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    Hey I resemble that remark:(
  2. Yup that's basically what has happened this month here too:( Hopefully I'll at least get my Bones III core set unboxing video done (I got it off Ebay, unfortunately missed it because of RL things in 2015) and priming my 6 mini's ready to go.
  3. This was what I was wondering as well, so since its a harder (read less forgiving) plastic, is it akin to lead (in this case bones) and rallidium pewter (wizkids?) Because I sweated bullets every time I did a LITTLE bending on a rallidium mini in fear of snapping it:(
  4. Hopefully the pack camel will be released relatively soon:) Only one I really want right now:)
  5. Any chance of Stay Puft Marshmallow man and slimer from Ghostbusters:) The Ghostbusters would be cool too, but probably licensing would be a bear :( I am sure reaper can mod the marshmallow and slimer enough to get around issues:)
  6. Well I am going to have to get one now and do just that:)
  7. So I have been watching everyone's unboxing videos of their Kickstarter 3 stuff (i'll prolly do one of my core set when it comes in, off Ebay unfortunately but still super excited), and I have heard the hot irons (number 156 in the torture chamber series) twice now being called a Root Beer Float. I found this extremely amusing:)
  8. I think we are all "Closet" Engineers, because we always seem to be overthinking things:) Or maybe just too much "tool time" :)
  9. I already have this dangerous idea going on over at Ebay with a seller who has a great selection of minis from reaper (and others) and great prices:)
  10. Hehe perhaps its time to watch one of my favorite videos from Tabletop minions:)
  11. well I basically have no feeling in my fingers, because I just stick the offending part in the water for about 15-130 seconds, pull em out and shape and immediately plunge in ice water:) Of course I don't get the water scolding hot, just enough to allow shaping:)
  12. Oh yah, on top of the bones I have collected AND the core set, I also have a whole bunch of old ral partha/grenadier/etc box sets and loose metal miniatures still to go, including a 50 count (or more) parts cabinet (you know, the ones you use for screws and stuff in a workshop) FULL of miniatures:( My kids may be stuck selling all that when I die:( Oh, and did I mention all my car/sci-fi/military etc model kits:(
  13. I got mine originally because I wanted a bunch of inexpensive mini's to get back into the game as it where, I have a decent source off Ebay and Garrick was real cheap:) I have him all based and ready to prime, but I just scored a Core set Bones III set, so now I have a TON of mini's to get back into the game:)
  14. At fifty bucks, I am not surprised:( Too bad too, I would have liked the pack camel:) Guess i'll have to wait for the individual release.