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  1. Or move on to cheese. It comes in sticks suitable for snacking, frying, and gym.
  2. Weirdly on-topic but still random. I'm going to turn this into this Should I give in and sculpt the tail? I'm keeping the horns.
  3. Strange. Every Viking I know has sock/boot/sandal tans
  4. The more I look at this one the more I like it but not as a lost prince. He's becoming my Generic Androgynous Elf Character. I foresee having to acquire him, paint him, and loan him to players who don't have a mini for their PCs. He looks like he'd be good for that.
  5. Now I have the oddest urge to see a barbarian with tan lines.

    It could be... The Griffon Family Expansion with two large griffons (one in flight, one on the ground), a nest of eggs, and several smaller griffon cubs with downy wings in cute widdle pwayful poses. The Large Fantasy Expansion with griffon, manticore, hippogryph, hippocampus, wyvern, and/or chimera. The Dragon Age Dragon Era Expansion with Shadow Wardens in dwarf, elf, human, and large horned guy varieties. May also include spirits of rage, sloth, pride, and desire. And those are just possibilities I pulled from my nowhere. I imagine the Reaper team has a bigger nowhere to pull more imaginative possibilities than I do.
  7. I found a mini in my pile-o-bits-to-sell I can use for my game. It's based, primed, how did I miss this? It's like finding a free mini

    Anything I acquire that I don't like or won't use I promise I'll trade away to someone who will appreciate them. It's what I've always done, tbh.
  9. The last time they had a webinar on Hep C treatments they explained it. Turns out the first drug for Hep C took decades to create and perfect, required a special oil-rich diet in order to work, took close to a year to affect the virus, had horrible side effects, it was a horrendous expensive mess for a reason. Second gen Hep C treatments (of which 8 have been approved in the past 4 years) tend to use the first gen drug as an inspirational basis, get developed in a couple of years, the biggest one (Harvoni) is an 8-12 week course with little to no side effects. It should not be that expensive but economics and the scientists who make the drugs are pissed because more price means less access. This webinar is on using the lessons learned from treating Hep C to treat Hep B. Because even though we have a vaccine there's still 400 million chronic cases worldwide.
  10. It doesn't come out for months but I will be seeing The Disaster Artist.
  11. Webinar today. Development of treatments for viral hepatitis. Maybe they'll explain why it costs a hundred grand for a 12 week course
  12. Last summer. LA Zoo. I went with member friends and paid my own way in. It was disappointing. Not the zoo itself, the experience was disappointing. I barely got to see the zoo, I kept getting dragged around to various food carts because 'oh you have to try this' and this and this and this...

    Standing adjacent to monsters is his dream job, be trained for years as a squire to the Knights of the Order of Weights of Measures and he takes pride in being our scale indicator and occasional comic relief. Yes, we will be employing Sir Forscale for another project, and we're very happy to be working with him again. I fear I may have offended Sir Forscale in my ignorance. Surely he is a highly skilled knight in a field requiring education, nerves, and a strong sense of one's own size and weight. I humbly apologize and offer him this mug of coffee to stand next to. It is not itself a monster but it is hot and has been spiked with evil saturated fats.

    It's a spider! No wait it's a bug! No a mask! No a mousling rogue dual wielding daggers!