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  1. Chaoswolf, you are TOO kind. Many thanks. Ridge, NY No International shipping I one day dream about being a box starter....
  2. Boulderdash. I missed the sign up for this didn't I.
  3. Most of my haul from the @Generic Fighter box. Apologies on the lateness to @Nathair and beyond. What are the odds I've been in a GF's box twice already? Weird. Math is weird. Anywho, next time I definitely want to be a starter. I have so much stuff I could not get into that box.
  4. Confirmed. Box left today.
  5. The @Generic Fighter box with be in the mail tomorrow headed for @Nathair
  6. No worries @Goddesstio and beyond, my father just called me and asked if he could start looking through the box this afternoon.
  7. How did I get lucky enough to be in the GF box for the second time?!?! Geez. Statistics, am I right? I would happy with either of the human types.
  8. WE RIDE! 1. Ridge, NY 2. I'd rather stay domestic. 3. If you need a starter, I could be one of those people.
  9. Belated pictures from my grabs from the Generic Fighter box. A bunch of spiders and modern types were grabbed out and squirreled away at my parents' whilst I was there for my father's birthday. The rest I arrayed out a little nicer. Lycanthropes, Adventurer types, tieflings & Thor.
  10. Generic Fighter box has left my protection and entered into the hands that will take it on the next leg of it Journey. Track it with: 9505 5148 2318 7255 1968 37
  11. The Generic Fighter box is still in my possession. My apologies. The hobby room is becoming the baby's room and everything is in flux. I will try and get the box out to TGP soon. I think I still need an address though.
  12. Package received from Thumpernicus. Hope to have it sorted out, picked through, repacked and out the door by Friday next. If you're bored while you wait feel free to check this out on your #GenCant Sunday: https://www.twitch.tv/foustudios
  13. I want in to this warlock! location: New York international: No thank you starter box: no