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  1. I have never used future, but as LittleBluberry has said (and I have heard from others), the new formulation has a lot of additives and is nothing like it used to be. Have you done any tests without the future added?
  2. Live

    WAIT! we are getting indiana jones and the BORG! Awesome, right next to the eddie mini's ! I mean, come on, this could easily pass for eddie! 77116: Colossal Skeleton https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/giant skeleton/sku-down/77116
  3. Live

    Haha Leeeroyyyy! That was classic! Oh and it's not my fault:)
  4. Live

    i think someone at reaper really wanted to make a reference to this:
  5. Live

    so, we either unlock monique, OR the world ends:( Let's all pray we get monique!
  6. fulfilling

    Calm down doggie, don't make me get a rolled up newspaper:)
  7. Live

    speaking of cat dragon, just saw someone post this on facebook:) too funny
  8. Live

    If we do not get a "cat dragon", no big deal:) I am already planning to spend too much money as it is:( I would much rather see dance of death unlocked and available for everyone. Hope zombie dragon gets unlocked today, excited to see whats next.
  9. fulfilling

    That is good to hear Beagle, I am sure you will be happy! Freat stuff, definitely worth the wait! How did you get into PM AFTER ks was finished? Just bid a dollar initially?
  10. Live

    And in the core set, not add-on
  11. Live

    I don't remember as many calls for a roc as there were for cat dragons, so maybe there's still hope of backer requests getting one. But honestly now, I'd rather see dance of death first! Hoping dance of death gets revealed and unlocked, I actually want that now! Roc does look like a phoenix, so I think I'll need to add that to my list once its unlocked:(
  12. well since funds are tight, the wife and I in college classes, and not wanting to pull my oldest out of school that long (no one can watch him that long either haha), I think we'll have to wait till next year:( Everyone have a great time!
  13. Live

    So I think I'll have to get Narglauth after all, and mate him with greybeard number 48 from core set:) I'll need to make a nice bridge diorama, and viola:) That will make a nice display piece.
  14. Wow my list is pretty tiny in comparison to everyone else:( Restore Historic Mission Control: I love NASA stuff and this one seemed cool. Just $10, awaiting my digital reward. Stonehaven Adventurers 2017: This one has six days left. Hope they hit their ship date of September 2017 Reaper Miniatures Bones 4: Mr. Bones EPIC Adventure!: man this one's gonna break my paypal budget:)
  15. Live

    Ohh you are getting three, got confused a minute:) That winter wolf would be perfect from the KSIII core set! And I think I just realized Ron was trying to be funny with that whole "fish in a barrel", you know everyone wanted the roc/cat dragon so his "reveal" was like shooting fish in a barrel