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  1. FAKE Star Wars spoilers

    Yah Phasma has terrible timing, especially later on when she finds Kylo in his room playing with the Spaceballs action figures, awkward!
  2. So, I know I have a post already for my 2-D design work, but I wanted to do a separate one because 1)This is my Final Piece for my 2-D design class and 2) It using 5 colors from the holiday colors paint set (and one from Core skills set), and the rest is black Micron Pens:) The Colors were: 09658 - Christmas Wreath 09659 - Ginger Cookie 09687 - Holly Berry 09688 - Peppermint White 09692 - Frosty Blue I really liked how this piece came out, stayed very true to the design I envisioned. A few mishaps (Patriot 105 had to be broke down and re-adjusted, spilled water on piece grr, and when I took mask off, it pulled a little piece of green in corner), but still came out well. So the final project I chose was a design for an album cover, so I imagined a Christmas/greatest hits type of album cover for my Favorite Finger picking guitarist, Doyle Dykes. Hope you guys enjoy it, C&C always welcome. Yes, it came out Christmasy (is that a word?), and it's Christmas, coincide? Maybe haha
  3. FitzBones: Iron Maiden

    That's exactly what I thought, was hoping for a cool "EDDIE" miniature or something like that:( Great mini's though! Awesome Job!
  4. They had those a few months back at 99 cent only stores (not 99 cents, think $5.99), I thought it was just the exposed mini's and nothing else, if I knew it had all those unpainted ones, I would have pulled the trigger on them just for practicing. Have not seen them since, oh well, plenty of bones to work on:)
  5. Post Your Hobby Wishlist Items

    Genie of The Lamp: you'll get it. GreyHorde: I better! Genie of The Lamp: You Will!
  6. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I have heard good and bad things about them, havent had a chance to get any myself yet. The biggest negative I have heard is casting issues, such as mitten hands (instead of actual fingered hands), and blank faces. As for the priming, I hear there is a lot of flash to clean up, so you end up re-priming them anyway (unless you don't care/doing for tabletop quality, so you'll just paint em as is?). I want to get some gnolls and see how they go.
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    My tiny humans need to go to bed.
  8. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    As strange as it sounds, I think I like the coal better:)
  9. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    That paint set has been extremely popular:)
  10. Post Your Hobby Wishlist Items

    Very true:) Well if that's the case, I'd like a new Pearl Export Kit complete with a full Paiste Cymbal set!
  11. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    awesome, thanks Sirithiliel! Much appreciated
  12. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    So I have identified all the miniatures in the picture EXCEPT what looks like some kind of undead with big hands:) it's in the second row of mini's, right under Golden Glow bottle of paint. any help identifying is appreciated:)
  13. You know, I got the December 25th anniversary miniatures (yup got two), and the first thing that popped in my head was anakin's line from attack of the clones (you are shorter then I imagined) haha:) They look so much bigger online:)
  14. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    You can never have enough bones:)
  15. Post Your Hobby Wishlist Items

    Umm, I don't think you can wishlist those on amazon And I am not sure they are particularly Mini Hobby useful
  16. I think it must be regional, because when I lived in Wilmington in California, never had issues with USPS or UPS, but here in the Inland Empire, UPS just sucks, and USPS is iffy. And man, Opa Locka in florida must REALLY suck because I have issues every time something goes there.
  17. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I am so sorry to hear this. I know how tough this probably is for you, we had to put my wife's cat down a few years ago and it was tough for her. She had pearl for almost 15 years.
  18. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Gnomes or stockings??
  19. Oh $80 if you can afford it:) Yup, UPS is by far the worst of the top three shippers (NEVER had an issue with FEDEX), with USPS being a close second:( Sooo... they shipped out the very next morning after I ordered (Reaper, you guys are awesome!), but it took UPS a WEEK to get it from Texas to California AND was delayed by one day:( At least USPS got it right and got it to me this morning:) Lump of coal to UPS!
  20. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Spoilers????? I Got Spoilers!!!!!!! So Do NOT scroll down if you do not want to see what the stocking has:) OOH! and I think I just figured out to hide stuff in the post so here we go:) First, I got the alchemist gnome (two of them haha) and a Gnome wizard (cassie). Hmm, didnt realize I did that haha:) I also ordered the Nativity set and the holiday colors set, if you want pics of that, let me know:) And now without further ado, the stocking:) Wish I would have waited to get the cat dragon, maybe I may still be able to, but I will not know till I get my car back and see the damages on the bill:( Merry Christmas all, hope you enjoyed the post. PS: OH and I forgot to mention this, because we were talking about getting one shot paints (which I didnt get, no biggie). at the bottom of the invoice it says: We select random packages to drop product samples in from time to time. If your shipment contains something you didn't order then you're one of the lucky ones! Good for you! So there you go!
  21. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Just paint, whatever it is, just paint! Because the more you paint, the better you get. Probably the BFG from return to castle wolfenstein Jango Earp, Western Bounty hunter:) (okay one not fictional, but I like it) My wife is okay with it (she did after all let me order the nativity set haha). My mom is cool with it too (she bought me a Bones 3 core set for my birthday), she just wishes I'd paint and sell more:( Dog, definitely dog. Useful and friendly and they do not talk back:) I just wish I could have got the cat dragon, but car getting registered trumps toys:( For some reason, multiquote missed this one:( My favorite holiday treats are my homemade pumpkin pies and homemade chocolate cookies I make for Thanksgiving,my wife's mom's group cookie exchange and Christmas(got one of the last sugar pumpkins, almost thought we'd not have one for Christmas) :)
  22. Looks like the core set is almost ready to complete, everything showing a December release in preview gallery except the few wild west oz figures not released (only scarecrow so far), the torture chamber items and the weapon sprues. Looks like Buzzy and Mr. Bones are sold as a set.
  23. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Well looks I'll just be getting my two Ametrine Earthlyte mini's and stocking. And I hate UPS, now my package is pushed to SATURDAY:( FEDEX seems to be the only good shipper nowadays. Wanted to get the cat dragon, even got some sales on ebay to help, BUT now the car passing smog is pushing $155.00 grr. Oh well, maybe next year.
  24. CA Fires

    Middle of December and SIX fires actively burning across California:( I think there may have been ten fires so far this month:( Crazy. Closest fires to me have been the murrieta fire and one near CSUSB, which I was just at last weekend. Thomas fire is the worst, Prayers to all those in the burn areas.