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  1. Ratmaster2000

    Happy Birthday, Wren!!

    Happy Birthday! Sorry it's late
  2. Ratmaster2000

    Spray Primering in the big city...

    well since you said "excluding other primers", I guess airbrushing with stynlrez is out:)
  3. Ratmaster2000

    Anyone need a familiar?

    Wow, sounds like a lot of us had black cats:) We had an active little girl named Boots. Sadly, my wife and her sister are allergic (my wife is tired of taking antihistamines, plus having two boys, cat litter boxes are a big no no during pregnancy). And having a $600 pet deposit doesn't help:( Hope you find a good home for him soon, so cute!
  4. Ratmaster2000

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Yes, the tokens are here! Even looks like I got an extra Cinderella (want to check with seller though). Hmm now how to modify and paint them:)excuse the mess, just had dinner:)
  5. Ratmaster2000

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    @Darsc ZacalAnd for just an aesthetic look, can we get this moved from pre-launch to LIVE :) Thanks
  6. Ratmaster2000

    Stonehaven Grippli Archer

    looks about as big as my kobold rogue from last years kickstarter:)
  7. Ratmaster2000

    Spring Exchange 2018 from herzogbrian

    "FEED ME, SEYMOUR!" Great job, looks awesome.
  8. Ratmaster2000

    Boxed Sets Restock?

    Yup, manual inventory is not fun, but it's the most accurate way to keep stock Stocked:) At least your stock is relatively all the same size:)
  9. Ratmaster2000

    Happy Birthday Cyradis

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Ratmaster2000

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Seeing you paint this up inspired me so much, I actually went looking for this, and lucked out on the exact same set (in about the same condition it seems, though I have seen some really shiny ones out there) tonight. I am also trying to get a second set (without sleeping beauty unfortunately), just waiting to see if the seller will deal (hopefully they will, they have had them for sale since 2016). I did see ONE set that actually has NINE tokens (the ninth being Donald duck) plus the monopoly cards, so if this other deal falls through and it is still around, I'll snag that:) Great job on snow white, hope I can do even half as well as you. Are you planning on painting the other tokens?
  11. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I am horrified that my postage went up on EVERY order I made:(
  12. Okay, I did not see anyone else post one of these (and yes I know it's a year late), AND if it is NOT allowed, MODS please delete. BUT, in case anyone cares to see, I have posted my long awaited Bones 3 Core Set unboxing. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/35bkA3Ny6dQ
  13. Ratmaster2000

    Happy Birthday Darsc Zacal

    Happy Birthday!
  14. ooh a beret, good idea:)
  15. Ratmaster2000

    Michael's - Airbrushes

    Yes, my Michael's has airbrushes (Badger) on sale for like $65.00 for patriot (didn't really catch the prices on others) on sale as well. I never even saw airbrush paint in the store. I wonder why they are pulling out of the airbrush game, as graphic artists and other painters are not going anywhere, so I wonder what made them stop. Hobby Lobby has also been clearing needles for paasche H's (I should pick up some at less then 4 bucks each, hopefully I can) and also the airbrushes themselves. Hopefully they are just clearing old stock, but we'll see.