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  1. Ratmaster2000

    Maledrakh's Wierd West Oz (80059) Chronoscope

    This is exactly what I thought when I saw this miniature. All the others look like wizard of oz, but lion just looks out of place:(
  2. Ratmaster2000

    Badger Sotar 20/20 v/s Paasche Talon

    @MojoBobThanks for that info. I was going to try and get a talon since I have always loved Paasche (have a VL,H and two (If I can find my old one) VSR-90's), but now I will think twice. @Bassmaster146I have heard nothing but good things about the Sotar, and if I get some freed up money, I will probably buy the combo pack that comes with a sotar and Patriot 105. Sotar is really great for fine detail I hear. Try usa airbrush supply (I think it's actually Badger's storefront)
  3. Ratmaster2000

    Air but no paint

    Badger patriot 105 or Sotar. I like my Badger. I hear Paasche's Talons are good too (I do not have that model, but I do have several of their others both siphon and gravity, and they are are another great company). The owner of badger is a great guy, and really cares about the product, that's why I lean more towrds badger.
  4. Ratmaster2000

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Wish they at least had some greens to look at, hard to know how these will look from just concept art.
  5. Ratmaster2000

    Air but no paint

    Yes, it is badger (I love my 105 patriot BTW), but there's a lot of good info. here, especially NOT what to use to clean your airbrush. Highly recommend :)
  6. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    You could just do some "creative" bill juggling and pay those on the 31st:) I am sure a few things have a decent grace period:)
  7. Ratmaster2000

    Midlam Miniatures: Halflings - A Class of Their Own

    cannot wait till we get our surveys:) Looking forward to my halflings:)
  8. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    We aren't going down that road again, are we
  9. Ratmaster2000

    Miniature photography thread?

    I actually have more "models" to work on then actual mini's right now (well till we all get KS IV in the mail next year haha), so I need to divert some energy to those, especially all the vinyl kits I just got off the bay:)
  10. Ratmaster2000

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    By the way, did anyone get to choose their one choice, or will that be dealt with after the kickstarter is over?
  11. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I wasn't going to get those, but now you have me thinking:( Hmm, it's only 7 bucks haha:) And as for the trolls now getting the battering ham (with arms attached), I am sure they could easily lose the hands and be useful elsewhere:)
  12. Ratmaster2000

    What are the beads on Stieg Brinegrog?

    Very good advice
  13. Ratmaster2000

    Air but no paint

    I know this may sound like a stupid question, and I am not trying to be a jerk, just trying to help. It is a double action airbrush, correct? Are you pulling back once you push down on the trigger? And I am not sure which model this is, but if it is a bottom feed, make sure the siphon tube is clear and that the air hole on the bottle's cap is clear and that the bottle is fully seated. If it is a top feed, maybe back flush it? could be a dried piece of paint. If none of these work, and it's new, I'd either return it and try another one or work with Iwata to get it checked out and fixed.
  14. Ratmaster2000

    Miniature photography thread?

    you are very welcome. Adam does some great videos. Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch this one:
  15. Ratmaster2000

    77201: Dragoth

    That looks awesome, and the red armor really makes it stand out!