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  1. *blink* I'm ... that's ... whut? At least you got meatballs. Any excuse, right? Oh it's as messed up as it sounds. I got myself involved with the state because a therapist said they could help me get a job. Because autism makes me unable to pass a job interview. If I fess up beforehand I run into the stereotypes, which I don't fit so I must be lying. If I don't fess up I run into the fact that my gaze feels like being hit with a brick and my smile causes lesser men to fear for their souls. The Department was not interested in empowering me to get a job in my field or appropriate to my ability, education, skills, or knowledge. They simply wanted to shoehorn me into any job at all because their budget is dependent on the number of cases they close, not on the number of cases they have. So I went in expecting nothing more than meatballs. IKEA exceeded those expectations: they also had air conditioning and lingonberries.
  2. Last time I was at an IKEA it was a 'field trip' with the CA Department of Rehabilitation. The state was trying to get us all jobs there. I have degrees in Math and Organic Chemistry and I'm trained as a Clinical Lab Chemist and the state was trying to foist me off onto IKEA because I'm legally disabled. I'd have been insulted if I didn't just use it as an excuse for meatballs.
  3. I lost power for a while today so I took the opportunity to prime the Patriot Dragon. Behold, low quality tablet pic!
  4. I got a Harrow deck! It's the reprint so it'll never fully replace the one I left behind when I fled my ex's place. But it still feels good.
  5. Ugh. Game almost ended in a TPK. End of adventure, end of story, end of game. The players were down one PC, the orc bard. Player has issues with being able to show up to game. I consider him a semi-regular player at this point. The PCs have been padding their abilities with NPC friends for awhile. They're taking advantage of the adventure, yes, but it makes some sense. Otherwise there'd be half a dozen NPCs sitting on their butts in camp while the 4 lower level PCs do all the heavy lifting: monsters, cannibals, undead, plot, adventure. This time they head into a dungeon without any NPC backup. Second encounter. Two lacedons against 3 2nd level PCs. Difficult encounter, sure. Made more difficult when I couldn't roll below a 15 on the dice to hit. Ranger gets taken from full hp to -12 in one round. The two remaining characters, the gnome rogue and the dwarf witch, are no match. I math it out in my head, I'm looking at a TPK in less than 2 rounds. Cue swearing. Stop the game. Lay out the problem. In the end we agreed to retcon the dungeon. They didn't enter. Instead they're going to get XP elsewhere and wait for when/if orc bard returns. Then retry the dungeon as a full party. Ugh, I will kill that dwarf witch though. Low hit points, AC of 7, I tried to give him free armor but he wouldn't take it. Because the 5% spell failure chance is not worth it, not when it means a 5% chance his ineffective spells won't even cast right.
  6. My stuff arrived late friday night. I got some major mold line removal done last night. Painting won't begin immediately, I have a game to run tonight.
  7. My Reaper order made it! 77110: Deathsleet ye Dragon 77425: Lizardman Archer 77050: Lizardman Warrior 60093: Angry Monkeymen Free Diva the Blessed 09004: Fire Red 09231: Heather Blue and a neat looking brown sample I can use the lizardmen as degenerate serpentfolk and now I have the stuff I need for my rainbow patriot dragon.
  8. I'm awake. I'm awake. I have 4 hours to prep for game. We're going to be a man down but we have an "only one week off in a row" policy after that one guy didn't show up for 3 weeks. He had a valid reason but if you're an actor and you know you have too many shows to game, tell me before joining the group so we can accommodate? I have not yet had coffee. I was out of coffee mugs. Had to wash my Cthulhu mug. My hand smells like the eldritch horror that is the sponge. Partner panicked due to a giant bug in the building hallway last night so we have to sweep up all the diatomaceous earth she tossed around like it's a magic bug-b-gone. Or like the single cockroach was going to declare her a likely mark and follow her into the apartment. Silly partner, only angered horseflies do that I'm tired.
  9. ^&%* It's 5am. I should go to bed. When did it get so late?!
  10. I had a paladin who took orders from his pet chicken. The chicken was a tiny archon disguised as a chicken. I allowed it because it was usually a noncombatant (peck -2 1d3-4). Nobody else knew, they just saw a paladin taking orders from a chicken. It pecked him when he disobeyed orders. An evil party stole a bunch of lich phylacteries. Most of the liches ended up blackmailed (they prefer to say 'placed under contract') into paying the PCs money to keep the phylacteries safe. These liches were okay with paying protection, that's what they'd been doing to the organization who owned their phylacteries beforehand. One lich sent ninjas. Then more ninjas. Then he sent them an invitation to an opera so he could get to know his adversaries better. The lich ended up deciding his phylactery was in good hands and sent the PCs lifetime tickets to his operas. A fallen paladin, succumbed to vampirism, was found after his 'owner' was staked. Recently freed ex-paladin begged for death. The PCs had a better idea. They talked the ex-paladin into retaking his old abbey, now in the hands of vampires, and reclaiming it for his church. Successful, they brought the ex-paladin to the Cathedral of Iomedae and shamed the entire Church for failing one of their own. Ex-paladin was offered atonement for his deeds. He accepted and was reinstated. His first and last act as a vampire paladin was to watch the sun rise. There was the halfling bard who's favorite weapon was the Rod of Wonder. He ended up tiny and blue. Smurf jokes happened. The unmolested cheese. Once the BBEG used enchanted tablets to send instructions to his generals. He'd write on the tablet and the words would show up on all linked tablets. The PCs defeated a general and had access to a tablet. The Permanency-ed an Unseen Servant to write 'butts butts butts butts' forever on this tablet while they went off to defeat more generals. It helped that they had just completely disrupted the BBEG's ability to give orders or receive intelligence. When the PCs invaded the BBEG's throne room there was a wall-mounted tablet that kept showing 'butts butts butts butts'...
  11. The last time I had turtle soup the turtle had bitten me first. I was justified. It was tasty.
  12. It just ended but I can give a basic summary. On wine's taste: On wine aging: On sulfur: On breathing: Their webinar broadcasts are open to the public but you need to be an ACS member to get access to recordings. Even I'm not an ACS member, costs too much. Still, they're full of neat stuff.
  13. Chicken I-Don't-Know. That requires some explanation. Chicken I-Don't-Know was a dish my mother threw together when we'd run out of money for food and the only thing in the house was leftover chicken meat from last week and whatever else she could find/scavenge/acquire. It was... interesting. It was usually based off of some sort of canned or stewed tomatoes and rice, all overcooked so it's a solid mass. It had to be overcooked because the leftover chicken wasn't always fresh, it had to be made safe again. On a related note I have a developed immunity to so many food borne illnesses I honestly believe I learned how to make Spanish rice correctly just to spite that dish.
  14. Today's American Chemical Society webinar feels our pain. It's on why booze is good. No, seriously, it's on the chemistry of wine and all the reactions that turn grape juice into really fun grape juice that's good with steak. Starts in half an hour, unless they have technical difficulties again.
  15. Do imps have a thing against rakshasa? Is that my problem?