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  1. Starting to look a little more Orcish today. Skin base coated and right arm highlighting begun.
  2. Hi everyone. After lurking for quite sometime, I've finally joined the fun. I am fortunate to have a nice break from work, and managed to get some painting therapy in. Spent the morning prepping and priming some figures, and got to focus on the Orc today -mostly starting blocking some colors in, but I have managed to spend some time on his chest armor. Next up will be the chain mail.
  3. Thanks @robinh and @SGHawkins09 for organizing. I am looking forward to participating in my first exchange!
  4. I love the color choices, and I'm particularly fond of the eye(s). That's sure a whole bunch of yellow scales to pick out!
  5. Lovely mini and terrific base - I have this one myself, and this is certainly inspiration to get it going. The main eye looks incredible...and chance of posting a close up of it?
  6. These are all terrific, but I particularly am drawn to the black dragon. Lovely color choice and highlighting on it!