at all. For some reason when painting some of the runes, the blue wash that I painted several layers ago was drawn to the top. I put down a layer of Gale Force 9 autumn flock, hoping it looks like leaf clutter and I mixed green paint with some dried tea leaves. That's drying now and will hopefully work well for moss. After the moss is on, I think the mystic Circle will be finished.
  4. The Rest of the Lycanthropes

    Tell my rocksteady wasn't your inspiration for that warthog lol.
  5. WIP 77557 KS3 Mystic Circle

    I haven't done the runes yet, that's just the blue wash. I actually have that product you've shown. I thought it would be firmer that it is, it's almost rubbery. I have to look up how to use it.
  6. Glazing replaces dry brushing but what to do with rock?

    I have most of KS 1 to paint as well as KS 3(I missed out of KS2). I also have maybe 3/4 of the zombicide base game to paint. If I didn't have a hoarde of a backlog maybe I'd take the time but I really need to get paint on some minis.
  7. Reaper bones 3 iron golem quick paint -30 min

    Your 30 minutes is better than my hours long work. I don't like you.
  8. WIP 77557 KS3 Mystic Circle

    I dremeled a rune in each column. There is 7 columns if you count the complete columns as one each so I found "runes for the seven deadly sins." Move put down a blue wash down followed by three grays layers of dry brushing, an off white dry brushing, and a brown wash. I think it's looking pretty good so far. Im planning on putting/painting moss on the stones, painting the runes the colors representing the seven deadly sins and giving them a glow effect. I would love to put some ivy on the columns but I cannot find any locally or on Amazon. Im leaning on an autumn-ish basing, but I'm not sure. Can you have green moss during the autumn? The side by side shot of the columns is before and after the brown wash.
  9. Glazing replaces dry brushing but what to do with rock?

    Reaper bone That looks like it's easier to achieve with an airbrush. It also looks like a TON of work
  10. Miscellaneous Bones 3 Miniatures

    The face on the tombstone golem is awesome. Nice work all around.
  11. T'Raukzul ice dragon

    That is an awesome shade of blue
  12. Glazing replaces dry brushing but what to do with rock?

    Good call on the blue, I might have to go that route.
  13. Glazing replaces dry brushing but what to do with rock?

    Alrightie then, that explains why I can't find any glaze tutorials specifically for rocks. Thanks.
  14. Without drybrushing, how would you paint rocks or stones? I can't find any guides online. Items, armor, people, and so on have defined areas where it would make sense to transition colors but rocks don't(at least in my opinion)