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  1. So I see a lot of people painting the translucent mini's like the slimes and grave wraith with Tamiya clear colors, but I do not want to have a second setup for their paint formulation, so I am wondering if the Reaper Clears (like 9099 clear purple) give the same effect? Would be nice to just go straight to the color instead of having to throw down a clear coat and then doing a wash onto the translucent mini's (like how I did my grave wraith). Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
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    Ooh, so there may be a power up in our future for a cat dragon, nice:) No Mr.Bones is kind of a bummer, but I think we'll live:) Yes, That battering ham will definitely seal my deal:) Thanks @Reaperbryan you and the company are the best!
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    I worked for Time Warner Cable for 12 years (3 of those in the cable store) so I know where you are coming from:)
  4. Reaper does indeed sell all manner of bases. Go to the reaper site and use search word base, that should point you in the right direction
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    It's official, Core set now paid for and locked in! Only about 580 dollars more to budget in:)
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    I'll be adding one every other month pretty much before July 2018. Except for chronoscope. Pity, was first one out the gate, and every other one after that just seemed to dwarf it.
  7. This link may help:
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    Four fantasy expansions? Soo... Dreadmere, darkreach, fan favorite and lost valley?
  9. Oh yah, ghost flames would be the BOMB! I was almost (may still if I can find an inexpensive 1701 on ebay) going to paint a 1701 ALL BLACK to be a prototype for the klingon cloaking device (or was that romulan?) they jacked in that one episode. I mean, come on, black would give you a second or two more time to be harder to hit when you decloak.
  10. Funded

    So if I hear no complaints about my last e-bay sale, I'll have enough funds for the CORE SET! YES! However, I do have a few questions for @Reaperbryan: I know you said earlier you were not ready to comment on these but hopefully we can get a response soon First off "CAT DRAGON" hehe just kidding! 1) Seeing as the kickstarter is named "MR BONES" epic adventure, will we be seeing Mr. Bones added to the core set (or an inexpensive add-on)? Was really looking forward to continuing his series of Miniatures. 2) Battering Ham. I know we have till July 2018, but I am really trying to lock down my list of stuff to get, and this is a real factor on whether I get the trolls or not. See not to painful of a question (I hope) :)
  11. So have they painted the rainbow unicorn on the side of the orville yet?
  12. But I thought you were NOT a committee ... OH WAIT that was princess Leia, nevermind nothing to see here
  13. Yah I kind of fell off the forums as well. Happy Belated birthday!
  14. Ken is great, and you guys are too! Badger and Reaper make the hobby enjoyable, because you guys care about your customers!
  15. It was a few weeks ago, on San Timeteo Canyon rd (used to briefly do a mail route on that road), near Live oak canyon pumpkin patch off the 10 freeway.
  16. well I am sure to get a lecture from everyone, but damn the torpedoes, my Faves right now are Sprite and Dr Pepper, NOT diet, the leaded kind. I don't drink alcohol or smoke, and I am diabetic, but I'll be damned if I am going to not enjoy my drink. Okay, fire away, I am used to it.
  17. FREEPORT? As in Everquest I/II freeport? Man, I would love some EQ inspired mini's (I mean other then the pewter ones they have offered in the past)
  18. Here in Southern California, we are doing okay. I am in Yucaipa (thats Inland empire, San Bernardino county basically), and so far just one minor fire near us lately (But man, I saw the tanker's going in, thats how close), but I know there is another fire at the 91/241 freeway called Canyon fire 2 (I actually had to go through that area when I worked for TWC, and went throught when canyone fire 1 happened) and I have a few friends near that, but they are okay right now. The tankers are actually refueling near me at San Bernardino airport to fight that fire.
  19. That is true, but if your stuff is particularly heavy (like my core set and other stuff), you'll lock in that weight NOW before USPS jacks up prices, then anything extra should not be a big difference in shipping. No matter what I was adding, it was going up 9 bucks (even izzy's artbook), so my next add on will obviously bump me to the next shipping box. Once that is locked in, I calculate my final shipping adds will only be an additional buck over the 9 bucks.
  20. 16 cents sounds about right if you are in the USA. My estimates for this month's run went up about that from my original budget estimates I made a month ago. Will it NOT let you pay by paypal or credit card the 16 cents? try ordering something like bases for $2 bucks, I think someone said before that it has to be over a buck to let you pay out.
  21. Still an awesome Mule though! I need to buy more before my Ebay source runs out:)
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    So, is it still too soon to ask: Will the trolls add-on get the battering ham? Will we see a Mr.Bones added to the core set?
  23. Man I wish I was 20 minutes from my FLGS, its 45 minutes to an hour for me:(
  24. So a co-worker friend of mine is getting into mini's and he likes the HP lovecraft game Mansions of madness. He is asking me if I could paint up his mini's for him and his friend (tabletop quality, nothing crazy haha), and what would I charge to do it. First off, any recommendations on asking prices? By the lot, per piece? Also, has anyone had experience painting these? Material (metal, plastic), what prep work? Do I texture the base? Any help is appreciated. Also, if this is the wrong place to post, please move it:)