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  1. Tripleh5133

    Maidens of the dragon, 28mm quality pewter miniatures

    Per this morning's update 98% of rewards have been shipped. Now the long wait while they make their way through the slow postal service.
  2. Tripleh5133

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

  3. Tripleh5133

    Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin

  4. Tripleh5133

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I'll be late getting on. Apparently I need to go back into work.
  5. Tripleh5133

    RC2018 rides thread

    It'll have to be one-way as my flight out isn't until 11:00 am on Tuesday.
  6. Tripleh5133

    Sunshine Figures

    I'm in for a couple sets. Hopefully this takes off and they manage to hit their stretch goals.
  7. Tripleh5133

    RC2018 rides thread

    I'll also check with @knarthex tonight (providing he's on the hangout & my internet plays nice) and let you know.
  8. Tripleh5133

    RC2018 rides thread

    If we can get @knarthex to agree, then Yellow Checker Shuttle is doing a 3 for 1 which brings the van down to $57.00 Sorry @pcktlnt missed seeing your name.
  9. Tripleh5133

    RC2018 rides thread

    I'm in.
  10. Tripleh5133

    Happy Birthday Savage Coyote!

    Happy Birthday @Savage Coyote!
  11. Tripleh5133

    Happy Birthday Evilhalfling!

    Happy Birthday @Evilhalfling!
  12. Tripleh5133

    Happy Birthday Breegull !

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Tripleh5133

    Happy Birthday Clearman

    Happy Birthday @Clearman!
  14. Tripleh5133

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter