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  1. KingMob

    77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    Oh that Werner, he's done it again! Let me introduce you to Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - original size. She's a great size for an Ogre and as a Player Character. Bones once again! Great level of detail allows so much to be done to bring life to the face. Her armor reminds me of my SCA rig. Autumn hue, same palette as the Huge variation posted earlier. Underpainting/sketching used before paint. Plus! Pushed contrast. (Something a little bird taught me.) Gonna paint another. Enjoy.
  2. For your viewing pleasure is Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - without that hot, itchy cloak. The spot for her cloak was filled in and sculpted with Green Stuff to match her muscular anatomy. Bones, Basil! Bones! I am continually impressed with the Bones medium. High detail, resilient, and inexpensive. She is going into my Orcs and Goblins Oldhammer Army. Enjoy.
  3. KingMob

    77106 BONES Frost Giant Jarl

    OH YEAH! This was the Bad Boy that was stellar. The level of detail and the effect on the sword demonstrates your amazing ability. The face is what won me: the eyes are lifelike and makes the entire piece come alive. Beautiful color choice and color compliments. This work brought aesthetic and ability together. Your humility in accepting the lessons this piece brought you shows. Standing ovation. Well done.
  4. KingMob

    77477: Hobgoblin Veteran, 1 of 2

    I love it. Now I want Hobgoblins.
  5. KingMob

    77178, Fire Giant Warrior

    The best Fire Giant I have seen. Outstanding skin, and that sword. That sword. The effect is amazing. Tied in with dynamic post, yours was one of my favorite in the contest. (You're in my Five.) Keep it up and keep pushing yourself. Your talent is hungry.
  6. KingMob

    Froggy Does Gaslands (Schload of Images)

    So much Bad broccoli contained in one thread. Fantastic work, mate! Inspiring!
  7. KingMob

    Introduction + some of my work

    You get used to us. We're like Root Beer. On topic: gorgeous work! And I agree about the paint. Reaper paint is like creme. I look forward to more posts of your work!
  8. KingMob

    Etruscilla (Tengu) - Hell Dorado

    Love, love, LOVE the colors and contrasts. Beautiful work!
  9. KingMob

    ReaperCon 2018 Review

    Peace and blessings, brother. You raise very good points and I agree with you on the Judges. (I personally think some are abrasive for ratings and drama, but that is me). These instances involve individuals who have gotten the training, done the work, and are placed into a position of authority where people come to them to have their talents appraised. Unfortunately, our focus is not on Judges, but on people outside that realm of authority: "I'm picturing a scenario where I log into a large Discord feed and stumble upon a group of goons picking apart my work against a picture that I didn't post, with a name that they can trace to FB or wherever." I know the Judges of ReaperCon - for example - would never speak to a person like that about their work. And as a new comer, feel good knowing you and your work WILL be treated with respect! A professional who respects their Craft knows the effort, the heart and soul, that goes into the work. Criticism is there to push you to next level. The "you suck, you really really suck" Crowd that spits venom instead of critique. Not Judges, and their words intend to bring ruin - they repeat the words they were told by another. These individuals who tear down another are not providing constructive criticism, they are venting their pain. They do not speak Truth. The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth. There is constructive criticism and there is being a jerk. The wisdom lies in knowing difference. And as a competitor, sometimes that distinction is a trial in and of itself. Never apologize for sharing your insight. Every Master started as a Beginner. You stand among your peers. Feel welcome and wanted. You are among your Tribe. :) May your blends be smooth.
  10. KingMob

    14042 - Thorgram, Dwarf Warlord

    Thank you all for your insight! I hope you enjoyed the Short along with the Dwarf. Geddit? I crack myself up.
  11. KingMob

    77592: Frost Giant Queen WIP

    Love the skin tones. Great contrast with her clothing!
  12. KingMob

    ReaperCon 2018 Review

    Peace be with you, Part of Competition is exposure. When entering any Competition, reknown is one of the rewards - and that comes with the good and bad. Listen, and please take this to heart: nothing a person says about you or your work is Truth. What you hear is their perspective - and unfortunately some perspectives are tainted by the experiences an individual has sustained. If you ever hear your work torn down, it is because somewhere, sometime that person was torn down exactly as they seek to do to you. It is not Truth. That is Pain and it is not a reflection of you. It is that individual's projection. When you encounter this in your life - and you will - remember this and see that person or persons for who they are: someone hurting. Be patient with them, and do not put any weight on their counsel. They are not speaking Truth. You are kind. These are often the hardest lessons to kind people. I do not doubt you will use this knowledge to bring reform and healing to the world. Question: if you knew you could never win a trophy again, would you still enter? ;) On topic: great thread and great insight from the OP. May both of your efforts be rewarded and blessed.
  13. This is Eilish Garrity the Occultist from Privateer Press. A limited edition figure released with #1 issue of No Quarter Prime. He is the antagonist in TW2 - Blue Boys, which leads Cormac and Uther to the city of Portlandia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DF9rbGVeMw Same Warm/Cold palette as the Burrowing Horror, Dwarf Warlord, and Dwarf Runelord. Great detail! I am impressed with PP's 3D modelling. Enjoy!
  14. KingMob

    Dwarf Runelord - GW OOP miniature

    I like miniatures from various ranges, and this guy is full of character. This is the second time I have painted the miniature, and he was still a blast to paint! This is Uther from TW2 - Blue Boys and TW2 - Blue Rendezvous (Oct. 6*) on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DF9rbGVeMw Same Warm/Cold palette and colors as Thorgram and the Burrowing Horror! I enjoy practicing Color Theory and learning what my paints are capable of producing. Enjoy! *Preview below!
  15. KingMob

    14042 - Thorgram, Dwarf Warlord

    I have been away working on various projects like TW2, and we are finishing up with this year's episodes so I can now share with group. For your consideration is Thorgram, Dwarf Warlord. Contrasting Warm/Cold palette - same as the Burrowing Horror. You can check him and his friend as they seek the dread Bulette on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DF9rbGVeMw Enjoy. :D