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  1. This is the first true dragon I've ever tackled. Hordes minis don't count I went with Deathsleet for his rearing pose and... 01: Fire Red 09: Heather Blue 20: Pure White ...... It's a 4th of July dragon! No, no, bad Neb. Not painting a dragon covered in stars. Too weird. I can... wait... Eeeeeeheheheheheee... I'll see how these paints mix when I get them. Because even with a 3-star challenge I can blend through purple. And now the waiting begins...
  2. At least it's not a reboot.
  3. They do have hands...
  4. I am for it under certain conditions. The school or school district needs to be the one running it. None of these franchise things like the Taco Bell cart at my old school selling reheated bean and cheese burritos for $2. Staff it with lunch ladies, keep it to a limited menu. None of those soy latte with 3 flavor shots, no whip, add in whatever stereotype for overly picky rich kids here. Coffee, teas, hot chocolate, iced coffee, and a blender for 'coffee smoothies'. Also since the school and/or school district will be running it, it can be stocked with the same snacks that the cafeteria sells during breakfast and lunch (pre-wrapped cookies, pre-wrapped pastries, pre-wrapped sandwiches). Basically, look at what public colleges do and scale it appropriately. It'd be a good way for students to get their caffeine that doesn't rely on sodas or 5-Hour Energy shots. It might even put a dent in the business of the 3 coffee shops around my old HS campus
  5. They do bite if you annoy them. They also bite if you're really warm at night and they're cold. I have scars. Their bites can look really nasty (red splotch the size of a silver dollar, minor swelling, black spot in the middle) but they're generally more impressive looking than actually impressive. Wolf spiders are really common in Los Angeles. Some people would mis-identify them as 'baby tarantulas' because they were large and hairy sometimes with black/gray leg banding. 2 inches foot to foot is not uncommon for one of those wolf spiders. They often live under houses and will crawl up pipes and through earthquake cracks to see what's up. 'Wolf spider' is the common name for any of a wide range of big fuzzy spider species that hunts things by ambush then giving chase. They are generally considered venomous but non-poisonous, their bite may cause localized damage but nothing systemic. Some in LA had widdle blue and white spots on big fuzzy wuzzy black bodies
  6. My case of Impostor Syndrome is rearing its ugly head. I have a chapter ready for editing and I can't decide if I think it's butts because it is butts or if my skewed perception is covering a perfectly serviceable chapter with butts. So I'm going to have a glass of wine, play some mindless games, try to stop thinking, and decide later. If I decide now I might end up tossing a week's worth of decent work on the word of the brain weasels and nobody wants that.
  7. I'm thinking about this. I have no dragons and would have to order one. I'd roll for paints and add those to the dragon order to keep shipping costs low. My FLGS doesn't stock reaper paints for some reason I've... never painted a real dragon before. Hordes minis don't count
  8. Maybe some fine ground bread crumbs. Or a light batter. Spider tempura.
  9. If it moves we can eat it. If it doesn't move we can eat it.
  10. I have vanquished the Smell. We cleaned out the fridge, ran the gnawed-upon corpse of a grapefruit down the garbage disposal, took out the trash, did the laundry, cleaned the sink, washed any pots and pans that needed it... To prevent the Smell's return we need to dismantle the remaining vegetables for freezing, eat grapefruit more often, keep a watch out for mold (a loaf of bread went feral and it might have left spores), and actually eat leftovers before they go bad.
  11. No, they were ALWAYS based out of Game Kastle. It was an open secret back when I lived in San Jose. FRP operated under its own separate name for tax purposes, as I understood. I used to be able to pick up FRP orders from Game Kastle to avoid shipping until they got in trouble for it in the mid 2000s. The whole 'at least pretend to be different companies' issue.
  12. So the solution was medicinal french fries. Good to know that's what it is.
  13. A feral pig named Bacon. Bacon defends himself. Bacon has big tusks and a fuzzy ridge. Bacon makes neat grunty sounds. Can't eat Bacon, Bacon finds good mushrooms and helps eat pesky adventurers.
  14. I am awake against my will. There is a Smell in my apartment. I know it's in this room somewhere (it's a studio, by definition it's in this room somewhere ) and I will find it. Then I will get rid of it. It is not a good Smell.
  15. [looks into glass] I'm not sure this is the tasty stuff. [drinks it anyway] Was, I mean. Not sure this was the tasty stuff.
  16. White spots aren't strictly necessary for tonsilitis but it does help with the diagnosis. I find looking down my own throat is easier if I open wide, stick the tongue out, and hiss like an evil thing. Hissing is important, it moves all the anatomy out of the way and causes the tonsils to pop into view.
  17. Depends on the car, the driver, the conditions, truck routes, and local speed traps. For instance, 'too fast' for my brother in his bright yellow Camero is very different than my dad in his 10 year old Honda CRV. My dad can get away with driving a lot faster because nobody suspects the old dude in the not-minivan of pulling 100mph, even when they see it for themselves.
  18. I'd end up on a glacier. Or if this happened based on last year's locales I'd end up in a tar-brine swamp or in the middle of the trackless desert. Luckily I know how to survive the trackless desert. But that's kind of my point. Specialized skills are required for each area. I can crack tar into things using stuff. I can recognize copper and silver ores and smelt them using charcoal I made. I can extract water out of the desert sands. I can make and fire ceramics. I can barefoot the snow. I can prepare acorns and cattails and fiddleheads in ways that aren't poisonous. None of these skills are based off of... Wait... I know which performance I would choose... I pick the closing ceremony skits of the Mojave Primitive Encampment. It's an Angeles Girl Scout Council thing that drops off a hundred or so preteen girl scouts in the Mojave Desert in April with some supplies and months of training, education, and prep. If you're at the closing ceremony you obviously passed the battery of tests (written and practical) to get to the Encampment itself, you weren't extracted for medical reasons, and you proved yourself capable of hiking out of nowhere using only the horizon, an idea of North, and a 3 point scarf.
  19. I should go to bed. I'm attending a thesis defense tomorrow. A friend is defending his thesis on the mechanisms of HIV-1 inhibitor combinations. My partner wrote her bachelor's thesis on CCR5 receptor utilization in HIV infection so it's just like seeing her own research taken to higher levels. I'm an organic chemist by education but I studied enough biochem and drug design that this should be interesting.
  20. I was named after a dog. This was never kept secret from me. My mother was very proud of that dog. It was her childhood dog. That doesn't change things. I was named after... a dog... Unfortunately, my name is not 'Indiana'
  21. Got it! If you use the cheek bones as handles you can turn it upside down and there's a hole for a straw!
  22. An AXE!! I don't need tools I have these claws. [bat bat bat the skull around] Or... maybe I need an axe... [gnaws anyway] [gnaw gnaw gnaw]
  23. Funded

    I try to paint to my ability. Not my best ability. At least not often. I paint to my ability to give-a-darn about that particular mini. A skeleton gets a coat, a wash, and a drybrush. That's painted to my ability. A character in a warband gets carefully detailed color choices and a pile of highlighting, details, expression, effort. That's painted to my ability. If I get bored while painting cavalry and decide that horse needs to be an appaloosa, that's painted to my ability. The boring brown horse right next to it is also painted to my ability because I didn't have the same give-a-darn. I plan to give-a-darn about Gauth. His horde of goblin minions, not so much.
  24. [gnaws on a skull] How do I get to the tasty insides?