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  1. vaaish

    77222: Aaron the Conjuror

    Cool, I hope he helped you out. Just keep working at it, I find there's always a hate phase with painting where your getting close to finished but it all still looks like crap. I always have to tell myself it's not done and don't get frustrated. :)
  2. vaaish

    77222: Aaron the Conjuror

    Light from the flame was mostly building up the light using pure white and then glazing with blue to give it the desired tint. That part isn't too hard, it's mostly determining where the light should hit that's tricky. The flame though was a new one for me and truth be told, rather more challenging due to the faces and swirling effect the model has. The basic technique was to start with an intense blue glaze over white to build up the glow and then glazing on darker blues as you get closer to the top of the flames. After that going back in with white and pulling out edges and such. The effect worked best on the back side and left hand area. Things got a bit muddy on the front.
  3. vaaish

    77222: Aaron the Conjuror

    Thanks folks! @Pochi: I ususally paint 6mm models for Epic Armageddon or spaceships for Battlefleet Gothic or mechs for Battletech with some 40k marines tossed in for good measure.
  4. vaaish

    77222: Aaron the Conjuror

    Hey all! A few months back a friend of mine gave me this mini since my name is Aaron and I was planning to run a sorcerer in our next campaign. I don't usually paint people or fire so this was a fun diversion. The scheme isn't original to me, I pulled an image I found as reference to try out some new techniques. He was a fun diversion to paint and I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm excited to see him on the table this week, hope you like him!