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    So in the spirit of keeping this on a Kickstarter 4 related post, I am currently taking art 100 (basically birth of art to middle ages) and one of the things I saw while researching my intro discussion for the class (it's online, but still hard as hell) which I discussed in the discussion was this piece of artwork: Hmm does it look familiar????? maybe this: That's pretty damn cool either way!
  2. WHOA! are we still talking about rocks
  3. You know, for those of us who got on to KS4 (which should be anybody and everybody seeing as they opened up late backers to pledge manager), we WILL ALL be getting a rock (okay boulder) if we order the trolls add on:)
  4. *hands Beagle a doggie treat* It's okay boy, we'll take you on a nice walkie off the leash:) And Welcome Sanderella!
  5. That is super cool, great job on the cat! Man, people find all kinds of cool things at goodwill! I need to go more, did find some nice Christmas snowglobes at angel view a few months ago (donation type store like goodwill and salvation army).
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    I am still hoping we get something more Hobbit Smaug like, but this would be super cute and super cool!
  7. Funded

    From the Reapercon 2017 pictures thread. Hmm, it has a barcode and everything and YES it's from Julie Guthrie! Not exactly the CAT DRAGON I was expecting, but I'll get it:) I hope its a power up in our KS 4 future:) Can you talk about this one yet @Reaperbryan?
  8. OMG! My son would love to hang out with you, he loves rocks (Just wish he'd stop bringing the playground home in his pockets, grr)
  9. Primary Goal: Get model work table cleared off and in working order so I can prime miniatures and get some general painting done:( REALLY! I need to get that place clear, I have a possible commission in the wings if I can get ready and we nail down a price. Secondary: KEEP the work space clean so I can continue to work.
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    They just sent an update today to the backers, they will be shipping out next week! One mini had an issue, though they have not said which one.
  11. I would try an see if you can get a deal on Ebay, or possibly get one local using a selling app like offer up or letgo ( I was fortunate enough to find one for 20 bucks). Those portable spray booths go for 50-100 bucks usually on Ebay. Try to find one that has the hose extension kit to vent the fumes out of your home.
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    Ooh, so there may be a power up in our future for a cat dragon, nice:) No Mr.Bones is kind of a bummer, but I think we'll live:) Yes, That battering ham will definitely seal my deal:) Thanks @Reaperbryan you and the company are the best!
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    I worked for Time Warner Cable for 12 years (3 of those in the cable store) so I know where you are coming from:)
  14. Reaper does indeed sell all manner of bases. Go to the reaper site and use search word base, that should point you in the right direction
  15. Funded

    It's official, Core set now paid for and locked in! Only about 580 dollars more to budget in:)