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  1. I have a touch more to do on the base and then it will be off to the post office. Plan to ship on Friday.
  2. Hi everyone. WIP photo for the exchange. 90% Base coated and have been working on the scales (and going more blind in the process). Hope to have her finished up in the next 2-3 weeks and mailed off to my partner. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's works.
  3. Starting to look a little more Orcish today. Skin base coated and right arm highlighting begun.
  4. Hi everyone. After lurking for quite sometime, I've finally joined the fun. I am fortunate to have a nice break from work, and managed to get some painting therapy in. Spent the morning prepping and priming some figures, and got to focus on the Orc today -mostly starting blocking some colors in, but I have managed to spend some time on his chest armor. Next up will be the chain mail.
  5. Thanks @robinh and @SGHawkins09 for organizing. I am looking forward to participating in my first exchange!
  6. I love the color choices, and I'm particularly fond of the eye(s). That's sure a whole bunch of yellow scales to pick out!
  7. Lovely mini and terrific base - I have this one myself, and this is certainly inspiration to get it going. The main eye looks incredible...and chance of posting a close up of it?
  8. These are all terrific, but I particularly am drawn to the black dragon. Lovely color choice and highlighting on it!