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  1. Gratitude for your love and appreciation, brothers and sisters. I am enjoying the trend of color theory, though expect more effects on the horizon. May your blends be smooth. :D
  2. Love, love, LOVE this piece!
  3. For your consideration: Reaper Bones miniature Female Anti-Paladin. It wasn't until I started on my idea for the shield that I realized that *it* was the Main Character. Not exactly a daemon-possessed sword, but a symbiotic relationship none-the-less. Extravagant tone with bright, decadent colors. She-Hulk for the hair. Massive Voodoo for the dots. (More dots!) My cat Zen for the eyes. (He's a Tom.) Lots of non-textured areas to tell a story. Great player character or reoccurring NPC. A lesson of extreme - in Color and form. The armor was protective but the clothing was tattered like a torn mesh bodysuit. Heavy straps encircled limbs and the armored boots formed like hooves. Toothy maw adornment on the armor hints at hunger. A very introspective Pin-Up. I hope you enjoy. :)
  4. For competition I agree completely and can see a blue Vavilov glow haloing his head and familiar. I also would like to see more done than the standard gaming base as each mini tells a story - and the base should reflect that. For commissions I am bound by my client and their desires - and how much they are willing to spend. I am working in a bust I think you will enjoy the OSL effect. :D Gratitude for your insight! I like how your thoughts echoes my own.
  5. Your wife is awesome! Outstanding spread for a feast. That room is AMAZING! That is among the ultimate in Gamer Dens. Awesome Geek Chick to boot. That food your wife makes will draw you out, Guv'nor! Enjoy the fruit of your efforts!!
  6. Yes. Meanwhile, back at the crypt: one undead skellington looking with empty sockets where his hand-bones used to be. One skellington guard says to another, "Looks like Frank has Support Duty again." Love the eyes on this one. You really did a good job capturing the highlight below along with the light source reflection. Well done!
  7. For your consideration, I offer Nolevniss Azrinae: Reaper Miniature 60162. Or in this Multiverse: Elariel Moonshadow This elf Magi was an active sculpt to paint. The robes and cloak are dynamic in portrayal of wind movement and direction. The robes were long and laying folded in back, which suggests weight and volume. Limited palette with work on suggesting different textures of cloth. Teeny eyes. Delicate sculpt too with the hair and features. And the familiar was an enjoyable if not surreal sculpt. I was told by the person who wanted this painted, "And paint the baby dragon gold." When I popped my Opti-visor on I was like, "That's not a dragon..." This creature reminded me of the haemonculus familiar from earlier Dungeons and Dragons editions, while the head reminded me of an eye-less vampire bat. What you see is the result. Cute. (But you don't want to be left alone in the same room with it.) The staff is a weapon of Power - like Purple Name power. Spell book and scrolls along with bandolier pouches told me a story of a travelling Mage - even his staff clutched a simple stone at the foot to act as counterweight. But not a nice guy. I hope you enjoy him. :) Peace and blessings.
  8. Well done! Love the rust effect as well. And who knows: maybe the shield is a favorite so he keeps it untarnished. :D
  9. Drax: " You earthers have hang-ups. "
  10. WOW! I am impressed by this. And inspired! This is the reward for seeking to expand your creative limits! Outstanding!
  11. <Insert Enthusiastic Applause Here> GORGEOUS work! The additional highlights and shades really make this tip-top and competition worthy. An amazing painter continuing to create amazing work. The EYES are well done and capture the despair of a lost soul. Excelsior!
  12. Impeccable painting. Great colors and textures! Excelsior!
  13. Great choice of colors. I would love the recipe for skin tones. Brilliant work!
  14. LOVE this miniature. Amazing work! I do believe you have added a miniature to my own Purchase List.
  15. Great painting! The goblin's eyes add so much character to this miniature. Welcome to the Forums!